tagMatureBest. Job. Ever!

Best. Job. Ever!


"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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The Mid 70's

I stepped out onto the sidewalk. The Philadelphia summer was as hot and humid as anything I had felt in 'Nam. I yanked at my tie and unbuttoned my top shirt button.

Thanks to the referral from my Accounting Instructor at Community College of Philadelphia I had just been hired! It was the perfect job and it was an income that would help me get thru college without too much debt.

I was a sophomore at CCoP, one of the oldest students at CCoP thanks to a couple of tours in the Navy. Being older had helped in the interview. Mrs. Bird, the owner, was clear that she needed someone who would focus on the work, and not the clientele. I had managed to convince her I could be that person. When Mrs. Bird had told me that the shop catered to the "Special needs of our clients and discretion in required!" I had been able to not drool as I told her I could manage that.

Stepping a few feet away I paused under the shade of the awning bearing the name and motto of the store Mrs. Bird ran: Burns and Adrian, Corsetiere to the Elite! Flowing, elegant script added class to an already classy enterprise.

Corsetiere is fancy talk for women's underwear. Bras, panties, corsets, that sort of thing.

As I stood, sweltering, a town car pulled to a smooth stop in front of the shop and the driver popped out to open the rear door.

What emerged was a vision such as I had never seen. In her heels the woman was almost as tall as I, a little over 5' 10". She strode to the door, confident in her four inch heels. As she click-clicked across the sidewalk the biggest pair of tits I had ever imagined struggled to free themselves from her tight, v-necked dress. The exposed jiggling masses fought each other for dominance on her chest. The designer may have thought the neckline was modest but this goddesses massive over-abundance overwhelmed any attempt at disguising or restraining the huge ovoids that projected to both sides as well as far, far in front of her. The side view as she entered B&A was staggering.

Just hired as the new accountant at the fanciest woman's underwear store on the East Coast and I had just seen the biggest tits EVER march into the shop! And I LOVE women with big tits! I couldn't wait to get started! Being around big breasted women all day was a dream job!


Six weeks later it was still just a dream. I never saw any of the clients!

Mrs. B had put me in an office that had been converted from one of the original fitting rooms before the shop had expanded. The walls were still lined with mirrors and old, outdated samples: Bullet pointy bras from the 50's, lacy nothings from the "braless" 60's. For all I knew there were underwear from the "Flapper" 20's hanging from the hooks! A desk had been jammed into one corner. The window looked out onto the alley between our building and the restaurant behind us. My view was of the always overflowing garbage cans. I kept the shades drawn.

At Mrs. B's instruction, the door remained closed while I was in the office. Not that the office was anywhere near the showroom or the current fitting rooms. But Mrs. B insisted.

Well, despite the decor, I had a state of the art TRS-80 and had been able to get almost all of the paper records entered into the accounting program I had bought for the shop. The first few weeks I had kept the NEC printer running almost non-stop!

In the process I found and recovered something over $20,000 of unpaid bills that Mrs. B had not been able to keep track of with her paper and pencil system. So I was her fair-haired boy! Not that my financial success did anything to make her relax her rules. I never had any contact with the clientele that kept B&A at the top of the game in custom made underwear.

And then...

I was beavering away at the last weeks receipts when the door behind me opened.

"Young man, could you help me? Everyone seems to be busy." The voice was an attractive contra alto. I turned in my chair and was rendered speechless!

"Young man, I asked you a question!" she said a little louder.

It was her! The woman I had seen prance into the shop on the day of my interview! It was her! There was no doubt! No other woman could have filled so much of the office while still standing in the door way!

"Um," I found my voice, "How can I help you?" I managed to drag my eyes up to her face. Those curves made it difficult to remain focused on anything other than her overwhelmingly massive chest! I fought the inclination to stare.

