tagMind ControlBehind Enemy Lines Ch. 02

Behind Enemy Lines Ch. 02


CHAPTER TWO: Alice temporarily gains the upper hand


"Tell me again," Alice gasped as she slowly came back down to Earth, her voice ragged and panting.

They were both on Carruthers' bed, pretty much the same place ever since Alice had woken up. She hated herself, but the sight of his stiff cock in her hazy half awake eyes had proven too much. Even now, a few hours later, she was sitting on top of him, his cock still throbbing inside her, digging her fingernails into the sweat-dampened hair on his chest as they recovered from another round of frantic sex.

He'd fucked her on three different occasions now.

Alice knew she was succumbing fast to the mind-numbing effect of the aphrodisiacal drug and was also aware that there was little she could do about it. Instead, she told herself she had to try and use the time between their couplings to understand more about their situation.

Even that took a great deal of mental strength. With each passing orgasm, she could almost feel a piece of her will power peeling away each time. Whatever components were in the drug, it was incredibly powerful. If she didn't find a way out of this soon, she never would.

"How do we get fed? The door has to open, right?" she asked, her voice still heavy with arousal.

Rather than answer, Carruthers reached up to cup her breasts. Alice felt her back arch in response, pushing her tits into his waiting hands as she moaned. His eyes were hazy as the drug consumed him. The poor bastard had been this way for weeks. What chance did he have?

This was one of their best field agents and yet the drug had sapped all of the fight out of him. It was like his will was virtually nonexistent, that the drug had turned into a shell of a man, perpetually ready to fuck. It was proving harder to get his mind back each time.

The problem was that she'd be in the same state if she couldn't find a way out within the next forty-eight hours or so.

"The door has to open, right?" she rasped again, slapping him across his cheek.

"Yeah," he moaned, his tone non committal.

"How many men come in?"

Carruthers gasped, his eyes looking up to meet hers as he tried to understand her question.

"How many men come in?" she repeated urgently, slapping him again. "To feed us. How many men?"

It temporarily had the desire affect. His eyes seemed to find focus as he stared up at her.

"To feed us?" his shaky voice repeated. "Two. But if they're moving people around there'll be three of them. They use a taser if you get out of line."

Alice sharply drew her breath at the news. The Gestapo weren't taking any chances. Nor had she really expected them too.

But she didn't have long to think. Carruthers had taken advantage of her temporary distraction to caress her tits again. The way he flicked her nipples with his thumbs was sending shock waves all the way down to her clit. She didn't want to, she had to figure this out, she told herself, but she could already feel herself grinding her hips down on his cock in response. God, it was getting so hard to keep focused.

"When do they drug us again?" she asked, trying to clear her mind.

"What do you mean?"

"The drug. When do we get a repeat dose?"

"We don't, he groaned in a mixture of arousal and grim recognition of their plight. "However they've done it, they've developed a drug that has a permanent effect."

Alice felt her stomach flutter at his words. Surely that couldn't be the case? No drug was surely that powerful to stay in the bloodstream forever? She wanted, needed, to think it through, but he was starting to pump up inside her. Oh God, that felt so good.

She looked down at his unshaven face. He was gritting his teeth, maybe trying to stay with her thought process but already lost to the needs of his body. She decided to push any more thoughts to the back of her mind. That hard dick felt so good...

Bending her hips forward and leaning into him, she brushed her supple breasts across his face. His eyes opened instantly and he took one nipple and then the other inside his mouth one as she swayed her tits back and forward.

It was like pouring fuel on the fire. Suddenly Carruthers was biting down on a nipple as he jerked his dick up faster inside her. Alice gasped. All of a sudden it was difficult to breathe. The older agent was pile driving up inside her, his grip now on her hips, vice like.

Her eyes rolled in pleasure as thousands of nerve endings were stimulated at once, the intense heat in her body driving her on. Her long, blonde hair bounced around her shoulders as she gave every ounce of energy she had. She began to pump down, jamming herself down on that wonderful thickness, meeting thrust for thrust as she let her mind go and lost control to the sensations rolling through her.

