Bad Santa


Autumn felt liked she'd blinked, and Thanksgiving had rolled by. Now Christmas was around the corner, it was actually tomorrow. Surprisingly it actually felt like the holidays in the good old city of the angels. There was a winter feel to the air, the air had that crisp fresh smell, homes had wreaths hanging on their doors, and the colored Christmas lights blinking to unheard rhythm and music, you could see some of them see for miles.

She used to just loved the holidays, that was until her family had fallen apart. Her dad had passed away two days before Christmas last year, and this year her mom, who was the rock of the family, had decided to take a cruise to Florida with some of her other single and widowed female friends. So instead of having the big family dinner at her house like they did every year, the entire family was doing their own thing. She just didn't feel very 'Christmasy' without her dad, or mom, her parents who had always been the foundation of her family.

She tried to shake off the sadness, and pity party, and looked around as she walked to her apartment. If she was in any other state she'd expect to see snow on the ground, but it was Los Angeles, she had to take what she could get.

As she walked down her block heading towards her condo, (parking was a bitch in L.A. if parking wasn't offered with your place) she kept on admiring the different nativity themes, in very much all of the yards she walked passed. No matter what ethnic background you were, it seemed Christmas always brought out the best in most people. She really wish she could share in the Christmas cheer, but right now she felt like the 'Grinch', or better yet 'Mr. Scrooge' and wanted to yell 'bah hum bug', at everyone who said 'happy holidays' or 'merry Christmas' to her.

A chill went down her spine, so she unconsciously started walking faster. She tugged her jacket together in the front knowing it wouldn't button. She had big breasts and her jackets, and shirts always fit oddly.

She pulled her jacket together again in the front, and suppressed the shiver that ran over her body, and tried to keep her mind occupied, 'was that bells she heard?' oh it must be the bells on a sleigh decorating one the houses roof's she'd already passed she thought. The sound of sleigh bells seemed to be following her but that just had to be her overactive imagination taking flight. Like everyone else is L.A. she wanted to be a part of the industry, and screenplays, movies with intricate suspense, evil aliens, demons, and vampires plots with big twists was her thing.

Just another half of block to go, she knew this was a safe, ummm well safe enough neighborhood, especially by L.A. standards.

It wasn't the typical suburban neighborhood, but she'd walked this block a million times, but she couldn't control the shiver that had nothing to do with the chill air. There it was again, bells, she was certain it was the light tingling of sleigh bells, and they seemed to be following her.

Okay overactive imagination, think of something else. Fireplace, yes! She had gotten her fireplace cleaned out, and lit yesterday, and she was so looking forward to sitting in front of it with a glass of red, and relaxing.

Maybe some candlelight, with Mr. Man the name she'd given to her favorite vibrator. Hmmm she felt a shiver of another type go through her body, as her nipples went from cold nipples to hard buds fully sensitive aroused nipples. Her pussy responded in kind with a quiver and instant wetness!

She wasn't in the mood of company or she could call Ryan, he couldn't fuck worth a damn but he sure knew how to work magic with his tongue and fingers. The man had a tongue that should be patented and sold! Her pussy was getting wetter, and her panties were now soaked just at the thought of his tongue, and his mouth sucking on her clit applying a little pain with pleasure, exactly the way she liked it! But she knew he'd want to stay over the night, and talk, and be all lovey-dovey, and she really wasn't in the mood for that.

So Mr. Man it is. The vibrator was jet black and exactly 8 inches long, it was made of the futurotic material that made it feel as close to a real cock as you could get. It was thick just the way she liked them, with a fat mushroom head and veins that bulged, the exact replica of a cock she wished she could one day find on a real man!

But this baby also had multiple settings, which only served to bring her multiple orgasm..'yum yum' she thought! It not only hummmmed, it vibrated and pulsated. And it could escalate and go allllll night long!

'Mmmmmmm' she gasped into the night. 'Oh my', she thought, 'next thought! next thought!,' she was about to start rubbing her clit in the middle of the street if she didn't think of something else.

'Fuck!' that was definitely sleigh bells and the sound seemed to be following her! She had to be going nuts, now she was hearing sleigh bells?? Really? She could really get into hating this holiday as if she didn't have enough reasons already!!

