Big-Store, All She Wanted Was Candy


"Shelter? What shelter?"

"I work for the women's homeless shelter. I care for the children, while mothers work or go out to interview for jobs."

Damn, she works for the shelter? I thought she was one of the homeless women that lived in the shelter. Maybe those aren't her kids. Maybe she's single. Be still my heart.

"I see," said Dave. "So you have a job and the ability to pay for the merchandise you stole, but decided it was better to steal it than to pay for it."

"I didn't steal the candy, Mister."

"What's your name?"


"Do you have ID, Kathy?"

Trained to engage her, by asking her name. Finally, Dave was treating her like the customer she was, instead of the criminal she wasn't but that he thought she was. She reached in her purse and pulled out her driver's license.

"You stole a candy bar, Kathy Richards," he said reading her name from her ID.

"I didn't steal it. I was going to put it back but--"

"Sure, sure, that's what they all say. They were going to put it back. They forget they had a TV in their hands. They were going to pay for it. Then, they forgot to pay and are out in the parking lot and driving away. They all were going to return it, that is, until they were caught red handed with the stolen merchandise."

"I'm not a thief. I didn't steal a candy bar. I can pay for the candy now. How much is it, fifty cents?" She reached for her pocketbook.

"Oh, no, you don't," said Dave grabbing her pocketbook, opening it up, and dumping it out on his desk. "You may have a weapon."

Another violation of protocol. He's supposed to ask her to do that. He didn't. He's supposed to ask her permission to go through her personal things. He didn't do that either. He's supposed to call the cops and he didn't call the police. What the Hell is he doing?

"C'mon, Mister, don't be unreasonable. It's just a lousy candy bar. I must have slipped the candy in my pocket, when my kids brought me costumes, candy, and decorations that they wanted me to buy."

"So, you decided to return those things and to steal this."


"Was that your ploy all along, knowing that security was watching, you figured they'd see you return everything else, but the candy bar?"

"No, of course not. I had no ploy to deceive you or anyone," said Kathy, finally looking up to make eye contact with Dave. Now, instead of looking embarrassed, she looked angry.

"It's just a candy bar. No one would miss it," said Dave. "Yet, what if everyone just walked in this store and took whatever they wanted without paying for it. How long do you think we'd be in business?"

"With all the money the heirs of Big-Store have, the Bigner's, they'd never miss a candy bar," she said with attitude.

"You're a sassy one, aren't you?" Looking as if he was going to slap her across her face, Dave flipped her blonde hair with his finger. I couldn't believe he actually touched her. Then, in the way that he was looking at her, staring at her, actually, he appeared that he wanted to kiss her. "Figuring with all that you returned to the shelves, we wouldn't notice you stealing the candy. Is that it?"

"No, that's not it at all," she said fluffing her hair back in place. "Thinking more about attending to my children, I just wasn't thinking."

"Stand up and remove your coat."

"My coat? Why?"

"Remove your coat, I said."

"And why, I said?"

"I need to search you."

Gees, Dave was stepping neck deep in it now. He's not supposed to touch her. Only the police can search her. Illegal search and seizure, he knows that whatever he finds on her person, cannot be entered as evidence in court.

I watched Kathy remove her coat and was surprised to see that she wasn't overweight at all. Her coat was just oversized. Actually, she had a nice figure and a big rack. She was hot.

Then, I watched Dave pat her down. Oh, my God. He's such a pervert. As if he was a TSA agent, he groped her in places where no TSA male agent should ever touch a female passenger. Watching him touching her in that way, watching him feel her, he was making me aroused, that is, before he started making me angry.

"Careful buddy," she said swiping Dave's hand away from the side of her breast and again from her ass.

"Lift up your sweatshirt."

I couldn't believe she obeyed, when she lifted up her sweatshirt to expose her toned, flat belly.

"Higher," he said.

"Listen, Mister, I'm not going to show you my bra."

"Higher," he said lifting up her sweatshirt and exposing the bottom of her bra.

Kathy lifted her sweatshirt up past her bra. I couldn't believe her cleavage and her bra clad tits were so exposed.

"Take it off."

"Take off what? My sweatshirt?"