"I think my zipper is broken. Can you try to free it? I don't know what happened to the young woman who was helping me. I heard the typewriter in here. I hope you don't mind the interruption?" There was a trace of humor in her eyes as she spoke.

As she entered the room she pulled the door shut behind her and turned her back to me indicating the zipper. Sure enough, it was screwed up.

As I stood behind her fussing with the zipper I was aware that the mirrors on the walls gave me multiple viewpoints of my visitor. She stood patiently as I worked. I admit I took a little more time than I needed so I could try to memorize the view from each side as well as the front. Even from in back of her I could see the massive swells of her breasts as they projected beyond her rib cage and further, beyond the outside of her arms!

My fingers were shaking a little as I worked. I had never been this close to a woman with breasts any where near as large as this woman!

"There!" I announced as I finished and pulled the zipper up. "All done!"

"Well, thank you, young man. But I need to have it pulled down, you see. Would you mind?" She didn't move as she said this, just looked at me in the mirror.

"Um, of course, Ma'am" I responded. I reached up and carefully pulled the zipper down to the bottom of its run, just above the middle of her hips.

She said nothing. She hunched her shoulders together and as I watched in the mirror over her shoulder her dress slid down and over the impressive shelf her breasts made. Slowly, her bra was exposed. It took a fair amount of time to do this because the bra was so overwhelmingly large! Each cup seemed easily able to accommodate a basketball with room to spare! With her shoulders hunched forward her breasts were pressed together, the cleavage deep and endless! Her bra cut deeply into the twin pillows of flesh, forcing huge mounds of breast tissue together. A sight I would never forget!

Slowly she straightened and inhaled, causing her bosom to rise and rise and rise until I thought that she would burst free of her satin and lace confinement! At the same time she drew her shoulders back causing the shoulder straps to be pulled taut and lifting her bosom into even greater prominence. There was no doubt! This woman was by far the largest breasted female I had ever imagined! I could hear the panels of the bra being stretched to their limits.

Her lips quirked into a small smile as she watched me watching her put on a show. When her dress stopped sliding down it had exposed an immense bra and a surprisingly toned midsection.

"My husband has been in failing health for years," she said sadly. "He hasn't touched me in months!" Slowly she turned in place. Her bra encased boobs pushed strongly against me, forcing me to take a half step back. Her nipples were hard as dowels, resting against my chest. They rose and fell with her breathing, tracing lines up and down my shirt.

I felt her take my wrists in both hands. "Please?" she breathed, as she pulled them up to place them on the outside of either breast. "Please!" Her voice was more demanding now as she pressed my hands hard against her tits.

I pushed my hands together. When I released those incredible breasts they bounced strongly against the restraint of the bra. The tops of her tits wobbled and shimmied in place as I gazed in admiration. I heard the fabric of the bra groan under the stress as her breasts flexed, rising and falling like the tides held within her massive bra cups.

"Again," she pleaded, raising my hands to her bosom once more. "Again!" she demanded.

And I did! Again and again I pressed her tits together and we watched as the they shook and jiggled back into place.

"More! Harder! It feels so good! It's been so long!" Her voice was deeper, resonant with longing as she stood before me. Her upper body shuddered in reaction each time I released her boobs to watch them bounce and rebound in her massive bra.

I started lifting one and then the other, setting up a rhythm, causing her shoulders to quiver as I manipulated her gigantic tits. She was breathing heavily while I worked on those gigantic mounds of delectable flesh!

As I worked I also started to strum her nipples with my thumbs. Her breath caught and I could feel them get harder and press more firmly against the bra fabric. I took a moment to pinch and twist them and then went back to pressing her tits into her chest, lifting and releasing them while her breath got louder and more ragged.

"Enough!" she gasped, grabbing my wrists and pulling them away from their delightful task.

I reluctantly allowed her to pull my hands down to my sides. It had been fun, but I couldn't expect...

She spun around in front of me and then pulled me close up behind her and put my hands back on her over burdened brassiere.

