Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 05


Patty's eyes were glued to Fred's mouth as he sucked and tongued me. She'd moved to the side so she could get a good view and from where she was, she had the best seat in the house to watch a man suck another man's dick.

Only one problem, though. I started to get hard. And, before I knew it, I had a full blown erection that Fred had to hold with one hand while he bobbed on the other end with his mouth.

Patty and Wilma were completely blown away and I was, too. Honestly, Fred's suck job was feeling pretty good and that, along with the fact that I was still naked in front of Patty and Wilma, I couldn't help it – mother nature took over and I was as hard as steel.

Before too long, it was obvious that Fred had sucked me well enough to 'Clean' me. What he was doing now was clearly a blowjob and he didn't show any signs of letting up. I'd been looking down, watching Fred suck me, and I didn't see Wilma move behind Patty. They were both bug-eyed watching Fred suck my cock, but when I glanced up at the girls, Patty pulled her skirt up and Wilma's hands came in front of Patty's body and started to touch Patty between her legs.

Somewhere along the way, Patty had sneaked her panties back on, so I missed another chance to see her pussy. "Damn!" I cursed to myself, but watching the way Wilma was touching Patty and rubbing her on the outside of her panties, well.... it was damn hot. I've never seen any kind of girl on girl action in real life, so this turned up the excitement level for me quite a lot.

The vision before me was amazing. Patty was standing no more than three feet away from me, and she was leaning back against Wilma. Patty was holding her skirt way up now; up above her waist and Wilma's hands were roaming all over her – not only over her panties, but under her shirt, too. When Wilma's hand dipped down between Patty's legs, Patty spread her stance to give Wilma more room to touch. Patty let out a long, low moan while Wilma rubbed her fingers up and down Patty's mound.

Fred pulled my cock out of his mouth and glanced over at the girls watch. "You little cocksucker!" Wilma yelled. "You better not be looking at another woman! I'll spank your ass every day for a month! Put that cock back in your mouth and finish what you started. You're not going to leave this room until you've swallowed a mouthful of his cum!"

Fred immediately turned around and put my cock back in his mouth. He was sucking for all he was worth now, and when Wilma saw Fred's renewed vigor, she plunged her hand down into Patty's panties. "Oh, God!" Patty exclaimed. "You're gonna make me cum..... you're gonna make me cum!"

It's a good thing Wilma was behind Patty, because Patty started to shake and she almost fell down when her orgasm took hold. Patty looked at me with beckoning eyes as she began a low guttural moan and began to buck against Wilma's hand deep inside her panties. Our eyes were locked together, just like we were in the car earlier..... and we dared each other to cum at the hands of our congenial hosts.

Patty's scream was the signal I needed, and as I watched her squirm against Wilma's forging fingers, I started to feel the first warnings of my own orgasm. "I'm gonna cum in your mouth soon." I warned.

"You better take all his cum, you cocksucker man." Wilma said to Fred. "If you pull off, I swear you'll have to suck a thousand cocks before you get back in my good graces."

Patty's orgasm was ending and she was slumped over in Wilma's arms looking at me through half closed eyes. When Wilma withdrew her hand from Patty's panties, I could see how wet her fingers were – glistening with the shiny juice that I'd smelled and tasted, but hadn't seen yet. But, what pushed my own excitement to the point of no return was when Wilma held her hand up to Patty's mouth and Patty began to suck her pussy juice from Wilma's fingers. That was it for me.

I arched my back and let it go. Feeling every contraction and molecule of sperm as it traveled through the tip of my cock, I held Fred's head and started to fuck his mouth. Each thrust delivered another shot of my cum through his willing lips and following Wilma's instructions to the letter, he took all my cum.

I held him to my cock until the last trace of my climax was over and then I let go of his head. Patty and Wilma were watching, both of their eyes staring at Fred until he sat back and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He turned to look at Wilma, who stepped away from Patty and held out her arms lovingly to him. "Come here." Wilma said softly.

Fred rose to his feet and stepped in front of his wife. "Swallow it." Wilma said to him. "Then you can have me..... you've earned my pussy tonight, Little Man. All you have to do is swallow his cum and you can have me."

I expected some kind of horrendous face as he forced himself to swallow my cum, but there wasn't any. He just swallowed and opened his mouth. Wilma looked in to check and seeing that he had, in fact, followed her directions, they melted together in a warm and sloppy kiss, falling against the wall in the changing room as they hugged and kissed each other.

I felt Patty poke me in the side and when I turned around, she had all my clothes in her arms and was motioning for me to follow her. I stepped outside the changing room and Patty tossed me my panties and said, "Get dressed so we can give them some time alone."

After I put my panties on, Patty pulled me around the corner and into one of the store aisles and handed me my bra and shirt. "They're going to fuck now, I'm sure," she whispered, "he can only get it up when he's been humiliated like that, but he usually doesn't last long. Let's get dressed and get out of here so maybe he'll be able to keep it hard enough for her to get some."

"How do you know all this?" I whispered back, trying to get my pants on.

"I'll tell you all about them later." Patty replied. "Hurry up."

I was putting my clothes on faster than I ever had. I was surprised Patty hadn't said anything about seeing me with another man. For that matter, I was surprised I wasn't having some kind of guilt or shame about it, myself! But as I scurried to get dressed, I looked at her and she was smiling at me struggling to get the bra up over my waist. "You need some practice doing that." She said quietly. "We'll work on it tomorrow."

When I was dressed, she took me by the hand and led me to the door and out of the store. When we got to my car, she leaned up against my cum stained door as she put her hands to her cheeks and shook her head. "I can't believe this day." She said. "I can't believe all the things we've done. I can't believe I just saw Fred suck your cock and I can't believe I let you watch Wilma make me cum! I can't believe any of it."

I knew exactly how she felt.

Continued in the next chapter.

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