But, hey she was home, she had her key ready, and opened the front door of her complex. She went inside, and closed the door, and looked through the window panes on the door. There was nothing there, no sleigh bells chasing her! But the chill came back as she made her way to the elevators and got on.

I actually needed a real jacket to go outside today, she thought, as she rubbed her thighs together which only intensified the feeling in her pussy. Even the freaking weather seemed to be in a Christmasy spirit! But 'eh' she could work with it!

She checked herself out in the mirrors in the elevator, she knew she looked hot, she'd gotten enough stares, and whistles from men today as she and the rest of the procrastinators flocked to the mall to get their Christmas gifts, and stocking stuffers at the very last minute.

She was wearing a red miniskirt that fell just midway between her thighs and knees. Thigh high black boots, with 4" heels, that made her petite height seem that much taller. Their was a lot of smooth honey skin between her boots and her skirt, which had caused several men to get in trouble with their partners, while turning around after she passed to get a second look.

She was wearing a black fitted turtle-neck shirt that hugged her curvy body, and showed off her curves and big boobs without being too cheap. Her red jacket matched her skirt perfectly but wouldn't meet in the front because of her boobs. She wore a pair of black gloves, not because she needed them, but because they looked damn good with her outfit and in L.A. gloves were more of a fashion statement, than a necessity.

Autumn knew she had the classic body of an era when women had curves, back before being so skinny women disappeared when standing sideways was a trend. She had the curves of an old coca cola bottle, the curves and thickness of the Marilyn Monroe time.

She was 5' 2" and weighed 125 lbs, she had a tiny waist with curvy hips, 38DD cup breast not because she bought them, her body wasn't that way because she worked out, but because it was her genetic make-up. Her thighs were toned, not hard, just smoothly toned, very feminine and very sexy. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, with golden bronze highlights framing her face, she had a dark hazel eyes, and skin the color of honey.

Autumn knew most people mistook her for being of mixed heritage, she wasn't. Her family was black, but they came in all different shades, somewhere along the family tree she's sure someone got fucked by someone of a different race...and ta da!

She knew she had the type of body, and face women naturally disliked, and sometimes if they swung that way, they too along with the men wanted to fuck her. Hmmm she really had fucking on the mind, she thought as she turned on her shower and started stripping. Quick jump in the shower and she was out. Her legs where smooth and silky, her pussy bare for the world to see, with her clit poking out just ready to be sucked on.

She wrapped a towel around herself, as she poured her self a glass of merlot, and check to make sure the fireplace was burning nicely. 'Fuck' she thought, this was getting creepy, because she could have sworn the ringing of the sleigh bells were louder and the tingling sound was coming down her fireplace. God she really wished her mom was a phone call away, MAN! she really hated this freaking holiday!

She suppressed another shiver, and went to check that all her doors and windows, (she 'was' on the 3rd floor) was locked, then she jumped in the shower. As soon as the hot water started hitting her shoulders she felt the days tension ease, and even her worries regarding phantom bells, her parents, and the holidays seem to fade away even if just for a moment.

'Mmmmmmm' she groaned as the water massaged her body and fat drops hit her quickly hardening nipples. They almost became an inch long as her body relaxed, and became turned on by the massaging pulse of the water on her body. She un-hooked the shower and pointed it directly on her clit, she almost lost her footing as the water hit the already sensitive area and her orgasm rushed through her body!

It was so sudden and breathe-taking she had to hold on to the shower door handle for support. OMG! Her body kept on shuddering as wave after wave hit her and goose-pimple covered her body, only serving to make her nipples harder and more sensitive. With her heart pounding, she quickly lathered her skin in her favorite warm vanilla body wash and rinsed off.

She wrapped her towel around herself and again and made her way to the rug in front of her fireplace, while sipping her wine. She smile to herself as she thought back to her CUMMING so quickly and hard, and wondered what the hell was that about. She turned on her stereo to some low old school R&B, and stared into the flames again trying not to think about Christmas being tomorrow, and her feeling so all alone.

