tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 09

Basement Sluts Vol. 09


Nelly was busy at her desk, filling in appointments for busty girls who are willing to appear on the site for the right price. Josh comes into the building with a 6'8, 140 pound white male. He had firey-red curly hair and wore thick glasses, that were being held together by duck tape.

"Who's your nerd friend Josh?" Nelly asked.

"His name is Wally Wickenburg and he's kind of depressed. I knew him back in high school but never really spoken to him. We however worked on a science project together which I gave him full responsibility of doing the whole thing and me still getting some credit for it," Josh explained.

"How nice," said Nelly with a smirk.

"Anyways, Wally here is going to help us out with something a little bit new. Instead of Shawn doing this week's episode since he‘s off on an assignment, I'm allowing a fan to have a chance to appear on the website in his very own sex scene. Wally here is a big fan of us. He told me that he jerks off 15 times a day watching our site. Can you believe that?" Josh said.

"I wish I couldn't," said Nelly with disgust.

"Well anyways, Wally here is going to be the first fan of many other fans that will get the chance to be on the website. He's 26 and still a virgin."

"Why am I not surprise," replied Nelly.

Wally gave her a half a smile before frowning again. Nelly just responded with a nasty look on her face.

"Be nice Nelly. He's in real pain and wants to lose his virginity finally. We here at Basement Sluts are proud to help him accomplish his goal," Josh explained.

"Good luck at finding a girl who is willing enough or even able enough to take it from him. And no, I'm not doing it," Nelly told Josh.

"Don't worry Nelly. I wasn't going to chose you anyways. I think you would be way too much woman for him to handle. Do we have any potential Basement Sluts on the list that is ready to be filmed?" Josh asked Nelly.

"Yes. This girl named Nina has been calling and writing, explaining that she really wants to be on the site to farther her porn career which she wants to get started as soon as possible."

"Great. Get in touch with her and tell her that tonight is her lucky break. Tell her to be here around eight so we can get this show started. In just a few short hours Wally my man. Your not going to be a virgin anymore," Josh said to Wally putting his arm around him.

"I can't wait. My dick is just hard thinking about it," Wally replied. Josh immediately removed his arm from Wally's shoulder.

"That's nice. Save it for the girl though Wally. We don't want you becoming to hard early and then losing all your strength right now."

Nelly got in contacted with Nina and described to her the guy she would be fucking. She agreed to arrive at eight for her first major sex scene for 600$.

The time has arrived and Josh with Wally, were eagerly waiting for Nina to arrive. Wally had his legs crossed and sweats started to roll down from his forehead.

"Relax Wally. Just be brave and excited. Think about Shawn and how he does his women," Josh said encouraging him.

"Right," Wally replied, wiping the bead of sweat from his forehead.

Nelly opens the door to the basement and a short and very busty Latino girl comes walking right in. She was dress in a loosely fitted and small blue shirt with the Superman "S" logo stretch around it from the wideness of her huge tits. The naked bottoms of her huge dark breasts could be seen as the shirt kept raising when she walked. A blue jean miniskirt and tall leather black boots rounded off her outfit. She came up to Josh and shook his hand. Then shook Wally's hand. His hands were pretty damp from his sweating.

"I'm guessing he is the one I'll be doing tonight then?" Asked Nina, looking into Josh with her wide eyes and dark perils inside. Her lips were dark and thick as her tongue licked around them. Josh felt his cock filling up the front of his pants.

"Oh yeah," Josh answered in a horny way.

Wally's glasses started to fog up and a huge bulge appear in the front of his pants. He took a huge swallow of air and kept his eyes on Nina's enormous chest. Nina's eyes got Wally's large bulge.

"Mmmm. Looks like someone is ready to get started," Nina moaned.

"I'm going to get out of your guys' way and start video taping right now," said Josh, rushing over to the computer and correcting the video camera to the Internet. He logs on to his site, turns on the camera and was ready to begin filming.

Nina slipped out of her sneakers and pulled down her miniskirt. She stood in front of Wally just in ankle socks, a superman thong, and her small tight shirt. She got down to her knees and brushes her face against Wally's crotch. Wally started to swallow hard and roll his head around. Nina reaches up and started to unzip his jeans. She unbuttons them and slides them down his legs. His huge dick was sticking out from beneath his kid underwear.

Josh and Nelly, who decided to watch, tried not to laugh. Josh zoom in on a close up shot of Nina's huge J-Lo like ass that rested on the heels of her feet.

