tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabySitter Blues

BabySitter Blues


Don was whistling when he arrived home from work. It was Friday and the weekend stretched ahead. He and his wife were going out on the town while the kids stayed home. It was a time to relax and have fun.

Entering the house Marie, his wife, threw a small fly into the ointment.

"Don, Helen can't babysit tonight," she announced.

I am not taking those little monsters to the party with us, was Don's immediate thought. This was followed by the realisation that Marie didn't seem particularly disappointed, only slightly wary. She obviously had more news but was unsure of how he'd take it. He waited.

"I managed to get Suzy," Marie said, smiling. "She's willing to help us out."

Don winced but refrained from saying anything. Suzy was better than no-one. He'd just keep out of her way.

"Why don't you like Suzy?" asked Marie. "She's a nice girl and the kids all love her. You used to like her but then you suddenly seemed to object to her as baby-sitter. Why?"

Don considered. He really should put Marie's mind at ease, but it was embarrassing.

"Do you like men staring at your boobs?" he asked her.

"Not particularly, but it doesn't really worry me," Marie answered. "Boys will be boys after all."

"Well, it seems that girls will be girls, as well. Suzy has turned into a crotch-hound, and it's a bit disconcerting, to say the least."

Marie blinked. "What do you mean by that?" she queried.

"Where the boys will look at a nice chest, a crotch-hound isn't quite that discriminating. Their eyes focus on a man's crotch when they talk to him, trying to see if they're getting any reaction. You can sense them making an assessment of your junk, sniggering if they see any movement.

If we comment on it, it would look like we're harassing the woman. If a man does happen to have a bit of an erection it bloody quickly dies when you see the woman shake her head, giving it a thumbs down."

Marie giggled. "You're kidding?" she said.

Don sighed and shook his head.

"No. It started a couple of years ago. It was amusing at first because Suzy was still fairly young and they grow out of it, but she's now nearly nineteen and still doing it. It's nerve-wracking. You watch when she comes in. As soon as she sees me she'll smile and her eyes will drop. She's not being demure. She's assessing and assigning a rating to my wedding tackle."

Marie giggled again.

"Well, hopefully she'll have finished looking by the time she gets here. Her car is off the road right now and I told her we'd pick her up and take her home, and that means you have to go and get her."

The matter surged back to her immediate attention when Suzy arrived. She walked in all smiles and happy chattering. Marie almost laughed out loud when Don followed her in. He was right, Marie realised. That demure downwards glance that she has always seen as a sign of becoming modesty was an attempt to see through Don's trousers.

Marie dismissed the subject with a silent giggle. She was, she found, somewhat less amused the second time she caught Suzy assessing Don. By the third time, Marie was starting to get a bit narked. Didn't the girl have and sense of decorum.

"Suzy," Marie said, smiling to hide the bite in her voice. "If you don't stop eyeing Don like a slab of beef you want to sink your teeth into I'm going to suggest to him that he spank you. Won't that be fun?"

Startled, a blushing Suzy apologised. She had not realised she'd been staring, honestly. She hadn't intended to. She was dreadfully sorry for embarrassing them.

Still smiling, Marie nodded and resumed her preparations for her night out.

Finally ready to leave, Marie almost exploded when she saw Suzy was once again assessing Don. She threw some daggers at Suzy who blushed and looked away.

"Don," cooed Marie, "before we go could you do me a little favour and paddle Suzy's bottom? I did warn her, after all."

"I'm afraid we don't really have time to give her a proper spanking right now," pointed out Don, while a scarlet faced Suzy hurriedly backed away from him. "How about I just give her a couple of swats? I can always give her a proper spanking later."

"If it will help get the message through, by all means," smiled Marie, pinning Suzy to the wall with a look.

Laughing quietly, Don reached out and took Suzy's arm. Ignoring her protests, he pulled her over to the nearest easy chair and bent her over the arm. A quick flip of her skirt moved it clear of her bottom, and the next moment his hand came down in a firm spank on her bottom.

A loud squeal from Suzy was met with a smile of satisfaction from Marie and another firm spank from Don. A second yelp from Suzy and Don was releasing her and turning towards Marie and the door. Turning towards the door at the same time, Marie missed Don's slight hesitation.

Turning back to where Suzy had not yet straightened up, Don reached over and slid his hand under Suzy's panties and squeezed.

"Next time, no panties and a proper spanking," he murmured. "It'll give you something to look forward to."

"I just can't believe the gall of that girl," griped Marie. "I thought you were exaggerating when you first complained, but she's dreadful. Is she like that with all men?"

"Probably," laughed Don, "but I don't think she's actually very experienced, sexually. It's probably more an honest curiosity that she hasn't learned to hide properly."

"Well I'll control it for her," grumbled Marie. "Hopefully that warning will do the trick."

"You mean I don't get to finish spanking a pretty little bottom when we get back?" teased Don.

