tagNovels and NovellasBed, Breakfast and Sex Ch. 01

Bed, Breakfast and Sex Ch. 01


Chapter 1

The alarm went off, and Louise Blaisdell stretched languorously in bed. She opened her light brown eyes and blinked. The digital clock read six a.m. It was time to get up. Through the window over her bed, she could see that the sky was already lightening on this late summer morning. She hit the snooze bar, and dozed for another ten minutes before the clock buzzed again, interrupting her sleep. This time she turned the alarm off and stretched again. Her hand snaked down into her silk panties and gave her furry mound a little rub. She moaned a little, softly, as arousal blossomed between her thighs. She turned in the bed and opened the drawer in her bedside table. She took out the small bottle of baby oil, put a little in her hand, and replaced it in the drawer.

After replacing the bottle in the drawer, she kicked off the sheet, removed her panties and spread her creamy thighs. She spread the oil over her pussy and began rubbing, gently at first, then with more pressure. Her knees came up, allowing her greater access, and a long slender finger slid deeply into her warm moist depths. She moaned again, and with her oiled finger, tenderly rubbed her sensitive little clitoris. Her pleasure grew and she imagined Robby, her last lover. Robby was tall, blond, and handsome, with big, slightly rough hands and a large cock. Robby was kneeling beside her on the bed, feeding her his cock, and she was sucking him eagerly. He whispered quietly to her, telling her how much he liked it, how much he loved her. Suddenly, a torrent of semen erupted from his pecker and down her throat. She swallowed every drop as her own orgasm overtook her, convulsing blissfully as her climax shivered brightly through her.

She rested for a few moments before finally getting up and heading for the shower. She had much to do because school began in a week, and her new boarders would be arriving today.

On the way to the bathroom, Louise stopped to look at her reflection in the hall mirror. She was forty-three years old, and in good shape for her age. Hell, she thought, I'm in great shape for a woman any age. She removed the man's undershirt (Robby's!!) she was wearing, and examined herself nude. Her hair was strawberry blonde and cut short. Her eyes were bright, cheerful and slightly upturned at the corners. Ruefully, she admitted that if she looked carefully, she could see tiny crows feet. Her nose was nicely proportioned to the rest of her face, and her moderately full lips framed a smile composed of white even teeth. Her cheekbones were high--she had been a real beauty in her day--and her chin strong and smooth, with no loose skin underneath. Louise had never been pregnant, and her breasts, size 34C, were full and round with an inviting cleft between them. Her stomach was smooth and flat, and her hips, thighs and butt were sleek and toned, the result of 30 minutes three times a week on the stair-stepper. Overall, she thought, I am a damn good-looking woman. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

After a refreshing shower, Louise put on a pair of white cotton panties, a lacy white bra, a pair of jeans and a chambray shirt. A pair of sneakers on her feet, and she was ready for the day. She had breakfast--toast, coffee, half a grapefruit--and read the paper, then went to work.

Louise Blaisdell ran a boarding house that catered to male students from nearby North Central College. The house was two-storied, with six bedrooms on the second floor. Louise's bedroom was the largest, and it was located in the back of the house. The other bedrooms contained one single bed each, along with the appropriate bedroom furniture a young male college student might need. The first floor of the house contained the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a bathroom, as well as a den stocked with old textbooks donated by the previous occupants. There were also two more bathrooms on the second floor.

When Louise's husband had died suddenly five years ago, she had inherited $500,000. Most of the money had gone toward the purchase and remodeling of the boarding house. It was located on a quiet residential street in a good part of the town.

Louise worked hard to keep it clean and looking nice. Many parents over the years had come visiting, wanting to inspect the place their sons were living. Louise had always taken care to impress upon them that there were strict rules while living in her house. No loud parties or overnight guests were allowed (well, almost none). Rent was paid on time, and the young men were expected to study and keep their grades up. Over the last five years, Louise had seen many of her tenants graduate into successful careers in medicine, law, and engineering.

What Louise did not tell the parents was that she sometimes took one of her tenants as a lover. Sometimes the affair lasted just the school year. Sometimes, as in Robby's case, the affair had lasted longer. Louise sighed a little sadly. Robby had graduated that summer with a degree in electronics after spending two lovely, sex-filled years in Louise's house and bed. She had never gotten tired of his loving.

Louise did not feel badly about her little secret life. She was a warm and vital woman who still needed loving. The men her age were usually too fat, dull and self-centered to be interesting.

On the other hand, young studs like her Robby were eager, energetic lovers. They usually knew little about sex (although they often pretended to know a lot), and were ardent pupils. Over the past five years, Louise had broken several cherries (and a few hearts, she hoped), and given several young men their first taste of real, adult lovemaking. She had enjoyed every minute of it and did not plan to give it up.

During the morning, Louise swept and vacuumed the floor, made all the beds, dusted, and cleaned the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. By twelve o'clock, she was tired and sat down for a light lunch and a rest. At twelve-thirty, the man from the lawn service came by and spent the next hour cutting the grass, and admiring Louise's ass whenever he could see her through the open windows of the house. Louise didn't mind; she even bent over for him a couple of times. As usual, he did a good job on her lawn and refused a tip. At one, Louise got up and finished her work around the house, cleaning the upstairs bathrooms and sweeping off the wide front porch of the house. Her new tenants were supposed to be arriving at four, and she had enough time to shower again, quickly, and get dressed.

For greeting new boarders, Louise always wore a modest cotton summer dress that reached down well past her knees. You never knew when they would arrive with their parents, and she didn't want to excite any curiosity. She brushed her hair, put on a little lipstick, dabbed a light floral scent behind her ears, and was ready for the new arrivals. She hoped that one of them would be something like Robby. Louise shivered a little as she remembered him. Whoever replaced him would have to be quite a man.

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