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Banking Privately


Elizabeth looked up at the large building that occupied the the corner lot of Tyson and Millbury St. The building was of early modern design with large masonry walls. A large arch in the main facade dominated the view and was filled with opaque windows framed in iron bars. It looked solid, masculine and professional. It had the dominating and powerful feel of a bank.

Elizabeth pulled a letter from her purse and checked the address just to be sure. There was nothing on the walls of the building to advertise what it was. Returning the paper to her purse, she took a deep breath, then marched up the few short steps to the front door. Her four inch heels clicked loudly, echoing off the front wall of the bank and the sound made her feel small. A security camera was looking down on the steps and Elizabeth felt as if the building itself was ogling her.

When Julian had been laid off it had forced Elizabeth out of the house and back into the workforce. She had been all over Baltimore looking for a job. As the weeks passed the young couple watched their savings drain away. If something didn't change soon, they would lose the house. Desperation was starting to build. If this job didn't work out, Elizabeth might have to start looking at jobs that were borderline degrading.

Elizabeth saw her reflection in the mirrored glass doors and confidence filled her. She was dressed smart and this time, she would not be turned away. Her honey blond hair was in a tight bun and her makeup was subtle. She wore a fitted dress topped with an artful pair of folded and sculptured cap sleeves. It's dark brown color gave her an air of professionalism. Accessorized with a black belt and silver buckle clasping around her slender waist allowing her legs to appear even longer.

The top of the dress didn't reveal cleavage but the shape of her ample and firm breasts was highlighted by the close fitting garment. Her thin waist and round hips, a classic hourglass figure, gave a powerful signal of her sexuality. Today, she wanted to almost seduce an employer. The way in which Julian had looked at her as she left the house let Elisabeth know she would attract the attention of any man she encountered.

Her hemline stopped just above her knee and her long legs, with shapely calves and slim ankles were glossed over in a pair of fine nylons tinting her legs a soft mocha color. The dress loosened as it fell from her hips allowing the hem to dance over her knees with each step. Her neck was adorned in a slim gold chain and heart pendant, and a watch was all that she wore on her wrist.

Elizabeth smiled at her reflection as she pulled open the door. She had managed to walk the fine line between business professional and cocktail party and she felt good about how she presented herself. Now Elizabeth planned to use every ounce of her feminine form to convince a would be employer that he wanted to see her at work, every day.

Elizabeth was surprised at what she found inside. The mirrored doors had cloaked the interior from view and Elizabeth wasn't sure if she had entered a bank or a prison. The entry had looked vast from the outside but she found herself in a room no larger than a typical bedroom. The grey wall was blank except for a window of thick one way glass. There was a small counter at the base of the window and a steel circle with tiny holes for a speaker sat where counter and window met.

Worse it was cold. A drastic temperature change from the warm and sunny air she had just walked in from. The thin fabric of her dress offered little warmth and she felt her arms break out into gooseflesh. More annoyingly, her nipples stood out hard pitching tiny tents into the fabric, dispite her bra.

A brassy male voice squelched from the speaker as she entered.

"May I help you?" "I'm here for a job interview." Elizabeth said to the glass. "I am supposed to see Mr. Grant."

Elizabeth felt confused and disoriented and her confidence dropped off a little bit. She had expected a warmer greeting, both in personality and ambient temperature.Suddenly a dull buzzing noise and a door that she hadn't noticed opened. A security guard wearing a white shirt and black pants emerged and gestured her to step inside.

Elizabeth moved to the door. As her legs slid past each other in the motion of walking, the sound of her pantyhose rasping against her thighs seemed like a crescendo of noise punctuated by her heels clicking loudly on the hard floor. She saw the guard's eyes dart to her legs and then back up to her chest and Elizabeth could feel him undressing her with his thoughts.

Elizabeth felt a new thrill dance down her spine. It wasn't cold or nerves but the sudden arousal brought on by the thought of this large powerful guard stripping her clothes off her and thrusting his thick cock between her legs. Elizabeth shook the thought from her head. It had surprised her with its suddenness and almost violent action.

