Back Rub

byMistress Genesis©

You have fantastic hands
You rubbed my back today
That small touch
Aroused me beyond words

Thank god you were behind me
You couldn’t see my nipples get hard
Or that look of pure ecstasy
As you moved lower on my back

Bet you it would shock you to know
I dreamt of fucking you
While I slept last night
Thought about that while you were rubbing my back

I ask you to do it a little harder
Squeeze a little tighter
Oh god~ to the right
Uhh that feels so good

Yeah, you have great hands
I’ll give you that
But will you respond to mine?
Do you take as well as you give?

I start at you shoulders
Poor baby, you’re tense
I lean forward and push my breasts into your back
Why the fuck should I play fair

I feel your breathing change
I ask you if it feels good
Am I hurting you?
All you do is grunt

I’ll slide my hands down your back
Not a rub, but a caress
Can you handle that?
Glad for that big shirt you’re wearing now, aren’t you?

If only my dream from last night
Could flow into you while I touch you
You’d know how closely this resembled
The way I was touching you then

I’m almost shocked by this urgent need I have
I want to get rid of your shirt so bad I can taste it
I want to pull you into another room
Where I can look you in the eye and touch you all of the other places I’ve been dying to

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