tagNonHumanBible Erotica 04

Bible Erotica 04


"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. . . . "

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."


The antediluvian world was a place of wonder. The power that had only recently brought everything into being still hung to every molecule like morning dew. Words in this world are inadequate to explain that place. Myth and fable told yet today are but poor descriptions of that which truly existed.

Over the millennia, the biological diversity present at Creation has been bred out of existence. The genes for characteristics like wings on horses, hooves on eagles, the ability of giant lizards to breathe fire, among so many others have simply not been passed down to the present. Those creatures are now only denizens of legends, but in that day they walked and flew and crept and lurked.

Those same creatures, as well as those we still would recognize today (though they are no longer nearly as vibrant), were docile and coexisted with human beings. Even creatures we know as carnivorous now were herbivores then. The lush landscape provided a bountiful diet to every living creature. The need to hunt and kill another creature for food was unthinkable.

And that brings us to human beings. Using the same term for them as we use for ourselves would probably have insulted the antediluvian race. As with animals, the gene pool of our day is pitiful and diluted compared to then. Racial distinctions would happen later, after the Great Confusion that separated humankind geographically and led to a limited assortment of physical traits unique to distinct corners of the globe.

Antediluvians, on the other hand, had skin tones ranging from an alabaster with an almost metallic sheen to an ebony that was deeper than polished obsidian. Hair colors ranged from shimmering gold to flaming scarlet to a blue-black ebony. But there were also shades of shocking violet, vibrant pink, and verdant greens.

And members of this race had an almost eternal youth. A woman of five centuries would appear to be barely in her second decade in our world. The men had a rugged virility combined with a boyish energy that remained with them for nearly one thousand years. The eternal youth accompanied an insatiable libido. Members of that race would couple endlessly, tirelessly, and nearly indiscriminately.

Only one trait that we assign to mythical lands and times was absent in this world. That attribute is innocence. Though eternally young, members of this race were thoroughly jaded. They possessed a hardness that would be quite frightening were we to meet such a man or woman today. And for good reason. This was a race totally without a moral compass. The center of the universe for each being was himself or herself. Only the incredible abundance of a nascent world (which was being depleted day by day) kept this incredibly selfish people safe from one another. But that could not be sustained.

In this fresh, new universe, one final curiosity existed. The doorway between the world of the sons of God and the sons of men was ajar. While the majority of the sons of God did have a transcendent morality that kept them from praying upon a weaker race, some did not. These renegades would cross the metaphysical border and take what they desired. And what they desired the most was the feminine pulchritude found there in abundance.

The typical idea of the spiritual world as being less substantial than the material world is a delusion we have taught ourselves to believe. But it is untrue. The spiritual world is not sub-real, but supra-real. It is infinitely more substantial than our world. Mere exhalation of a spiritual being, if unchecked, would have the force of a dozen hurricanes in our world. A single droplet of perspiration from a son of God would cause terrestrial rivers to flood. If spiritual beings were to interact with mortals, they would have to restrain their strengths much the same way we must if we are to handle a soap bubble.

And some did choose to enter this world. And even with restraint those interactions were both majestic and terrible.


Gaia woke from deep slumber. Her unclothed body was still intertwined with the naked forms of three other women and two men. Even by antediluvian standards, Gaia was an insatiable bawd, craving sexual pleasure in all of its diverse forms.

That night was a bacchanal of epic proportions. The ample members of her male partners plundered her vaginally, anally, and orally, treating her to orgasms that sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. She imagined she still felt ripples of those sexual aftershocks.

Her female lovers kissed and fondled her with a tenderness distinctly feminine. They licked, nibbled, and massaged with results only another woman could bring. Gaia still tasted the musky juices that dripped liberally from her partners voracious quims. She licked her lips lasciviously, tasting the remnants of love honey she craved.

But something was strange as she awoke. First the room was as cold as a mountain spring, even though the night was balmy. The icy fingers of the dark room raised bumps on her flawless flesh and hardened the nut-brown nipples of her generous breasts.

