tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBabes in the Woods

Babes in the Woods


"Now remember," Sharon's mom said, "We won't be here when you get back. We've got the community function tonight, and the brunch tomorrow, so we won't be back until around 5 or 6 tomorrow night. I'm sure you two girls can handle things while we're gone."

"No problem mom," came Sharon's answer.

"Sure, we'll be fine," said Dani."

It was late in the morning on a warm Thursday in July, and Dani and Sharon had been hiking for two hours. Just out of high school, Dani, a very pretty blonde, and Sharon, an auburn-haired beauty, were spending two weeks with Sharon's parents at their summer house in the country. They'd been up before, but this time was going to be way different. Sharon's folks had told the two teen beauties about this trail, how it had some spectacular views, and best of all, was really off the beaten path, so few people used it.

The solitude of the trail not only meant it wouldn't be overrun with hikers, but on this day, in the middle of the week, the two girls would be the only ones on it. Dani pulled a joint out of her pocket and lit up, taking a long toke. She reached back to Sharon, who was walking behind. Sharon took it and puffed away. As they hiked, the two teens passed the potent joint back and forth, getting high as they walked.

As Sharon took the last drag from the joint she said, passed what was left to her galpal and asked, "Do you know what I'd really love right now?"

"Another blunt," Dani replied, looking at the tiny stump she'd just been handed, "This one's gone."

"No silly," Sharon came back with. Again she stated "Do you know what I'd really really love right now?"

Dani stopped, turned and asked "I give up, what?"

The pot had made Sharon quite horny, and walking behind her friend, staring at her tight little ass wrapped in her tight little shorts, and her long smooth legs deep in the woods had given her a very carnal idea.

Sharon stepped closer to Dani and whispered "I'd like to watch you play with yourself."

Dani, who was just as horny, replied "Right here in the woods? What if someone sees?"

"Come on," Sharon pleaded, "there's nobody around. I don't think we have to worry".

Dani smiled as she turned and walked a little way up the trail, and slipped her small backpack off her shoulder, dropping it to the ground. She started walking backwards as her hand slid into the waistband of her shorts. Sharon shook her head "no" and told Dani she wanted her to masturbate for her stark naked. Dani licked her lips as she stopped, bent down and untied her hiking boots. She kicked them off, than removed her socks. Her t-shirt followed, and as she dropped it to the ground, she unhooked her bra. Letting it slide off her shoulders, Dani fondled her own breasts.

Sharon just stared, feeling an ache in her pussy, but doing nothing to sooth it. Not yet. Dani unbottuned her shorts, letting them slide down her long, smooth legs. Her panties were soaked, and she removed them, tossing them aside. She than leaned against a tree, and while one hand lifted one perfect teen tit to her mouth, the other hand slid down her flat belly. Dani's tongue started licking her nipple, while her fingers teased her throbbing pussy.

As Dani masturbated, Sharon walked closer. She walked around her friend, watching as she rolled her head back, licking her lips, touching her body. She listened as Dani's low moans and sighs mixed with the surrounding forest sounds, the light breeze through the treetops, the buzz of an occasional insect. Sometimes Sharon would brush her girlfriends lips with a finger, or lightly touch her body. She slowly poured water down the front of Dani's nude body, watching it glisten on the wispy pussy hairs. Dani didn't have much hair on her quim (neither did Sharon), a fact Sharon liked, as she looked forward to tongue-fucking her best friend for the first time.

This went on for a while until Sharon leaned into Dani and whispered "Are you wet? Are you dripping?"

Dani opened her eyes and looked over, pulling her finger out of her drenched pussy and showing it to Sharon. It glistened with her sweet juices. Sharon took her girlfriends cum covered fingers into her mouth, seductively licking every bit of Dani's sweetness from them.

"Mmmm," she said, "I'd love to taste some more. May I?"

Sharon started to go down when Dani turned away. Sharon looked up, and Dani indicated "No".

"I want you stark naked just like me," she told Sharon, "I want you to strip bare-assed naked." Sharon was only to happy to oblige. Sharon slowly disrobed, staring straight into Dani's eyes. Their gaze never broke as Sharon removed each article of her clothing, tossing them this way and that, and as she stripped, Dani stroked her dripping pussy.

Once she was totally nude, Sharon embraced Dani, their tongues wrapping around the other, their hands going between the others parting thighs, palming their perfect ass cheeks, stroking each others smooth bodies, licking each others pussies, sucking their pert nipples.

After a bit, Dani took Sharons hand, and led her off the trail and into the woods, leaving all their clothes behind. Neither one cared as they strolled towards a cool stream they could hear babbling in the distance. The cool mountain water would feel exhilirating on their hot young naked bodies as they made torrid lesbian love to eachother.

