Where do your dreams go
along the paths of the subconscious
into the realms of the night
they are the dark rider
that sweeps you up
dragging you behind him
the wool of his cloak
scratching the soft skin
of your naked chest.

Riding along the deep and dark
through mountain passes
like the cleft of a woman
spread upon her bed
dreaming down the night.
Away, away, away
the rhythm of the hooves
setting time for the beating
of your heart.

Where does the journey end
and where did it begin?
deeper into the wilds
branches catching his cloak
leaving marks like whip lashes
on the soft skin of your thighs
your hands twisted in the heavy fabric
the animal muscles moving beneath you
Away, away, away
into the dreams of the night
along the paths of the subconscious
out into the dark.

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