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Billie Mason


All characters are fictional.

Please do not contact any of the real Billie Mason's of the world and ask them if they are the person in the story. Lets face it, that would just be rude.


If you Google Billie Mason you will find a number of Linkedin accounts, some Facebook pages etc. You will also find Billie Mason age 42. Born in Madison Wisconsin, 5'7" 105 lbs, strawberry blonde, alabaster skin, freckles, long leg, slender build with medium breasts. If you do some more digging you will quickly learn she has been in 27 movies, and appeared in various television shows. Net worth is an estimated at 53 million. She lives in Southern California in a middle income neighborhood. Where she lives with her boyfriend and dog both named Max. The most popular question she is asked is "How did she end up with both a dog and a boy friend named Max." She always answers that her dog is named after Max in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and by the time she meet her boyfriend, he was too old to change his name, and besides she only has to remember one name at home.

What you will not find are any racy photos or gossip. She lives a quiet life, does not get arrested, attending outrageous parties, or take extravagant vacations. In short, her life is quiet and uneventful. Because of this the paparazzi leaves her alone. she, and her boyfriend enjoy eating at a local Italian place, where she is called Billie, not Miss Mason. Her picture is not on the wall. And the Alfred sauce is thick and creamy.

If you query Billie on YouTube you will find various clips of her acting career. The most watched clip is from a talk show, where the host asked "How is sex with Max Thick, and does he live up to name?" I guess this would be a good time to introduce myself. I am Billies boyfriend, Maxwell Thicke, no relation to Canadian actor Alan Thicke. She blushed. That by itself would never have made such a popular clip. What made it so popular was a standup comedian was also on the show. He literally fell out of his seat laughing. Once he caught his breath he did 15 minutes about how with a name like Max Thicke, I must be a porn actor. I have watched the video many times, and it always makes me laugh.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to understand how lucky I am to know the real Billie. And right now I am standing at the airport waiting for her to arrive

When she came down the ramp, I was waiting for her and pulled her into a tight hug. She melted into my arms. We kissed hello, a light proper kiss, like everyone else. We walked hand in hand to the bagged claim, where I grabbed her bags before we left.

During the 30 minute drive home we talked and she told me about being on another talk show, and when it would air, after we talked about Max, the dog. No, I don't refer to myself in the 3rd person.

Once we got home, I opened a bottle of wine and we settled down on the couch to watch some TV and relax. I stroked her hair as she rested on her head on my lap. In a sleepy voice she said "Master, may Your whore suck Your cock?" If you think I answered any way except yes, you would be mistaken.

she unzipped my pants, freed my cock and with a moan she began sucking me. I grabbed her pony tail and set the pace. Soon my cock was covered in a slick film of her saliva. The fact that I came in the matter of minutes is a testament to her oral skills. I kept a firm grip on her hair and growled my pleasure as she moaned and drained me.

I pulled a blanket over her as she laid there, the tip of my cock touching her smiling lips, and she fell asleep. When the movie was over, I carried her to our bed, she barely stirred. I settled into bed next to her and read for a few hours.

When I woke in the morning I smelled bacon and eggs, and there was Billie, holding my breakfast. My eyes traveled from the plate to her body, she was wearing a semitransparent baby doll top and a pair of bouy shorts, I let my eyes linger and she stood there smiling. I sat up and enjoyed breakfast. Bacon and eggs with goat cheese on toast, a cup of rich coffee, lightly sweetened and a grapefruit. The grapefruit was not for me, it is what she always eats for breakfast. Please do not think the grapefruit is what I allow her. she was eating it every morning for years before we met. As we ate I could see the slight sheen on sweet still on her arms. She always remained warm for about an hour after her morning workout. Again not my idea, she says it invigorates her, and I can't argue with the results. Once breakfast was devoured, I escorted her to the shower, where I spent 20 glorious minutes washing her. Once she was clean I lowered myself between her legs and tasted her sweet pussy, she moaned, and was soon asking for permission to cum. I love the way her voice shakes when asks for permission. her juices are sweet with a bit of citrus flavor. When her legs could again support her, I raised up kissed her, sharing her flavor with her. she moaned.

After drying her, I picked out a summer dress for her to wear to the Zoo. I should explain the Zoo is her indulgence. The one place she allows people to treat her like a celebrity, to a point. Billie gives very generously to the Zoo and as such we are given access very few are allowed. Once when she inquired about tiger cub, she was told that is was out in for public viewing, but would be retrieved for her immediately. she stated firmly that if they did that, they would never get another donation from her. The dumb founded look on their faces were priceless. her favorite exhibit is the gorillas. In particular a male named Sonjan, she has always enjoyed watching the way other gorillas interact with him. Though he is not the biggest or the strongest, all of them take him as their leader. Once while enjoying an afterhours viewing of them, we saw Sonjan walk over to a female gorilla grab her by the hips and fuck her, very hard. Billie was very turned on by this. Not that watching animal's sexual nature turns her on. It was the way Sonjan took the female, and the way she submitted to him.

After spending most of the day at the Zoo, we stopped at the local Italian place, where we were greeted with a kiss on both cheeks, as all regular customers were and shown to a table. We both enjoyed a glass of wine and a light dinner before heading home.

As soon as the house door closed behind us, I slapped her ass, and told her to prepare herself for me. With a smile she went into the bedroom and returned wearing only one of my button down shirts with only one button done midway down. The inside curve of her breasts were visible, as was her flat stomach, and the small strip of public hair she called her landing strip. Without a word she came over to where I was sitting, and kneeled, offering herself to me.

I lead her to our play room, where I tied up her hands above her head, and positioned her so she was facing the large mirror. I took my time touching her lightly, and raining kisses on every inch of exposed skin, until she was so excited her pussy juices were running down her legs. Still I continued to touch her, kiss her, lick her, and spank her, until with a trembling voice she begged me to fuck my whore. I grab her hips, pulled them back, so she was bent at the waist, and I fucked her, hard. she screamed and moaned like a whore. Her legs shook, her tits swayed, her cunt clamped down on my cock as she begged for permission to cum. I drove my cock deep into her again and gave her the permission she so desperately sought. her legs gave out of she screamed with pleasure and came on my cock. I grunted, bit her shoulder and came deep inside her. I wrapped an arm around her, not to keep her from falling, the restraints would do that. I wrapped my arm around her for the closeness. I kissed her neck and tasted the salt of her sweat, then carefully removed the restraints and lowered her to the soft rug on the floor where I joined her. Slowly she moved her head so she could clean my cock with her mouth. I lay back and enjoyed the both the physical and mental pleasure. When she was satisfied that I was properly clean, she laid her head on my shoulder. We slept for a bit. When we woke I guided her into the bathroom, where we took a hot bath. Again I washed her. Taking my time, enjoying.

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