Big John


Crystal and I met on vacation in Panama City beach. Like most of the young students on the beach we had both been drinking most of the day. I spotted her walking with her friend and couldn't believe my eyes. She was a tall brunette with a shapely body barely concealed by her little bikini. I knew right away that I had to meet her. The alcohol had given me the courage to walk up to her and her friend. I started some small talk and found out that they lived in a small town not to far from where I lived. We hung out most of the day and rode my jet ski and played on the beach. Crystal's friend was much more outgoing than her. To be honest she was quite shy. I had a hard time getting her into conversation, unlike her friend. I guess her friend and she thought I was interested in Crystal's friend, but I tried to make it obvious that I was only interested in Crystal. I managed to get Crystal's number back home and told her that I would give her a call. Needless to say her friend was a little upset that I didn't ask for her number as well, but that's life.

About a week after vacation I decided to give Crystal a ring. She remembered who I was, thankfully, and with some prodding she agreed to go out. I was to pick her up Saturday night for dinner and a movie. When I arrived at her house that Saturday night I was shocked. I remembered Crystal being very beautiful, but this girl at the door was an absolute knockout! She was tall, brunette, green eyes, and very sexy. Her outside appearance did not match her interior demeanor. She was very reserved and shy. We had a great date, and when I dropped her off I had a hard time just getting a goodbye kiss. I decided to keep working on her to see if I could break the ice and get into her pants. I just had to have this girl. We dated for a few months and I never got past some mild groping before she would make me stop. She explained that she had not dated much and her parents raised her very conservatively. She had never had sex before and had never even felt a guy's penis. I found it hard to believe that a girl this fine could be that hung up about sex.

Even though I was sexually frustrated I continued to date Crystal, and before I knew it I had fallen in love with her, sex or no sex. She was a very caring and loving person. Sex would have just been an added bonus with this girl. After we dated about a year I decided to ask her to marry me. I figured it was the only way I was going to get Crystal in bed. Now that wasn't the only motivation I had by asking her to marry me. I genuinely loved her. I had no problem committing the rest of my life to her.

The wedding went off without a hitch. We had a large wedding with lots of friends. Crystal and I both drank way too much and were very tipsy by the time we headed up to our honeymoon sweet. Once I had her over the threshold, crystal headed straight for the bathroom. I got myself ready and was lying on the bed when she came out of the bathroom. I wish I had a picture of the expression on my face when she did. Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful site I can ever remember seeing. Crystal was wearing a little white corset that held up her large 36 D breasts. She also had on a pair of little white panties and white thigh high stockings with lace at the top. I couldn't wait! Since it was the first time she was going to have sex I tried to be gentle. I had a hard time controlling myself and I was almost to the point of ripping her clothes off. I removed her panties and started kissing my way up her thighs. I made it to her neatly trimmed bush and took in her sweet fragrance. I slowly started licking her labia and Crystal was starting to quiver. By the time I made it to her clit Crystal was moaning with ecstasy.

"Oh my god Steve that feels soo goood! Oh yeah don't stop! Oh I've never felt anything like this before! Oh, yes!" I ate her to her first orgasm she had ever experienced and she loved it. I couldn't believe it when she told me that she had never even masturbated herself to an orgasm before. I knew this woman would love me forever after this night.

We made love several times. The first few went by very fast because I hadn't had sex all the time I had dated Crystal. Hell, I felt like a virgin again. Crystal was still very reserved in bed even though she had experienced her first orgasms. I let it slide and figured she would get better with time. I could hardly expect this frost queen to be an absolute tigress in bed the first time out.

Our marriage was going great. We settled into a modest house in the suburbs. Everything seemed to be going our way when the unthinkable happened. We were asleep at home one night when our alarm system went off. I thought it was probably another false alarm like we had been having lately. It seems that one of our motion sensors in the garage is sensitive to heat. Well heat is something we experience a lot of in the south. I got up to investigate and Crystal continued to lie in bed totally expecting me to return within a few seconds. Once I got to the bottom of the steps I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Shortly after everything went black.

