tagLoving WivesAwakening



It was pre-dawn in the small one-bedroom apartment that Angel shared with her husband. She was half awake and remembering that she and her husband were off that day and had the whole day to lie in bed and play without any appointments or errands to run.

She could feel his hands slowly stroking her body as he lay next to her, his soft lips, kissed and licked her neck and ears. He blew and sucked on her moist ears causing her to moan. The tongue bath continued down to her breasts. She tried to roll over and put her arms around him but could not. She then realized she was tied, spread-eagle on the bed.

She also noticed he was wrapping a soft rope around her chest, just above her breast and pulling it tight so her breasts were pushed down and out, making her nipples hard and vulnerable to his manipulations.

She started to speak but his mouth covered hers and his tongue muffled her words. "Shhhhhh" he said, "don't speak, and just listen, today you will cum many times, you will cum longer and harder than you ever have. You will ask me to stop and let you recover from your orgasms, but I will not."

He then placed a scarf over her eyes so she could not see. "This is to prevent you from being distracted, my love." Today is about you and your pleasure". He then, got up from the bed and put on some soft, sexy blues music. He put some sweet smelling lotions on his hands and started massaging her feet.

He rubbed her slowly, gently, not missing any part of her. Between her toes, her soles, he heels. He took each toe into his mouth and sucked them like tiny penises. Then her calves, behind her knees, he stroked he thighs, closer, closer to her tingling vulva. She so wanted to be touched down there, but he did not.

He then moved up to her breasts. At first he kissed each nipple gently, circling her areola with his tongue. Her nipples were hard as rocks and longed to be sucked, bitten, and abused. He just laughed softly at her frustration.

"Wait for it, wait for it," he teased. He then took some cold wine in his mouth and kissed her, letting it spill into between her lips and down her throat. He got up and went to the bed stand; he put a generous amount of lubricant on his hands and returned to her side.

He bent down and took one of her throbbing breasts in his mouth and as he slowly started to suckle. At the same time he rubbed the lubricant onto and into her pussy lips with gentle stokes. He took his time, they had all day.

As he sucked and bit her breasts, his fingers explored her pussy and clit. Each time she started to feel her passions rise; he slowed his manipulations, kissing her and whispering sweet words of love.

"You are my love, my life. You are the woman I have searched for all my life. Now I have found you. You are mine and I am yours, forever."

He then moved between her legs and started making love to her cunt. He kissed he labia as he would kiss her face and mouth. He bathed his face in her sweet juices, inhaling her, tasting her, devouring her. He lightly licked her clit sending shivers through her body. She was so hot, so aroused.

He pulled her tightly against his lips and started feverously licking her clit. She felt her first orgasm rise inside her. She came like a machine gun in rapid succession. It seemed to go on forever. She was beginning to think she might pass out. He slowed his sucking and she felt her whole body go limp.

He was not finished, far from it. He was only letting her catch her breath. He then move up next to her and placed his mouth over her nipple. He started sucking it rhythmically while he placed two of his fingers between her labia. He moved his fingers in small circles around her clit as he sucked and bit her nipples.

He took his time, but slowly she felt that familiar passion building inside her. Again she came, this time in waves. Each time her orgasm would subside, he would slowly start it all over again. She was lost in bliss. He continued his manipulation of her body and soul for the next couple of hours. She was exhausted. He body was soaked with sweat; every muscle ached from the many orgasms she had experienced. She felt completely fulfilled, totally satisfied, tears of joy were running down her cheeks. She could not speak.

He then untied her and held her in his arms and spoke to her.

"You are everything, you are all. There isn't any more. You are my beginning and my end, my purpose, my reason for living. I so adore you my darling, my Angel."

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