tagLoving WivesBack Scratches Affair Ch. 04

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 04



Eight months later, there was Jack was thinking about what had happened after his wife moved back in. That first night had been good, she was horny as he had ever seen her, and they had a long session of sex with her having two climaxes to his three. Not that he didn't try to give her more. She did say that she had some small ones along with the two larger climaxes.

Three days later, they were having sex again and he found himself fucking her butt hole, while Jennia was on all fours. She surprised him, by groaning loudly. A second later she said, "Fuck me! Fuuuck my butt, OHHH that's it harder-Ohhh GOOOD."

She had never said that before while they had anal sex. She always seemed to like it, but not that much. Of course, the fact that she was wearing a butterfly vibrator that he had the controls for, was probably helping. They had bought it just before he had kicked her out and never had a chance to use it. She liked the idea when he suggested she wear it tonight.

It had three speeds and he kept switching it back and forth. He kept it on the slowest speed the most, but every so often, he bumped it up to the third speed. He liked the way she jerked when he suddenly increased the speed.

Right now, he had it on the second speed, and was too busy thrusting in and out of her to be concerned with changing the speed. He kept pushing in harder whenever she said, "Fuck me hard." He was going faster than he had ever gone while doing her anus.

By the way she was moving her head up and down, he knew she was feeling very good. A few seconds later she lifted her head, and let out a groan, which he had only heard her make a couple of times, while he fucked her slit.

As a climax hit her, she seemed to freeze for a moment before she let out a soft scream. She had never screamed through an orgasm before and at first he thought he had hurt her by shoving in too hard, but the scream was immediately followed by two long groans. By the noises she made, he thought she had had a double climax and that each one lasted significantly longer than normal. It took him another thirty seconds before he had his climax. It was his second for that session therefore it had taken a while to start to build, and even longer to build intensity. He thought he might just go on forever, but as sometimes happened he seemed to skip a couple of stages and he started spurting before he thought he should. It was still good and he enjoyed his climax as he shot into her rectum.

When he was done, he pulled out of her with a slurping noise, and watched his sperm dribble out of her for a moment before collapsing on the bed. She lay down next to him, her front touching his side. She kissed his cheek and mouth with small kisses, expressing her thanks for the huge climax she had had.

She took off the vibrator while he went into the bathroom to clean himself up. When he came back and laid back down she was next to him cuddling like always. As he was falling asleep, he felt it had been the right decision to take her back; she was where she should be, in the crook of his arm.

They had gone to see Patrick and his wife, having a series of meetings with them. They had learned a lot about what could cause an affair and how to stop it before it happens, they had already started to change what needed to be changed in their behaviors and grew closer to each other. At one meeting something different happened. She was telling the story of what she had said when he had burst into her and Susan's hotel room. He hadn't been looking at her, because it still hurt, but she had started to speak to him so he had glanced at her. He did a double take than looked at her with his head tilted a tiny bit, because there were tears in her eyes, as she again said how sorry she was for saying that and hurting him. She had apologized for saying many things over the years, but she never had tears in her eyes before.

Now they were going out with Susan and George. They had gone out together a couple of times and he and George had made sure the two wives were never alone together. That included telling them only one could go use a bathroom at the same time.

They seemed to understand and never complained about the strict rules. Today they were going to a public picnic put on by their neighborhood association. They arrived at the park in separate cars, and meet near the parking lot. They walked over to where a bunch of picnic tables was under a long covered patio. The men led their wives to a table off to one side from where most of those who had arrived already were sitting. After settling their things, the two couples sat for talked for a few moments.

Jack got up at one point and said, "They are serving now so I'll go get some plates."

George said, "You'll need some help." as he got up and followed Jack.

Jennia waited until the guys were in line then she turned to Susan, "You think they forgot?"

"Hmm, no. My husband can be forgetful at times but I don't think he would forget that."

"The same with Jack. So do you think this is a test, or are they trying to show that they trust us again?"

"I'm not sure, but I think maybe it's the second. They're not acting like it's a test. George has been trying to show me that he trusts me. The other day I was late getting home from work. There was a slow train and I was stuck in the rear of the line of cars waiting to over the tracks. It took me over ten minutes just to cross the tracks, without counting the time it took the train to go by. George had gotten home early and found that I wasn't home when I was supposed to be. I think he was pacing the floor, but he didn't say anything when I walked in. I saw that he wanted to cross examine me, but he kept his mouth shut. I told him about the train and he was satisfied."

"Jack is the same way. Twice now, he called me at home and I was in the middle of something so it took me a while to get to the phone. The second time I was outside and when I finally answered the phone, I heard him sigh in relief, but he didn't ask what I was doing. I think he wanted to so I explained what I had been doing. My breathing was normal, so it sounded like he believed me."

She sighed than continued, "I think we are going to have to live with that for awhile."

Jennia nodded in agreement.

There was another pause and Jennia said, "So how are you and George getting along?"

"Very good. We were able to talk through a lot of things. I...I'm sorry we, you and me, went as far as we did, but our relationship helped me. I have more confidence in meeting new people now, and George and I have never have talked like we did while we were separated. I was able to express my anger at him for the way he had been treating me. He said that he didn't realize he had been treating me like a child. He vowed to stop it and he has. And we talked about other things that needed changing in our relationship."