Once they reached the babbling stream, they waded in. The water was only a few inches deep, but icy cold, and as the two young teens lay down, the cold water made them tingle, stiffening their already stiff nipples, and contrasting deeply with their hot, wet boxes.

They rolled around, kissing deeply, getting wetter and wetter, in more ways than one. Dani lay on her back and spread her perfect thighs, allowing Sharon to work her tongue down her flat belly and into her pussy.

Sharon tongue fucked Dani deeply, getting turned on by Dani's soft moans and sighs. After a while, they switched, so Dani could munch on Sharon's hot pussy. Then they lay face to face, once again deep kissing and finger fucking. Dani rolled over, thrusting her perfect round ass cheeks in the air. Sharon buried her face between them, tongue-fucking Dani from behind...

Traci hiked down the trail. She was a pretty brunette, and she really liked her job as a summer park employee. Not quite ranger status, but she was working towards it. She attended a local college (this was her second year), and this job worked out perfect. The pay was good, the hours were good, and the job was ideal for an outdoorsy girl like herself -- just make sure other hikers were OK and the trail was in good shape.

Best of all, during slow times like this, she would often strip naked, playing with herself and skinny-dipping. Frolicking in the woods nude was a real turn on for her. Traci absolutely loved being naked, and if she was lucky, sometimes she'd spy on a couple making love. So far they were all guy-girl. Traci liked guys, but secretly yearned to spy on two women having sex. She'd had a couple of lesbian experiences, but none in the woods.

As she came down the trail, she saw the clothes scattered around. "Great," she thought, "probably another couple."

Imagine her surprise when she examined the clothes and discovered they were all girls clothes. She held the two pairs of still wet panties in her hands, licking them, and feeling her own panties moisten. She looked around, listening, and heard faint splashing, moans and giggles in the distance.

"Ahhhh," Traci said to herself, "the stream. Good choice. That's where I'd be."

Traci left her backpack and hiking boots behind a tree and set out in the direction of the stream. What she found was beyond heaven. As Traci approached, she could hear the sounds of their love making. She stopped to listen as she undid her shorts and slid her hand into her drenched panties. Getting a wicked idea, Traci began to disrobe as she listened to Dani and Sharon fuck. She wanted to be totally nude when she saw them.

Traci was so turned on that she wanted her clothing as far away as possible. The danger of not having easy access to her clothes if she was caught was turning her on. When she had removed her last article of clothing, she stuffed everything into her shorts and heaved them behind her. Unfortunately in her aroused state she never took note of where they landed.

Now completely undressed, Traci continued on. Parting the bushes, she saw, not 20 feet away, Dani and Sharon, without a single stich of clothing on. They were both lying in the stream, soaking wet and 69ing each other. Traci's hand immediately went between her legs, staring intently as the two teens hungrily tongue fucked eachother.

She moaned and bit her lip when the two objects of her affection began to trib, grinding their drenched pussies against the other. Furiously masturbating, one hand working her cunt from the front while the other reached around behind and worked her clit from the rear, Traci fantasized about joining them, her orgasm building. Traci reached the point of no return and forcefully came. She practically screamed as her cum sprayed from her swollen quim. The two teens immediately looked up.

"Who's there?" Sharon asked as the two girls tried to hide their nudity with each others bodies. The jig being up, Traci came out from behind the bushes.

"I was making my rounds when I saw your clothes," Traci tried to explain.

Dani cut her off. "Rounds?" she asked. "Are you a ranger or something?"

"No, I'm not a real ranger, just a summer employee of the department. I'm just as civilian as you."

Both teens looked at Traci. "So, you can't arrest us?" Even if she could Traci would have a tough case, given the current situation.

"No," said Traci, "all I can do is watch and enjoy."

"Well, you shouldn't have been spying on us," pointed out Sharon. "WE should punish YOU," she said teasingly. Traci liked the way she said it.

"Come here for a spanking," Dani said.

Traci stepped out from behind the bushes, who were pleasantly surprised to see she was just as naked as they were. Traci turned and bent over, presenting her perfect ass to them. As Dani began to spank Traci's smooth round cheeks, Sharon bent down and began to deep kiss her. Traci began to masturbate while Dani spanked her and Sharon tongue kissed her. Dani stopped spanking and began to grind her drenched nether area against Traci's smooth ass. Traci stood up, pressing her body into Dani's while Sharon pressed hers against Traci's.

Soon, all three girls were back in the stream, licking each others pussies in a big circle. Then Traci and Sharon began to doubleteam Dani, both their tongues lapping at Dani's dripping pussy. Traci spun around and lowered her perfect ass towards Dani's face. Dani buried her face between Traci's cute, round ass cheeks, lapping greedily at her soaked twat.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Traci's tongues wrapped around eachother, a thread of spittle dripping from them. Sharon reached down and behind her, her fingers finding Dani's more than eager cunt. Dani thrust her hips back and forth while Sharon finger fucked her.