"Now, darling, more! Don't stop! Squeeze me HARD! You have such strong hands!" She arched her torso, bringing her butt in contact with my midsection and pushing her bra encased tits into even greater prominence.

Encouraged I pulled her back against my body as I smooshed, crushed, crammed, pushed and kneaded her bra encased massiveness. There was no way my hands could come close to holding all of her at the same time. I would push her breasts together, watching her cleavage as it rose between the cups of her bra, seeming to rise to chin height and beyond. Then I grabbed both her nipples in my fists and crushed her tits tightly against her chest. This caused flesh to be forced out to the sides, out below her bra, flesh was exposed every where! She was groaning with excitement as I worked.

"I can cum, you know! Just having my titties manipulated can make me cum! I haven't been handled like this in a long time!" She arched her back, pulling her torso away from me while pressing her butt even more strongly against my groin. I knew she could feel my hard-on against her firm cheeks.

"Unclasp me," she moaned. "I want to feel your hands on my flesh! Please!"

My fingers were shaking a little as I undid the four hook and eyes that joined her bra together.

She turned in my embrace as the straps slowly dropped off her shoulders. Smirking at me, she crossed her arms to grasp the underwires of her bra and announced, "I have heard it said that the only time a lady will admit to being over forty is when she is discussing her bust line. Well, young man, I'm fifty-six!" The pride in her voice was obvious as she pulled her arms away and flung her bra onto the desk.

"Oh, My God," I breathed in awe! "So BIG! I mean, I knew you had lovely large breasts! But you are... gigantic!" My hands had returned to kneading and squeezing as much of her massiveness as I could clutch in my hands.

In spite of the enormity of her titties, they seemed to not sag at all! They jutted forward, they spread to either side! They were immense bowls of pink flesh topped with slightly darker circles that centered on her erect nipples that quivered in eagerness to be pinched and pulled.

i caught her nipples between thumb and forefinger while I pressed her boobs together and upwards. Again and again I pressed and lifted, pressed and lifted. Her eyelids drooped as the pleasure increased. Her breasts were indomitable, I was gripping her as tightly as I could, kneading and squeezing with both hands. I could see her orgasmic blush rise from her chest, thru her shoulders and neck. Her boobs were being man-handled and she was loving it!

Her breath caught in her throat and she seemed to stagger in front of me as she gasped in ecstasy!

"I'm cumming! Your hands are making me cum! So good! It's been so long!" she gasped.

She slumped to her knees in front of me, dragging her imposing tits down my body until they were directly over my groin. She grinned up at me as she quickly unclasped my belt and pulled my pants and boxers to my knees.

With out hesitation she used both her hands and forearms to moosh her boobs around my stiffly erect dick. My entire groin was swamped in her massive cleavage and gigantic tits. My dick was being clasped deep in her cleavage, there was no outward sign of it at all! Her boobs covered me from my navel almost to my knees as she crushed herself against me.

As I watched, groaning, she proceeded to lift, pull, push, mash and otherwise rub my dick with her bodacous breasts! The feeling was indescribable! It felt so good! I had had the occasional tit-fuck before, but nothing like this! Of course none of the earlier tit fuckers had had anywhere near the amplitude that this woman could bring to bear!

Within moments I was pulsing and I began to spurt deep between her ginormous titties. It took only a few moments for her to squeeze out every thing I had to offer! Smiling up at me she kept up manipulating my dick until it was completely spent and limp.

She pushed her hands between her tits as she leaned back onto her heels. She smirked at me as she massaged my goo into her boobs.

"I love the feel of cum between my titties," she announced. "And it's been a long time since I have had this much to work with! Thanks to you, young man!"

Silently she ensnared her tits in her massive bra and, after shimming her shoulders to assure that they were properly imprisoned once again, she left, closing the door behind her as I remained slumped against my desk. I hadn't even learned her name!

God, I love my job!

End Part One

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