tagSci-Fi & FantasyBerserker: Captive of a Viking Ch. 02

Berserker: Captive of a Viking Ch. 02


(thank you all so much for your comments. Hope I haven't kept you all waiting to long, here's chapter 2. Although I'd just like to remind everyone that, though I did do a bit of research I don't know a lot about sailing, I apologise for any editing mistakes but I am a terrible editor)

I felt warmth all around me, so warm so soft. My fingers were stroking, fur? My eyes cracked open slowly, I saw only a pile of blankets around me, and above me a plank ceiling. I felt something move in the sea of furs and blankets around me, two thick arms were wrapped around my waist, my naked waist. Panic gripped me making me freeze and scramble in my mind. Who the hell? I once had a boyfriend in college, we had dated for bit, we had had sex, but we had never slept together. I had always thought of sleeping together as way more intimate than sex, and this douche was doing it without my permission! I carefully grasped the arms and untangled myself very slowly, I heard a loud snore behind me and sighed in relief, It was then all of a sudden that I noticed my surroundings. I was in a large cabin, but the entire thing was made of real wood! From the sway beneath my feet I knew I was on a boat, but what kind of boat used 100% real wood. All around my was real wood items, not the classic printed wood, but real damn wood, where the hell was I? There was a tall wardrobe against one wall, it was carved with intricate twisting vines an authentic looking sword was propped against it in a scabbard, there was also a desk with an actual massive quill sitting in a pot of ink. The entire left wall of the cabin was a book shelf, each shelf had a ledge in the front to keep the books from flying off, the books themselves were massive tomes, they were embossed with many different languages, none of with I recognised. There were no windows in the cabin, it felt all closed in like a cave, I've never been claustrophobic before, but with the only light source coming from dim candles about the room, it felt like the walls were closing in on me.

I looked down and realised with a shock that I was only wearing my underwear. Oh dear god! I don't care who this guy is I'm gonna kill him! I looked around on the ground but my clothes were no where to be seen, crap, I raced to the wardrobe and pulled it open, praying it wouldn't creek. But it opened silently, inside were shelves of various tunics and pants, some were made of leather with fur trimming, others were rough home spun clothe and some featured various talented embroidery. It was like opening the closet of pre medieval Viking! I pulled one of the leather tunics out, it was mostly plain, except for a few wooden buttons it the front and a thick furry grey collar. Its sleeves fell way farther then my wrists when I put them on, so I rolled them a few times, the shirt was long to begin with, so it now fell to my knees. I looked for a belt in the wardrobe, but couldn't find a single one, I finally turned away with an exasperated sigh. I suddenly realised there wasn't any snoring coming from the bed anymore.

I looked over at it to see one the of the most ruggedly handsome males I had ever encountered. He was huge! The massive bed I had found myself in, looked perfectly natural with him. What with the blankets I could only see his chest and up, He was as broad as the come, with a divine six pack and gorgeous pecks, he really shouldn't have had a face that sinful, with its high cheek bones and stunning blue eyes. Blue eyes.... I gasped, suddenly the entire events of the last twenty four hours came rushing back to me like a dream I wanted to forget, the terrifying water spout, the freezing days? Hours? Minutes? At sea, and finally the stunning blue eyes, before falling into oblivion. He was looking at me now with an amused expression. My face hardened in anger.

"What the hell do you think your playing at! I'm going to give you one chance to explain yourself! Why did I wake up naked in your bed with you?!" I stared him down only to see his expression change from humour to shock and then awe within the space of a few seconds.

He stared me down, examining me from head foot. I crossed my arms and maintained eye contact so he wouldn't see how disconcerted his expression made me. He gave a short laugh and got out of the bed, I tensed for a moment, then relaxed when I saw he was wearing pants. "You speak the ancient language.... I did not know there were any tutors left." He said the words with a thick deep accent, I'd never heard before.

My brow furrowed in confusion. "I speak English. I learned it from my parents like everyone else in my country. Now answer my question."

