tagErotic Poetrybill's little girl

bill's little girl


we met on literotica
now we're fucking all the time
i recite my poems
while he licks my sweet behind

you already know my name
his name is bill
i do anything he wants
his desire is my will

he's a little older
but i like them mature
it's like he's fucking his daughter
or just a young, hot whore

he sits on the couch
i do an exotic dance
i'm wearing nothing
his cock is popping out his pants

i'm rubbing my tits,
my ass, and crotch
his dick's at full attention
'cause he loves to watch

i'm sucking my nipples
and shaking my butt
i'm not just a poet
i'm also a slut

bill's hungry for me
i'm being such a tease
but it's time to suck his dick
so i drop to my knees

i'm swallowing his cock
and palming his sac
he's grinding his hips
and has his head back

he coats my throat with cum
now it's time to give his dick a ride
my cunt is wet
and yearns to feel him inside

he plunges inside me
i clutch his chest
my toys and fingers feel good
but bill's cock feels best

i'm bouncin' up and down
like a rodeo rider
since i started fucking bill
my pussy's gotten wider

he explodes in my snatch
and i'm filled with his nut
but it's not over
'til he drills my butt

he fucks my ass
and he's not gentle
to enjoy a pounding like that
i must be mental

i'm screaming out loud
my ass takes every inch
i'm breathing heavy
my jaws are clenched

he shoots his wod
my asshole gets tight
and all of this started
just from the poems i write

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