tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 13

Beetlesmith's Ch. 13


I was hard again, and Barb was clutching wildly at the bed sheets. Karen had her face firmly planted in the younger one's bush. Her hands gripped hard into Barb's ass, leaving deep indentations in her flesh. Karen's loud, sucking kisses and licks sounded like wet slaps of a sponge against a tub full of water, but they were almost drowned out by Barb's throaty moans.

Barb lewdly jacked up her ass ever higher into the air, I suspect in response to Karen's rough nibbling to her clitoris. A large, open-mouth grin lit across her face, as she blurted out, "Oh my god...Mistress...That's the spo...ot..."

Momentarily spent, Barb laid her head down in absolute sated bliss. Karen lifted hers up with a smile. She kissed each of Barb's ass cheeks lovingly, saying, "Oh, little one, Sir and I haven't even started touching the spot. Now where did I put that lube...Ah, here it is. Now, just stay as you are and I'll get you all ready for the main event."

Barbara was still panting, breathless, and continued spreading her cheeks wide for Karen with both hands. Karen squeezed a liberal amount of lubricant down her cleft. The cool temperature of the substance on her overly heated and overly sensitive vitals caused Barb to gasp and clench her buttocks. Putting a soothing hand on the small of her back, Karen worked a finger around Barb's anus, then pushed in ever so slowly.

Barb inexplicably broke with protocol, "What's going to be this 'main event' you keep..."

She didn't finish as Karen slapped her ass. Tears immediately erupted from Barb's eyes. Karen slid up close to her ear, and hissed like a viper ready to strike, "Did either of us say you could talk? You didn't even address us properly, speaking to us as if we were your parents and you were some snotty, little, teenage whore."

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

"I knew I would be able to use that last slap. You unruly little sluts never can keep quiet." Karen slipped her finger back into Barbara's asshole, while asking, "You think you can stay a good little slut for Mistress and Sir?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now, if you really want to know what's going to happen to you, then maybe Sir will tell you."

Karen went back behind Barbara, and continued to prepare her. Barb looked up at me with a questioning eye. I smiled down at her and caressed her cheek, and said, "I think I'll keep it a surprise. You'll find out soon enough. And no more speaking out of turn, or I'll be the one administering the punishment."

By now, Karen had pushed in a second finger, and worked both around together until her hand was flush with Barb's ass.

Karen gave a lighter spank to Barb—I guess she couldn't help herself—then kissed the spot she just smacked.

"Does this feel good, dear heart?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!"

Karen pulled her fingers out, and said to me, "I think she's ready, Sir."

I looked down at Barb and stroked her cheek soothingly, while answering Karen, "Let's do this one at a time to start. I want to make this as enjoyable as possible for her. You should see to your end first before I join you."

Karen squeezed more lubricant on Barb and applied a healthy amount to the strap-on. Once she lined the strap-on up in her asshole, Karen grabbed Barb by the hips and slowly inch her way in.

Barb gasped at the initial surge of pain, and instinctively flinched away from Karen, but Karen held her fast, saying, "It will hurt at the start, dear heart, but I'll be gentle. Soon, though, you'll be thanking Mistress for the pleasure."

Karen was gentle with her. After pushing in a little bit, she held herself still so that Barb could get used to the girth. Occasionally, she would pull out altogether, and rub Barb's clit—providing pleasure to compliment the pain. She squirted a bit more lube into Barb's hole, and slid back in to the point she was before.

I watched Barb's face through all of this. So far, she couldn't hide from me the pain that she was feeling, as she scrunched up her face, tightly closing her lips and eyes to the hurt. Small tears were squeezed out and ran down her cheeks. As I watched her face, I thought maybe I should have been the one entering her. At least I would have a better feel for the resistance I would meet compared to Karen with a strap-on. I discarded that idea, however. I would have been too big for her as a first time.

All of a sudden, her sphincter must have relaxed, because a sudden calm washed over her face. Karen found the slide easier the rest of the way, and parked herself flush against Barbara's ass. Next, Karen rocked herself gently, working the strap-on around a little bit at a time to loosen Barb's sphincter further. Her rocking soon gave way to long, slow glides, pulling almost all the way out then pushing all the way in again. She pulled out, and again squirted more lube in into her hole—just to be safe. When she reentered, Karen's gliding become quicker. Barb's face blossomed into a wonderfully, blissful mask, while small, subtle moans escaped from trembling lips.