"Damn she has a big ass," Josh said impressed.

"I have a big ass too," said Nelly.

Nina slowly pulls Wally's boxers down and unleashes his monstrous cock that slapped her in the face.

"Holy shit boy! You're huge! My God! And you have never been laid?" Questioned Nina.

"I believe the ladies are scared of a dick this big," Wally replied to her. Suddenly, he felt Nina's moist mouth engulfing his massive cockhead.

"Damn. He must be at least 10 1/2 inches big," said Nelly squeezing her enormous breasts through her Cheetah-skinned dress.

Josh zoomed in on Nina's slowly lashing swirling her tongue around Wally's huge dickhead. This was the first time Wally has ever felt a mouth on his cock and a hand for that matter.

Nina started to stroke his meaty shaft while sucking on the head. Swirling her tongue around the edges of his dickhead. She then released the cockhead from her lips and beat the head against her long tongue and her tongue's ring she displayed. She let the cold and metal tongue ring, touch his bare skin. It sends quivers through Wally's body. His buttocks were shaking and his toes curled within his shoes. Her tongue slither up and down his thick and throbbing shaft with the ring. It pulsed his cock to become even harder. Nina started to suck on his cock, starting at the base and sliding her mouth up the sides, over the head and back down on the other side.

"Wow! She can really suck a dick," said a surprise Josh. "She might be back in another episode very soon. I know Shawn would love her."

"Hey! What about me? I haven't been added to another episode yet. I'm still waiting," Nelly said in an angry voice.

"I got you! I got you!" Josh pleaded with her.

Nina pushed Wally to the couch while still holding his big dick in her hands. She used one hand to lift her blue shirt over her enormous 46DD's cups. Her areolas were dark brown and large, toppled with dark and thick nipples. Her big tits hung down from her chest and sloped out perfectly and very large at the bottoms. She cups her massive jugs and positions them on his thighs.

Wally was breathing hard and sweating furiously. He took off his fog up glasses and locked eyes with Nina. She locked eyes back at him while bouncing her jugs up and down his dick. Her cleavage swallows his entire shaft except for the head. She smoothed his big dick with her breasts and softly suckles his cockhead. Wally let out a serious of moans and gripped the back of the couch with his hands. Nina squeezed his cock tighter between her big breasts and spit down between them. She started sliding them up and down his huge dick. Moaned escaped from between her lips as well.

"Mmmm. I really need to get me some dick tonight. Damn Shawn," said Nelly getting very intense from watching Nina titfuck Wally.

Nina continued to fill her cleavage with her own saliva and rapidly drag her big tits up and down Wally's huge glistering cock. She let her breasts go and lean forward a little bit. She dangles her massive DD's over Wally's massive cock and started beating it. Slapping and flopping her big tits all over his crotch. Wally was breathing heavily as his cock throb more and more painfully. Nina jiggled and swayed her huge breasts all over his hard dick.

Josh got up close and filmed her breasts swinging everywhere across Wally's genitals.

"Damn. Those are some nice breasts. I have seen bigger but still. Your breasts are hung beautifully from your chest and looks to be very soft and spongy like," Josh commented on Nina's breasts.

"Mmmm. Thank you," Nina replied as she settler her swinging tits down and rested them on Wally's thighs.

"How are you doing Wally? Are you enjoying yourself?" Josh asked him.

Wally was in another zone with his head roll back and his big dick pulsing for more attention.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Nina once again take his hard dick between her lips. This time she moves her mouth further down his cock. She could feel the head of his dick, bumping the back of her mouth. She slowly continues to suck more and more of his dick down her throat. Her face was nearly pressed into his thick patch of black pubic hairs. The hairs lightly tickle her nose but she continued to move down.

"Wow! She's going to deep throat that monster," said Nelly very impress.

Saliva dripped down from between Nina's lips as she swallows his entire cock. Her nose had to endure the musty odor his hairs were giving off. Her chin rested against his huge hairy balls. She kept her mouth over his entire cock for what seemed like ages. Her cheeks were red and caving inside her mouth from the long sucking she was giving to Wally's huge dick. She finally lifts her mouth off his dick and started breathing again. Pre-cum mixed with her saliva formed spit bubbles in her mouth. Wally's cock was coated in saliva and drenching down to his balls.

