tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBirthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 05

Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 05


Li'ir approached the inner sanctum with caution. If the speed with which Jade had entered and exited his chamber was any indication of his mood, then she perceived he would be annoyed at the very least.

Her eyes lit on his rigid frame, and she knew it was a deep seething rage that held him in such an unnaturally still state.

"My Prince," she greeted, bowing before him.

His dark glance flicked to her prostrate form for all of a few seconds before dismissing her.

"Shall I call Nahid to you?"

His brow furrowed.

Nahid. The favored one. And yet for some reason the thought of her did not bring the usual rush of pleasure. There was only one body in his mind, only one voice screaming in agonized bliss.


Let Nahid come. Let her talented mouth and skillful hands wipe away the memory of a girl with hair the color of blackest night and eyes that sparked like jewels.

Nahid entered unobserved, her grand entrance ignored. Her eyes flashed golden fire at the slight snub.

She, the favorite, about whose body men composed songs, she whose smiles stopped men in their tracks, she who could give pleasure with a single look, ignored. Ignored by the one man who she ached to please more than any other; ignored by the one man she shouldn't love, but did.

She guarded him jealously from the other women in the harem and for the most part had always succeeded. Until recently she could count the number of days she had not slept in his bed on one hand. He enjoyed the other women like a glass of wine with dinner, but she was satisfied in the knowledge that she was his night cap. Until recently...

A slight frown marred her brow as her concern was revealed in an unguarded moment. She quickly smoothed her face back into the serene passionate mask he would expect to see, but her worry did not disappear as quickly as her anxious expression.

This new woman, with her pale skin, dark hair, and defiant nature, had somehow managed to enslave him. Even while she lay sick and unable to attend him he had refused to take Nahid or any other to his bed. This woman who could destroy his desire for all others.

Nahid feared and hated her in equal amounts. But she would not let thoughts of that woman keep her from enjoying Akim this night.

Nahid bowed low before him before rising to her full height.

"My Prince." Her words were accompanied by her slip pooling at her feet.

At last his eyes focused as her naked form was revealed, but his face didn't hold the normal welcoming delight she was used to seeing. If anything he appeared confused, as if her body had come as a surprise and not necessarily a welcoming one.

Nahid knew without vanity that her body was one that men would kill to possess, would die to keep. And yet he continued looking at her with that same blank expression.

She moved into his arms and was greeted by his passionate kiss. But though his mouth moved over hers with the same skill and possession, she could tell that his heart wasn't in it; that he was just going through the motions.

She gently drew away.

His apologetic eyes lifted to her sorrow filled ones.

"I am not the one you want." A statement not a question. She knew as sure as she was breathing that it was true. And her hatred increased.


His arms lifted from around her body and she recognized it as an invitation for her to go. No, not an invitation. An invitation implied she had a choice. And given the choice she would lie in his arms all night and pretend he felt something for her.

Instead she drew her body from his warm embrace and glided from the room as gracefully as she had come.

Li'ir noted Nahid's departure with displeasure. For the second time that night she entered Akim's chambers certain she would find him in a disagreeable mood.

She knew before he spoke that he would ask her to summon Jade to his bed. It was not yet an hour since he had last cast her out and he wanted her back.

Li'ir pursed her lips in disapproval as she turned to complete her task.

Jade rolled onto her back in what had to be the eighth adjustment in as many minutes. She couldn't get comfortable. The majority of her discomfort lay between her legs, but she knew better than to even think of touching herself. They would restrain her through the night and then she would be uncomfortable for two reasons instead of just the one.

Heaving a heavy sigh she rolled again. The move brought Li'ir's angry countenance into her line of vision.

"Li'ir," she greeted. "What brings you here at this time of night?" she asked with no small amount of mocking irony in her tone. She knew by Li'ir's presence that she would have to go back to Akim. She also knew she wasn't ready. She was so aroused it didn't bear thinking about.

"Come," was the only response she received.

Jade followed at a sedate pace trying to get her mind in order before presenting herself to the prince again.