Karen pulled out again, and asked, "Anything to say, dear heart?"

"Thank you, Mistress," she responded, panting.

Karen laughed, "Oh, the pleasure hasn't even started."

I pulled Barb up to me, and commanded, "Sit down facing me. Then slide my cock into your pussy."

When she sat fully down on me, I held her close and leaned back, giving Karen a nice, stationary, unobstructed target.

I felt the strap-on pushing past me, and pushing my cock hard against the dorsal wall of Barb's cunt. Barbara grunted a bit in pain, but when Karen slid fully inside of her and lightly tapping her pelvis against Barb's ass, I saw the pleasure flow across the young one's face.

Oh, it was all so tight in there, with my cock pressed firmly in her warm confines. I felt her muscles grip me as she clenched her buttocks tightly against the strap-on, and I felt the slow drip of her arousal tickling down my balls.

Based on the look on Barbara's face, I could tell this wasn't going to take too much time, but I so wanted to extend the moment. I kissed her gently on the lips, and commanded, "Mistress and I are going to stay still to start. We want you to fuck us all by your lonesome until you don't feel any pain. Go as slow or fast as you're comfortable with."

She moaned a, "Yes, Sir," then started shifting her hips slightly. Even with those small movements, I could feel the strap-on forcing my cock to and fro in her pussy, sending wonderful waves of pleasure down my shaft.

I heard a soft slap, as Karen spanked Barb's ass. She didn't say anything to Barb, but it acted like a signal from a rider to her mount—Barb quickened her hip shifting.

I could see the blissful climb toward climax expressed fully on her face. A fine sweat had already broken out along her forehead, neck, and chest. Her breathing came shallow and rapid through slightly parted lips, and every so often, her tongue would dart out, seductively, as she needed to moisten those lips against her drying breath. Her eyes, when they were opened, were full of expression as they stared at me; full of dreamy sex one minute, then acquiring an almost thoughtful glint the next as if she were contemplating the bliss Karen and I were promulgating within her. After each one of those smoky, thoughtful looks, her eyes would slowly close as another wave of euphoria ratcheted her arousal to a higher plateau.

I heard another spank, more forceful this time. At Karen's signal, Barb changed her tempo and technique, and began using her legs to softly slide up and down as she continued her rocking shift with her hips.

A large grin broke out across her face, as she grunted, "Fuck...Oh my...Fuck."

Her soft slide became a firm bounce. I watched, enthralled, as her firm tits bounced and jiggled seductively with her body's movements. She pushed them forward so that their hard nipples rubbed against my chest. That little action caused her areolas to swell and dimple, becoming as hardened disks against her softer, jiggling mounds. She took a hold of her tits and scraped her nipples and areolas lewdly against my own nipples, trying to garner every small pleasure she could from every erogenous zone. When I put a rough finger against her nipples, her body quivered in delight. She moaned, "Fuck...Oh my...Fuck," again.

I began my own short thrusting to compliment Barbara's bounce, and Karen quickly followed suite with her own shifting. It wasn't long before Barb stopped her bouncing, letting Karen and I thrust into her on our own accord. Her face was calm, eyes closed but mouth agape, as she concentrated on the ever increasing euphoric waves. She still held her breasts in each hand, and kneaded them roughly, as she requested, "Suck on my tits, please Sir."

At the moment I set my mouth to them, I heard another loud smack. Barbara yelped loudly, but it wasn't from the pain. I felt a small flood of her ejaculate trickle into my lap.

Thinking that she had come and it was over, I began to slow my thrusting, but she pleaded earnestly, yet softly, "Please fuck me harder, Sir...Fuck me harder...Oh, fuck me harder!"

There was another loud spank, and I felt another small flood of fluid. Barbara began to yell, over and over, "Oh my god!"

Karen spanked her again. This time she wound up both hands and belted Barbara roughly into both her ass cheeks. The sound of the contact was as loud and sharp as a whip cracking. Instantly, I felt a heavier flow released from her this time. Barbara screamed abruptly, and it was quickly followed by loud chanting, "Harder, please Sir, Mistress. Harder...Harder...Harder...!"

Karen and I slammed into her with abandon. Sweat began to pour off all our faces. I wondered how long this could go on. Barbara already had three little orgasms, and continued to ramp up to an even higher plateau of ecstasy after each one. I started to wonder if I was somehow influencing even this aspect of her sexuality.