Both of them were grunting now, their echoing moans of pleasure bouncing around the small room. Perspiration from their bodies splattered across the bed. She was driving downwards, allowing his cock to burrow deeper and deeper into her sex, penetrating as far as it could possibly go. Caruthers pumped upwards with all the force of a pneumatic machine. It was wild, it was hard, and it was oh so good.

When he detonated inside her, she came with him—even harder than she remembered before. The world seemed to stop, her mind exploding with a surge of the most extreme pleasure she had ever experienced. Was this what the drug did? It seemed that way. His climax always sparked yet another orgasm in her and hers got harder and harder.

She grabbed her tits as she came, groping them with her fingernails as she arched her body in ecstasy. They felt unbearably full and tender, almost bigger and swollen than normal, and she handled them roughly, crushing them and pinching her nipples. Her orgasm was almost continuous now, not stopping as she crashed from one peak of pleasure to another, consuming the whole of her being. So was his!

It felt like he couldn't stop cumming either, and her body jerked deliciously as she gratefully accepted each further explosion. She had never felt this alive, this good.

Eventually, in what seemed a long time later, it was over...

Neither of them moved for a while, resting until the need overtook them again. Her oversensitive breasts ached against his chest, but she lacked the immediate strength to raise her upper body. The sex, the endless flow of orgasms had sapped the strength right out from her.

Despite the voice in the back of her mind that told her she was definitely weakening, that her spirit was being broken, she was unable to move other than to lay her head on his chest, listening to the pounding sound of his heart. And yet, it was that thump-thump sound that helped her regain a semblance of her senses.

Use it, she told herself, use anything to help keep her alert. To stop this need consuming her. With a huge effort of will, she managed to raise the strength to pull herself off him, steadying herself as she stood, until her weakened legs allowed her to stumble across to the door.

There just had to be a way out.


The guard timed his entry into the cell with all the precision of a man who had done this many times before. He had learned from experience that late evening was the best. He was unlikely to be disturbed by other guards or officials, and the two prisoners would be resting from their day of constant fucking.

Not that fatigue played too significant a part as far as the drug was concerned. The scientific team had thought of that. Part of its aphrodisiacal qualities was that it imbued the participant with a high level of energy when they were in a state of arousal. It fogged their brain, yes, but also left each person highly energised and susceptible to any form of sexual excitement.

He'd cunningly slipped a powerful sedative into the male agent's drink when he'd taken them food earlier. That would make sure he'd sleep for a good couple of hours. Not that he was a threat anymore. His spirit had been broken by the drug—it always was after a short period. A week or more of constant fucking left the participant unable to think of anything but sex.

But the woman was different ... she still had spirit, for the time being at least. She'd have for another couple of days, until it was squeezed out of her. He preferred the captive when they were in that state—still with enough rational thought to understand what was happening to them, but nevertheless completely unable to resist.

This beautiful blonde had a more impressive body than some of the German army's best pin up girls, and much better than any of the other women he'd fucked here. This was going to be a night to remember.

Like the man in the cell with her, the blonde was lying out on her own bed. He was sleeping, he would be for some time. She was spread-eagled, her hand between her wide open thighs, gently caressing herself even as she rested. The two of them hadn't fucked since they'd eaten. That was good. Given the rough animalistic sex he enjoyed, she was going to need all her strength.

She looked up, hazy and confused, as he entered the cell for the second time in an hour. He wore a Kevlar vest with a radio on his shoulders and a pistol on his belt. The radio had been switched off, of course. He didn't want any interruptions.

He momentarily paused inside the door of the cell, intently watching her reaction. When she gave a quick glance towards Carruthers, he knew that alarm bells would be going off in her head. Her cell mate was fast asleep. It was the first time her fellow prisoner had slept since she'd joined him in there.

When her eyes slowly widened, he knew that her brain had kicked into gear and she realised what he had in mind. She was smart, this one. He'd seen plenty of other women prisoners whose weren't anywhere near as alert. But she'd have one thing in common with them. Part of her would be horrified and disgusted while the other, stronger, part would be extremely aroused by his sudden appearance.