She bowed as she entered. She could feel his eyes all over her as she lay prostrate before him. His passionate gaze was a caress and though she couldn't see him she could sense him. A hectic throb started between her legs and she prayed for strength as she rose to her feet.

As her eyes met his she could see the banked fire in his eyes, as well as the more obvious wariness. That was good, she thought. At least neither of them had an apparent advantage.

Akim knew better than to command her to pleasure him. She would put on another one of her meaningless shows, he was sure of it.

"Come here," he commanded, encouraging her to draw near. Though her natural inclination was to run, she did as he commanded and stepped closer.

"Pleasure yourself for me," he instructed.

Jade gave a self-deprecating smile. She had longed for just such an opportunity earlier, but it would have been for her pleasure, not his.

Still temptation beckoned.

It was to her advantage that she was already slick with desire. She spent a few minutes tweaking her nipples and rolling the sensitive nubs between her fingers. She parted her legs so he could see how wet she was.

She continued on sighing and moaning until finally she screamed as she climaxed. She stood there panting, leaning heavily on the bed.

She wasn't prepared for the hand that wrapped around her wrist and pulled her down on the bed. He towered over her, and his dark face indicated his lack of amusement.

"A man who understands true pleasure also understands artifice." He let the gentle rebuke hang between them and her cheeks glowed a dull pink in the light.

Her ploy would have been laughable if it hadn't been so damned insulting. She must think him a complete fool to be taken in by so weak a display of passion. She clearly didn't realize her chest flushed when she orgasmed or that her thighs trembled. Neither sign had been in evidence at the end of her production.

A high pitched scream and a look of delight was the response he expected for expensive trinkets; a rather more intense display of gratification was expected when your world had just been ripped apart by an explosion of mind numbing pleasure.

He hadn't bought a second of it.

He slid his fingers between her thighs and started stroking her. He could tell by how easily his fingers slid through her tight channel that the initial pleasure had been genuine. Her hips arched once involuntarily towards him, but she didn't do anything more to participate.

He felt his frustration grow.

He wanted the woman he had had the night before back in his bed. A woman who did not wait for him to give her pleasure, but would take it if he was too slow in the offering. A woman who wanted to try everything, refusing him nothing. A woman who would give him a blow job to improve his mood. That was the woman he wanted in his bed, and the caricature of feminine desire before him was just a lackluster imitation.

His tongue traced the delicate curve of her cheek down to the sensitive crease of her neck. Where she had tilted her head back in delighted pleasure the night before, now she just lay beneath him letting him do whatever he pleased.

"Participate," he growled in irritation.

Her hands immediately lifted to his shoulders and started restlessly stroking his muscular back and down his arms gripping him as if she would fall off the edges of the earth if he didn't hold her tighter.

Her head titled back as if on cue, and her insidious voice was poison in his ear. "Oh My Prince," she paused as she tried unsuccessfully to bite back a moan of pleasure, "Mmmm, that's so good."

Only she knew that the moan of pleasure had been real, although she had laced enough insincere words around it to cause doubts, to grate on his nerves.

"Now," she begged prettily. "I can't live without your big hard cock inside me."

The words were straight from her heart, but combined with the aimlessly roving hands still sweeping over everything they could reach he took them for a sham. He sat up abruptly restraining her offensive hands.

"What do I have to do?" he barked.

She stared up at him blankly.

"What must I do to get back the woman I had last night?"

A small smile played about the corners of her mouth before she thought better of it and hid it away.

"Give me seven days of clemency," she answered without any apparent pause for thought. "If I give myself to you tonight, then I want a period of seven days when I don't have to sleep with you or service you or exchange any sexual favors with you."

"No," he immediately refused.

Not the request he had been expecting, but still not possible. The Jade he knew would have asked for her freedom again. At least she was learning to manage her expectations.

Her eyes slid away from his, but not before he saw them pale with disappointment.

"Okay," she demurred.

Why was it such a hardship for her to have sex with him? He knew she enjoyed it. At a guess he would say even more than he did, and that was saying something.

