tagGroup SexBig Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 03

Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 03


This is a stroke story. It's ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


Alyssa, Melanie, and I walked out of room we'd been using for our fuckfest into the gym. It had been shut down for the evening, so it was mostly dark. The only sound was the quiet hiss of the ventilation system. As we walked into the main room, the motion-activated lights flickered back on. Our school had a fantastic gym; it was filled with weight benches, fitness machines, and free weights. Normally, it would be open, but Melanie filled us as we walked down the hall—she worked at the gym as a personal trainer and had been the only employee around when Alyssa and I got started. She heard Alyssa's screams while in the throes of a powerful climax and came to investigate. Once she saw that her roommate was fucking a man with a 13", wrist-thick cock, she decided to get some of that action herself. She told everyone that there had been a dangerous spill of some of the pool chemicals stored in the locker room and that she needed to close up until a clean-up crew could get in.

After everyone left, she slipped into the room while Alyssa and I were otherwise occupied. Melanie watched as I fucked her roommate like an animal, holding her in the air and bouncing her on my cock, until she came repeatedly (making quite a mess as she did; turns out Alyssa was a squirter) and until I whitewashed her face with my jizz. Then she joined in.

Now I was going to take both girls' assholes. If anyone had been in the gym, they'd have been a bit shocked to see us. I was naked except for my shoes (which may have looked silly, but I wasn't thinking about appearances at the time) with a naked woman on either arm. Alyssa was at my left; she was a head shorter than me, with long dark hair, fair skin, a gymnast's build, great leg, and an ass that made you want to fall to your knees. Melanie, her roommate, was a tall, tanned blonde gym rat with just the right amount of muscle and sporting a pair of double-D tits that drew attention from almost everyone. There were traces of silvery sperm all over both girls, small strands that hadn't been cleaned up from my voluminous ejaculations. Luckily, no one was around to see us—though if anyone reviewed the security tapes, they might have gotten an eyeful.

Alyssa, Melanie, and I went over to the free weights. A dozen or so benches were scattered around the floor. I sat down on one of them with my legs spread. I patted my thighs, signaling for the girls to sit down. They did, Alyssa on my left and Melanie on the right, my cock rising up between them like a tower. I took Alyssa's chin in my hand and turned her face toward mine. Her lips were slightly parted, and I planted a long, slow kiss on them. Then I did the same to Melanie while Alyssa looked on. After we broke the kiss, I leaned back slightly and nudged Alyssa and Melanie toward one another. The girls got the message and kissed as well. Melanie's tremendous tits pressed against Alyssa's. I joined back in, turning it into a three-way kiss that lasted for a long, passionate moment.

When the kiss ended, all three of us were flushed with excitement and breathing heavily. I spread my legs a bit wider, and Alyssa and Melanie slid off to kneel between them. Working in unison, both girls started to rub my inner thighs, working their way toward my erect shaft and heavy balls. Each girl took one of my plum-sized orbs into her hands. "They're so heavy, Lyss," Melanie said.

"I know, Mel. Isn't it amazing? It's like he hasn't cum in months." Alyssa caught my eye and gave me an evil grin. "Why don't you suck on them for a while? Help him build up his next load, make it thick and hot. I bet if you do a good job he'll let you eat it."

Melanie nodded and lowered her head to my crotch. She took up one of my nuts in her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on it, bathing it in her saliva. Alyssa was still holding and caressing my other testicle in one hand. She grabbed my cock in the other and started stroking it. She looked down at Melanie. "You know, if you want to be worthy of his next load you should really work on both of these balls. You don't want to play favorites." Melanie moaned gently into my sack and stopped sucking, opening her mouth as wide as it could go. Alyssa carefully stuffed my other testicle into Melanie's mouth, filling it completely. Melanie's jaw was spread wide and her cheeks puffed out slightly. Her lips formed a tight seal around my scrotum, and while she couldn't really move her tongue around too much she tried gamely to get it into the action.

All the while, Alyssa was stroking me and talking to her roommate. "I've always thought you would make a good ball warmer. Do you like this? Do you like making sure that his balls are full of rich delicious spunk?" Melanie moaned wordlessly in reply, her mouth too full to speak. "Good," Alyssa said, "because I want you to stay down there and keep his balls from getting lonely while I take care of his cock with my ass. And when I'm done if he thinks you did a good job you can clean us both after he's drained his balls in me."