The needs of their bodies always outweighed any other consideration.

Part of her might also be thinking this was an opportunity to escape. That didn't worry him. Even an agent as well trained as this one wouldn't stand a chance against his bulk. Besides, within seconds of him getting his dick out, she would be entirely pre occupied with putting those bee stung lips of hers to use.

After that, she wouldn't be able to think of anything other than his huge dick when he was fucking her.

Her eyes covered his bulky frame in his black uniform, taking in anything that might prove useful. She was definitely trying to resist the effects of the drug, he smiled to himself. A part of him hoped she would try to resist —the rougher the sex the better.

He strutted across to the bed, unable to resist a lewd lick of his lips as his eyes took in her nakedness. She made no attempt to cover herself. That was another good sign. His cock was already growing in his grey uniform trousers.

"Hello Fraulein," he greeted her, in his thick German accent.

He bowed patronisingly with a smirk to himself.

"It is unfortunate your companion has fallen asleep when you such a need inside you, ja?"

An arrogant smile settled on his face as his hands went to his belt. He pulled it open and then dragged down the zipper on his trousers.

"Perhaps Scharführer Herman Vogler can be of assistance?"

The blonde watched, spellbound, as he tugged his boxers and trousers to his ankles in one motion, letting her see his monster. Women were always amazed at how big he was. And when they were in this sexual drug-induced trance, the sight was irresistible.

He ran a hand through his crew cut hair, feeling a vein throbbing on his bull-like neck as her gaze fixed on his semi-erect dick. When her tongue flicked invitingly across those suckable pink lips, he grew another couple of inches.

"Let me introduce you, Fraulein," he condescendingly drawled as he walked towards the bed, holding his erection out to her. "This is Herman's Stolz und Freude. And soon it will be yours, too."

He grinned to himself as she reached for his dick. Whatever might be going on in her head, she couldn't stop herself. He had her now. It was even easier than he thought. She just looked up at him, her pupils visibly dilating as she ran her tongue over her lips for a second time. The bitch was practically gagging for it.

He placed one hand behind her neck, roughly pulling her face forward and holding her in place as she wrapped her fingers as far as she could around the base, lowered her head, and took him into her mouth. His cock grew between her lips and he moaned as he gathered a few strands of her golden blonde hair between his fingers. Sometimes the women went at him like a dog with a bone, but this one seemed to want to savour this. That was fine with him. They had plenty of time.

His other hand reached underneath her to purposefully cup her full breast. Her nipple was rock hard against his palm.

When her wide, lustful eyes stared up into his, he callously smiled at what must be going on in her head right now. A part of her would hate herself for sucking his cock, for having given in so easily. He hoped so. But from the way she was so eagerly sucking him, it was a part that was buried deep in her mind. The rest of her was completely lost in the act.

Her blonde hair bounced on her shoulders as she enthusiastically went about her work. He let out a satisfied sigh. This was one of England's finest secret agents, and she was sucking his dick—Scharführer Herman Vogler's monster of a dick—like she was a common whore.

Her tongue slowly made its way up one side of his shaft and back down the other, bathing his length liberally in her slippery saliva. She toyed with the ridge of his swollen head, all the while looking up at him with those needy eyes. He smiled at her. They were lidded with passion and a need she couldn't hope to control.

When the project here was finished, he would have to try and secure a personal supply of the drug. They kept it closely guarded, but he knew ways. His superiors weren't as clever as they thought. Well, except for Obersturmfuhrer Helga Bachmeier, of course. She was a woman to be feared. Even so, it was worth the risk. With the drug in his possession, he'd be able to have any woman he wanted when the war was won.

He glanced down at her again, even more aroused by the thought. Her wide eyes were staring up at him again and the way her mouth moved on his dick was unbelievingly sexual. If he didn't know better, the British agent was actually teasing him, sliding her pink lips all the way down to the base whilst those pretty cheeks hollowed out.

