tagNon-EroticBetween Friends Ch. 02

Between Friends Ch. 02


(Welcome to the second chapter of Between Friends, just to let you know these stories will jump around a bit. But I feel that way you'll know the characters much better if you relive their past to better understand the present. Anyhow I hope that you the readers will grow to enjoy my tales of these close bunch of friends and look forward to each story as I do writing them because it will all be in vain if those I am trying to reach are not interested. Also not all of my stories will be erotica. With that lets get on with the show.)

Pete, Sue and I were watching T.V. in my room on a Sunday evening. Their had not been much to do all week and we were starting to get a bit stir crazy. We sent Mark and Kris out on a run to see if they could score any pot for us tonight. At least that way we wouldn't care so much if we didn't have anything to do because we would be stupid, but that was over 2 hours ago and we were starting to get a little worried. Normally we would go through our normal guy but he got busted not to long ago so we had to make trips into the city for our grass these days and no one welcomed that job. Plus after listening to Sue and Pete suck face for the last hour hasn't been to much fun either.

I think they have been together for over 2 years now. They met each other through Jeff's girlfriend Kris. Sue wasn't a bad looking girl at all though she was a little tall for my taste being that I am only 5'8" and she a whopping 6". But those long legs more then made up for that and on top of that she had a nice rack. Aside from her looks she was a really sweet girl, not the type you would think that would hang out with Kris and Jeff who are more on the wild side of things. Pete on the other hand was a first grade jock. Built like a tank with a charming smile to go along with the package. It's a wonder that he even hangs out with us more so then his jock buddies. Though being one of the few colored kids in our school one can understand why he doesn't hang out with the jocks. Doesn't matter to me much though anyone is really welcome to our little gang.

Finally Mark and Kris arrive busting through the basement door into my room. They both had huge grins on their faces so we took that as a good sign being that the last three times we had tried to score pot we failed. Mark and Kris were brother and sister, though if you didn't know them you would never be able to tell. Mark was basically a good kid though he tended to play stupid pranks on people from time to time but other then that he was your run of the mill Joe. Kris on the other hand was a hand full, she has quite a mouth on her and it tends to get us into trouble a lot. Plus she loves a good party and being coupled with Jeff that's not a good thing. Though she is quite cute, hell if she weren't with Jeff I sure as hell would make a move.

"Sorry for being so late guys, but Krissy here wouldn't leave till we found something." He sighs while dropping the rather large bag of weed onto my desk.

"That's cool Mark, I'm glade something came of it." Sue squeaks as she pulls out the rolling papers.

"Should we give the others a call?" I asked, always wanting to spend more time with Jocelyn.

"Fuck them James! They could have waited with the rest of you's but they wanted to stay home instead." She barks and everyone in my room winches knowing if she awoke my old man, hell would have to be paid. " I say since there is plenty, we enjoy our labors tonight and smoke the rest with'em tomorrow."

"Fine, fine just lower your damn voice Kris. You remember what happen last time we woke my old man up." I grunt remembering him storming into the basement and screaming his damn head off at us. Kris just sticks her tongue out at me and flopped down onto the bed to watch Sue.

Sue had just finished rolling the joints and was about to spark one when I slapped the lighter from her hand. "What are you nuts? No way we are doing that in here, lets go to the old mill." I said trying not to pay attention to the glare I was getting from Pete. Sue just nodded and shoved the joints into her pocket and headed for the door while everyone else was getting their coats or whatever else they wanted to bring.

We started our half mile trek through the corn field just behind my home, keeping somewhat quiet till we past all the houses near the fields. I was walking beside Kris silently checking her out in her mini skirt and loose fitting blouse that if she raised her arms just right you could get a sneak peak at her tits when I was interrupted by a cob of corn smacking the back of my head. As I toppled forward I managed to get a glance at Mark who was already picking off a few more cobs for the up coming battle.

The girls seeing what was about to go down quickly ducked out of the way as Pete launched a cob square into Marks back. Now you would think that getting hit with a cob of corn hurt and I would tell you that your right, but with this bunch this was nothing new. I rolled quickly to the side and picked up the cob that Mark beamed me with and flung it into his stomach causing him to drop to the ground defeated.