My dick throbbed in Alyssa's hand at that point. I knew I was going to get a shot at her ass, but that didn't make the concept any less appealing. Alyssa's ass was fantastic—a firm little bubble, toned from her years of dance and gymnastics. If it was even half as tight as her cunt I'd have to work to get my 13" cock in, and she'd drain me dry with it given half a chance.

Alyssa stood up, facing toward me. She gently pushed my upper body back a bit, making me lean out over the edge of the bench. She straddled me and reached back for my dick, guiding it to her tight rear entrance. She sat down a bit, pushing my cock head against her ass. "Uh oh," she said. "We let your cock dry out too much. I think you need some lubrication if you're going to fit in me." She moved her hips slightly and sank down, letting my cock slide into her pussy in one smooth motion. Melanie continued to slurp noisily on my sack as Alyssa slid down my shaft, basting it in her juices. When I bottomed out in her, she rocked her hips forward and back, ensuring that I was completely covered in her slick cunt slime. Then she rose up until only my tip was inside her, only to drop back down again. This time, when she got up I ended up completely outside her. My shaft glistened with her juices. "That should help," she said, with a small smile on her face.

Still facing me, Alyssa again guided my cock to her asshole. This time, when she sank down, my head slipped in, forcing her ass to open up. Alyssa let out a long, low groan as she forced herself down over several seconds. She got about halfway before she stopped. "Fuck me, that's tight."

"Keep going, slut. You're halfway there," I growled.

"I could, but I want you to claim my ass. You should make me feel it." I put my hands on her hips and locked eyes with Alyssa. There was some fear there, but mostly what I saw was raw desire. She wanted me to take her ass like I had taken her cunt earlier. I pulled her down onto me, in one implacable, excruciatingly slow motion. Not long after I started, Alyssa started to shout out a string of profanity. "Fuck, fuck, too much... fuck my ass... destroy it with your FUCKING COCK YOU STUD!" As her ass made contact with my groin, she squeezed my cock almost painfully hard, sending a surge of pleasure through me. I felt my balls pull up toward my body for a moment, catching Melanie off guard and making her sputter.

I leaned forward again as Alyssa wrapped herself around me. I felt her pink nipples, erect against my chest, and the slickness of her cunt as she ground against my abs. I grabbed Melanie's hair in one hand, pulling her off my balls with a small pop. I looked down at her over Alyssa's shoulder. "I want you to polish my shaft as it comes out of your roommate's ass. Keep it drenched in spit so I can wreck her ass like she wants," I ordered. Melanie nodded. "Not good enough, bitch. Tell me what you are going to do."

Melanie seemed to be caught off guard by my aggressive tone, but she answered me. "I... I'm going to make sure you can fuck Lyss's ass like you want. I'm going to polish your cock with my tongue when it's not in her."

"Very good. Maybe you'll get that load Alyssa promised you after all." Melanie's face brightened at that, and she smiled at me and nodded again, happily. Then I set my attention to the bigger matter: ruining Alyssa's last untouched hole and ensuring that no other man could ever satisfy her.

What can I say? It's good to have goals.

I let go of Melanie's hair and put my arms on Alyssa's sides, under her arms. I lifted her up off my cock. She helped, rolling her hips as I lifted her. I slammed her back down as hard as I could, driving the breath from her lungs in a single burst. Then I hauled her back up and slammed her down once again. It took a few tries before Melanie got the rhythm, but soon her lips and tongue were following Alyssa up my shaft, lapping away Alyssa's juices and my precum and replacing them with copious amounts of spit. Melanie even licked at the junction of my cock and Alyssa's ass, caressing Alyssa's stretching ring with her tongue. That brought Alyssa a bit of evil pleasure. "God, my roommate's quite a good little bitch. She wants us both to be so happy, she's even licking my ass. I bet she'll love sucking your spunk out of it when you fill it up."

Before too long, the combination of my anal pounding and Melanie's agile tongue drove Alyssa to the brink of climax. I felt her cunt dripping, its juices running down my shaft. When she came, she squirted again, her ejaculation splashing against my stomach. She screamed in my ear as she came, loud enough to leave it ringing. "You're a FUCKING GOD! MAKE ME CUM FROM MY ASS!" If only she knew, I thought. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as her back arched. Her nails scraped bloody furrows in my back. For a moment, her whole body was locked in an immobile rictus.