I saw Karen winding up both arms in order to deliver another blow to Barb. I added my own hand to the spank. A loud double whip crack exploded in the room. Barb let loose with a short, but loud shriek. This time, however, I didn't sense she had come. Instead, the act seemed to increase the rate of her climb to atmospheric levels, as Barb's voice sounded almost frantic, squealing with ever increasing volume, "Harder...Sir, Mistress...Harder!" Her 'Sir, Mistress' came out slurred, sounding like 'Smistress' as she chanted the line repeatedly.

On hearing her yell, 'Harder,' Karen and I spanked her again, the double whip crack sounding as a shotgun had gone off close to my head. I felt another small squirt this time, as Barb was pushed up into an even a higher level of arousal. She grabbed her tits hard, pressing them together so that her nipples bulged out obscenely and sensuously. I bit hard on her offering. She had all but given up speaking pseudo-coherent sentences now. No longer capable of even chanting a childlike, 'Smistress,' and relegated her verbal calls to repeating a hard, "Ha," sound at the top of her lungs.

I deliberately accentuated my thrusting into her, hitting into her groin so that she jumped at each impact, while saying, "Come on, baby, Sir wants you to come." My words, as well as another accompanying rough spank from Karen and I, ignited her into final orgasm.

She shrieked a high pitch, "Fuck!" A wide-eyed combination of shock and bliss covered her face momentarily, before I felt the bursting 'water balloon,' drenching all of us in her ejaculate. Her body didn't spasm or quiver at first, only her stomach muscles rolled violently across her abdomen. When Karen reached around to touch her clit, her whole body began to violently shake, as she screamed, "Fuck," over and over again.

Many moments later, her strength drained, she slipped over onto the bed. Karen and I followed her over, and we continued to fuck her slowly resting on our sides. Her trembling continued, although her wailing had finally stopped.


I heard the front door bell but ignored it at first, thinking I was hearing things. After a short pause, however, I heard it again, and this time, whoever it was, was leaning against it like a cab driver leans on a car horn during rush hour. I looked at the clock and saw it was a little past eight. "Who the fuck...," I said under my breath. I got up to put on my bathrobe.

Karen was lying alongside Barb's still quivering body, slow pumping the strap-on into her ass, and said with sleepy irritability, "Whoever it is can come back tomorrow. Come back to bed Sir, and we'll flip dear heart around and do her the other way."

The doorbell stopped ringing.

"How about we flip you around and do you, instead?"

"Hmm, that sounds scrumptious," Karen purred, while kissing Barbara on the back of the neck.

I was about to take my robe off and do just that, when we heard pounding on the door this time. "Jesus, what are they using, a sledge hammer? I'm going to see who it is...And don't come again, either of you, or I'll be very upset."

"Yes Sir," they said in unison, and giggled.

When I got to the door, I just about swallowed my tongue. It was Barbara's mother, Lisa.

"Oh, I'm so glad your home," she said, breathless and frantic.

"Lisa, what's wrong?"

"Is Karen home?"

"She has a touch of the flu, and went to bed early."

She blurted out, "It's Barbara; I haven't seen her all day. I don't know where she is, and I can't get her on her cell..." She continued to ramble on in full panic mode, and ramping frantically higher with each passing second.

"Lisa, what is she, nineteen, twenty? She's probably at a friend's house."

"No, you don't understand. This isn't like her to just leave and not tell me where she's going, or at least leave a note. When I got back from my mother's, I found the house wide open. I've called all her friends, but no one's seen or heard from her all day. I don't know what else to do. I know she's always been fond of you and Karen and wondered if she's here with you guys."

Trying to sound concerned and sincere, I said, "I'm sorry Lisa, I saw her this morning cutting the grass, but I haven't seen her since. You know, you could have just called instead of coming all the way over here."

"I know, but I remembered that she sometimes goes to the library to catch up on coursework during holidays. I'm thinking she may be there and forgot to turn on her cell phone. I was wondering if you or Karen can give me a ride to see if she's there."

"Where's Bob?"

She started to cry in frustration, "He's at work and can't leave. I wouldn't bother to ask you this but our other car's in the shop."

Then I remembered Bob and Lisa had fallen under some bad financial times, which was probably another reason Barbara didn't go to Florida for Spring Break. The Grants couldn't afford the luxury. Bob had to take a night job just to make ends meet. Karen and I even lent them some money a couple of times to see them through the month.