Josh zoomed in on Nina as she swallows her spit and the pre-cum. She stuck her tongue out at the camera and showed the viewers her empty large mouth. She once again grips Wally's saliva coated cock and started to stroke it. It was much easier to stroke it now that's its all wet. She rapidly moved one of her hands up and down his shaft, releasing loud moans from Wally. Her other hand cupped his balls and felt them up. Squeezing and kneading them. Letting them squish between her fingers. She could feel Wally's balls filling up with cum.

"That's it Wally. Unleash your huge load," Nina urged him.

While she fondled his balls and strokes his dick, she stuck the cockhead back between her lips and sucks on it hard like a vacuum. She quickly took more and more inches between her lips. Wally moans got louder as he released a powerful orgasm and felt the cum rushing from his balls, straight up out his huge cockhead.

"MMMMMMMM!" Moaned Nina quickly swallowing every gush of his hot gooey cum down her throat. The sounds of her slurping could be heard through the room.

Josh felt his cock ready to explode just by watching Nina's throat movements and her gulping down Wally's huge load.

"Oh My!" Moaned Nelly whom was sitting down in a sit and fingered herself to cum, while watching Nina swallow all of Wally's cum.

Nina released Wally's cum drenching cock and licks up and down the sides to clean it off.

"Now big boy. It's time for you to eat me out and make me cum hard," Nina urged him.

Nina position herself lying on the floor. Her massive jugs spread out across her chest like pancakes and put her legs together. She pulled down her thong and tossed over at Josh. He filmed her thong landing right next to his feet. He then zoomed up on Nina as she spreads her legs. He could see the wetness her bald pussy had produced. He zoomed in on her enlarge clit and the juices that are leaking off it. Nina's foot raises up and rubs at Josh's crotch. She could feel his huge hard on, bulging against his jeans.

"Perhaps after the show I can satisfy your needs too," Nina said.

Josh takes a huge swallow of air and steps back a little bit. Wally kneels down with his big dick flopping between his legs. He lies face down on the floor with his face position between Nina's thick legs and thighs. Wally never eaten pussy in his life so he had to remember how Shawn would eat it. He begins with kissing her thighs and sliding his tongue up and down their thickness. He presses his lips against her hot and creamy cunt. Giving it a few kisses. His tongue slips out and caresses her pussy folds. Small moans exited Nina's mouth. She closed her eyes and reached down to hold Wally's head between her thighs.

Wally's nose pressed against her pussy as he buried his face in it. He licks swiftly at her juicy clit and swirls his tongue around it. Nina's moans have gotten heavier and faster. Wally's tongue passes through her pussy lips and began an assault on her pussy hole. He furiously licks up and down her wet wound. Her juices leaked down his chin. He dug one finger into her hole and pushes it far into it.

"AHHHH!" Cried Nina, feeling Wally's fat finger tunneling through her pussy. He slowly pulls it out and then stuffs it back in. He repeats this process a few more times while licking at her large clit. Nina squeezed her thighs around his head, tighten holding him. Her feet moved up and down his back swiftly, trying to take the intense pussy eating she is retrieving.

"OH! OH! Oh Wow! Look at him go," moaned Nelly who is still tunneling her own creamy wound with her fingers. Her enormous chocolate breasts were hanging out of her dress. The nipples harden from the cool breeze in the room. She quietly released moans, wanting to hear Nina's louder moans.

Josh got up close to Nina's flushed face. Beads of sweat roll down her face. He moves down to her big tits and sweat pour off them as well. They started to jiggle and wobble with her movements of now bucking her pussy on Wally's mouth. Josh continued to move down to her pussy being assault by Wally's mouth and fingers. Wally had two fingers lodged inside her cunt while he sucked and licked her around his fingers and her dangling clit. He pushed his fingers in and out, further and harder inside with intense speed.

Nina couldn't take it anymore and started to produce her cum. A powerful orgasm possessed her body. She began to wiggle her body around, flopping her massive sweaty melons around her chest. She came hard onto Wally's thick fingers. Wally bends his head down and lap up her cum. He gave her large clit a few sucks but standing up on his knees, revealing that his soft cock has now gotten back hard and throbbing more then ever.

"Take off my socks?" Nina order Wally as she tried to catch her breath.

Wally pulled off ankle socks off her fat feet. Her toes were long and her toenails had been shorten. Nina moves her bare feet up and down Wally's thick hairy chest, slowly moving down his stomach and eventually trapping his cock between the two.

