tagFetishBad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 04

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 04


Mohammad was as straight as any man can be. He never even had any attraction to another man. He loved his wife very much and he considered their sex life to be adequate after many years of marriage and a son that they both loved.

Mohammad wasn't also a weak man. He was strongly built for a doctor with a mustache on his face. When he was assigned by the black general to conduct the tests on the five lieutenants, Mohammad did not know that this experience was about to awaken emotions and desires deep inside him.

The first day of the test, Mohammad arrived at the barracks and entered into the medical facility to find the five men waiting for him.

The five men were led by Lieutenant Fawzi, a huge man. About 6'4" in height, towering over Salim's father, Fawzi was a blond man with piercing blue eyes. Still wearing a light beard and a five O'clock shadow accentuated his masculinity.

The five men were in their military boxers and their wife beaters. The straight father couldn't fail to notice the huge muscular bodies of these army men.

Their biceps were veiny and rippling with muscles and their pecs were barely contained inside their white wife beaters. Their hairy thighs were as big as tree trunks from the intense military training.

Mohammad asked them who wants to begin the exam while looking at the chart that the nurse left him on his desk.

The five men laughed and told the father that in the military they don't waste time they all have their exams together.

A second Lieutenant, Habib, smugly told the straight doctor that their physical health is impeccable and they don't need the usual tests. All they need is a test for their baby batter.

All the lieutenants laughed at this comment as they took off their boxers.

Huge flaccid red salami cocks flung and waved between the hairy thighs of the five virile men who shook their cocks and scratched their balls while sharing small talk.

Fawzi noticed the burning gaze that Salim's father swiftly gave to their sexual organs. He knew that this poor man was in awe at the size of their fuckin cocks. No man can have a 10" flaccid cock as thick as theirs.

Fawzi smirked as he asked Mohammad to handle them the five cups where they needed to fill their sperm.

Mohammad turned around, adjusted his necktie to breathe better from the shock of the manly blond cocks and gave each man a big container to fill.

The five men were only in their wife beaters as they began to beat their meats into solid erections.

"Aren't you going to do it inside the rooms?" asked the poor father

"And why should we do that doctor? After all we're all men and we all have cocks. Don't you?" replied Fawzi, winking and laughing with his buddies at the humiliating comment to the straight father.

Mohammad lost his train of thought and sat on his chair glaring at the fuckin cocks being stroked and the huge cum-filled white balls shaking with the shaking of every huge muscle in the bodies of the five hunks.

Soon enough, the beasts bellowed as they began to shoot wad after wad of hot baby making juice into the containers. Mohammad watched in amazement as the five men filled the containers with thick dense white fluid. He wondered how many women this amount sperm could impregnate. Probably a whole country, he thought. Then an idea dawned on him. How could these men have such big muscles, big cocks, big balls and a huge amount of sperm? This process was not natural. He must find the reason behind this hyper masculinity.

As he was finishing his thought, he was surprised by the five men aiming their cocks high after they finished filling the containers and kept jerking their baby makers.

Huge wads of sperm began to rain from across the room staining the father's clothes and even some of Lieutenant's Fawzi's cum splattered on Salim's father's lips, eyeglasses and over his hair.

Mohammad didn't know what to do. He hurried into the bathroom and locked himself in as he heard the five studs laughing and making dirty jokes about how gay he is.

That day Mohammad tasted the sperm of Fawzi for the first time. He tried to take a shower, but the sperm on his clothes and face and hair became stringy. Fawzi's thick cum made the father more and more filthy under the water...

This was one year ago...

Salim and Khaled arrived at the headquarters of Lieutenant Fawzi.

Entering through the back door, Khaled did not expect to see his friend's father on his knees in front of the blond stud. Fawzi was totally naked, a bottle of beer in his hand drinking from it, while the doctor and straight father was devouring the huge cock in his mustached mouth.

Khaled watched as Salim's father grabbed his bull's balls and massaged them with the hand where his marriage ring was and then kissed them and licked them feverishly.