I touched her arm to console her, "Of course I'll take you over there..."

Unexpectedly, she threw herself into me, and hugged me tight out of relief that I would help her. She quietly sobbed a 'thank you' into my chest.

At that instant, a flood of emotion, mental sights, sounds, and smells coursed through me as an electric current, and it was all coming from Lisa. I became cognizant of everything that had happened to her over the past few months or year, and it flashed across my senses and consciousness in an instant.

I knew in that moment she hadn't been fucked in months, maybe in years. I saw her masturbating in the tub, or in the shower. I heard her shattering orgasms, followed by the soft sobbing of neglect and guilt she felt when finished. I saw Bob through her eyes; sleeping, on the couch, or in his chair in front of a glowing TV late at night, or snoring in their bed with Lisa by his side, and she's wondering sleeplessly if he'll ever touch her again. I could smell her pent-up sexual frustration wafting off her like a cheap perfume. She was just dying for someone, anyone, to touch her in those secret places with love and lust, but was too loyal and loving to seek comfort elsewhere. Pathetically, I saw her sneaking peeks at the adult novelty store as she drove by, trying to screw up enough courage to go inside and buy a vibrator. To buy at least something phallic and tangible that would pleasure her deep, even if her husband wouldn't. Worst of all, I sensed that she had all but forgotten what it felt like to have someone hard, warm, and willing thrusting into her with desire.

Inexplicitly, I did something I would never have fathomed doing in a million years. I reached up and cupped her groin. I felt nothing by a hot wetness bleeding through her panties and onto her skirt. I swear I felt her pussy twitching in sexual anticipation from my touch.

She quickly stepped away from me with a look of shocked horror and insult donning her face. I thought at first she'd slap me before running home, but she just stood there, staring at me. She lowered her eyes to my groin, and saw my massive erection in full view, poking out through the edges of my robe. I followed her eyes down to look for myself. I had noticed during Barbara's blowjob that my cock was still growing, and was pushing passed nine inches in length. Now, in the dim, ambient moonlight on my front porch, it looked positively massive. Could I have grown that much in so short a time?

I heard Lisa swallow hard. When I looked up at her again, she was staring into my eyes. The expressions of insult, shock, and panic were gone, and I no longer sensed any maternal concern for a missing daughter. If I were to causally mention Barbara's name, Lisa would have asked, 'Who?' Instead, all that stared back at me was unconcealed lust. We exchanged no words in that brief moment we stared at each other, but she fell to her knees and sucked me in. I sensed no remorse, hesitation, or guilt from her, just a total submissive desire for my cock and the rapid flood of her saliva all about me.

I forced her further onto me, well past the point I met with resistance. She accepted it all, and more. I grabbed her hard about the temples and thrust into her as I just thrust into her daughter, wondering if she could taste her daughter on me. The very thought made my cock swell even more.

I pulled out of her to tease. Long strands of her saliva dripped off her chin, splattering her blouse and skirt. She kept her mouth open, wide, waiting for me—silently begging me to fill her again. I slid back between her wet lips. Her eyes went wide with lust as I fucked her face viciously. She slid a hand up between my legs to knead my ass.

I pulled out of her again, and forced her face into my balls. She sucked them in, lewdly rolling them around with her tongue as I smeared my dripping cock around her face.

"Stick out your tongue," I commanded.

When she did, I slapped my cock down on it several times, making a loud, wet, squishing sound each time. Then I shoved into her again.

"Lick my balls with my cock in your mouth."

She tried several times, gagging loudly as she tried to push me further in, but she could never get me in far enough to reach them with her tongue. I laughed at her efforts, "That's all right, Lisa. Karen can't do it either." On hearing Karen's name, Lisa began sucking on me harder.

I thought about Barbara's blowjob as her mother serviced me. Then I had another thought, one with mother and daughter going down on each other as I fucked both of them. All I need do is invite Lisa into the bedroom and it would all happen...

'No!' I screamed in my mind, and I shut my eyes against the thought. Reeling back, I picked Lisa off the porch, and threw her headfirst into the front door. Pushing her head down and against the door, I kicked her legs wide apart. I flipped her skirt up and onto her back, and wrenched her panties off in one clean jerk. They were soiled, and damp with her arousal.

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