Then she relaxed. After her orgasm, Alyssa was a twitching, quivering wreck for a moment. She slumped backward, and wound up held in place by my cock, which was still proudly erect and hilted in her asshole. Melanie seized the moment and started licking my chest and stomach, cleaning up the liquid evidence of Alyssa's climax.

Alyssa shook her head as she came down from her orgasmic high. It took her a moment for her eyes to refocus, and when they did she looked at me and smiled. She pulled herself close to me and we locked lips in a passionate kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth as she pressed her lips into mine. She caught my lower lip between her teeth as she broke the kiss, and pulled gently at it. Then she softened, resting her head on my shoulder and gently kissing my neck. I heard her whisper "thank you" as she recovered.

For a moment, the gym was mostly silent. Alyssa and I held each other close, my cock still in her ass. The only sound was from Melanie, who had returned to worshiping my balls with her lips and tongue. Alyssa straightened up. "It's not fair that I get to cum like that but you're still unfulfilled. I bet that you're about to go crazy, not getting to dump that pent-up load. And that little slut down there is just making it worse, making your balls get all full and heavy but not helping them get off."

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Just lay back on the bench and let me finish you off. I'll ride you until you pop like warm champagne."

"Mmmm, that sounds good." I put my hands behind my head and relaxed, stretching out along the weight bench. Alyssa put her own hands on my chest and straddled me, using those gorgeous legs to lift herself off my prick. She quickly picked up speed, and before long she was riding me at a gallop. She arched her back and put her hands behind her head, thrusting out her perky little tits toward me. I reached up to fondle them, giving the right one a light smack, followed by the left. This brought a small squeal of surprised pleasure from Alyssa. Melanie was still hard at work following our instructions, using her mouth to heighten our pleasure. I saw her shoulder moving rhythmically as she rubbed her pussy somewhere out of sight.

It didn't take long before Alyssa's efforts started to pay off. I felt my cock swell and throb in her ass, making her gasp. Melanie redoubled her efforts, and I started thrusting my hips in counter-time to Alyssa's rising and falling. I groaned as my balls pulled up close to my body in preparation for their release.

And then Alyssa stood up completely, leaving me thrusting helplessly into empty air. I grasped for her, my cock visibly throbbing, trying to pull her down and find any hole for those last few seconds that would let me cum. Alyssa swung her leg over me and spun away from my grasp. "What the fuck! What happened to finishing me off?" I sputtered.

Alyssa stuck out her lower lip in a mocking pout. "I'm going to, baby, but I wanted to cum again too and I need a few more minutes. It'll be worth the wait." My moment of crisis had passed, and Alyssa turned her back to me and straddled me once more. "I'll be on top, but you can drive this time if you want." Before I could answer, she grabbed my erect prick and slid it back into her ass. It slid in fairly easily this time, and I was quickly buried balls-deep in her ass. I sat up and Alyssa leaned back against me, her ass warm and welcoming around my prick. She put her feet on my legs, by me knees, and reached back over her head to run her fingers through my hair. I encircled her with my arms as she started to rise and fall. We were moving as one; she'd raise herself up as I lifted with my arms and back, and she let herself drop as I drove myself into her. Melanie turned her attention to pleasing us both; she'd lick my balls, run her tongue along the base of my shaft, and then move up to briefly stimulate Alyssa's clit.

I felt Alyssa's ass clench around my cock as she began her orgasm, which triggered my own climax. Alyssa's juices sprayed out from her, splashing against Melanie's face, leaving her drenched in girl cream. My own orgasm seemed to go on forever. When Alyssa came, her ass tightened up so much that my first few spurts of sperm were trapped in my shaft; when the dam finally burst, it flooded into her ass in such quantities that thick white streams backed up and started to flow down my shaft and drip from my balls. Melanie was quick to catch the excess jizz, and not a drop hit the floor. I didn't count how many times I shuddered and heaved as my balls unloaded their long-denied orgasm into Alyssa's hot ass, but it was well into the double digits. When our mutual orgasms ended, Alyssa and I fell backward together, leaving me laying across the bench with her atop me and my cock still embedded in her ass. We were both panting as we recovered and Melanie lapped up our combined juices.