Khaled and Salim waited until the lieutenant emptied his balls and huge red cock inside the father's throat, and then they entered.

Salim told his friend how after his first encounter with the lieutenants, his father kept testing them, and time after time he began to masturbate their cocks in his office until one time he swallowed their five cocks and their filthy cum.

From then on, lieutenant Fawzi knew that he could use the straight doctor, father and husband for his own objectives. And the main one is to overthrow the black general and rule the city himself.

Salim told Khaled that his father no longer lives with his mother. His father is now considered the wife of Lieutenant Fawzi in secret of course while his mother has already given birth to a black baby, General Raji's baby, but that story has a lot more details as Khaled will soon discover.

Salim has now accepted the fact that his mother has become a de-facto whore for the black general especially that his black half-brother is already three months old.

What bothered the young man so much is how both his father and his mother descended the path of sexual depravity at the same time. He later got to know the details of how his mother got pregnant from the black general from his father, with the details that his mother revealed to his father.

And the ironic thing is that Mohammad has tried for months to knock up Souraya with their first and only child while General Raji needed only one time to impregnate Salim's mother with his bastard baby.

That fateful night was the second time the General was invited to Mohammad's house for dinner. This time he came alone without his blond officers.

Chatting for a little while with the family, Raji then was invited to the table to have dinner. Mohammad was tired all day from the work at the barracks and his mind was clearly absent at the table. His wife and son had no idea that the image stuck in the father's head was the giant thick cocks of the five muscular officers spewing cum high in the clinic of the barracks.

What Mohammad didn't even imagine that in addition to the shaking of his manhood by the homosexual images filling his mind, he was about to get cuckolded in his house by none other than the nigger bull sitting at his table and eating from his food. This night will be the precursor to the destruction of the poor father's wife.

If only Salim knew how similar the events happening with his father and mother were to the events leading to the fall of Khaled's father and the impregnation of his mother by the stud Mansoor.

Salim recalls that night that he had to leave after dinner to meet his girlfriend for a night on the town leaving his defenseless parents with the black predator.

After Salim left, Mohammad excused himself to remind his son outside of a few things he needed from the town. As the father left the room, the sexual tension was about to explode between the mother and the black stud.

Standing from his seat, the general took a small flask from his pocket and emptied it right into the whiskey glass of the father. This happened under the sight of the mother but surprisingly, Souraya didn't move or even try to warn her husband when he came back. As she saw Mohammad sipping from his cup, she felt her pussy and clit tingling in anticipation for what was about to happen.

Souraya felt deep inside her that this night will be the night she will feel the huge black cock inside her. She hasn't forgotten its shape or smell from the last two times she saw it in her room and her neighbor's house.

A few minutes later, Mohammad dozed off and lied on the table and began to snore. A wide smile appeared on the general's face as he saw that the house was empty for him to satisfy his sexual lust.

"What did you do to my husband?" asked the mother naively as the general approached her chair while taking off his uniform.

Flexing his huge biceps and his muscular hairy chest, the black giant ignored the obvious question and took the shivering mother by her hand.

Souraya knew what she wanted. She knew what her cunt wanted. She wanted to resist but couldn't. Standing up in front of the black general, she was taken into his arms as his lowered his lips into hers. His thick black lips engulfed her mouth as he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

Souraya tasted the thick tongue probing where she shared her first intimate kiss with Mohammad, the love of her life.

Souraya couldn't keep her hands off the General's biceps. As a woman, she couldn't resist the musculature of a man, especially that her husband didn't possess this apparent strength.

Brushing and squeezing the biceps and forearms of the black man with her manicured hands, she felt his big nigger hands on her breasts. Moaning softly, she swiftly looked from the sides of her eyes to her husband, still dozing off in his artificial sleep.

She couldn't believe the thrill of what was happening. A black man was molesting and touching her in her dinner room in her house with her poor husband in the room. She didn't know why, but as she looked at the faithful father of her only child, she thought she saw two corns growing from the top of his head.

This humiliating thought of her husband becoming a cuckold wasn't enough to stop the married mother from doing the nasty with the strange black bull.

