tagNon-EroticBest Friends Forever Ch. 03

Best Friends Forever Ch. 03


Katie stared at her best friend. She was trying to process exactly what Bill had said. She hadn't seen her best friend in almost three months and now he had told her he was getting a divorce.


"Cathy wants a divorce. She's not at training this week. She went home to visit her parents. She took the week off work. She thinks we're having an affair. She won't believe me when I tell her we're not."

By this time, Bill was sobbing uncontrollably. He had always been emotional and Katie knew that he wouldn't stop crying unless he had been calmed down. The bill had been paid and so Katie stood up and led Bill outside to her car. She sat him down in the passenger seat and got in the car. She turned to face him.

"I'm driving you home."

Katie turned the car on and drove the few blocks to Bill and Cathy's house. Bill was sniffling and bawling. Katie touched his thigh lightly. The moment she pulled into the driveway, she got out and they walked towards the house. The moment they got in Katie pulled Bill in for a hug. They stumbled into the living room and sat down. Bill cuddled against Katie and cried his eyes out. Katie just sat there and waited for Bill to calm down. This was serious. The only other time he had cried this hard was when his Dad had died. Finally, Bill calmed down enough and sat up.

"She left on Sunday. She saw your number on my cell phone and started screaming at me, saying she finally had proof that I was cheating on her. She left in a whirlwind of screaming."

"Want me to talk to her?"

"What are you going to say? Tell her we're not having an affair. She won't believe you any more than she believes me."

"Bill come on. Let me talk to her. She needs to know how much you love her."

"You'd do that?" Bill's eyes were still red, but he was smiling. Katie couldn't help but smile. Bill was so sweet and loveable.

"Yes I'm going to do that for you. You're my best friend."


Katie sat in the coffee shop and waited for Cathy to arrive. It had taken almost two weeks for Cathy to actually answer the phone. She had reluctantly agreed to meet Katie, but she had no idea why. She really didn't want to see the woman who was cheating with her husband, or soon to be ex-husband. Cathy entered the coffee shop and sat right down across from Katie.

"You have five minutes and then I'm leaving. Explain yourself."

Katie blinked. This was not the same woman who Katie had met so many times prior to the wedding. She hadn't seen Cathy since the wedding and although physically she looked the same, maybe a little plump from being a few months pregnant, but otherwise no changes. Personality wise, she was rude and cranky.

"Bill and I have never been together. No one ever believes me when I tell them. My mom doesn't believe me and neither does Bill's mom. I don't know what to say to make you believe me, but Bill cried his eyes out when he told me you wanted a divorce. He loves you so much. You know he spent hours figuring out the best way to propose to you. I offered to help him and he said no. He wanted it to be perfect."

By this time, Cathy was sobbing quietly and was wiping the tears from her face. The moment she wiped the tears that had spilled over her eyelashes more would form.

"I know. You're amazing Katie. I'm so jealous of you. Why won't he tell me why he comes home late every night?"

Katie bit her lip. She knew why, but didn't want to be the one to tell her. She had been sworn to secrecy, but if she wanted to mend their broken relationship she would have to tell her.

"I know the answer. I'd rather not tell you, but I promise you it's a good reason. Other than going out for dinner two weeks ago I haven't seen Bill since the wedding."

"Tell me." Cathy's voice was soft and quiet. She was still crying, but it was a soft cry.

"He's working another job at a hardware store so that you two have enough money. He plans to save up so that you can be a stay at home mom."

Katie said the words softly and waited for a response. She knew she sounded like a bitch with what she just said, but she had tried her best to sound sincere and caring. She did care and the last thing she wanted was her best friend to get divorced.

"Why would he do that? We have enough money!" Cathy was visibly upset. Katie walked over and sat next to Cathy.

"Because his parents aren't rich. Yours are. Your parents gave you a house for goodness sake. He's worried he will never be able to provide for you."

"Oh. I guess I'm a complete bitch aren't I?"

"No you're just a hormonal pregnant woman. Considering you're carrying twins I think that's allowed." Katie gasped as she blurted out the last few words. She covered her mouth with her hand.

"Sorry. Fuck. Bill accidentally told me. I'm sorry. He told me you guys were keeping it a secret."

Cathy smiled. "It's O.K. Katie. Yes, we're having twins. You are a great best friend to Bill. You know that right?"

"Yeah I guess."

"You guess? Katie you are amazing. Bill talks about you all the time. You came over here thinking I hated you. You are the most sincere person I have ever met. You're selfless. You truly are Katie."

"Well thank you Cathy. Are you going to go back home?"



"Two girls? Wow! Congrats Bill. How's Cathy doing?"

Katie was sitting on a bench outside one of the university buildings. Her phone had vibrated in class and she rushed outside to take the call.

"Want to hear the names we picked out?" Bill was standing in the hallway of the hospital. Cathy was just showering and the babies were being looked after in the nursery. He had a list of people he needed to call, but this was the most important call for him. He had to call his best friend.

"Sure Bill. Hopefully she didn't go all hormonal and name them Madison or Ryan."

"We named them after you. Katie Erin Kennedy and Erin Katie Kennedy."

Katie smiled as tears spilled from her eyes. She was never happier than she was at this moment.

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