I slowly worked my cock free of the tight grasp of Alyssa's ass. As I pulled out, Melanie moved up, cleaning my cock of Alyssa's juices and my sperm. When only the tip was left, Alyssa signaled for me to stop. "Melanie, what do you think of his load so far? Is it delicious?" Melanie nodded and made an appreciative noise as she licked up the last rivulets of sperm from my dick. "I'm glad you think that, because in a moment you're going to get so much more of it. He filled my ass so good, Mel. I bet there's a gallon of hot jism in my ass now, and you're going to drink it."

Alyssa pulled herself the rest of the way off my cock and clenched her ass, holding in my load. She rolled off me and stood up. "Come and get it," she said, wiggling her ass. Melanie crawled around the bench and took up a position behind Alyssa, on her hands and knees, mouth hanging open, staring up at her roommate's ass and cunt, both red and swollen from their recent use. "Open wide," said Alyssa.

I got up and went around to watch the show. Alyssa was leaning forward, her fingertips lightly resting on the weight bench. Her roommate was on all fours behind her. Alyssa had relaxed her ass, and my seed had started to trickle from her abused hole. The flow spilled out of Alyssa's ass, down her wet cunt lips, and dripped off of her. Melanie moved to intercept it, catching the first drops on her tongue and then moving her face up to Alyssa's cunt. She split open Alyssa's lower lips, curling her tongue into a scoop as she simultaneously lapped up my sperm and stimulated her roommate. Alyssa reached back, grabbed Melanie's hair, and pulled her up slightly so that Melanie's tongue made contact with her asshole. The she sat back slightly, forcing Melanie to rim her.

I decided to get into the action myself. I dropped to one knee behind Melanie and slapped her ass, hard enough to make her tan skin show a red handprint. Melanie let out a squeal that was muffled by Alyssa's ass. I put my face by Melanie's ear and said, in a low rough growl, "Put your arms behind your back and spread your ass." Melanie's eyes turned my direction, but Alyssa's grasp on her hair prevented her from turning her head. She put one hand on each of her ass cheeks (albeit a bit hesitantly), and spread them apart, revealing her tight pucker and her glistening cunt. This also had the effect of forcing her tongue deeper into Alyssa's ass as she had to lean against her roommate for balance; Alyssa gave a little moan as this happened.

I gave her another light slap, this time directly on her cunt. Melanie let out something between a scream and a moan as my open hand hit her with a wet smack. I roughly shoved two fingers into her pussy, curling them forward to rub against her G-spot. My thumb brushed back and forth against her clit. I played with her until her juices started to run down my hand and my fingers were thoroughly coated. Then I withdrew them from her cunt and spit on her asshole. I took my fingers, slick with her cunt-cream, and rubbed them against her asshole. "Do you know what's coming?" I asked. Melanie moved her head a fraction of an inch in what might have been a nod. I figured it was good enough.

Her ass yielded to the gentle pressure of my fingers. "I don't think I'm the first man to do this. Alyssa, did you know your roommate takes it up the ass?"

Alyssa's answer was interspersed with little moans and muttered curses. "I'm not surprised—oh fuck—she's always seemed like a—mmmmm--like the sort of girl who'd give up any hole a man wanted. Oh, keep doing that with your tongue you big-titted bitch!" I smiled. By now, Melanie must have drank down all my sperm, so now Alyssa was just using her tongue to get off.

"I don't care what kind of girl she is. Right now, I want her ass, so she's going to give it up." I pulled my fingers from her ass and offered them to Alyssa, who took them in her mouth and sucked on them as if they had been my cock. Her tongue wrapped around them, thoroughly exploring their whole surface. When I took them back, she grinned as well, matching my own smile.

"Her ass tastes sweet. I want to suck it off your cock when you're done."

"I think that can be arranged," I replied. Then I centered myself behind Melanie, who was still holding her ass apart for me. I spit on her asshole one more time and then tapped it with my cockhead. It twitched a little each time. Then I put some muscle behind it and her ass spread to admit my wrist-thick shaft. It sunk in slowly; I didn't really know if she was an anal virgin, but she certainly never had anything up her ass that came close to my length or girth. I managed to get about two-thirds of my cock in her before she flinched and tried to pull away. Of course, her face was still buried in Alyssa's ass, so she didn't get far before Alyssa stiffened and helped to hold her in place.

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