"Please, not here," objected Souraya as general Raji began unbuttoning her dress exposing her huge breasts inside the bra.

"Oh Bitch; I saw how you were devouring my fuckin cock more than once when you saw me in my naked glory. I want to taste your fucking big breasts right here in front of your idiot hubby."

As the mother moaned, the black general skillfully unclasped the hooks of the bra freeing the wiggly breasts. The black man didn't waste any time as he began mauling the two D-size white globes in his hands, much to the pain and discomfort of the mother. Raji grinned as Souraya tried to push away to save her poor melons from the mauling of the black monster.

Raji easily lifted the braless white mother and made her sit on the dinner table, laying her feet on the ground and then made her lay down on her back jutting her breasts high in the air.

Raji stepped between the mother's legs, her skirt going up revealing her white panties, as he lowered his mouth to take one rosy nipple in his mouth.

Souraya sighed and moaned as a shiver traveled from the tip of her engorged nipple to her fuckin slutty cunt. She watched the general as if he was possessed with lust. He was munching and sucking on her nipple as if he wanted to suck the non-existing milk from her jug. She knew that tomorrow she wouldn't be able to touch her breasts from the bruises that will be on them. What didn't pass her mind were the love bites that will cover her white breasts.

In more than twenty years of marriage, her husband has never treated her so roughly. Maybe he kissed her breasts a few times but never even squeezed them. While another man was showing her how a slut should be treated on her dinner table, a few meters farther, and her husband was unconscious the sight of the blond cocks going in replay in his drugged mind. After that night,

Souraya and Mohammad would never ever be husband and wife again. They would never sleep together as married man and woman.

The black general took the other nipple in his mouth as the first breast began showing marks of bites and sucking. As the mother surrendered her breasts to the mouth of the muscular black man, she felt a hardened poking at her soaking underpants.

She didn't need to look. She knew that the only thing this big and hard is the general's black cock.

"Take off your underwear, whore. Leave your skirt on."

Souraya shamelessly took off her wet panties as the general stood in front of her still squeezing and mauling her saliva wet breasts.

"Now take off my military pants."

The shaking mother didn't have a choice anymore. Pushing the zipper down, she felt as if a dam was about to break inside the huge man's pants.

Putting her hands on the slim waist of the general, Salim's mother pushed the pants down.

As soon as the pants reached past the general's hips, the huge black torpedo sprung heavily and hit the unaware mother in her belly.

Souraya screamed in surprise then put her hand on her mouth in fear of waking her sleeping husband.

As the general saw how the mother licked her lips and devoured his black baby maker with her eyes, he knew that he had her in his grip.

Souraya didn't wait for the orders. She took the thick black cock in her hand. The general's cock was a s hard as a brick, more than 12 inches long, curved upward in the middle and nearly touching the mother's left breast with its red apple-sized, pre cum-stained head.

Moving her left hand all over the veiny, beer can-thick shaft, Souraya felt the hair on the shaft under her manicured hand. The more humiliating fact is that she was touching the filthy black organ with the hand where she wore her wedding ring.

This was the hundredth time or more when the black general saw this exact same scene: A white faithful woman touching his huge veiny hairy shaft with her wedding ring-cladded hand.

And the result nine months later was always the same: the white father going crazy in the hospital, hitting his head with his hands, tears filling his eyes at the sight of the people pointing at him and the black bastard in the nurse's arms.

A few of the fathers even tried to kill the baby right there to reclaim their honor, but fatefully none were successful.

The general was pretty sure that the same was going to happen with Dr. Mohammad, Salim's strong father. Even the black evil man didn't know that in nine months, the once-strong father would have his mouth filled with a hard blond meat and he won't be able to object to his wife delivering a bastard baby.

"Mmmmmm," the mother bit her lower lip as she felt the heavy black meat touching her sensitive pussy lips.

Raji smiled smugly as he saw the mother's cunt lips opening and closing slowly in anticipation for his penetration. The lust grew more in him with the father in the same room where his wife was getting fucked.