"Your sweatshirt. Take it off."

"I'm not going to remove my sweatshirt in front of you and him," she said looking at me and, with a look of recognition, she recognized me from the neighborhood.

"Hi, I'm Bob," I said.

"Hi. Kathy," she said.

I stood and we shook hands.

"Hey, enough with the social greetings. Focus," said Dave to Kathy. "Either you remove your sweatshirt to prove that you have no other stolen merchandise or I'll call the cops and they can strip search you down at the station, after they book you."

I couldn't believe it, when she removed her sweatshirt and was standing there in her bra and jeans. Damn, she had a nice set of knockers.

When Dave walked around her, she folded her arms across her bra clad breasts with an embarrassed look, but then she turned to me and smiled. Did she just give me the eye? I think she just gave me the eye? I hope she gave me the eye because in the way she looks standing there in her bra, I'd love to give her more than just my eye.

"Take off your sneakers."

Immediately, Kathy obeyed.

"Now the jeans."


"Your jeans. Take them off."

"Listen, Mister, I'm not removing any more of my clothes, just because you think that I stole a fifty cent candy bar."

"Show her the tape, Robert, where she steals the candy bar."

"That doesn't prove anything," she said leaning over me and resting one of her bra clad boobs on my shoulder to look at herself captured on tape. "With my arms full of other stuff, while watching my kids, I just forgot that I had it," she said as her defense.

"Hey, I don't care where you remove your jeans, here or at the police station," said Dave picking up the phone. "It's your call."

"Okay, okay," said Kathy, unbuttoning, unzipping, and wiggling out of her jeans. "I admit I stole the candy bar. Okay? I'm sorry. All I wanted was some candy and the store was so crowded and the lines so long, that I didn't want to wait any longer with the three kids aggravating me and wanting this and that. My blood sugar was crashing and I needed something quick."

"Yeah, yeah," said Dave. "Just take off your jeans."

I couldn't believe when she unbuttoned, unzipped, and wiggled out of her jeans to expose her bright white panties to the both of us. Shocked and excited, I couldn't believe she removed her jeans in front of us. Dave shot me a sick little smile over her shoulder, while Kathy looked at me watching her removing her jeans.

Admittedly, if it wasn't so hot watching this woman stripping down to her bra and panty, I would have been appalled. Even though this was a sexual fantasy come true, this could have been one of my female relatives being asked to strip. To be honest, even though I was excited watching her stripping out of her clothes, I felt bad for her. I didn't like that Dave was sexually molesting her, by abusing his authority.

She handed Dave her jeans and he went through them, as if he was a guard in a prison.

"Now the bra?"


"Your bra. Take off your bra, please. I need to make sure you didn't stuff anything down in your bra."

"My bra? No fucking way. Fuck you. I'm not removing my bra, you sick fuck."

"That's fine by me," said Dave picking up the phone.

"What if I just unhook it and hold it in place with my hands."

"Yeah, that will be okay, so long as you pull the cups forward and shake them."

"Can I turn my back to you, when I do that."

"Of course," said Dave acting like the gentleman he's not.

As if I was standing in her bedroom watching her undress for bed, as if we were getting ready to have sex, I watched Kathy unhook her bra, turn her back to Dave and face me, and then pull her bra cups forward to shake them. Oh, my God, that was so hot to see her unhook her bra. Then, when she pulled her bra cups forward, I got a quick glimpse of the underside of her breasts. Wow! Wondering what she looked like topless, after getting a partial glimpse of her breasts, I couldn't help but wonder what her tits looked like.

Then, in one quick, hard swipe, Dave reached over and around her and grabbed her bra from her. With her back to Dave and her facing me, she was standing there topless, albeit for a brief few seconds. I couldn't believe my eyes. For a split few seconds, before she covered her breasts, her big tits and erect nipples were right there before my shocked, horny, and excited eyes.

Then, when she covered her breasts with her hands and cringed away from Dave, he squatted down behind her and pulled down her panties. Oh, my God. With Kathy covering her tits with her hands, her neatly trimmed patch of blonde, pubic hair was totally exposed to me. She was naked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't believe this woman that I saw nearly every day in her jeans, sweatshirt, and oversize coat was standing before me naked.