"Okay?" he questioned, not for one moment thinking that was the end of it.

"Okay," she confirmed. She shook one hand free from his imposing grip and slid it down his chest.

His dark eyes bore down into her face, but she wouldn't meet his eyes again. Her gaze was unseeing as her hand unerringly located his stiff member and guided it towards her entrance. Her legs lifted around his back as she arched up against him.

"Yes, oh yes My Prince," she sighed as he slipped inside of her without any conscious effort. Her hand slid back up his chest as she waited for him to possess the body he was so desperate to have.

She hadn't said it but her terms were clear. She wanted the seven days and wouldn't settle for anything less. He could refuse her request and make love to a sophisticated blow up doll or he could agree to her demands and make the most of the night.

His harsh breathing escalated, a mixture of desire and rage. He was a prince. He did not lower himself to bargaining with slaves, with women he owned. And he was an exquisite lover. With or without her consent he could bring her to climax and they both knew it.

He withdrew from her and slid down her lithe body. His mouth a blaze of bliss as he made his way between her legs.

She wanted so desperately to close her legs, certain of the havoc he was about to create, but she had to maintain her façade and instead spread them wider.

"Oh yes, yes," she cried. "I'll die if you don't suck my clit."

He stilled between her legs to collect himself. He hated it. Hated the fake passion coating her voice, the obvious falseness of her tone. It was a passable imitation of a porn star and it scraped his senses raw when he knew how she sounded with genuine innocent pleas falling from her lips.

With a strength of will his father would have applauded he blocked out her cloying voice and slid his mouth to her clit. He pulled back the hood covering it, noting it was already engorged.

He could see it would take very little to push her over the edge. He sucked her clit into his mouth very briefly before releasing it. He repeated the action again and again until she restlessly shifted one thigh.

He was sure the action was unconscious and had she been able to she would have controlled the betraying motion. But even this small involuntary sign of submission did not give him the pleasure it should have. Despite it, her hands did not tangle in his hair to encourage him, her eyes did not watch him in agonized ecstasy, and not once in all her false cries of pleasure did she ever call him Akim.

He felt her thighs tremble and took the tiny nub into his mouth again, holding it there while flicking his tongue all around it. His aggressive sucking and tongue lashes pushed her to the edge of agony and the finger he roughly thrust into her finished her off.

She fell apart in his arms as expected, her hands restive in the sheets and her teeth clenched hard. He caught only the tiniest of whimpers before she lay breathlessly waiting for his next assault. Her eyes were still averted to the side in defiance.

Dammit! He wanted her. Willing. More than willing. Eager. Desperate. Genuine.

"Okay," he relented, giving in with the sort of ill grace better suited for a child. "Seven days."

Her eyes turned to his luminous with delight and her bright smile soothed the ache in his groin, for a moment anyway.

"I see this pleases you," he noted, leaning back and appearing for all the world as if he were a God. And to some, she was sure he was.

"Show me how much."

In his current position she could only interpret his statement one way. From the very beginning he had loved being in her mouth. And today was no different it seemed.

He wasn't to know she had spent the day researching the various ways and means he could pleasure her and vice versa.

Her logical mind had revealed early in the day that if she was to resist him she needed to anticipate what he was going to do. And so she had spent the day buried in translations of the kama sutra and other more modern versions of similar texts.

She leaned over him eyes gleaming; he was in for a surprise.

It wouldn't be like the first time when she had begrudgingly sucked him off. Tentatively moving her lips over his flesh, guessing what would please him while waiting for him to finish.

Nor like the second time when she had allowed him to fuck her face to satiation, eagerly allowing him whatever liberties he had cared to take.

This time she would be in control and could anticipate his response before he even gave it.

Jade slid her hand between her thighs. Two fingers pushed deep inside and stroked a few times until they were covered in her juices. She brought her hand up for his inspection, letting him see what he had done to her.