She went to take another sip of her wine and realized the glass was empty, hmmmmm was that her second or third.. Oh well whatever! So she grabbed the bottle and poured herself another glass, feeling the buzz and the warmth from the fire enveloping her.

Shit! SLEIGH BELLS! WTF! She looked at her glass, it must be the wine! She could have sworn there was a thud on the roof, but she was on the 3rd floor, buzzing off her wine, warm from her fireplace, and relaxed from her orgasm. She was really too, too everything to get up, she'd just lay right there for a moment, then she'd get up and go see. The carpet was soft and plush, and felt great against her skin, yup she'd just rest her eyes for a moment and then get up to check.

Autumn tried to open eyes but couldn't. She was aware that she was not quite still asleep, yet still not quite awake. She felt someone lightly trail their fingertips down the side of her neck, down her back, all along her spine to her butt crack. Her towel had come loose during her nap and she was aware that she was completely naked.

She could feel the dying embers of her fireplace warm her, however the light touch gave her goose pimples all over her body, and an uncontrollable shiver went through her body as a tongue, replaced the touch of the finger and made it's way down her the side of her neck, slowly leaving a wet hot trail down her spine to the crack of her ass. The tongue quickly delved in between her butt cheeks and then stopped.

I'm dreaming she thought. I'm not awake, so this has to be one of those very real dreams people have, where the things they experience within the dream feels real even though they are sleeping.

'I know your not sleeping, and I know you're not quite awake' a deep masculine voice whispered in her ear, as he slowly licked her earlobe. 'You can think this is a dream if you want to! But I chose you to fuck tonight! My job is to bring you back your Christmas cheer! Because I am Santa Claus, and yup those sounds you heard, the bells, the thud was me and my reindeer!'

Okay Autumn thought to herself! This is going to be one interesting dream! Maybe she should wake up now! But she couldn't, and as she thought that, it seemed her dream shifted, and the most drop dead gorgeous man was in front of her.

He had to be 6' 6" at the most, with a clean shaven bald head, and a black santa hat with red fuzzy top pom, perched on top of his head. He was the color of coffee with a tad bit of milk mixed him, and smile that made her want to get on her knees, and suck his cock until he exploded in her mouth, and to keep on sucking until he was completely dry! His face was handsome, he was as fiiiinnnne as any model or actor she'd seen, and it seemed her dream state couldn't find the words to describe how fucking hot he was.

He was wearing black leather pants, over apparent muscular legs that were each as big as both her legs. He had on black leather vest over chiseled broad smooth chest, and his arms OMG, she was so fucking wet right now. He had the sculpted arms of someone who worked out, the arms that made her want to sink her nails in as she pulled him deeper inside her.

Wow, what the fuck was wrong with dream Autumn? She sure was a horny slut!

He had on black shoes kick-ass shoes to complete his outfit and a shiny red something, what was that? Pinned? Drawn in on his vest.

"Who are you?" she said to the dream man.

"You heard me", he said. "I am Santa Claus".

Ha! she thought, "I'm loosing my mind in my own freaking dream".

"You're not going crazy", he said (damn the man's voice could melt honey!) "I AM he who the stories are about. Santa Claus is not only for kids! I appear to those who need me, and I look exactly how they want me to. Kids see the big jolly guy! Straight men see the woman of their dreams, gay men see the man of their dreams, and you are seeing this! Because this is what you want. And before you ask, I'm here to fuck you into the Christmas cheer".

And there it was the tingling of sleigh bells. Wow Autumn thought this is truly one of her craziest dreams!

Suddenly her dream shifted again, and he disappeared. She was disappointed, but hey you always woke up before the very good things happen in your dream right?

But then she felt that tongue again going down her back.

Oh God she moaned, as he spread her cheeks and started licking her asshole. Her pussy was suddenly a puddle as he stuck his tongue in and out of her tight ass hole. He then lifted her leg over his shoulder and flipped her from her side to her back and started eating her pussy as if he was hungry and it was his last meal.

Goddamn! Autumn thought, I've never had a dream that felt this real!! His tongue was fucking her pussy and it seemed as if it was a small cock moving in and out of her pussy. He pulled her closer and locked his mouth over her clit, and all Autumn could do was put her hand on the back of his head and push his face further in, arch her back and ground her pussy in his mouth as she started cummm so hard she felt herself screaming like one of those stupid chicks in a porno!

