Bath Time


"Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's better" I said as I settled in to a hot bath, letting the bubbles cover my body as I laid full length in the water. Letting the heat and the stream carry away the hustle and bustle of a busy Friday at the office. The small bathroom, which I shared with the person who lived in the bedsit opposite me, had rapidly fill up with a fog of warm air.

As I closed my eyes to escape the day that I had had and drift in to a heavenly slumber, I realised that I had never met the person that I was supposed to share this bathroom with. We always seem to miss each other, they had moved in while I was away on holiday. I mused though my mind what they must look like: Male or female? Dark or light? Tall or short?

My eyelids grew heavy with the effect of the heat, and I started to drift off to sleep, lying in the water was so relaxing I could have been anywhere but here.

My dream of a far off place, with blonde maidens taking care of my every need was disturbed by the rattling of the door,

"Damn!" I thought. "Had I remembered to lock it?" I honestly couldn't remember if I had.

The door opened slightly, letting some of the stream escape. I looked over to it and could just about make out the shape of a head looking around the door.

"Hello" said a giggly voice. "Don't mind me, I'm just gonna brush my teeth before I go to bed."

I lowered myself even further in to the water, hoping there was enough bubbles still about to cover my manhood, as this person was wearing a skimpy cotton top, which almost covered her breasts, and the smallest pair of panties I have ever seen, entered the bathroom

"Won't be long, by the way my name is Gill and you are?" she said looking over at me.

"I'm erm" for a moment I couldn't remember my name.

" Sorry, my name is Bob" I finally manage to splutter out.

Enough of the stream had managed to escape out of the door, to allow me to see a petite blonde, with a beaming smile.

She held her hand out to shake mine.

I raised mine out of the water, and with it dripping wet I shook her hand.

"Sorry about it being wet, I'm just having a bath" I said somewhat stupidly.

" You are, are you? I was wondering what you were up to?" she said in the giggling voice, that she had. It would seem that it was always there.

"What the water like, warm, cold or just right?" she asked.

"Well its getting a little chilly now" I replied.

"Let me top it up for you" and with that Gill reaches for the hot tap and turns it on. The water gushed from the tap and splashed all over the place, soaking Gill top. The cotton started to turn a darker shade and clung to Gills contours, clearly outlining her full breasts. I could just about see that her nipples were becoming erect, from the dampness, all this was starting to have an effect on me, so I reach over for a sponge and placed it strategically over my manhood.

"Ooh, I'm all wet now" she exclaimed "and it is all your fault!"

"My fault?" I stuttered "How could it be my fault?"

"If you hadn't been in the bath, I wouldn't be catching my death of cold, would I?"

"Death of cold?"

"I can't stay in these damp clothes" and with that she lifted her top over head,

Catching sight of her exposed rounded breasts, as she shook her head, throwing her top to the far corner of the bathroom, had a most definite effect. The sponge was no longer in the water, but a couple of inches above it!

"My panties are all wet as well, I'll have to take them off ".

I didn't know which way to look, I tried looking at the ceiling, the walls and the floor, but my eyes were drawn to her pert behind as she bent over to remove her pants.

"This is the stuff of dreams," I said to myself

"It's not happening", but there she was, in all her glory BUTT NAKED!

"Do you want my death on your conscience?" she asked.

"No I don't " I stammered, wondering what she was going to do next.

"Is the water hot enough now?" she said, dipping her hand in to test the water.

"I think so" was all I could say.


As she lifted her leg to get in the bath. I could see that's she had a smooth pussy.

"Someone tell me this is a dream!" was going though my mind. I closed my eyes and opened them again, she was still there, but now she was standing in the bath. Raising my eyes, I followed the contours of her legs, upward toward the cute bottom, her smooth back, and flowing hair covering her neck.

She lowered herself so that she was eventually, sitting on my lap. She couldn't miss the fact that I was rock hard, it was tucked between her legs.

She turned her head, to look at me,

" You don't mind do you?"

"Mind what?"

"Sharing the bath, it's just that I don't have enough change for the water heater"

What would you say if the girl of your dreams had just sat down on you in your bath? Being the gentleman that I am, I said the only thing I would say,

"Of course not, I don't mind"

"Oh good, there is enough bubbles for me already"

Gill reached for the sponge, which had surfaced between her legs, and proceeded to leather her neck, shoulders and breasts.

"Urm would you like me to do your back for you?" I said trying very hard to keep my voice on an even level.

"If you wouldn't mind, I can never reach all the way to do it all" Gill replied.

She passed the sponge over her shoulder and I took it from her hand.

"Don't miss any of it!"

Gently scrubbing her back, till it was covered in foam, I could feel that's she was getting quite relaxed, because she was sliding further down in the bath, and light murmurs of delight were being issued from her lips.

"You are so good" she whispered to me

"Thank you"

"Its time I repaid you for doing my back, pass me the sponge".

I handed back the sponge, I couldn't see what she was planning, but it wasn't long before I felt her hands stroking the inside of my thighs.

"Is that good?" she asked

"Oh yesss" I said, feeling her hands getting closer to my aching balls.

With my fingertips I drew circles on her back, getting wider so eventually I was stroking her sides. I slipped my hands round to her breast as she took my balls in her hands.

She leant back, so she was resting on my chest, all the time caressing my balls. I started to gently squeeze her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingers.