He felt his shaft pushed against her throat and let out a deep moan.

She was deep-throating him like an expert and he could already feel his body succumbing to her working mouth. He tightened his fingers in her blonde hair, readying himself to spurt his creamy cum into her mouth. But she had other plans...

The sexy bitch pulled off him and pushed his hard shaft up against his stomach, swiping her tongue across one testicle, then the other. Dammit, even the whores he fucked in the village didn't do that. And he's always thought that English women were prim and proper. They said the drug brought out the person's true personality and this blonde English spy was showing herself to be one dirty minded little slut.

He gasped out loud as she sucked gently from one heavy ball to the other, her dreamy lidded eyes fixed on his as she stared up with intent.

A string of saliva dangled between her half-open mouth and his testicles. She sexily sucked it between her lips and then took just the head between her pink lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she worked on him again. Those soft, jerking, sucking movements were unbelievable.

He squeezed his eyes tightly shut, trying to maintain his composure as her mouth plunged back onto his stiffness, deep-throating him again. The bitch knew what she was after and was going after it masterfully. He began to groan, almost there.

But suddenly she had pulled off him again.

He let out a curse as he fought back the orgasmic tide. Yes, he could splash all over her tits, like the sleeping man had done when she'd first entered the cell, but he intended to cum inside her pretty mouth. He roughly dragged her head back to his dick—nothing was going to stop him from blasting his German cum between those sweet British pink lips like this little slut deserved.

Nothing except for the cold barrel of his pistol she'd somehow taken from his holster and was now pressing against his balls...


Alice had been so consumed in her own arousal that she'd nearly lost it altogether. If she had any reservations as to how powerful the drug was before, she was fully aware now. This bastard had come here with the express intention of taking advantage of her, almost certainly without the knowledge of his superiors.

He'd even probably been watching her and Carruthers on the hidden camera in the room. She'd already worked out where that was.

And yet the sensations she had experienced when he'd exposed himself had been so intense that she hadn't been able to stop herself from sucking his dick. At one point she'd almost forgotten entirely who she was and why she was here. Lost in the moment of intense pleasure.

But when the few strands of lucid thought had occasionally broken through, she had called on all her training techniques in an attempt to tell herself that this was the opportunity she'd been looking for. She'd just had to try and keep it together, keep as level a head as she could in the circumstances and wait for her moment. Her only regret was that she hadn't waited until he'd cum in her mouth, but as much as she wanted to feel him spurt, it would have lost her the advantage.

It hadn't been easy to get his pistol from his holster, especially as she'd had her mouth full of his dick. But that had been her secret weapon. He was so lost in the sensations between her lips that she'd been able to time the move to perfection. Deep throating him at that exact moment had been just enough to distract him.

But even now, having gained the upper hand, she knew it wasn't over. Not the way her body was now feeling. The arousal pounding through her veins was so intense she just wanted to scream out her frustration. As soon as she had him secured, tied up against her bedpost, she'd get James to fuck her again. It was dangerous to delay their escape, but if he could temporarily sate the surging need inside her—inside them both—the better the chance of getting out of this hellhole and reporting back to Headquarters.

"Get on the bed," she rasped at the guard.

Her voice was a harsh rasp as she tried to sound more in control than she was. She pressed the gun more tightly into his testicles until he saw winced in pain. He had to understand she was serious.

"Back against the wall..."

He did, clumsily, his face burning with anger as Alice changed the position of the gun from his balls to his forehead.

"Understand one thing, Herman," she said, spitting out his name to show her utter contempt. "One false move and that German brain of yours will be splattered all over this bed."

She glanced around the cell, waiting silently in case the cell door bust open. Although she suspected that the guard was acting alone, it wasn't inconceivable that one of his colleagues had been watching them on the hidden camera. If that was the case, than a gang of other guards would be descending on them pretty quickly.

This was likely to be her one and only chance to escape. She had to be ready for anything now.

It was a good minute later before she relaxed again— secure in the knowledge that Herman had been acting on his own volition. Other guards would have been in here by now, otherwise.

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