It was heaven, and they never heard (since they were a little too far away) the skunks back on the trail fighting over the scattered clothing looking for snacks. What they didn't carry off they tore to shreds. They sprayed their stink over everything else. They also found Traci's boots and pack, and fought over them, too. The skunks than wandered away, leaving behind torn, shredded and very smelly boots, clothes and packs.

Meanwhile, the three young beauties continued their lesbian orgy. Fingers and tongues stroked, probed and licked everywhere, driving the girls to orgasm again and again. If only two made love, the other would watch and masturbate. They rolled around in the stream's ice-cold water, their nipples stiff, their pussies dripping. For almost two hours, they engaged in torrid, sapphic sex.

When they were finally finished, they lay in each others arms, drying off in the hot summer sun.

Their lust satiated, the three girls walked back to the trail to where they had left their stuff. As they got closer, they noticed the smell.

"What's that?" asked Dani.

"Skunks," came Traci's dispirited reply. They couldn't believe what they found. All of Dani and Sharon's clothes, their packs and boots were torn and tattered, scattered everywhere and stinking to high heaven. Nothing was salvagable. They'd have to remain totally nude.

"Let's get out of here, or we'll smell just as bad" Traci suggested as she searched unsuccessfully for her discarded clothing. The stench literally hung in the air. "There's a ranger station not to far from here. It should be empty," Traci hoped.

Dani and Sharon followed Traci down the trail. While none of them said it, all three were very turned on by their forced outdoor nudity. They came to a slow-moving creek, which they followed to a bridge. Traci, Sharon and Dani walked up the slope to a two-lane road, since the only other way was to swim under the bridge. As they crossed the road, Traci walked onto the bridge. With her back turned to Sharon and Dani, she brushed her silky pussy hair with her hand. Dani didn't notice, but Sharon did.

She walked over to Traci, embraced her, and pressed her front to Traci's back. She kissed the back of Traci's neck, while Traci began to stroke her own pussy; Sharon did the same to herself. Traci tilted her back onto Sharon's shoulder while both girls moved up and down in rythym, masturbating together.

Traci than slowly turned around, looked deep into Sharon's eyes, held her around the waist and deep-kissed her. Sharon quickly returned the favor, and soon their lust took over. As Dani watched, Traci and Sharon were going at it right in the middle of the bridge. Holding her around the waist, Traci backed Sharon to the bridge's railing.

She licked her way down Sharon's perfect body, past her pert, round breasts with their pert little nipples, down her flat belly, down into the light, downy hair covering her now soaked, throbbing twat. Traci's tongue licked and probed Sharon's pussy, revelling in the sweet taste of her juices.

Sharon spread her legs as far as they'd go, moaning as Traci tongue fucked her and stroked her ass cheeks. Dani watched the entire time while finger-fucking herself, than hurried over and straddling Traci, leaned into Sharon and started to French kiss her friend, while the two massaged each others breasts.

Traci reached around and began to finger Dani. Soon, Dani joined Traci at Sharon's pussy. This went on for a half hour, when suddenly the sound of a truck could be heard in the distance. Panicked, the three very naked and still very horny girls hurried down the slope into the water. The shock of the cold water coupled with their sexual ecstasy resulted in a trio of spurting orgasms.

All three girls stroked their own quim as girl cum flew everywhere. Overcome by their lust, the engaged in a torrid three-way deep kiss and finger fuck as the truck rumbled past. They suckled each others nipples and tongued their nude bodies as they fucked in the chilly waters under the bridge.

As the truck rumbled away, the three climbed back up the slope to the bridge. Sharon had to pee. Feeling very naughty at their close call, Sharon hung her ass over the bridge railing and began to pee. She was joined by Dani and Traci.

"Imagine if the truck came back and caught us," Dani said.

"Yeah, three bare-assed babes pissing off the bridge," Traci added. "We'd either have to let them watch us finish or take off running while we pissed all over ourselves."

With that thought in their heads, the three girls finished peeing and began to masturbate to another spurting orgasm.

Eventually, they reached the ranger cabin. No one was there (thank goodness) and Traci gave them shirts and shorts to wear. Than they all climbed into the park Jeep® for the ride back to Sharon's family summer house. As they drove back, Dani mentioned that nobody would be back at the house.

"That's right," said Sharon. "It'll just be the three of us. The three of us, an outdoor hot tub, some wine, some pot, a whole lot of girl-on-girl fun."

An entire night of threeway, lesbian sex. With that, the Jeep® shot forward, as the three beauties began to tear their clothes off...

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