"Got any oil?" Nina asked Josh.

"Nelly. I need some oil," Josh told her as he turns around to see Nelly's huge tits out and her dress bunch up around her hips as she fingered herself to another orgasm.

"Coming right up," Nelly replied with short breaths and a flushed face.

Nelly gives Josh some oil and he hands it to Wally.

"Now oil my feet to I can jerk you off with them," Nina demanded Wally.

Wally takes the cap off the oil and lifts her right foot up. He soaks her foot in the oil while her other foot moved up and down his aching cock. Once he rubbed the oil all over her left foot, he takes the right one and does the same. Soon both of her oily feet had entrapped Wally's huge cock and started to jerk him.

"Mmmmmm!" Moaned Wally as Nina's feet rubbed all over his now oily hard cock. While one foot rubbed his dick, the other pressed its toes deep into his hairy sacrum. She moved the arch of her foot in circular motions on his balls. Wally arched his back against the couch, enjoying her feet mauling his cock.

Josh was jerking his cock in one hand while holding the camera in his other. He got up close to Nina's feet. Watching them lifts his oily balls up and drops them. She then pressed the bottoms of her feet against his huge dick and begins to swiftly move them up and down.

"Mmmm. Oh yesss," moaned Nina, jerking Wally's cock faster between her feet.

Wally could feel his cock ready to give out a second monstrous load. Nina quickly released his cock from between her feet and takes hold of it in her hands. She pulls Wally closer between her legs and places his huge cockhead at the entrance to her pussy.

"Go head Wally. Take the plunge," urged Nina with a large smile at him.

Wally took hold of his cock and slowly pushes it between her pussy walls. His first time putting his cock inside a pussy felt very warm to him. He could feel her juices flowing inside. He grips her by the waist and thrusts his cock more and more inside her cunt. He lifts her legs up by the calves and begins to thrust his cock in her pussy.

"OHHHH YES!" Cried Nina feeling the huge prick slide in and out from her wound. His huge balls beat heavily against her ass.

Wally thrusts started going faster as he was trying to impale his entire cock between her walls. Nina's enormous breasts bounce up and down with the thrusting her pussy is receiving.

Josh moves the camera up and down both their sweaty bodies. Focusing on Nina's huge tits flopping about her chest and Wally's huge dick plunging deeper and harder into her cream pie.

Wally let her legs go and lean his body forward to have her slippery breasts slide up and down his hairy chest. Wally drills her cunt harder and faster, feeling her pussy tightening around his cock. They started to stare at each other, watching their facial expressions pass between in pain and pleasure. His cock was so crammed up her pussy, Nina literally thought it was going to thrust through her asshole.

"OH FUCK YES! DRILL ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK! AHHHH!" Cried out loud Nina, ready to cave in and cum. Her mouth to silence as she was once again in an orgasmic state. Her cum started to flow out of her cunt and down Wally's thrusting big dick and bouncing heavy balls. Wally continued to pound her pussy until she finishes cumming.

"Switch positions now. Get me doggy-style," said Nina.

Her pussy was burning and her juices continued to flow. Wally pulled his pussy juice drench cock out and help position Nina into the doggie position. He easily slides his wet big dick back into her pussy and resumes thrusting.

Josh zoomed in on the painful expression Nina was giving on her redden face. He films down at her huge slipper tits, just flopping and sliding off on another beneath her. They violent clash, causing thunderous slaps. The sounds farther Wally to grip her shoulders and ram her creamy pussy with more powerful thrusts. Her huge ass bounced and jiggled off his crotch.

Nina plants her face into the ground, trying to take the no mercy assault Wally is giving her pussy. Her massive tits squished into the ground and bulged out from her sides. Wally moved his hands down and cups them from the bottoms. He squeezed what he could of her big tits as he pounds her pussy harder and deeper, feeling his balls producing an enormous patch of cum ready to explode.

"AHHHH! HERE I CUM!" Shouted Wally. He slows down a bit and gives long and hard thrusts to her pussy. He slides out of her pussy and jerks his cock for a few seconds before unloading his biggest patch of hot cum all over her back and ass. He rubs his cockhead against her buttocks, smearing in the cum as it continued to flow out.

Nina turns around and takes his glistering cock into her mouth. She strokes his cock hard, trying to milk the rest of his cum out. She cleans his cock off with her tongue. She then sucks on his cum dripping balls, cleaning them off too.

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