"If you do, it'll be mine," said Marie laughing. "You should have seen her face when your hand connected. She didn't think you'd really do it. That'll teach her to leave my man alone."

- - -

Returning from the party Marie was happy and in a forgiving mood. She couldn't really blame Suzy from looking at Don; he was delicious. Now that she'd been warned she'd keep her eyes off him and they could pretend it had never happened.

Marie's spirit of bon-vivancy carried her into the house, all smiles, easing the mind of a worried Suzy who had wondered if Marie would be returning with blood on her mind. The two women sat in the kitchen and chattered happily until Don came in, ready to drive Suzy home.

Marie happened to be watching when Suzy's evil genie directed her gaze to Don's crotch. She honestly hadn't intended to do it. It just seemed that her eyes automatically focused there, curiosity nudging her yet again.

The first intimation Suzy had of what she was doing was when she heard Marie speaking.

"Don, darling, you have time now. Why don't you give Suzy that spanking that's she's almost begging for. It would appear that the warning you gave earlier didn't take."

Suzy jerked erect, turning a shocked gaze upon an angry Marie. Spluttering an apology she tried to calm Marie, appealing to Don with a helpless look. A little shiver ran down her spine as she saw the amused look Don was giving her. He was going to spank her and enjoy it. Suzy swallowed and shut up, waiting to see what happened.

Don sauntered over, pulled out a chair and sat. Reaching over, he took Suzy's arm and drew her over, bending her, feebly protesting across his knee. A flick tossed her skirt up and Don gave a wriggling Suzy two quick, firm spanks.

Don paused, leaving his hand lying familiarly on Suzy's bottom.

"This is the point we reached earlier," he reminded Marie. "Leave it at this as a second warning or go ahead and give her a proper spanking?"

"A warning!" gasped Suzy. "I didn't mean to, honest."

"A spanking," said Marie. "I told her and told her and you gave her a warning spank. She just isn't listening."

"OK, then," said Don. "A proper spank it is. Would you care to pull down her panties please, Marie? A bare bottom spanking is so much more effective."

With a vindictive look at her victim Marie came over and peeled down Suzy's panties, ignoring her squeals of protest. Giving a hard slap to Suzy's bare bottom, Marie returned to her seat to watch the fun.

With a grin, Don slapped down hard, drawing a squeal from Suzy. Another spank and another squeal had Marie nodding in satisfaction. It was after half a dozen painful spanks that Suzy realised something had changed with the spanking. Instead of hovering in the air for a few moments and then delivering a sharp spank, Don's hand was resting on her bottom for a few moments after each spank, gently rubbing, and rubbing where he had no right to rub.

Suzy squeaked a protest, wriggling her bottom away from under his hand, only to have his hand rise and fall sharply, and this time his hand slapped along her pussy, holding it cupped for a moment, softly kneading before lifting again to spank her bottom.

Suzy squealed and protested, her little tantrums being ignored by Don and Marie. Don continued to spank her, his insistent little forays onto her mound unnoticed by Marie who was enjoying seeing Suzy get spanked.

When Don finally stopped Suzy was red-faced and breathing hard. Partly this was caused by the fact that when Don stopped spanking, he left his hand casually resting on her pussy, lightly drumming his fingers against her.

"What do you think, Marie?" he asked. "Sufficient?"

Marie nodded with satisfaction.

"I think she's got the message this time," she said. "You'd better take her home before she starts crying."

Don released Suzy who scrambled to her feet, hastily pulling her panties up. She was not going to cry, damn them. Head high she stalked out of the house in front of Don.

Suzy sat sulking in the car as Don reversed out. She couldn't believe that Marie had kicked up such a fuss and that Don had supported her. Just because she happened to glance at Don's crotch, completely by accident. At the thought, her eyes flicked towards Don, and with a small choked sound she straightened and looked dead ahead, face burning.

"Not bad," said Don. "Thirty seconds from getting in the car to checking out my crotch. Feel free to continue looking. I don't mind."

Suzy said nothing, looking desperately ahead, determined to ignore Don. How could he possibly be driving with that thing sticking up like that. She was not going to look at him. She just was not.

Smiling, Don let his hand drift over and land on Suzy's leg. He started stroking it, moving up towards her mound. He felt Suzy trying to pull away from him, but her range of movement was restricted in the car. Finally Suzy grabbed his hand and tried to firmly push it away.

A twist of his wrist and Don had hold of Suzy's hand. A quick tug and he was holding it against his crotch, pressing it against his erection. For a moment Suzy's hand closed around him and held, and then with a little squeak she snatched her hand away again.

"Put that away, please," Suzy requested, determined not to react to his teasing. "I've already said sorry. What more do you want?"

"That should be evident. I want you. I'm going to put this away in a moment. In you."

"I'm not interested, thank you," snapped Suzy, "so just forget it."

"But you are," came the purred response. "Are you forgetting I had a chance to feel how you were responding earlier. You were hot and wet and ready and now you're getting your reward for waiting."