Asegill stared at her in shock over two incredible things, one, she was one of the fara... the people from where the ancient language had originated, many said it was the will of the gods that they found their way to his world, though none had crossed over in many lifetimes. And two, she had just commanded him as if she wasn't a woman at all!

Asegill was stunned silent for a moment then recovered his voice, he drew on the ancient words his tutor had taught him so long ago in secret. Asegill walked towards her backing her into a corner, he could see the fear in her eyes but she masked it quickly with contempt. Though it didn't stop her from hitting the wall behind her. "You awoke in my bed because I pulled you from the ocean, and you were freezing cold. Your clothes were not helping that." He saw her mentally back track as she realised her mistake.

"oh. Sorry um, thanks for saving me." She glanced around her again. "this one of those nautically authentic ships right, can I borrow your phone?"

"This my ship, I do not know what a phone is."

She looked at him as if he were crazy. "Well... I need to go home now so if so could turn around back to the states that would be great."

Asegill suddenly realised she didn't know where she was. "You are not in your world anymore, the god's have brought you to mine." Asegill turned away from her and opened the wardrobe, beginning to dress. "My name is Asegill and the god's have sent you here to be my wife. You shall be pleased when we return to land, I'm lord of my town and have many servants in my hall, and you will be my lady."

"um... no thank you."

He kept his back to me "I was not offering a choice."

I didn't wait for him to finish his little psycho speech. I rushed through the door of the room and out in to a long narrow hall way. I saw a ladder further down and made a beeline for it. Just as began to scrabbled up towards a shaft of sunlight, I felt the massive arms I was now beginning to recognise.

"Put me down you psycho!" He paid no attention to me, he held me easily on his hip like a bag of dog food. It suddenly occurred to me that insane people shouldn't be allowed to workout. I tried to struggle but he only hitched me higher on his hip, squeezing me until I could hardly breath. Oh god, I've been kidnapped by a crazy pirate. I had time enough to imagine what he was planning before we entered the room again and he unceremoniously dumped me on the bed. I scrambled up and backed away from him, he stood at the door for a moment, pulling out a key and locking it, then tucking the key away in an inner pocket of his shirt. The sound of the lock clicking had a dreadful finality to it. He turned around with an angry expression. I situated myself in the center of the room and examined his face more carefully, after all when I escaped and found the police I needed to be able to id this guy. He had very long blond hair it was braided and fell down past his shoulders, he had a couple of wrinkles around his Caribbean blue eyes, I guessed he was probably in his early thirties. He had a slightly crooked nose that must have been broken in the past, he also had a scar running over his lip on the right side of his mouth. Although his entire appearance reminded me of a Nordic god, the only thing I felt for him right now was fear. I quickly ran through a few self defence moves in my head.

He stalked towards me again, this time I stood my ground. He stopped in front of me, forcing me to crane my neck back to keep eye contact. "Don't be so foolish. Where would you hide on MY ship? You might as well get used to this idea you find you disagreeable." I tried to decipher his expression, then I realised, he was insulted. I pushed away my anger and fear and went for a different approach.

"look I don't know where you are from, but where I'm from you can't force someone to marry you, and I am definitely not marrying you. I'm sure you have a very nice hall, but I'm staying single, why don't you find some other girl." He gave a deep chuckle, and reached out taking hold of my chin his hand. I tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let go.

"believe me I have looked, but where ever you are from, you are in my land now, and here a man can take whatever he desires, unless it belongs to another man. I see no brothers or fathers of yours here, thus you belong to me." I gasped in outrage, and tried once again to free my face, when that failed I tried to kick him in the groin. He caught my leg between his own before I got anywhere near his family jewels. I tried to punch him next but he caught both my hands in one of his as easily as one would subdue a child. I was truly outmanoeuvred.

I looked into his eyes again, and pleaded. "please, why are you doing this?"

