Bar Table Fun


Up to Miss Kate's door i walked, then knocked on the door happily. i hadn't been to Mistress's home for a couple weeks, and was thrilled to finally be back to see Her. She opened the door and smiled at me, i smiled back and lowered my eyes. "Come in sissy", She ordered.

i quickly scampered inside and set my bag on the floor. She closed the door and came over to hug me and i squeezed Her tightly, already feeling so at ease and in my proper place with Mistress so near. "I have big plans for tonight sissy, which i think you will enjoy greatly, because I certainly will," She whispered as She released me from Her embrace.

"i can't wait Miss Kate," i replied, beaming with sheer joy.

"you won't have to for very long sissy. Strip to your panties and kneel here, i'm going to change," She commanded.

"Yes Miss Kate," i replied.

As Mistress dissappeared into Her room i quickly removed my clothing until i was naked but for my cute pink and white tie died panties, after which i obediently dropped to my knees and locked my eyes on the floor as i waited patiently for Her to return. i heard Her coming moments later but kept my gaze focused downward. She brushed passed me, tousling my hair gently before pushing my head forward, forcing me to my hands and knees.

"Mmm, such a cute spankable ass sissy," She remarked just before planting a solid swat on my panty clad bottom.

"Thank You Miss Kate," i replied. She then caressed my ass briefly before landing several more firm swats on it, causing me to flinch and twitch slightly. i then felt Her squeeze my ass tightly before slipping my panties down just far enough to run Her finger up and down my eager hole. i arched my back and trired to thrust my hips towards Her to get more contact and She chuckled.

"Is my little slut horny? it looks like she's begging for a good fucking."

"Your slut is very horny Miss Kate," i replied, feeling Her hand slip from my hole around to squeeze my balls. i winced and drew in a breath at the pain, but did my best to remain motionless. Those balls belonged to Mistress, as did 'my' cock, and She could do as She pleased. i felt the familiar sensation of cool oily liquid dripping onto my ass, followed by the familiar probing of Mistress's wonderful 9 inch strap-on cock at my hole.

"Beg Me for it whore," Mistress growled as She teased me with Her wonderful cock. Needing to be fucked by Owner so badly for the passed two weeks i eagerly obeyed.

"Please pound my slutty ass Miss Kate, i crave Your cock. i'm such a whore for dick Miss Kate, please fuck me hard Miss Kate."

"you are such a slut, sissy..."

All of a sudden Her entire 9 inches of strap-on was rammed deep inside me. i squealed in delight and moaned wantonly as She slowly pulled it back out before slamming it back inside me. She again slid it out slowly and started to fuck me with a steady rythym.

"Oh yeah you little slut, you love having Mistress's big cock in your pussy don't you?" i could only reply by moaning and bucking my hips back against Her thrusts. i felt Her hand tangle in my hair as She yanked me up off my hands and bit my ear as She thrust particularly hard into me.

"I asked you a question slut, do you love getting your pussy fucked?"

In between moans and squeals of ecstasy i managed to gasp, "i love Your cock Miss Kate, i love having my pussy filled with Your big cock Miss Kate!"

She kept a firm grasp on my hair, driving Her cock into me ferociously now. "I bet if i allowed it you'd have a cock in you all the time wouldn't you? you're probably drooling at the thought of a nice hot shaft in your mouth right now, aren't you sissy?"

Still deep in the throes of lustful bliss i cried out, "yes Miss Kate! oh god i crave cock all the time Miss Kate!" Mistress picked up the pace, now pounding me hard and fast, yanking my hair each time She thrust inside me until suddenly She pulled out, leaving me feeling so empty. i heard a pitiful whimper, then quickly realized it was me, distraught at the lack of Mistress's cock inside me. She released my hair, dropping me, panting, back to all fours.

"Go clean up so W/we can get you pretty for our night out, sissy."

"Yes Miss Kate." i wobbled on shaky legs to the bathroom and cleaned myself up before hurrying back to Mistress's side. She was busy going through the bag i had brought, deciding what i would wear tonight.

"Oh how deliciously slutty," She remarked as She set aside my shortest denim skirt, which came almost to mid thigh if that far. Not far behind the skirt was my cute lacy pink floral tank, and a white cami and bra to go underneath, followed by my 6 inch fuchsia open toed strappy heels.

