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Back Again


These old feelings I have guarded for years have returned again. I find myself thinking of my daughter in a sexual way. I know I am a better man than to think of her this way. She is so beautiful and so sexy. I guess I will always wish we could have a sexual relationship. At the same time I want to be a respected father for her life.

In all these years, the closest I came to crossing the line as a father was years ago. When she was eighteen, we were watching a movie at home. She had on a night shirt, bra, and panties. On many occasions, she would lay across my lap. As the movie became interesting, I started lightly rubbing the palm of her hand and along her arm. At one point she moved her hand to her crotch and I continued to lightly rub her arm and down to the back of her hand that was over her crotch. When she moved her hand back to her side, I started to lightly rub her cheek. At the same time I was rubbing her cheek, the back of my hand was rubbing her breast. This lasted a few strokes and she smiled and turned away from my hand. The whole time I was rubbing her face I had a ragging hard-on. I am sure the smile she gave me was as much for rubbing her breast as my dick sticking her in her side.

Sense that time, she has grown up, married, and moved away from home. I have not been as lustful for her with her away from home. I did not have very many opportunities to see her over a 5 year period. Recently, she and her husband moved back into our house while they are having a new house built. I have found myself looking at her in a new lustful way. She has a tendency to wear low cut tops on work days.

In the evening when she comes home, I find many opportunities to look down her bra covered breast. The top of her breast are breath taking. One time I saw her exposed breast when she had on a night shirt without her bra. I find myself obsessed with seeing her. I have gone to their room and retrieved some of her panties out of the laundry basket. The smell is intoxicating. I noticed the panties never have any pubic hairs left behind. I am obsessed with the idea she shaves her pubic area. I get hard just thinking about feeling her bald pussy.

Last night I had a dreamed that my daughter and I were having a must stronger sexual relationship. I was in my office when my daughter came walking up to me while I was on the computer. She put her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I slowly moved my hand up under her dress and softly rub her pussy through her panties. As I touch her pussy she jumps than spreads her legs a little with a soft moan. She smiled at me and gave me a small slap on my face and told me I should be ashamed. She then grabs my hardness in my pants softly and leaves to go change clothes. After a shower, she returns to my office in her robe and tells me she needs to work on my computer for a while. I can see her breast from inside the robe. I reach in and softly rub her bare breast for a few minutes. She tells me to go away while she works. I leave with one swipe through her bald pussy lips. I woke up smelling my fingers.

This morning after my dream, my daughter was working at my computer. She had on her robe with her legs crosses in my office chair. I could barely see her black panties from the side of her robe as I talked to her for a while. When she leaned forward, I could see part of her breast. It was hard not to think of my dream and the sexual way we touched each other. I had to leave when I started to get an erection.

I can't wait for my next dream about her. I hope the dream is as real as before. Maybe this time I will go beyond touching to sex. In the next few months I will probably be walking around looking for any opportunity to see my daughter. I know I will continue to dream new and exciting sexual events with her until she finally moves to her new house. I will probably start to slowly lose my sexual feelings for her until she comes back again.

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by Anonymous09/19/17


Horrible grammar and word use. Sence then? Really? My 5 y/o grandson can do better than that. Sitting with her legs crosses? And a gal wrote this? Jeez. Sad

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