Souraya couldn't wait anymore. Her pussy juices were flowing abundantly as she arched her back and put her small arms on the black man's back.

"What do you want Madam? Do you want me to wake your husband to satisfy your horny cunt?" asked the general as he slapped her cunt sending shivers through her white body.

Lost in lust, Salim's mother responded in a husky urgent voice "He has never satisfied me. I need a real man. I saw how you satisfied Afifa and the women that day. I want you to satisfy me too."

"How do you want me to satisfy you?" as he circled his huge cockhead on her flaming clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhhh please I want that huge nigger dong inside my fuckin married cunt. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssse, penetrate me, HURT me with your fuckin black spear. I BEG you... MOUNT meeeeeeeee."

"You asked nicely whore so you'll get your reward."

Saying that, the general speared his huge curved cock inside the fleshy tight mounds of the horny mother. Raji saw the mother's face in shock going blank for a moment then a low guttural scream escaped her mouth as he reached with his schlong depths her poor husband never dreamed of reaching.

As she awakened from her three consecutive orgasms, her skirt on her hips, Souraya looked between her legs to see the general's trimmed pubic hair smashing her fucking pussy lips, his balls hot against her ass and the cock throbbing violently in her unprotected vagina.

Before she got the time to say anything, the general held the table with his huge muscular hands as he mounted her and began fucking her forth and back. Souraya felt the black cock knocking at her heart every time he reached her cervix. Her pussy took more than five minutes to dilate in order to accommodate the big invader.

"Please. Your cock is killing me. I feel like I'm giving birth. I never thought a cock would hurt this much."

"That is because this is the first time a real cock has skewered you, whore. Do you really think that your punk of a husband is a man? He is not. I am a man."

Hammering her like a mad man fucks a slut on the street; the mother couldn't hold her screams anymore as she began moaning in heat and passion feeling the black cock inside her knocking down the defenses of her cervix.

Her juices kept flowing and lubricating the shaft which became shining black as the general kept his animalistic ritual on the dinner table of the family.

Holding the mother's legs with his arms, he pushed them back until they squashed her breasts to be able to perform maximum penetration in the white cunt.

Taking off his cunt, Souraya felt she would cry from the emptiness she felt. But the general was an expert in fucking married white women. He rapidly took the cunt lips in his mouth and began fucking her with his tongue and then biting her clit with his white teeth.

Souraya was on her tenth orgasm when Raji got up again to let her rest a little.

Walking towards the sleeping father, Raji took his hard cock, which hasn't gone soft in more than an hour and slapped him as hard as he could with it on the back of his head.

"I'm sure he'll feel it in the morning," joked the evil black man as he saw the mother looking lustfully at him putting his cock on the head of her dear husband.

She was rubbing her pussy to stimulate the black giant. Salim's mother wanted this black stranger to mount her again. She knew that she was addicted to his cock form then on, until she dies.

The strong macho general couldn't keep the white mother waiting. Taking her in his arms, they went to the master bedroom and began their second fucking session on Salim's parents' marital bed.

This time, the black general fucked Souraya in the doggy position. She loved it the most and knew what her neighbor Afifa, her sister and daughter felt when the black bull fucked them the other day.

After another hour of continuous raw fucking, Souraya was sore in her pussy,

Her body covered in sweat. She felt she lost a couple kgs from the intense fucking she received at the end of the black general's breeding member.

Suddenly, she felt the black piston stopping inside her cunt and beginning to spasm and dilate. Souraya surrendered to her breeder knowing that she was in her most fertile day of the month.

Basking in the glory of the moment, the white mother felt her insides being filled with the sticky thick white fluid spewing from the huge nuts of the general and spewed from his giant veiny shaft right into her waiting womb.

As soon as he finished dumping his baby batter inside the submissive wife, the general took out his cock from her pussy and slapped her on her face with it splattering her with the remainder of his cum. Then leaving her exhausted on the bed she shared with her husband, He went to the dinner room to wear his pants and leave the house he has just destroyed.

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