tagNonHumanBeckoning the Mist

Beckoning the Mist

byHannibal Ravencraft©

Lorna moved through the mountains gazing up at the magnificent trees that towered above her. Ancient, proud and beautiful they were. Leaning against one she pressed her breasts against it, recalling Maebh the dryad of weeks earlier. The tender love affair recalled in her mind brought passions back into her soul. Passion inflamed deep within her so that she pressed her lips to the bark and imagined the great queen of the wood Maebh, and wished her back.

Pulling herself away from the tree she wondered if there were any other dryads or other spirits in the great wood. Making her way down the stream Lorna took a moment to kneel down and touch the cool water. She dazed off in thought for a moment, when she was startled by the sound of a giggle behind her. 'What sort of thing could this be?' Lorna thought to herself searching the area near by. Much to her disenchantment, she found nothing.

The sky was gray and droplets of cool summer rain began to fall. There she was in a tight white blouse, with a sprinkle of rain coming down from the heavens. Her glasses began to fog a bit, and as Lorna began to make her way back home a mist was growing around her. Using her skirt to wipe her glasses clean she took a moment to regard the thickness of the mist and how quickly it had gathered. She had grown a bit nervous.

Lorna's pace had quickened to a brisk walk trying to find the trail back as quickly as she possibly could. Once on the trail her nerves had calmed as she had worried about getting lost. The mist itself, draping over the land like paint hanging from a ceiling of an aged and neglected house. No doubt filled with its own curiosities and mysteries. One mystery that Lorna soon discovered for herself as she walked, the dampness in the air causing her clothes to cling to her body. A mystery indeed, for as she walked she could hear indistinct whispering in the mist itself. It was all around and surrounding.

Seeing a boulder standing high, Lorna climbed it. Her skirt was short so that at the right angle one could see she was without her undergarments and the damp air made her white blouse translucent so that the flesh of her breasts pressed through. The whispering grew louder as she sat upon the boulder watching the mist all around her. With her bottom lip trembling in both hope and anticipation Lorna slowly parted her thighs and spread her legs to the mist.

She felt the vapor slide up her thighs stroking them slowly. The vapor also massaged at her neck and shoulders and then coupled her breasts. Lorna could make out shapeless figures in the mist, gathering around her. She felt them slide and rub themselves against her body while the song of feminine, ethereal moans filled the humid summer air.

Lorna's own hands began to grope at herself as her excitement mounted. Her breath caught in her throat as the mist raised her into the air. Levitating the mist swallowed her into it's ecstasy, her entire body becoming it's canvas to touch. Every nerve was excited, her senses acute to the vapor's embrace. She reached down, her hands rubbing at her inner thighs. She could feel the vapor enter her open mouth, sliding as a tongue does reaching gently to the back of her throat.

Her body writhed in air at the edge of rapture. The ethereal sounds of the mist's pleasured sighs filling her ears. Lorna ran her fingers up her skirt and upon touching her arousal she spread herself open beckoning the mist to enter. She felt the mist slip inside of her walls, curling inside. Her eyes widened as the mist began to massage her little sweet spot from the inside.

She let out a groan her hands clutching her skirt until her knuckles turned white. A hundred misty hands ran over her body while inside the mist worked her into a feverish and maddening frenzy of sensual turmoil. Her voice, carrying across the mountain scape in echo of her howls and beloved cries of passion. It was building in the very center of her being, growing and blooming into glorious flower. Building until her body raised itself higher and the rapture of orgasm had washed over her like a wave. So great the rapture that her spirit saw past the physical world into a space where time slowed and the rapture carried inch by inch from toe to head and then back again like the shiver up and down the spine.

Consciousness slipped away, and Lorna floated in a sea of nothingness. The tremors of afterward amplified in it's emptiness for one divine moment before regaining consciousness upon the boulder that she did lay. The clouds had parted, and the sunlight slipped through the treetops down upon her face. The birds were singing, and the mist had vanished. How long did she lay there? She couldn't tell. Sliding slow from the boulder, Lorna composed herself as best she could. However, she couldn't help but to shake a little at the knees as she walked back home in true awe.

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