After a long night with Jayryder who now lie drained in my bed I've decided to work on my biography. I turned 30 just two weeks ago and am pretty happy and content with whatever God gave me. I've treated my body well and reaped its rewards. My breasts are firm. They fit most palms and a 36 bra. Good they didn't grow too big or they'd be sagging by now. My thighs are well built but that doesn't mean my legs aren't shapely. My hips vary between 37"-39" and I never let my waist cross 25". I'm 5'4", a manageable height amongst a variety of men. My eyes are black but when I'm horny I can see shades of green in them. Black lashes arouse men so I trim my eyebrows and use thick eyeliner. My hands are small and plump and I never grow nails. They scare them seeing those witches in horror movies. I keep my hair at shoulder length. Men like their soft curls falling on their faces when they're romancing with me. I don't drink or smoke. If forced I take a few sips and pretend to be drunk. My gums and teeth are healthy. I'd hate to see them tarnished by nicotine. I'm under regular medical supervision and my skin glows magically as if a fire were burning beneath it. The doctor doesn't cost me anything. He just screws me once in a while.

Normally I wear long skirts and high neck blouses. Men tend to loose interest if it's all there for them to see. I rarely wear jeans or trousers because I hate to have buttons knocked off or the zipper stuck when a guy is in too much of a rush. Skirts are convenient. He can just pull it up and see what's there inside.

Men have their choices. Some start with the tongue, others eat pussy right away. Most are reluctant to use condoms still I store a wide variety. Orange ones are my favorite. They beautify ugly cocks. Some men come while I'm rolling a condom down their organ. They get so excited by the way I do it.

Despite my weakness for men my first love remains women. I adore women with pink nipples because mine are too. Sometimes I play with myself and keep a collection of dildos for such special moments.

When I was only a schoolgirl a palmist had predicted what I'd do for a living. Now let me tell you what it takes to be a whore and how cool life can be if you're as lucky as me. I've never counted the men I've laid but I'll try.

I was fourteen when I first made love. The day still lingers like a dream. 'The first time can be painful,' seniors at school had warned me and I'd prepared myself. My body was beginning to blossom. I longed for someone to hold me, squeeze my melons, and tease the constant itch in my crotch. I'd rub my sacred mound and squeeze my legs but it wasn't enough. When I was in bed, or in the bath, I'd poke my fingers into my clit and fondle my breasts till I was sweating and panting.

My best friend Reena and I grew up in the same neighborhood. We shared our fantasies. I knew how she felt about her body, about boys and older men. It was that tender age when life was beginning to unravel itself. Television had made us realize the importance of sex. Reena and I thought we were inseparable till her parents sent her away to boarding school. However, within a month, she was back. 'I came because of you. I really missed you,' she said hugging me fiercely.

Reena's parents were going away for the weekend and she invited me over.

'We're going to kick it up,' she said excitedly.

My parents didn't allow me at first. They didn't think much of Reena.

'Let her if she wants to. She can take care of herself. She's a big girl now. You can't stop her forever,' Dad finally said to mom and reluctantly she consented.

I arrived at Reena's apartment soon after breakfast on that cloudy day. We played pool before strolling down to the city center for ice cream. We looked around at boys but avoided their hungry stares. On our way back it started to rain. We were drenched by the time we got home. Reena changed into a nightgown and gave me one of hers. We decided to watch a movie.

'What would you like to see?' she asked.

'Anything you like,' I said.

Reena searched her father's cupboard.

'Let's see what dad's got in here,' she said smiling coyly.

She tried a few CDs but they weren't what she wanted.

'Here it is,' she said finally and we settled back to watch.

There was no sequence of events in the movie. A man and a woman met. They kissed, undressed and made love. The woman moaned and the man grunted. Having pumped and gyrated they collapsed against each other exhausted. A doctor met a nurse. He didn't have to pull down her skirt. It was so short. He lifted her onto an operating table and started to lick her. She shrieked with pleasure. The doctor wore a rubber glove with which he massaged her pussy. My eyes were glued to the TV screen and my panties were wet. Even Reena's eyes never left the screen. Feverishly she rubbed her hands over her panties. When she saw me looking she threw a sheet over us so we could do our own thing. Another story began. Two women hugged each other. Soon they were fondling and kissing, moaning and gasping. They undressed and licked each other's tits and cunts. I'd heard of lesbians but was always more interested in men.