"Does that mean you still love him? It sounded like you weren't all that sure when we talked about George, during our affair."

"I don't think I ever stopped loving him, but now I love him even more. He...took me back after I hurt him like I did and he changed his behavior and how he talks to me. And...and he lets me do...uhm... do what, uhh, you and me used to do."

Jennia looked puzzled for a moment than said, "You mean you...him?"

Susan lowered her head, blushed and nodded.

"Wow, he must love you a lot."

Susan lifted her head and said, "That's one reason why I love him more than ever."

They sat there for a moment then Susan asked, "How are you and Jack doing?"

"We're doing good, even better than before. I love him more too for taking me back... especially after what I said to him when he discovered us."

"I was too far gone to hear what you said."

"I basically told him he couldn't write, or please me."

"What?! That must have hurt him very badly; you told me how sensitive he can be."

"I was angry at him for ruining a big orgasm and for spying on me. (sigh) I'm still trying to undo the damage I did. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself."

There was a pause then she continued, "We have been seeing a counselor and he has helped us understand what happened and why, and how to keep it from happening again. Like you two, we both had to make some changes. Nothing like what you do with George," Susan again looked down and blushed, "and I have had some of the biggest climaxes I have ever had. One night I had three and I screamed when the last one hit me. That made it the second time an orgasm was so intense I screamed. The first time was three days after he let me move back in with him."

"I'm glad for you. You deserve that type of pleasure. I... dreamed of us the other night."

"I've dreamed of you too, I woke up groaning and I think Jack knew who my dream had been about, but he didn't say anything."

"Me too, but I rolled over and I grabbed George's...um... manhood and we f... uh, had sex. I wanted to feel him inside me." She finished real fast.

"I know how you feel. What we did felt good, but we shouldn't have gone that far, I'm so sorry we did. I hurt Jack. Not only by what we did, but by what I said to him. I'm not sure if he's over that yet."

Susan nodded, but before she could say anything George and Jack were back.

They put down the plates of hamburgers and Jack noticed there was a jalapenos on Susan's plate. He hadn't seen him get one, but he saw that she smiled her thanks to her husband.

Jennia smiled when he placed her plate in front of her said "Thanks honey" than kissed his cheek.

As they ate, he noticed something else. Susan was wearing a strapless sundress. The dress wasn't as short, or as low cut as what Jennia was wearing, nor, as he looked around what other women were wearing, but from what he understood about Susan, it was very daring for her.

George must have seen him looking at the dress, because he said, "Susan decided to be a little daring today. It is warm after all."

Jennia said, "I noticed that as soon as I saw her...good for you Susan. You can show off your legs and figure without being too skimpy."

Susan smiled and George moved his head next to hers and after looking around to make sure no one was near, he said in a whisper Jack could barely make out. "And just wait until we get home, I want to take it off slowly, see you naked, and then we can have some real fun."

Jack watched as she bowed her head and blushed deeply, but at the same time, he could see that she had a big smile. Watching her, he realized something else. She was very cute doing that. He knew she was attractive, but this made her even more so. It brought out a desire to father her. She was a nice person, "no wonder George and Jennia had fallen for her," Jack thought. She would have brought out Jennia's mothering instincts along with other desires, and if he wasn't careful, he could fall for her too. He shook his head to dispel his attraction to her. After all, he had his woman and she was sitting right next to him, slowly rubbing her thigh against his. They would be having some fun after they got home also.

After dinner and talking with some of the other people there, they finally left and went home. On the way to their cars Susan whispered to her friend, "You're trying too hard."

Jennia said, "Huh?"

"With your relationship with Jack. I saw they way you talk to him, and respond to the things he does for you. You're trying too hard to make up for what you- we-did. How long has it been since you let him, f..., make love to you?"

Jennia sighed and said, "Its hard not to feel like I have to continually show him I love him and that I'm sorry for what I did to him."

"I know the feelings, but I also saw the look he gave you. He's wondering why you keep acting like that. If you ask that counselor you are seeing he may tell you the same thing. Relax and let him make love to you."

"Its hard."

"I know, god do I know, but you keep making him suspicious when you keep acting out of guilt. Just tell him your conscious keeps bothering you, but that you are going to relax and act like you did before. That means letting him do everything to you he wants to. Men like to make love to their women."

"I know, its hard though. I've given him more blow jobs the last two months than all in the previous years of our marriage, and I think you're right. It seems like he recents it."

"It may remind him of why you keep doing that. And as I said already, he probably wonders if you have been up to something, and that is why you feel guilty all the time."

"You're right, I'm going to have to stop acting like that. I will talk to him when we get home. I've spoiled him, and not just with sex either, but he will get over it."

Susan said, "Good," as she patted her friend hand.

The end


Sorry this took so long to get posted. I couldn't sign on Literotica for quite a while.


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"Me too, but I rolled over and I grabbed George's...um... manhood and we f... uh, had sex. I wanted to feel him inside me." - These two women have a six month affair, and she can't say "cock" or "fuck"?


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