His expression didn't soften one bit. "I will tell you the truth, if I do not marry today, I will lose everything that I have, my home, my ship, my title." I actually felt a little pity for him for a moment. "But truthfully even if this hadn't been the case, I would taken you as my own anyways."

I almost snarled I was so angry, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "alright you have to get married, how about I marry you, you get to keep your stuff, and then you drop me off on shore, you find a different girl, and we forget this ever happened?" He threw his head back and laughed, the prick. When he had finally finished he bent down close to me.

"why would I do that when can keep you for so much longer instead?" I could see the sudden arousal in his eyes, I knew this was my only chance. I pulled my wrists towards his thumbs in one sudden jerk. Just like I learned in self defence, then while he was taken off guard I punched him as hard as I could in the balls. All the air left his lungs for a moment and I tore out of his grip I looked around the room for a weapon, I saw the sword again and ran for it, tearing it out of its scabbard. I turned around with the surprisingly heavy sword to face him. He was walking towards me now with an expression of pain and murder. I pointed the sword at him.

"stop!" I was proud of how firm my voice was.

Asegill stared at the little spitfire holding hid sword. The gods had to send him the most insufferable woman in all of their worlds and make her look like a goddess incarnate! A mix of pain, anger, and excitement was churning inside him, despite the pain she had caused him, he liked her fire. Thor's Hammer, she would be a tigress in the bed. That thought helped him calm his anger, He tried to see all this from her point of view, taken from her home without notice only to land in the arms of a man who wanted to make her his own. He could understand her actions, but he wouldn't tolerate more of them.

"What is your name?"

"why should I tell you? I'm the one with the knife!" Asegill hid his amusement, little did she know he could harmlessly have that sword from her within a few seconds. But she seemed calmer now, he could tell she liked being in control.

"I gave you my name. Why not give me yours?" she hesitated a moment, then seemed to reach a decision.

"Francine." She said softly.

He took one slow step towards her like he was taming a wild mare. "Francine." The name was different and exotic much like her, he liked it. "like it or not you are in my land, and you do not wish me to let you go when we reach the shore. This land is dangerous for a woman on her own."

"I'll take my chances."

He was getting frustrated now, he could tell she didn't believe him, how does one convince a woman she is no longer in her world. Why was he trying to convince her of anything! He should just take her now and be done with it. But he couldn't help but feel sorry for her plight, and also feel a sort of grudging respect for her, most women he knew would be weeping by now. But she was holding his own against him, her stunning green eyes were staring into his own with intense anger. He could easily see her commanding his men when he went out to sea, yes she would make a fine wife. All he needed to do was force her to surrender.

Asegill took another step towards her she stiffened, he could see the fear in her eyes. He knew what she was thinking, if she didn't keep him away he would kill her for threatening him. "Put down my sword now and no harm will come to you."

"You'll take me back to shore and let me go?"

"Yes." he lied.

"Give me the key first." Ah, she was good. If she could get him out and lock the door, she would buy herself some time. But the door was good workmanship, he was loath to break it down.

He pulled the key out of his shirt and tossed it to her, while she focussed on catching it he rushed her. He easily reached forward and grabbed the hilt of the sword before she could react. He squeezed her wrist hard enough to make her let go. While the sword clattered to the floor, he plucked the keys out of her hand. She tried to fight him again, but now he knew her tricks. Before she could try punching him again, he pulled her back against himself holding both her wrists in both hands now. She stopped struggling after a few moments. She was breathing hard in obvious fear, that sound did things to him, everything she did, did things to him. He pushed her away and bent to pick up his sword and thread it through a loop on his belt, He couldn't stand not having her anymore, this had to end now. He strode to the door unlocking it and exiting, shutting and locking it again behind him.

"What are you going to do!" She shouted from the other side of the door, her voice still piqued in rage.

"Marry you minn hyrr." he purred, just loud enough for her to hear. He heard something large hitting the door with thud as he walked away.

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