Had it been that long? Elizabeth tried to remember the last time she and Julian had made love. Julian had been out of work for five months and she knew it had been much longer than that. Julian was a small man, in stature and in more important area of length and girth. He was also rather effeminate and his lovemaking was clumsy and meek.

This had caused Elizabeth to become the dominating force in the relationship, which was fine for a while but truly Elizabeth wished to be dominated. She wanted a man to take control, strip her clothes off and then have his way with her. Thinking about it now made Elizabeth blush with excitement and she could feel her panties getting wet.

The door closed behind her with a sharp bang and Elizabeth was forced out of her thoughts. She found another guard dressed the same. The small room looked like airport security with a full size metal detector and x-ray machine. She saw another man, seemingly relaxing in an office chair, who manned the small desk with a mic for the one way glass. His eyes also danced over Elizabeth and she felt a surge of adrenaline knowing that every man in the room was eyeing her legs and breasts.

"Please remove your shoes and place them with your bag in the tray." Said the guard that had escorted her in. His voice was commanding and it held a tone that warned of consequences if one did not obey him. He held a grey plastic tray out. Elizabeth hesitated briefly then placed her bag in the tray. While standing she slipped her feet out of her pumps with a soft "zop!" as each nylon heel slid across the interior of her shoe.

Bending at the knees and keeping them together, Elizabeth squatted down and snagged her heels. The hem of her dress still slid up her thighs as she squatted and she caught a guard tilting his head to get a better look. Elizabeth stood quickly then placed her shoes in the tray. She was relieved that the floor looked clean as she stepped carefully toward the metal detector.

Elizabeth was embarrassed that the dark reinforcement of her nylons were now on full display. The dark nylons gave her legs a creamy sheen that turned into a glossy reflection at the thicker weave of the the reinforced toes. Her mother had always told her it wasn't ladylike to walk about publicly in stocking feet. Her crimson toenail polish managed to show through the nylons and her audience focused their attention on her feet.

As she passed through the the detector there was a loud beep and Elizabeth cringed. She was about to turn and go back when the guard motioned her to keep walking. In a stuttering of movement she pressed forward until she faced a fourth guard standing between her and the door.. She stood rigid in front of him, unsure of what to do next.

"Miss, at this point we will need to conduct a further inspection. This is voluntary and if you choose not to submit, you will simply be asked to depart the building." His voice sounded bored and the speech was rehearsed. His eyes still managed to wander down to her bust and back to her face.

"For the privacy of our clients and integrity of Boaz & Lorentz, I must inspect you for any recording devices, wires, or other means of broadcast. This inspection will require me to place my hands on your person. Do you agree to this inspection at this time?"

The second part of his speech came out a bit more sharp. Elizabeth could tell there was a sharp warning in his voice. She could see the fingers of his hands rolling over the wand as if he were fondling it in the same way he wanted to fondle her. She was hesitant to allow him to touch her.

"Can I just tell you that I don't have any of those things?" Elizabeth said, attempting her most innocent and sweet voice.

"Do you agree?" The guard said firmly.

If she said no, they would turn her away. This job was the best prospect she or Julian had found in almost four months. Julian's unemployment was almost out and then they would be in ruin. Elizabeth took a deep breath and reminded herself that these were professional men. There were cameras all around the room. The wouldn't do anything illegal.

"Yes." she squeaked. Elizabeth had wanted to respond calmly as if nothing was wrong but was unable to keep the worry out of her voice.

The guard almost allowed a smile to form on his face. He set the large wand used to sweep over a person on the metal table next to him. Elizabeth realized that he was going to skip the process of pinpointing the offending metal and just feel her until he found it.

"Spread your feet shoulder width apart, place your arms out with your palms up. " Elizabeth's heart skipped a beat. The command in his voice was firm and she felt herself obeying before she could think about it. Elizabeth took a wide stance with her legs and extended her arms. The guard reached out and put his hands on her, just under her armpits. Elizabeth tried not to gasp as that thrill once again danced along her spine.

