Babydoll Ch. 03

byThe Fantasizer©

The best part was the time that we spent away from the case. We stayed at the Marriott, which was unbelievable. I never knew that Washington had so many great restaurants. We also got to go to Camden Yards in Baltimore and watch the Orioles play. The trip was a real experience and I was really glad that I went

We came back on July 5th. Once we were in the air on the way back home from Washington, I started thinking about Ashley. I had talked to her a few times on the phone that week. She told me that she missed me, but to remember that I'd be back soon and it was still a month until I had to go to freshman orientation at college.

My grandmother picked us up at the airport and we all went back to my house. We arrived at 7pm and all enjoyed dinner outside by the pool. Ashley hung right next to me as we explained what we were up to in the Nation's Capitol.

After dinner everyone split. My Grandparents went back to their place, my parents went upstairs to relax and get ready for the workweek, and Jan said she was going to get some sleep because she was exhausted. This left me alone with Ashley by the pool.

I was really tired, but I was excited about having some time alone with Ash. She was wearing her Baywatch swimsuit and she had a pair of red gym shorts on over the bottom. When everyone went inside we stayed outside and went for a swim. It wasn't actually a swim as much as it was a soak.

After a while I snuck up behind her and stole a kiss. She chided me, "Jimmy be careful, if someone sees you kissing me they are going to wonder why."

I snickered, "They're all upstairs. We haven't been alone in 2 weeks. I want some time alone with you."

Rebuking me," I'd like to have some fun too, but I don't think now is a good time."

My mind was spinning. I knew we could go over behind the privacy fence. There is a grassy knoll there where no one from the house or neighbors can see what is going on. "Hey Ash I know where we can be alone, follow me."

We both got out of the pool and went and dried off. "Ash bring your towel." I opened the side door to the fence and we both proceeded out walking around to the grassy knoll behind the fence. Once we were to the spot I laid my towel down and grabbed her's making us a little spot to sit on under the bright moonlight.

I sat down first and then patted the combined beach towels to make room for Ash, "Come on Baby have a seat." She sat down and as we stared into one another's eyes I told her, "Now we've got some privacy. No excuses, I want a kiss."

I rubbed her cheek with my left hand as I moved in and kissed her cheek. Then I slid over and started kissing her soft full lips. This had become so natural that she knew what I wanted. Our wanton mouths collided in a fury. Our tongues mingled like long lost souls. The kiss seemed like an eternity.

I pulled away slowly, "I'm ready to make you cum, Ash."

With the love in her eyes and her heart on her lips, " Please Jim." As I began lowering the straps I started kissing the nape of her neck down to her soft full breasts. I licked her with my sloppy mouth all the way down her body as I took her bathing suit and shorts off.

Now her luscious body was completely exposed to me. I was ready to indulge my senses in the sights, sounds, smell, feel, and taste of her love.

I pushed her thighs apart and set up her lovely pie and held her ass in my hands as I began probing with my tongue. It was sloppy between her juices and my saliva at full force. I raised my head, "You like?"

"OH Yeah, oooh yeah, Oh I like," Ash struggled to stay composed as I tormented her with my tongue.

I really was enjoying this plate full of pussy. I jiggled her soft ass cheeks in my hands as I nestled my nose into her soft downy fur. I decided to go in for the kill as I started licking her ass.

"Wh Wh What are y-you d-doing?," she stammered, as she started pounding her open palms against the ground and raising her ass in the air trying to remain coherent as her multiple orgasm began to rock her world. "Oh Gawad, fuck yeah, Oh shit, Damn."

I took my shirt off and started moving up her body, dry humping her as I started kissing her on the lips. Between kisses I let her know, "I love you," Although I was still dressed, my boner was buried against her snatch as I began making love to her. The electric feeling of skin on skin was more than I could handle. "I'm going to come. I'm going to come. I'm fucking you baby. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Yeah."

Only a thin veneer separated me from what I truly desired. Just then I had exploded inside my swim trunks. Jets and jets of semen created a wet pool against my groin. I collapsed contented and happy holding my naked prey.

We lay exhausted looking in one another's eyes wandering what the future would bring. Tonight was another step back into the pussy I wanted so desperately. I knew what I wanted and so did she. I could see that my effort wasn't being wasted. Her walls were breaking down. It was only a matter of time until my love would be snuggling with something nice, soft, and warm.

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I can understand your addiction to Babydoll. Soft. Blonde, warm, young body Holy DAMN!!!! Your sister sounds like Pamela Anderson… Ummm Ummm Ummm!

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