It was a beautiful sun day. It was calm and peaceful. I had my head in his lap, face down, and nibbling some thing and you know what. I asked him," Did you think any other girl who may be more beautiful than me and you wish you had her."

Then he told me this story of his college days.

It happened when I was studying for my engineering and staying at college hostel. We were a group of 5 to 6 students making lot of hallagullaa and enjoying life. Most of were health conscious except one 'Amarsing Rathore'. He was from Rajistan and from a prominent family.

We use to attend gym and persuade Amar without much effect. He was a tall guy very aristocratic but very thin. He was sharp but always away from any physical activities.

After the annual examinations most of us went to our native places.

We were back from the holidays. Life started the same but a strange thing was observed by the near and dear in the hostel! It started as whispers but finally was announced on the hostel mike system. " Suno suno re.. Rajastan ko exercise karte dekha ja raha hai ( Hear hear O E Rajastan is found exercising.)

Matter has to be taken seriously and to be investigated fully. Most have seen it and no body can tell so far and how it happened. Amarsinghji was found exercising secretly and very early in the morning and which has been seen only by the cocks of our hostel. We called them cocks, as they were the early risers and troublemakers.

Amersingh Rathore was called and pulled in front of one and all, an exaggeration you see. After a lot of pulling and pushing, we were pulling and he was pushing, and there was no weight gain was found. He was a bit thinner with yellowish tint on his face.

" Tell us are you exercising?"

" Off course not." He spat as if we called him matherchode, (don't ever ask me to translate, ask any one who knows Indian language and smaller than you.)

" Yar ye sach kahta hai,( He is telling the truth.) See he is still the same chicken curry. (Indian favorite dish, and this you can ask anybody.)" We call thin guys chicken curry; you see but don't ask why?

After a lot of cajoling he agreed to give us the secret of his morning rituals. Don't be dirty minded he was not masturbating.

" I can not tell to this crowd. Select five from you with strong hearts, body doesn't matter."

You see I was one of them, I have to be one otherwise who can tell you the story.

"Telling you the truth nothing but the truth." I didn't he said that.

" We, back in Rajastan, have a big havaily (grand palace). Now days we don't have many people but so many spare rooms and corridors leading to more corridors. I knew all in and out as I was born and brought up there with all my brothers sisters, cousins and cousins."

"Bus kar sale badesha ki aulad asal bat bole. (stop you --son of a king tell the story)." Some one interjected.

" Let him tell in his own way, it looks interesting."

" Now most of the young people have flown leaving their old ones. Still we love the place even though people call it Bhoot Palace. My room is on the first floor away from the main part. One night, when I was reading, saw some shadow cross my window. I was curious, who can it be? I came out and saw a white figure turning at the end of the corridor. I chased it and after a long chase I was able to corner it in one of the rooms. Can you believe, it was a girl, a most beautiful one."

"Chasing we believe, you do that all the time, but catching, a beautiful girl, we don't. You never caught one, swear on it."

" I swear yar it was a tall, fair and a very beautiful girl all in white. She was not a servant and not from the neighbor hood. I fell for her, It was love on first sight."

" Sala phainkta hai, ye mun our masoor ki dal. ( bull-shit he is making it.)"

" You people want to hear it or not."

"Go ahead yar these guys never believe others can be luckier than them." I think it was me and I have to tell something to be in the story.

" I saw this beautiful girl crying and whispering, that she was not a thief and not to hurt her." He continued. "I convinced her that I am not going to hurt her or tell some one about her. After some time she stopped crying and came to my room."

" I am not human but a Jinni.," she said. We jinns move from our world to the human world, as per our wish, but we have to perform certain rituals to move in and reverse them to move out. I am still new to these rituals I know how to cross from our world to your world but I am unable to reverse it to go back."

"Show me how to cross from your world to human world."

" OK watch carefully." She said.

"She started movements of the hand, feet, and the body." He continued, " Those movements were swift but very graceful and they continued, at least, for half an hour. I was unable to grasp them first time. I asked her to repeat them and she did, without tiring, a number of times. Finally I got tired. I told her that I have got underground room which only a few people know and where she can stay comfortably. She was with me for nearly a month and every day she used to repeat the rituals and finally I was able to get the basics of them. They were mind blowing."

" What you did with her for one month." Some one asked.

" I am not the one to kiss and tell. She was in the human form and was a very graceful and beautiful girl and I am not an angle. Those were the most beautiful days of my life. I lived my entire life during that period. One day while practicing the reverse rituals suddenly she said that she got it and she vanished. I was heart broken and I was sure that I couldn't continue. I don't know if she loved me even after going back to her world. I still practice those rituals, in the reverse order, and hope I may also be able to perfect them and go there to meet her."

All of us started laughing. " Amer you really fooled us. OK if you are telling the truth show us those rituals."

"He started them and they were mind blowing. You know I am a black belt in marshal arts but those were much superior to all those movements and he was doing them so fast. I asked him to repeat them and he did, almost, five times and suddenly he collapsed."

He was rushed to the hospital and was declared dead. Doctors gave the verdict as heart failure but I never agree to that verdict. I knew there was truth in his story. Body is made up of clay and it not cross over but the soul? I was able to get the basics of his rituals in the fifth repetition.

"If you want I can show it to them." My hubby said.

I said no baba I know you. You will never come back if you go to the jinni's world and your friend said they were so beautiful and so young and he is still there.

Do you think I should have allowed him to show me the rituals? I heard jinns are very ugly bruits and I have no intentions to go and live there.

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