Slowly the guard slid his large hands down her flanks. His hands gripped her body and Elizabeth could feel her whole dress tug downward as he frisked her. He squeezed in pulses as he moved his hands down her body. His hands brushed over her bra and her nipples hardened at the thought of him shifting to cup her tits in his hands.

The guard continued downward until his hands reached her waist. With the same gripping squeeze he slid to her firm tummy. Elizabeth almost gasped when the motion reversed and the slow gripping started up toward her breasts. His hands were just under her breasts and Elizabeth was about to say something but caught herself. What was the point of stopping now? So what if this bastard wanted to feel her up. It wouldn't be the first time. Elizabeth steeled herself and resolved to have him reported. After she had the job of course.

The guard stopped short of grabbing her tits and Elizabeth was surprised. He then moved around behind her and she that one of the other guards was smiling at her. She also noticed that there was a large bulge in his pants and she looked away, her cheeks flushed. Elizabeth reminded herself that she needed this job, and once she had it, she'd see to it that these men were fired. Let them look for work in this economy!

Elizabeth jumped when the guard behind her spoke. His lips were very close to her ear and she had not be expecting his commanding voice so close. "We've had women in the past who have smuggled in items concealed in their bra. This next inspection is a measure against that. You've agreed to the terms, please hold still while I conduct my duty."

Again his speech sounded memorized, as if he'd said it hundreds of times, but Elizabeth was worried about what was next. The hairs stood on the back of her neck in anticipation of where he was going to touch her. Then his hands came from under her arms, reached up and cupped her breasts. Gripping them so that they bulged in her bra causing her cleavage to swell.

Elizabeth could feel the man behind her, not quite in contact but the heat of his body was warming her back. His cologne wafted over her nostrils. His hands relaxed their grip slightly then slid over and then under her breast, lifting her bust with the motion. Elizabeth felt her nipples bounce as each of his thick fingers rubbed over them and she barely managed to avoid squealing.

Elizabeth felt that the worst was over when he let go of her tits but then she gasped aloud. The guard brought his right and up and crossing to her left breast, slipped his fingers between her bra and skin. Her hands made an abortive motion to stop him but she regained her composure quickly and kept her arms stretched out. The guards fingers felt like hot probes as they touched her bare skin. He slid his thumb over her aureola and it swiped her nipple slowly.

The guard withdrew his hand and his left hand started the same process on her right breast. Elizabeth turned her head to the right, an inadvertent motion that spoke of her unconscious desire to not look at what was happening to her. She was shocked to see one of the other guards holding her shoe, his nose close to the toe and he was inhaling deeply.

Elizabeth looked forward again, choosing to ignore what the other man was doing with her shoe. The hand that was gripping her bare right breast slid out from her bra and she let out a sigh, feeling that it couldn't get worse than that. "If you need to readjust your clothing you may do so." The guard said in her ear. This time she could hear the smile in his voice. Dropping her arms Elizabeth smoothed her hands over her own chest and made sure the "girls" were in place.

The shock of the chest inspection was starting to fade when the guard put his right hand on her right hip. Again his hand gripped her and then he slid his hand down her thigh tugging her whole dress. His other hand joined once he was past her hip. He rotated his hand to grip the front of her thigh while his other hand gripped the back. His hands moved downward until they slid over the hem of her dress.

Elizabeth was aware that he was squatting as he frisked her lower and she froze unsure of what to do with her hands. Meanwhile he clearly knew what to do with his hands. They gripped her silken leg and he groped her past her knee, over her calf and then to her ankle. He started his motion back up, slowly massaging her leg through her nylons.

Elizabeth was about to ask him what he was doing. Her hosiery was sheer and this was beyond an inspection. But it would be silly to say something now. Elizabeth held still and waited for him to finish. In another way, Elizabeth felt empowered by the attention. There was almost a reverence to the way the man fondled her legs. She knew she was starting to soak her panties and then realized that his hands had gone past her hem and under it!

The guards hands were at the top her her thigh and his thumbs pressed into her buttox. The other men got an eyeful because his arms had gathered her dress and lifted it up to show everything underneath. One of the other guards, who was standing in front, moved around to get a better view of her exposed panties covered in sheer pantyhose.