His mocking smile told her he knew what he had done to her. Exactly what he had done to her if the tongue he smoothed over his top lip was any indication. And would like to do again if the smoldering embers in his eyes were to be believed.

Jade gave a mocking smile in return. He would know what it was to be destroyed by pleasure before she left his bed. To be broken into a million tiny pieces, none of which resembled who you thought you were. He would know what she felt every time he touched her and ripped another orgasm from her treacherous flesh.

Sliding her middle finger into her mouth she cleaned it with long slow strokes of her tongue. She wanted him to know that she had learned to enjoy the taste of her own desire just as he did.

His interest was wholly caught as he followed the movement. His fingers twitched with the desire to slide between her legs and bring back his own juicy reward, but he let her continue. This was the genuine desire he had longed to see and he wasn't going to spoil it by taking control of it. He would let her play. For a while.

The last glistening finger she joined with her thumb making a ring. Her hands weren't very large and neither was the ring she had formed.

She slid the makeshift ring over his staff and slowly stroked it down to the base. Every muscle in his body tensed as he followed the motion with his eyes.

She slid the ring back up his shaft closing it tighter as it approached the head and dragged it back down. His breath was released in a ragged exhale. She repeated the motion, making the ring a little tighter each time it approached the head until he felt she was going to squeeze the life out of him.

Finally the ring was so tight she was literally milking the cum out of him as her strokes grew frantically swift. Her eyes devoured his engorged member with single minded focus as the head became a bright red and just as he was about to ejaculate she removed her hand.

If he hadn't known better he would have thought it was payback for all the days he had coaxed her to the edge and left her there frustrated, but the awed look in her eyes said she hadn't known she had it in her to play his body so expertly. She was pleased with her progress and if the voracious look in her eyes was anything to go by she was far from finished.

Her hand clenched tightly around the base as her tongue started lapping around his hard flesh. She was so clearly American in that moment as she treated his penis like the most delicious of ice-cream cones.

One swift lap of her tongue was followed by another. It was pleasurable, but not enough to put him near orgasm. His body relaxed from the high it had been straining towards as he enjoyed her lavish attention.

That small pink blade flicking over his flesh reminded him of the sweet pink lips between her legs flushed with desire and he immediately was on the edge of orgasm again. He wanted to be inside her, badly.

She sensed the change in him and switched tactics thinking he had grown restless with the tongue bath.

Her hand lifted to gently grasp the head as her tongue disappeared and it was the gentle nip of her teeth he was left feeling.

For a moment Akim lost his grip on reality. The arresting aggressive woman who was devouring his cock was playing him like a master. From virgin to vixen overnight and he was enjoying every second of it.

A drop of pre-cum oozed out of his penis and her tongue swept it away before letting her teeth resume their work.

Her hand lightly massaged the head while she continued her little game, surreptitiously mingling kisses with bites until he couldn't decide if it was pleasure or pain. His cock knew as it stiffened again on the edge of orgasm.

His hands slid into her hair, tightly holding her in place so she couldn't deny him another orgasm.

While his hands did manage to successfully hold her head still, they were incapable of making her teeth and lips give him the pleasure he sought, neither could they make her continue her gentle hand massage.

As soon as his hands tightened in her hair she ceased stimulating him.

The harsh breath of frustrated desire he released warned her he was fast losing patience.

"Waiting will make the orgasm more intense," she told him, for all the world as if he weren't a walking encyclopedia on sex.

It took all his strength to release the death grip he had on her hair and let her proceed as she saw fit.

Her mouth closed tightly over the head as she rubbed her lips back and forth in quick succession. He wasn't any more than an inch in her mouth, but the lack of depth was more than made up for by the firm pressure of her lips.

He was so close to orgasm he could taste it but he didn't dare dream he was actually going to get to wallow in it.

Her mouth moved off of him a second later as he had suspected it would, but only for a second before she pushed him all the way to the back of her throat.

He came instantly.

Her throat clenched down in protest, but she denied her natural reaction to pull away and let him cum. She slowly slid her mouth off his shaft, running her fingernails lightly up and down his thighs.

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