I wasn't surprised when Reena's hand crawled over my thigh and rested on the mound of my panties. I let my hand slide over her breasts and rest on her thighs. The picture ended and we looked at each other embarrassed.

It continued to drizzle through the afternoon and we lay quietly in our beds. I was hesitant to look at her after what had transpired between us. We had often discussed the gradual changes in our bodies but never cared to explore each other. I stared blankly out of the window, my mind wandering from Reena and the movie to men I admired. All this while my fingers played with my pussy.

By evening the weather cleared and we decided to stroll down to Winky's, our favorite haunt. Boys passed comments and threw pebbles at us as we walked down the street. We didn't stop till we were safely inside Winky's.

'An ice cream won't cool you down,' commented a handsome hulk.

Before I knew it Reena had got into a conversation with him and even offered to buy him ice cream.

'That's my cousin,' she informed.

Her cousin's friend tried to talk to me but I wasn't interested. While Reena laughed and joked with them I became jealous and temperamental. Her cousin's friend continued to ask me weird things but my eyes and mind were focused on Reena's breasts and my hands were itching to slide under her skirt.

She invited them over to her place.

'Some other day,' they promised.

I was glad they weren't coming with us.

Reena and I didn't talk much on our way back.

When we were home she asked, 'Wanna watch another flick?'

'The same one?' I asked.

'The same type,' she giggled and suddenly the tension between us eased.

'Let's watch the same one again,' I suggested.

'The lesbians,' she said with sparks in her eyes.

As she bent to load the CD, the slit in her skirt opened wide. My eyes devoured her inner thighs. The screen lit up with the story prior to the lesbians.

'Let me change before the action begins,' Reena said.

I noticed she didn't lock the door to the changing room so I peeped inside. She was undoing the buttons on her blouse. Behind me, on the small screen, the lesbians had started to undress. Reena stood before the full wall mirror cupping her breasts. She wore a black bra under a printed blouse. The bra had lots of lace on it unlike mine. Her skirt slipped to the floor revealing translucent black panties. She had smooth white buttocks and long shapely legs.

I couldn't resist the sight of her and slipped into the changing room. She turned to me expectantly. Her sparkling eyes became glued to mine. Her beauty mesmerized me and, before I knew it, we were hugging fiercely, and gyrating. Our tongues had met and we were breathing in each other's burning mouths. Her fingers slid into my panties and eagerly I drew them in. I lifted her bra and sucked at her nipples. She took my fingers in her mouth, igniting my fingertips. I rubbed my cheeks over her lacy panties and slipped my fingers inside them. She pinned me to the floor, climbed on me, and began gyrating fiercely. Our bras brushed against each other and our juices intensified.

'Oh Reena you're so beautiful,' I whispered in her ear.

In the mirror I looked at myself. I was wearing a plain white bra and panty and my breasts were unusually swollen. Reena came up behind me and cupped them. I moaned with pleasure. She giggled and shoved my hand inside my panty. We were both ecstatic and wanted to do more to our bodies than we were capable of.

I crawled out of the changing room into bed. Reena found a rubber stick in her mother's locker and rubbing it eagerly over her pussy climbed in beside me. She handed me the rubber stick and fell back on the bed, her legs wide apart. The sight of her pussy made me wild. I set out to explore the forbidden world inside her, first with my fingers and then, at her insistence, with the stick she had found. I was afraid to push it in. I didn't want to hurt her but she was pleading.

She gyrated with half the rod inside her, gasping for breath. I bent down to lock my mouth on hers and could feel her every emotion as she climaxed. She fell back motionless, her eyes shut and body exhausted. I played with her breasts but she remained still. I was hot and wanted something inside me. Sticking the rod between her legs I lowered myself onto it but the rod strayed. I gyrated against her pussy but it was useless. Violently I shook her awake. Seeing my pitiable state she shoved the rod inside me. It was probably harder than a real penis but I felt no pain.