OMG!!! she was glad this was a dream, or her neighbors would be getting an earful as she came again it wouldn't stop! Her pussy was squirting, and that never happened! She tried to push him away and push back, her clit was so sensitive from CUMming and his mouth! But he only looked up and smiled, and held her leg and ass snugly to him and he kept on sucking her clit and used his tongue to lap up her juices like a cat.

Her dream shifted and she realized he was naked, and her towel now completely disappeared. But she was too busy taking him in to notice or care. She had to reach out, and touch him, he felt real enough! His cock looked real enough! She was now sitting up and his cock looked like Mr. Man her vibrator had been molded from his cock. She licked her lips, she was almost drooling to taste him!

He stepped closer still and she started stroking his cock slowly. He bent over and pinched her nipples. He grabbed her breast and even though they always seemed so big, in his hands the looked perfect! Her nipple got longer and harder if that was possible.

She got to her knees and took his cock slowly into her mouth. The thing was perfect! He was about 8", and his cock was as fat as she liked them, it was the diameter of a nice fat cucumber. Long, and thick...her pussy was now a running river! She licked the mushroom head slowly. She licked him from the tip and reveled in the taste of his pre-cum in her mouth. She licked him slowly like a popsicle, from the very tip to the base and back again.

She was at the same time grasping his balls in her hands and slowly massaging them in rhythm to her slow licking, up and down, up and down. She looked at him and his eyes where closed and his head thrown back, and a deep moan came from him. She bent her head a little more, and took one then the other ball gently into her mouth while stroking his cock never losing the rhythm.

Autumn allowed them to pop out of her mouth and then started sucking his dick in earnest, while still massaging his balls. He started to fuck her mouth, and his hands at the back of her head pushing his cock further and further into the back of her throat. She was being deep throated in her dream!!!! She felt as if she couldn't breathe, but didn't care. His balls were tightening and she knew he was close to blowing his load into the back of her throat! SC was fucking her throat harder and harder and he was holding her head so she couldn't move..until finally he seemed to go up on tippy toes and one huge spurt hit her in the back to the throat.

Then it seem to pause and then he was cumming and cumming but he was still fucking her mouth not pausing one bit or slowing down. So Autumn swallowed and swallowed what seemed like forever and then he eased still hard cock out of her mouth.

Autumn felt the cum running down her chin, and quickly used her towel to get it. Weird thought...why does my mouth and throat hurt, things don't hurt in your dream? Do they?

Again the dream shifted and realized that SC was laying on his back and she was straddled over him! He was playing with the weight of her breast and sucking on her nipples. He seemed to like her 38DD breast even though they drooped a little. One didn't have real big boobs without a little sagging. But she didn't feel self-conscious like she normally did, when men first saw her naked, she just felt fucking horny, even after her huge orgasm!!

He bit her nipple as if felt her attention straying and she knew she was about to CUMMM again if he kept doing that.. She felt down for his cock and felt it jump in her hands! Her pussy was soaked. She grabbed it and put it between her pussy lips and slowly wriggled her body! FUCK maybe he was bigger that Mr. Man, because her pussy walls seemed to be stretching and she was cummmmming again with him just entering her pussy.

Suddenly he thrust his hips up and his cock was buried in her to the hilt. Before she could move or adjust. He spun her over, she was now on her back and he was in the position of power. He started fucking her, each thrust faster and harder than the last, and her pussy was melting around him!

She looked up at him and he smiled again as if he knew what she was thinking. Autumn realized that SC has not once kissed her. Again he looked at her and shook his head slightly and continued to fuck her pussy like she'd never been fucked before!

Thrust after thrust after thrust! He lifted her hips and was fucking her harder and fiercer and Autumn started to pant...please don't awaken, not yet! Not right now! She could feel him swelling again in her and her pussy was tightening getting ready to milk his cock.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck she chanted! Don't stop! Don't fucking stop! SC looked at her again and just smiled. He was holding her hips so high, it seemed as if she was getting stretched by all 8" and she just wanted more!!

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