tagErotic PoetryAutumn Sun

Autumn Sun


The autumn sun shines bright,
warming the earth with is ray,
but the sun won't stay,
it must yield to a crisp autumn night.

Autumn in the air,
Soft music calms the soul,
soft wine upon your lips,
my fingers caress your hair.

Nothing warms the heart,
like firelight dancing in your eyes,
nothing could be lovelier,
than lying with you before the hearth.

Kisses taste sweeter,
hearts beat faster,
as we share the warmth,
from bodies touching beneath the comforter.

The world fades away,
the leaves fall quietly outside,
as lovers we grasp,
and meld in a seductive play.

Together we rise and fall,
intertwined in an embrace,
between us stands,
nothing at all.

The summit comes within sight,
body moving on against body,
the pinnicle together we reach,
into that crisp autum night.

With your head against my chest,
my hand resting over your thighs,
we close our eyes.
and begin a night's rest.

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