I came to after a few minutes and discovered there were two black guys in my house. One was holding a gun to my head and the other was searching around the house for some valuables. Since Crystal and I were virtual newlyweds, we hadn't had time to gather anything of much value other than some electronics.

"Where the fuck are some jewels and your wallet. I know you have more than this here. This house is too nice for you to not have anything worth taking!" one of them said as he stared me down.

"All I have is what you see. Take what you want and get out of here," I said weakly.

"Naw man I know that's bullshit! Let's go upstairs I know there's gotta be some better shit than this!"

I was horrified because I knew Crystal was upstairs. Maybe she had heard the commotion and was hidden somewhere. I could only hope these guys wouldn't find her and would take some things and leave.

When we got upstairs Crystal was nowhere to be seen, much to my relief. I didn't know what these guys had planned, but I didn't want Crystal to be involved in any way.

The two men rummaged through all of our stuff looking for something of value. They were pissed to see that I didn't have any cash in my wallet. I usually use AMEX for everything. I don't know how they didn't notice it earlier, but they didn't realize I even had a wife until they found her wedding and engagement rings on the dresser in our bedroom. Crystal had a little ring holder on the dresser that she got from her bridal shower.

"So where's your wife? I found her rings, and now some pictures I see around here are starting to jump out at me! She sure is a good looking thang!"

"She's out of town on business," I said trying to keep her hidden.

"Why would she go out of town without her wedding ring? She trying to hide the fact that she's married to a sorry ass white boy?"

"I don't know why she didn't take it, but she's not here. Just take what you want and get the hell out of here!"

"Oh, I'll take what I want alright. Right now I want to find that little wife of yours because I know she's here. This trip might be worth it after all. I could sure use some white pussy."

"I've already told you she's not here. Just take what you want and leave. I won't call the cops or anything. Just let me be!"

"Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair while I find this little honey of yours!"

The other guy tied me to the chair in our bedroom with the phone cord that he had yanked out of the wall. I couldn't move and I hoped that Crystal had found a good hiding spot. It wasn't long before I heard her scream in one of the other bedrooms. He had found her! I was helpless. I started getting a terrible feeling in my gut because I knew once they laid their eyes on Crystal that they would want to get some of her "white pussy" like the guy had said.

"Away on business huh?" he said with a laugh. "You hiding anything else we should know about? This is the best find of the whole break in. How did a little white boy like yourself get such a fine piece of ass anyway?"

"Let go!" crystal screamed. "Take what you want and leave us alone!"

"Don't worry honey. I'll get what I want, and right now all I want is you! You ever had a real black cock before?"

Crystal stood there in silence. Of course she hadn't had any black cock. She's only had one in her entire life and that was mine. She looked terrified.

"Well?" he barked. "Tell me! You ever had any big black cock before?"

"No," she said weakly.

"Well honey we're going to show you what you've been missing!" he looked to his friend and said, "don't let that little white boy try anything stupid." He then turned to me and said, "If you make one move to stop me I will make sure you and your pretty little wife here don't live through this. Understood?"

I was furious. I wanted to kill this black son of a bitch. How dare these two thugs break in here and do this to us? But with my hands tied behind my back, and his friend standing there with a gun, there wasn't much I could do. I just nodded my head in agreement.

"That's what I thought you'd say. Little punk ass white boy. I'm in charge now. Let's see what this sexy momma has hiding under this little gown."

He started removing Crystal's conservative, ankle-length gown she always wore to bed. Once it was off it revealed the only thing Crystal wasn't conservative with, and that was her panties. She knew I loved sexy lingerie, and she always bought sexy underwear. So now here was my new wife standing there exposed in her little red panties, no bra, and her 36 D breasts for these two big black dudes. Crystal was trembling with fear. She knew if she tried to fight them they would hurt her and me.

"Man! Look what we have here. You sure are fine as hell! I can't wait to get me some of this!"