"Perfect sissy, time to get you made up then."

i've grown pretty good by this time at doing my own make up, but i absolutely adore having it done by Miss Kate. Plus, She seems to enjoy it, and She does a much better job than i, so it works out for E/everyone when Mistress makes me up. She applies my foundation, then a light coat of sparkly white eyeshadow, before laying on the amazingly cute glittery pink eyeshadow, followed by just a bit of eyeliner on my upper and lower lids. my lashes are made elegant and beautiful with mascara, then Mistress allows me to apply my super pink lip gloss. i then get dressed quickly and throw on my blonde curly pig tailed wig and throw my Victoria's Secret "Pink" purse over my shoulder.

Mistress grins at me and compliments me. "you're such a cute slut, sissy."

i beam happily, "thank You Miss Kate!" and bob as good a curtsey as i can manage in such a tight mini skirt.

"Off W/we go then sissy."

As i drive to O/our destination, i discover much to my delight that it is in fact my favorite bar, which is gay and trans-gender friendly. As my smile grows Mistress comments that She figured i'd be happy about this. W/we make our way into the bar and i purchase a couple drinks for U/us. my favorite Britney song comes on and Mistress then drags me onto the dance floor. i'm a terrible dancer, but i try and Mistress tries to coach me, as She always does. Midway through the song a handsome man starts dancing with U/us too, grinding into me as Miss Kate guides me from behind. i can feel His hard cock rubbing against me through His pants, and feel my own clitty starting to grow, though it's tucked safely in my panties to avoid an ugly boyish bulge in my skirt. Miss Kate starts yelling something at the Man to be heard over the music, somehow i can't make out what She's saying though, nor can i make out His response.

As soon as the song ends Miss Kate grabs my hand and leads me upstairs to a table in the corner, still overlooking the dance floor. O/our new friend is right behind U/us. Mistress leans in close to me and whispers, "this is Master Fred sissy, a Friend of Mine. He likes girls like you, and is eager to see how apt a cock sucker you are. He's going to find out now, underneath the table NOW sissy."

i stand there dumbfounded for a moment until Mistress slaps me hard on the ass. i then scurry underneath the table and kneel between Master Fred's open legs. i see His hand reach down to tap His crotch a couple times before He pulls it back over the table. i know what is expected of me, and i would just die if i disappointed Miss Kate or made Her look bad in front of Her Friend. Not to mention i was REALLY craving a nice warm cock in my mouth anyway! i reached up and unbuttoned Master Fred's pants, unzipped them, and found a tasty hard cock popping out in front of me. i lean in and flick my tongue out to lick the head, getting a taste of Master Fred's delicious pre-cum. Unable to hold back after that i slide my glossy lips over His cock and pull it into my mouth and as deep as i can into my throat. Up and down i drag my eager lips across Master Fred's cock, knowing i'm doing at least an adequate job by the fact that His cock remains stiff and twitches occasionally in my mouth, as i can only hear loud dance music and the murmur of voices around me. i pay special attention to roll my tongue around the tip of His cock as my mouth slides back to His head before diving back down. Doing my best to be all the slut i can be for Mistress, i work Master Fred's cock in and out of my mouth, losing track of time, just enjoying myself and knowing that i'm pleasing Miss Kate. Soon enough i feel His cock begin to twitch in my mouth and His legs close around my body as flood of hot salty cum hits the back of my throat. i swallow as best i can, but feel a little trickle out the corners of my mouth and run down my chin. Despite the fact that Master Fred has obviously finished, i continue to nurse His cock, drinking down all i can get until i feel a hand swatting my ass.

i crawl out from underneath the table and reach up to wipe my mouth, but Miss Kate grabs my hand. "Leave it sissy. It's your badge of slutty honor," She yells to me. i notice a couple heads turn to glance in O/our direction, and feel my cheeks warm with a blush as i'm certain at least a few of the bars patrons have an idea now of exactly what i've been doing in this dim corner.

"you may sit sissy."

i plop down on a chair and glance quickly at Master Fred, seeing a very satisfied expression on His face. i allow myself a quick smile to myself, fairly certain i performed well for Master Fred, and most importantly my wonderful Mistress. i only wonder if there is more in store after W/we leave the bar....

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