To Suzy's relief the car pulled to a halt. Anxious to put some distance between them she had unbuckled her seat belt and was getting out the car almost before the hand brake was pulled on.

"Thank you for the lift," she gasped, scrambling out of the car with more haste than grace. Turning, she stopped and stared.

"This isn't my place! Where are we?"

"A quiet little park I know of where we'll be undisturbed while I let you pleasure me," came the reply and turning her head Suzy saw Don coming around the front of the car towards her. She hadn't even noticed him getting out of the car.

"I am not having sex with you," protested Suzy.

"Actually, you're about to find out that you are," came the reply.

Before Suzy could do anything, Don had hold of her.

"I know you won't want grass stains on your clothes, so let's get them off, shall we?"

Despite Suzy's wriggling and struggling, Don calmly undid the buttons and zip on her skirt and pushed it and her panties down. His hand slid up inside her top, finding and unhooking her bra.

Next thing Suzy knew she was being held firmly against Don, feeling his erection pressing firmly against her lower tummy. Horribly conscious of the size of the cock pressing against her, Suzy froze, not knowing what to do.

"Lift your arms," she heard Don say, and did so reluctantly, feeling her top and bra being lifted up and over her head.

Now she was being held away from him while Don looked her over in the moonlight. She swallowed as he ran a hand over her, caressing her breasts and lingering on her mound, squeezing it. A finger slipped between her lips, gently probing.

"Like I said, hot and wet," came the pleased comment. "Do you want to lie on the grass or would you prefer a blanket?"

"I have a choice?" wondered Suzy.

"Does my comfort matter while I'm being raped?" she asked bitterly.

"Of course it does," protested Don. "I wouldn't even be raping you if you didn't want me to so badly."

Suzy stared at him, stunned. He was doing her a favour by raping her? What had he been smoking at that party he went to?

Suzy felt Don drawing her down onto the grass. He eased her onto her back, edging her legs apart, his hands wandering up and down her body, touching and stroking. She lay there, watching him, waiting, resigned to what was going to happen, feeling relieved and excited. She was going to be taken. It wasn't her fault and there was nothing she could do about it.

Don eased Suzy's legs further apart, coaxing her to lift her knees. Settling between her thighs he eased forward.

Biting her lip, Suzy watched as Don eased his erection towards her. His fingers parted her lips and she gasped as she felt him pressing against her. Then he was sliding into her, moving smoothly, his way lubricated by her natural oils.

Don pressed firmly home, filling Suzy completely with one long firm thrust, feeling her close tightly around him, accepting and holding him firmly. He couldn't tell if she'd been virgin or not, but from her reaction she certainly hadn't had much experience.

Don lay on Suzy, holding her pinned to the ground, partly by his weight and partly by his cock embedded deep within her. His hands played idly with her breasts, teasing them while he waited for some reaction from her.

Suzy felt restless. Don was in her but it wasn't what she'd heard about. He was just holding himself in her, not doing anything but tease her breasts. If forced, she'd have admitted she liked the sensation of a man in her and playing with her breasts, but she'd expected more. She found herself starting to squirm a little, pressing against the cock that was pinning her.

Feeling Suzy moving under him, Don relaxed. She was ready. He pressed firmly against her, feeling her pressing up against him. He eased up, pulling back slightly before returning with a slightly harder thrust. Again Suzy met him, matching his movement.

Encouraging Suzy with little words of praise as she responded to him, Don slowly built up a rhythm, pressing in harder and harder, forcing Suzy to hump her hips hard and fast to keep up with him.

Suzy was squealing, making little mewing noises deep in her throat. Strange sensations were flooding over her, spreading out from where Don was savagely assaulting her. A fire was burning deep within her, and Don was stoking the blaze, building it higher and hotter.

The feel of Don's mouth ravishing her breasts was causing mini blazes to start there, burning steadily down to where the greater conflagration was threatening to set her alight. Suzy twisted and writhed under the never-ending assault, frantically clinging to Don as he pounded into her.

She heard Don gasp and felt him shudder, then felt the splash of his seed, molten liquid inside her. She shrieked and convulsed around him as the splash of liquid washed away the last of her barriers and she was carried away and felt herself die.

Coming slowly back to life Suzy lay there, feeling Don playing idly with her nipples. She reached up to push his hand away.

"Waking up, are you?" came Don's voice. "Better get dressed. Your parents will be expecting you, you know. Marie told them we wouldn't be too late."

Suzy grabbed for her clothes.

"We would have been a damn sight earlier if you hadn't stopped to rape me," she pointed out.

"But you were all excited after that spanking. I had to do something to calm you down. Think of it as brotherly affection."

"A brother-in-law is not a brother," pointed out Suzy. "If my brother had tried that sort of thing Dad would have killed him. If my sister finds out, she'll probably kill you."

"Nah. After your little exhibition at the house Marie would blame you and kill you. Now let's go."

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