He started rubbing Crystal's pussy with his overgrown black hands. Then he explored every inch of her breasts, and fondled her ass. I was getting more uncomfortable by the second. I couldn't let these two guys have their way with my wife! What could I do though? Although I was uncomfortable I started feeling a stir in my pants. Surely I would not enjoy seeing my wife get molested by these intruders! My dick was having other thoughts.

"Please don't do this," Crystal begged. "We'll give you anything you want. We'll get you cash or anything else we have. Just please don't do this!" she started to shed some tears and I was getting real angry seeing her cry.

"Don't worry baby. Big John here is going to give you pleasure like you've never felt before. After seeing your fine ass, all I want is some of your sweet, tight, little pussy. I'll show you that there ain't no myth to the saying about black cock!"

He started pushing Crystal to here knees. He then unzipped the fly on his pants and slowly pulled them down. Crystal was pleading with him the whole time, but he just kept removing his clothes. When he removed his underwear I soon realized that there was no myth about black guys either. His dick was huge. It was at least twice as big as mine. He wasn't even all the way hard and it was about 8 inches, and as big around as my wrist! Crystal's pussy was tight on my dick. There was no way she was going to be able to handle that big unit! She looked at it with amazement. Crystal's limited experience with sex had never exposed her to anything like what was hanging in front of her now.

"How do you like that honey? Don't be afraid I'll be real gentle with you. Now why don't you pucker up those pouty little lips of yours and give my dick a nice big kiss?"

Crystal had never sucked a dick to my knowledge. Not even mine. She just never really had the desire to suck me off. I tried several times, but the thought of me cumming in her mouth always turned her off. No matter how many times I ate her pussy, she would never return the favor. Now she was being invited to suck a cock much larger than mine.

"I can't do it," she sobbed. "I've never sucked a penis before."

The man laughed, looked at me and said, "You mean you've never given whitey here a blowjob before? What kind of man is he? He doesn't make his wife suck his dick? That's too much! Don't worry you'll do just fine. Don't use your teeth, and don't even think of biting me, or you'll be sorry! Now take it in your hand and stroke it until it's hard and then just use your mouth to stroke it some more."

Crystal slowly moved her hand up his leg until she reached his monster shaft, and lightly grasped its girth. Her tiny little hand against his big black cock made my dick twinge some more. She started stroking his big black meat, and it grew to a full 13 inches. "That's it baby stroke my big cock. You ever seen anything like this before?"

Crystal shook her head no. "How does it compare to your husbands dick? Tell me, does he have anything like this for you?"

Again, crystal shook her head no. "Well honey how does it compare? I want to hear you say it."

Crystal looked at me with her sad eyes, and then looked back at this guy's cock and said, "you're twice as big as my husband. It's huge. I've never seen anything like it before in my life." Those words stung me deeply, but I knew it was true.

"Well come on baby I want you to suck it for me." Crystal started licking up and down the shaft, and then moved her mouth up to the tip. She had trouble getting a few inches in her mouth, but soon she had worked about half of it in. She bobbed her head up and down slowly on that black monster. She actually looked like she had done this before, but maybe it was instinct. It sure was making me hot.

"Oh yeah baby. We'll make a cocksucker out of you yet. That feels real good baby. Suck that big black cock." The guy then looked at me and said, "how does it feel knowing your wife is sucking a cock for the first time. A black cock for that matter, and you weren't even the first man to invade her mouth. She sure does suck a good dick. I think she's starting to enjoy it."

I think he was right. Crystal was really working his dick. She was slobbering all over half of it, and stroking the rest. I also noticed that the crotch of her panties was starting to get wet. I think my conservative wife was starting to like this experience. This man had managed to get my wife to do things I never could.