Now it was down to Pete and I and from experience I knew that getting hit by Pete was the worse kind of pain one could ever feel. So I crawled off the path and into the field picking cobs as I went along waiting for the right moment. Pete crashed into the corn throwing cobs randomly in hopes that he would score a hit, but little did he know that I had managed to crawl behind him. I jumped into action and wailed all six of my cobs at once into the back of his head thinking that would be enough to drop any sane man.... Well I was wrong, he simply turned around and with a low growl slapped me with the cob he had been holding in his hand across my face and it went all black.

When I awoken we were at the old mill, both Sue and Kris were knelt beside me and cleaning my busted lip while Pete and Mark were laughing about our little battle. Still sore from losing I stood up and slapped Pete across the back of the head. "Your some kind of animal Pete, that should have had you out cold." I said while the girls were giggling behind me. Pete just smiled and shrugged as Sue wrapped her arms around his huge waist and pulled out one of the joints and handed it to him.

God knows how long we spent sitting their and smoking pot while chatting about school and parents. It really felt good to be out with the gang again, though it would have been even better if the whole gang had been there but you take what you can get, there is always tomorrow. By this time both Sue and Pete had snuck off to make out some more, while Kris and I were stuck listening to one of Marks wild stories.

"Man this reminds me so much of Nam! Like when da boys and I had finished scouting for Charlie we would hang out at da barracks taking shotgun hits from our rifles. Then we would be like "It aint nothing man, it aint nothing! " "Mark said in his "I'm a Vet voice".

Even though we had all be born well after Vietnam War for some reason when ever Mark got high he would go on and on about being a Vet in the war. It was really weird but we never really paid it to much mind. We would just nod our heads and listen to his stories since half of the time they were really funny. But the fun was about to end when the flashing lights of two police cars pull onto the dirt road leading to the mill.

We had just about jumped out of our skins when we saw the lights. Kris quickly put out the joint we were smoking and shoved it into her pocket. "Shit , it's the Police. Mark find Sue an Pete and tell them to book it back to James house and we'll meet em there." Then she took my hand and drags me toward the door while Mark took off looking for the others.

As we reached the door we saw two cops making their way up the stairs and we decided that it would be best if we ran the other way. So we took off toward the rear entrance passing Sue and Pete who were still making out on a stack of hay with Mark nowhere in sight "What the fuck are you two doing the? The police are here!" She barked as we made our way out the back door into the corn field. From then on it was all really a haze, I remember seeing flashlights following us for awhile in the field but they soon gave up chase and turned back. And I think I heard Sue and Pete at one point as they ran close behind. What I remember most of that night was slipping and falling into a pile of dog shit close to the end of the field and Kris laughing her ass off as she helped me back up and made our way back into my basement.

Once inside I figured it would be a good idea if I took a shower quickly and changed my clothes while I waited for the others to show up. Kris was back on my bed watching T.V. as I slipped into the bathroom and undressed. I started the shower and brushed my teeth while I waited for the water to warm up when Kris walks into the bathroom. I didn't think a full body blush was possible but she proved me wrong as she stood there gawking at me her eyes never leaving my package as I backed into the tub and used the curtain to cover my body. That must have snapped her out of it and she quickly left the bathroom.

Shame I thought, it would have been really sweet if something would have happened that night between us but I don't think I nor Jeff would ever forgive me so I am kind of glad nothing happened. Though now I had this raging hard on to get rid of. After quickly rubbing one off I got dressed and went back into my bedroom where both Sue and Pete were waiting but still no sign of Mark. We spent the rest of the night waiting for him to show but he never did and we soon all ended up heading home.

It wasn't till the next day that we find out that Mark had been arrested on Trespassing and spent the night in jail. Pissed off his father mightily and we did not see him for a whole two months. Though he now had plenty more Nam stories of being in a prison camp to tell us when ever we got high. That was one of our more exciting adventures while we were still in high school though those days seem to be long passed as we head our separate ways into college.

(A thanks to OmegaZone for helping with the editing of this story!)

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