Suddenly filled with raw emotions of an aroused animal, I wanted to bend her forward and fuck her doggie style, while feeling her big tits. Seeing her standing there naked, after watching Dave coerce her to strip down to her panty and bra was such an erotic fantasy. Yet, once I regained control of my emotions, my lust for her was replaced with anger. I was angry that Dave stripped a woman naked, a woman that I was attracted to, interested in, and was hoping to have a relationship with. It was surreal seeing her naked, before even asking her out on a date and before getting a good night kiss.

An involuntary reaction, when Kathy turned and squatted down to reach for her panties, she exposed her breasts to Dave and I in the process. Attempting to save her modesty, she was too late. We both already saw what she was so desperately trying not to show.

With her panties already down around her ankles and her trimmed, blonde pussy and ass totally exposed, along with her C cup breasts, she was naked. Dave had managed coerce her to strip down to her panty and bra, before he stripped her naked. Shocked, I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't believe this poor woman was naked, all because of a bad decision to steal a lousy candy bar.

"You fucking asshole," said Kathy pulling up her panties, while still topless. "I'm going to sue you and this store," she said no longer making any attempt to cover her big breasts.

"Oh, yeah? Go ahead. I have you on video tape. It's my word against the word of a thief."

"They'll fire your ass for what you did to me," she said full of defiance, but in a voice that was filled with shame and quaking with embarrassment.

"Well, if you want to leave here, if you don't want to be arrested, and if you don't want your kids in protective custody, you'll suck my cock," said Dave unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock, and exposing his erect prick to her. "Now, get down on your knees and blow me," he said forcefully pushing down on her shoulder and forcing her to the floor.

"Go fuck yourself. I'm not blowing you," she said turning her head away, when he tried to stick his cock in her mouth.

Then, with a quick pull of her blonde hair and, when she screamed, with another forceful hand to the back of her head, he impaled her mouth with his cock. Stuffing his stiff cock in her mouth, he was forcing her to blow him. With a hand to her breasts, he felt her big tits and fingered her nipples, while he pushed her forward with his other hand. Then, with both hands to the back of her head, he was humping her face.

"Suck it! Suck my cock, you thieving bitch. Do you like candy? I have a big load of white, sweet stuff for you to swallow."

Even though I was aroused watching Kathy being stripped naked, even though I was aroused watching Kathy blow Dave, enough was enough. I couldn't believe my eyes. Now I was really mad.

''Dave, you can't do this," I said standing.

"Shut up, Robert, or I won't give you a turn," said Dave humping her mouth and fucking her face while grunting. Good God, forcing her to suck his cock, he was really fucking her head with his hips

"A turn? I don't want a turn," I said approaching him too late. He shot a load of cum in her mouth and another load across her face and in her hair.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that was good. You're a good cocksucker," he said. "Get dressed. You can go now. I won't press charges, so long as you agree not to shop the store anymore. You're hereby officially banned from Big-Store stores, all Big-Store stores. If you're caught shopping in a Big-Store store, you'll be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sign here," he said dropping a piece of paper and a pen on her naked body.

I couldn't believe he forced her to blow him. I couldn't believe he ejaculated in her mouth and all over her face and hair. I couldn't believe he was banning her from all the Big-Store stores. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Dave raped a customer. When I saw how he violated her, when I saw how she crumbled to the floor broken and crying, and when I saw how inhumanely he treated her, after raping her, I hit Dave with a right hand and a left uppercut that knocked him unconscious. Then, I called the police.

Kathy sued the Big-Store stores and won. Big-Store's lawyers settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and Kathy accepted that Big-Store's agreement not to confess any guilt in the allegations. Then, she filed criminal and civil charges against Dave. He accepted a plea bargain that dropped the charge down from rape to sexual assault. Nonetheless, he lost his job, had to pay Kathy a financial restitution, and went to prison.

When I found out that Kathy worked for the shelter and those children weren't her children, but the children of mothers who were working, we developed a friendship. She was grateful that I not only came to her rescue but also testified against Dave and against the store in open court. Now we live together and I no longer work at Big-Store, nor do we ever shop at Big-Store.


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