The other guy started getting impatient and said, "move over John. I've got to get me some of that too." The other guy moved in and whipped out his big dick as well. It was not as big as John's, but it was still a lot bigger than mine. Soon Crystal was sucking two big black cocks for all she was worth. I could tell she was enjoying herself because her little red panties were completely soaked. Truthfully, I was really starting to enjoy the scene myself. My dick was leaking precum all aver the front of my pj's. I was rock hard at the site of my wife sucking these two guys off. It wasn't long before I heard John start to moan. I knew his load wasn't far off. The other guy was starting to show signs of release as well. Within seconds they were shooting big strands of cum at my wife's face. She was taking hits in her hair, her eyes, and sometimes her mouth. I have never seen somebody cum as much as these two guys were. To my surprise, Crystal was licking their cum off her face and wiping the rest off with her hands then licking the cum off of them. She wouldn't even suck my dick much less swallow my cum, but she would for these two black stallions.

"That was great baby. I really needed that. How about you get up here and let me stick this big black cock in that little pussy of yours? I've gotta repay you for that cock sucking you just put on me."

Crystal was now in a trance. Anything these guys said she was more than willing to do. The whole time Crystal wouldn't take her hand off John's cock. He had managed to get his rod up again and was ready to introduce my wife to the fucking of a lifetime.

John looked over to me and said, "look how wet your wife's pussy is. She is primed for my big dick. I bet she is going to love what I've got for her. Look at that pathetic little dick of yours. I bet you almost came in your pants watching her suck us off. The front of your pants has a wet spot above that little bitty bulge of yours. Take notes on how a black man gives it to your wife!"

John was right Crystal's panties were absolutely soaked, and tons of precum were oozing out of my dick. If I had my hands free I would already be stroking my own dick by now. John slowly removed her panties. They almost stuck to her crotch due to the wetness. He inserted one of his big fingers and Crystal let out a little gasp. Once he had her squirming he bent her over the bed facing me so that he could mount her from behind. He moved his big rod towards the entrance of her pussy and slowly started pushing it in. I could tell Crystal was having a hard time taking him in by the pain on her face. She let out a few small yelps. John had worked in about 4 inches when Crystal started moaning with pain.

"Oh it hurts. Take it out. You're too big. I can't take it."

"Relax baby. It will only hurt for a little while. Then you'll be begging for more."

John started pumping a little faster and Crystal was starting to get used to the size. He had now worked about 8 inches into her and was already touching places inside of her that I never could. Slowly he got more and more in. He wasn't even all the way in, but Crystal was going crazy. She looked up at me several times and smiled. I knew she was now enjoying the fucking this big black stud was giving her.

"Do you like that baby? Do you like big John's cock?"

"Oh yeeeees!"

"Look at your husband and tell him!"

Crystal lifted her head towards me and said, "oh Steve I love his big black cock. I've never felt anything like this before. Oh yeeeah! Oh! Oh! Oh god it feels soooo good! Fuck me with your big cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god I'm coming! I'm coming all over his big dick!"

I had never heard Crystal use those words before. She had always been so shy and conservative with me in bed. The combination of hearing her come and the words coming out of her mouth was sending me over the edge. After a few more screams I came in my pants. I flooded the insides of my underwear.

"Oh baby I'm about to come. Do you want me to come inside of you? Do you want big John's load in your tight little pussy?"

"Yeeees John. I want you to come all inside of me. Give it to me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaaah!

With one final thrust John emptied his load deep inside my beautiful wife. Once John withdrew his dick, I could see a look of disappoint on her face. Crystal didn't want his big cock to leave her. John's friend moved in quickly to remove any disappointment she was having. He was soon steadily pumping his fat dick in and out of her as well. Crystal was screaming louder and more often than she had ever let out for me. I knew she was enjoying herself immensely. My erection started to grow again and before John's friend was through with her I had come in my pants again. After my second load I began to feel sad because I knew that my wife would never be the same. I would never be able to satisfy her need for big cocks.

Once John's friend was done with crystal they started getting dressed. They looked at me and laughed. John said, "Thanks for the pussy whitey. We sure enjoyed your wife. I know she enjoyed it as well. We'll let you slide on the money and stuff. Your wife was payment enough. We might have to stop back by some time. I'll give you a number if you need me back to service her again. I know she'll be needin another dose of my cock. Don't get smart and try to call the cops because they can't find me through that number. My homies are too smart for that! Besides we didn't take anything but your wife's innocence."

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