Finding a clear spot on her neck, I placed a kiss, and moved my mouth toward her ear, so I could nibble on her ear lobes.

"MMMMmm I like that" Gill murmured.

I could sensed that she did, because her body began to move up and down mine, my manhood growing harder all the time. While I continued to fondle with one breast, my hand glided down her soapy stomach toward her pussy.

"MMMMmm. Oh god that's so good" uttered Gill, as she arched her back when my fingers slipped between her pussy lips, gently rubbing her clitoris,

"Don't stop"

Gill moved her hips in rhythm to my fingers, which was doing amazing things to my hardened cock, as it slid between her butt cheeks.

"I want your Cock!"

"I want you to fuck me!"

I removed my hands from her breast and pussy, raised her by her hips and gently lowered her on my cock, which was now standing to attention after being released from the confines of Gill ass. With Gill holding on to the edge of the bath, I slowly inserted my hard member in to her tight wet hole, lowering Gill an inch at a time, "This is sooo good," Gill said

"I want more!"

"Put it all in!"

I dropped her the last couple of inches, so that her pussy was finally impaled upon my cock.

"This is sooooo good" Gill murmured again and started to rotate her hips, her pussy tightening around my pole. I could feel it squeezing my cock, and it's a sensation I would never forget, With my hands now free, I returned them to both her breasts and her clitoris, stroking both, keeping in time with Gill.

Gill leant back, leaning against me, and started to slide up and down, taking the full length of my cock. With her back and my chest well soaped, we moved easily, I could reach her neck and ears with my tongue and proceeded to lick and kiss both of them.

Gill breathing started to quicken as she moved up and down faster, her eyelids fluttering, as she seems to be close to cumming.

"Oh god...oh god... oh god" were the only sounds to come from her lips.

I continued to rub her clitoris, applying a firmer pressure, with my other hand, I pinched her nipple hard.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMMMING!" she screamed.


Her pussy tightens around my cock and held it as she orgasm. As the experience subsided, she relaxed on top of me, releasing her hold on my cock,

"That was so good" she whispered.

"I've never cum liked that before"

As Gill stood up to get out of the bath, she noticed my cock was still standing to attention.

"We can't have that poor thing standing around, it might catch cold"

She stepped out of the bath and held her hand out to me. I took her hand and got out of the bath.

Reaching for a towel, I draped it over her shoulders and started to rub her dry, taking extra care with her breasts and pussy, softly patting them.

Gill then took the towel from my hands and started to dry me, from the neck down, to my balls and then kneeling in front of me, she took my cock with both hands and guided it toward her mouth. With her lips around the tip of my cock, she sucked gently, slowly feeding the whole of my cock in to her warm mouth, wrapping her tongue around it. Sliding her hands up my legs till she reached my ass, she held me in position, squeezing my cheeks. I reached down to her hair and held a handful. Moving her head backward and forward along the length of my shaft.

"You taste so good," she said with a mouthful of my manhood.

With each suction, I could feel my cock grow harder. I lowered my hand to Gill breast and squeezed each breast in turn.

Releasing her hair, I bent down and pulled her up, kiss her upon her lips and turned her around. Gill knew what I wanted and leant forward across the bath, spreading her legs. Her breasts were dipping in to the bubbles still on the surface of the water, her nipples bursting them. I stood behind her, and with my cock in my hand I pointed it toward her pussy. Gently inserting the tip,

Gill turned her head toward me

"Stop teasing"

I slowly guided my cock back in to the warm wet pussy, sliding it in deeper, deeper, deeper, till my balls were hard up against her clitoris.

"mmmmmm, you do fill me up with that hard cock of yours" I started to pull back slowly, as I did, Gill moved her ass toward me. Not wanting to let go of my cock.

I thrust hard in to her, causing her to arch her back, taking her by complete surprised.

"I didn't expect that you wicked boy," she said.

Kissing the nape of her neck and reaching round to cup her breasts in each of my hands, I pumped my cock deeply into her pussy, thrusting harder, deeper and faster with each movement of my hips. Gill moved her ass in time with me, not letting me totally withdraw my cock.

"Oh yes... oh yes....oh yesss" Gill muttered

Her pussy alternately held and released my cock with each thrust, squeezing it as tight as she could. Her eyes started to flutter, and her breathing quickened a sure sign she was close to cumming.

"Jesus I'm cummming again" she gasped

I kept up my steady pounding of her wet warm hole, continuing to thrust deeply with each stroke. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice, as Gill orgasm.

"Fuccccccckkkkkkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg heeeeelllllllllllllllllll" she screamed.

I could feel my release was close to hand, thrusting faster I felt my balls tighten, and then my lights went out as I exploded in to her pussy. shooting my cum deep in to her.

Gills pussy started to suck at my cock, not wanting to waste any of my seeds.

"Bloody hell Gill that was great!" was all I could say, as I pulled away from her.

My semen mixed with her juices was now flowing down her legs. Gill stood up and wiped a finger along her leg to scoop up the mixture, watching me closely she then put her finger in her mouth.

"Yum yum, I do love the taste and its good for my hair"

I picked up the towel and passed it over to her,

"We can't have you catching your death of cold," I said to her.

"No We can't" She replied, wrapping the towel around her.

"Same times next week?" was her parting words as she left the bathroom

"Erm.. Sure" was the only thing I could say.

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