'It was so enjoyable. Why don't we do it again,' I asked Reena after I had climaxed.

'We'll do it,' she said smiling faintly.

Though I'd yet to have actual intercourse with a man I knew sex was going to be the thing for me in life.

Bras turn on most men but they fascinate me, especially when the woman wearing them is hot and knows how to manage her body. I like lacy bras. Black, beige and burgundy are my favorite. After that fateful weekend with Reena my interest in women's bodies grew but, at school, our history teacher Mr Wilson drew much of my attention, probably because I found his subject boring. When he talked about the Great War or the Stone Age, my mind would wander through his clothes to his muscular body. I'd smile whenever he looked towards me and he'd blush. Mr Wilson never asked me questions because he knew I couldn't answer any.

'You're not going to pass my subject miss,' he'd warn me often.

'I know, sir, but I find your subject boring,' I'd say.

'History is an interesting subject.'

'Why force it on students?'

'We must know about people who have contributed to our lives.'

'Mustn't we live with the present and admire only those men and women who are alive.'

'There's no point arguing with you, miss,' he'd say surrendering.

I knew he liked me. During his class I'd pull my skirt higher so he could have a better look at my thighs. Whenever I found the opportunity to talk to him I'd open one of the buttons on my shirt to let him see inside. My balloons had become noticeable. His eyes would pop out briefly and I'd smile back to let him know I didn't mind.

My nights were becoming restless and I was always looking for oblong things to stick in my pussy. Invariably he'd wander into my wet dreams.

'You like me, sir, don't you?' I asked him when I couldn't take it anymore.

'You embarrass me. I'm your teacher,' he said blushing.

'How do you define love, sir?' I asked.

'I can't explain things to you.'

'Sir, you try to shirk from the truth. I know you like me. I've seen you staring at me many times.'

'You're mistaken.'

'You're lying sir,' I said.

He was quiet for a while.

'What do you expect from me?' he asked.

'Call me over to your place and I'll let you know,' I replied.

'As you wish,' he said, surrendering. I noticed he was grinning brightly as he turned to go.

I couldn't wait to get to his place. He too was impatient. The very next day he called me after history lessons and said, 'Miss, I'll look forward to seeing you at my place this afternoon.'

I knew his cottage. It was behind the girl's hostel. I wondered how many others had fallen for him and if any of them had gone as far as his bedroom.

I rang up home during recess to tell mother I was staying back for games. I sat through the remaining classes without interest, waiting for the last bell to ring. When school finally got over I felt unusually grubby. I ran to the canteen for a quick bite then strode briskly towards Mr Wilson's cottage.

He was already in and though he tried to hide his impatience I knew how eager he was to look inside my school uniform. He led me into the living room. Knowing him I didn't expect to be taken straight to the bedroom. He wore light cotton slacks and a maroon T-shirt. He smelt of musk. I knew he had worn the perfume for me because I didn't remember him smelling like that before.

'Would you like something to eat? You must be hungry,' he asked.

'I've had lunch. I'm ready,' I said.

He looked confused. 'I don't know how to handle this. Where do I start?'

'Anywhere you like sir,' I said.

He couldn't help laughing when I said that.

'I'll be back in a minute. Please be comfortable,' he said and strode off to another room.

He must be getting the bed ready, I thought.

I sat looking around at the simple room. A cane sofa, few wooden stools and a round table with a glass top were spread out on a bright woolen carpet.

He took pretty long. I was beginning to fear he might have fled through the back door when he returned carrying a tray of dry fruits and two glasses of milk.

'Sir you needn't have bothered with that,' I said politely.

'It'll warm you up a little,' he said.

'I'm already hot,' I suggested.

He handed me the glass of milk. Our eyes met and for the first time he didn't look away. I don't remember drinking the milk because when we hugged the glass was no longer in my hand.

He kissed me delicately, probably not wanting to hurt me, but when I began rolling my tongue in his mouth he tightened his grip. We were sitting on the sofa, his left hand on my waist, right on my shoulder.