As she surveyed the tangle of consorts splayed across the silk cushions at her feet, the eerie chill deepened. Somehow Gaia sensed that theirs was no ordinary sleep. Not a muscle stirred, and every breath was shallow, nearly silent. She took her bare foot and sensuously traced the line of Ammah's open inner thigh. Her lusty cohort did not move, moan, or even emit the slightest sigh of sleepy sensuality. Strange indeed.

She started as a form appeared across the room. She recognized the face of her great-grandfather Horth. Horth had died years ago at the age of 891 years. But he stood before her in his prime, as naked as she was.

Gaia looked at the undraped form walking slowly, silently toward her. As she had with nearly every male in her large family, Gaia had a sexual history with her great-grandfather. She recalled the way Horst had initiated her sexually centuries earlier. Her mind wandered for a moment as she remembered learning the art of felatio and experiencing intense orgasms under his tutelage. She again tasted his salty spew and felt his fingers rubbing her clitoris to climax as he took her from behind. The memories aroused her, even though moments before she felt thoroughly sexually sated.

She eyed the figure walking toward her. Every inch of his body was familiar. The muscled forearms and chest. The lush forest of wavy amber hair atop his rough-hewn facial features. Gaia slowly inventoried every sensual inch of her sexual mentor. And every inch was familiar. That is, almost every inch.

Horst was well-endowed to be sure. But the flaccid member of the man who moved stealthily toward her was impossibly large, hanging limply two thirds of the way to his knees. Gaia imagined that erect, the prick would be every bit the size of her own forearm. The thought frightened her, yet her arousal grew even more intense and urgent.

As the pseudo-Horst neared, Gaia saw other differences. The face, though human in appearance, had an eerie, lifeless feeling to it. The eyes were unanimated and burned in their sockets like glowing embers.

Gaia had heard of such beings. She thought the stories of sons of God taking human form and seeking daughters of men to ravish were erotic fiction. Female lovers has whispered tales of the image of a long-dead relative entering their bedchambers in a frosty mist, leaving others in the house in a deep trance. They related stories of sexual organs equine in proportion but with the ability to writhe, prod, and even bite as if they were living serpents. Gaia shuddered, unable to separate terror from lust.

Involuntarily she found herself on her knees holding the massive, limp organ. She licked the length of it, feeling it stir with her ministrations. Suckling the bloated scrotum, Gaia watched as the horse-like arm of flesh grew erect.

The demonic rapist grasped Gaia under her arms and lifted her off of the ground with astounding ease. Her legs parted, pulled by her ankles by invisible icy fingers. She looked below, seeing the incubus' penis poised at her nether lips. Quivering in unbelievable terror, she still felt herself literally dripping from below.

Slowly, the wraith lowered her on to him. As the enormous purple head pushed into her, searing pain ignited white-hot explosions in her brain. Just as Gaia thought she could take no more, suddenly the anguish abated. Instead of plowing into her, the giant schlong seemed to melt and flow like a frosty torrent, filling her vagina like air fills a balloon.

Gaia was unprepared for what came next. As the plastic instrument seemed to stretch her womb sideways, she felt her rigid clitoris clamp down on her attacker's member. Simultaneously the mystical penis knotted in her, locking Gaia to her demon lover. Pseudo-Horst grasped her taut ass, bouncing her joyously on his groin. Unbelievable as it sounds, his hands seemed to become fluid, sending tendrils into her tight bottom hole, twirling wickedly as they penetrated her.

The massive member was alive inside of her. Gaia was sure she felt flaming needles plunging into the depths of her body. Confident that she was dying, Gaia was even more wildly aroused. Pain, as dark and deep as it was, was swallowed in waves of ecstasy. The more she gave into her attacker, the more her pleasure--the joy of total surrender--overcame her and sent her into uncontrollable spasms. Gaia's ragged breaths burned in her chest, and a multi-colored fog began to cloak her consciousness. Convinced she was about to breathe her last, Gaia was awash in the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. And everything when dark.

Gaia's eyes fluttered open. Ribbons of daylight shocked her to consciousness. The room was warm, and she heard the snores and heavy breathing of her human lovers. The intensity of her dream amazed her. Never had anything felt more real. But surely it was only post-coital fantasy.

She was sure of it. Until she felt something stir within her womb. It was a life that was not her own.

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