The guard who was frisking her moved his hands so that he was gripping both of her ass cheeks, his fingers sliding over the nylon with ease. With his left hand still gripping her ass he moved his right hand under to cup her pussy.

Elizabeth rose on her toes and she had to fight her reaction to close her legs together and bring her hands down to stop him. His hand pressed on the inside of her thigh and two fingers swept over the lips of her pussy. Then he slowly retracted his hands and stood up.

"Alright, Miss. Welcome to Boaz & Lorentz." he stepped aside and gestured her to another door.

Elizabeth hadn't realized that had been holding her breath. She glanced at the man who had just touched every inch of her body. Well, he had skipped her left leg. She toyed with the idea of mentioning it to him but felt that was just inviting him to start over. She avoided eye contact with any of the other guards as she fetched her shoes and purse. Quickly she dropped her shoes to the floor, making a clatter in the small sterile room. She was clearly flustered from the guard's inspection.

Elizabeth was sure that the guard knew she was wet. She also felt sure that he was going to sniff his own fingers as soon as she left the room. She thought of the guard who had been nuzzling her shoe and suddenly imagined him kneeling in front of her, softly kissing the tops of her feet. Elizabeth suddenly thrust those thoughts from her head, shocked at herself.

Once she managed to get her feet into her shoes she quickly stepped past the guards and through the door. The door closed behind her and she felt a bit like Alice falling down a rabbit hole. She was so awed by the interior of the actual building she didn't hear the men in the other room laughing at her expense.

The harsh floor of the security room was transformed into a lush carpeted surface that muted her heels as she stepped inside. The carpet was elaborate like that of a fine casino but without the gaudy patterns. Every few feet, the letters "BL" were embroidered in white, rising up slightly from the flat champagne carpet. She lifted a foot to make sure she wasn't standing on one of them.

The room was large and open with a ten foot ceiling. Spaced evenly were large ornate chandeliers, glittering with prisms and glowing with soft light from within. The far wall had large wooden doors spaced evenly. To the left, the room ended into stairs that stretched from wall to wall. The stairs led down into another level that was beyond view. To the right was a large wall with a set of large oak doors partitioned off behind another set of bars. Clearly it was an entry to a vault or other more secure space.

The whole room felt almost like a palace. It had the feel of royalty with a touch of flash found in the finest hotels in Las Vegas. Filling the room with soft ambiance was a string quartet. Elizabeth wasn't sure if it was a live performance or if the room had extremely well placed speakers.

Just to her right Elizabeth saw stairs that stretched up and into the upper floor. A green velvet rope on brass stands closed the way up. The stairs had a gentle curve as they went up into what she assumed was a space for offices. She wasn't sure what was on the other side of the doors on the far wall and they didn't look like offices.

Opulent leather furniture was arranged in several areas with fine wooden coffee tables. The furniture made half a dozen small areas and a few people were seated. Their low voiced conversations were almost inaudible. Men in suits sat and guested at flat screens with numbers and graphs on them. Everywhere that men sat and talked a woman also sat, and they would touch the screens and adjust the view as the men talked.

The women stood out because they all dressed the same. They all wore satin blouses tucked into fine knee length skirts. They were adorned with pearls and other finery. If it wasn't for the small golden name plates carefully attached to their blouses Elizabeth would have thought they were women attending a presidential inaugural. She realized that she was applying to fill one of their positions.

Elizabeth scanned the room to see if any of the employees were male. Most wore suits and others dressed in polo shirts and slacks. Clearly all were customers by their air of entitlement. A few of the small areas only had one man at the table. The men there spoke to the women sitting across from them and their slender fingers danced gracefully over electric tablets. Elizabeth assumed the women were taking notes or something as the customers dictated.

Elizabeth barely had time to take this all in when a woman dressed in a golden silk blouse that matched the carpet and a white skirt walked up to her. She smiled warmly at Elizabeth and extended her hand to her. "Hello, my name is Beverly. Are you here for an interview?" Elizabeth smiled back, and relaxed now that someone was acknowledging her as something other than cattle.

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