He got up to draw the curtains. When he had finished doing that I stood up to him. He was tall and had to bend to kiss me. I raised my lips to him and wrapped my arms around him. Hesitantly his hands traversed my back. He was afraid to caress me.

'Sir, please don't hesitate. I can't wait any more,' I whispered in his ear.

I pulled his hand onto my breast and he cupped it delicately. I had to squeeze his fingers to let him know he was expected to press harder.

'Oh miss I don't know if I should be doing this,' he suggested again.

'Sir, please be a man. I want you dearly.'

He kept kissing me in a most haphazard manner and wouldn't press into me so I pushed him away and took off my shirt. He went wild seeing me in my bra. Sinking to his knees he cupped my breasts in his tender hands and began squeezing them harder. His hands slipped under my skirt and he was rubbing my inner thighs feverishly. I thrust myself at him and longed to feel his naked body. He lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom, his head digging into me. Throwing me on the bed he thrust himself wildly at me. I tried to peel off my panties but he was all over me. He grunted loudly, collapsed on me, and fell to his side, suddenly becoming disinterested, not caring to even look at me. A faint smell arose from a wet patch that formed over his crotch. I was hot and longed for something inside me.

Mr Wilson had been a disappointment. I walked into the bath, splashed water on my face, combed my hair, straightened my dress and walked out of his cottage.

Once home I locked myself in my room, drew the curtains, undressed, got into bed, pulled a sheet over me and started to play with myself. My pussy was wet and my breasts were swollen. I pulled out the little rubber stick; I now kept hidden under the mattress, and started to push it in and out of my pussy. I was about to come when there was a knock at my door. I hurriedly pulled on a gown. To my delight it was Reena. Locking the door I hugged her from behind and thrust at her buttocks, my hands pumping her balloons.

'What's the matter? You're hot,' Reena muttered.

'Don't ask me what I've been through,' I said pushing my hand into her panty.

'How was Mr Wilson?' she asked.

'Can't you guess from the state I'm in. He fired in his trousers,' I said.

Reena laughed. 'And we thought he was a stud.'

'God knows how he'll face me again,' I said.

'I don't blame him. You're so sexy. If I were a man even I might have fired prematurely,' Reena confessed.

'Just get out of that dress and shove that stick inside me,' I told her.

'It's time you got rid of that rubber stick. You'll hurt the insides of your pussy. I've got something more natural and safer for you. A dildo. It's almost a penis. In fact it's more than one because there aren't any chances of premature ejaculation. Before I let you have a feel of it get into these,' she said handing me a small bag.

'What's in it?' I asked.

'Hurry up. I can't wait to see you in them,' she pleaded.

I started to undress but she stopped me. 'Not here,' she said.

I went into the bath, not caring to lock the door, and opened the pack. It contained a black lacy bra and panty along a note that said, 'With all my love for the body I desire.'

It was the kind Reena wore the other day. 'I'd like to see you in one of these,' she had commented then.

The bra was a perfect fit so was the panty. Putting them on I sprayed perfume all over me. Reena was already under the sheets in my bed, her dress on the carpet. I stood before her, letting her admire me. Her eyes lit up. I climbed under the sheets beside her and we hugged. She was wearing a beige bra matching the color of her skin. I cupped her breasts and then allowed my hands to wander to her pussy. To my surprise I found no pussy there but a soft rod. I pulled the sheets away to see what it was. She was wearing the dildo over her panty.

Taking off my bra and panty she lowered herself on me. She kissed me, squeezed and sucked my tits while pushing herself deep into my pussy. I smothered her as she pumped at me. After I had climaxed she continued to play with me. She was hot. I knew the state she was in.

'It's your turn now,' she whispered in my ear. 'Please hurry. I can't wait,' she moaned.

I wrapped the belt around me. With the dildo rightly placed I climbed on her and pushed myself into her wet pussy. Her swollen breasts pressed into mine and her open mouth gasped with joy when she came. We lay in each other's arms till it was time for her to go home.

We were both happy and satisfied when we parted that evening.


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