Black Beauty


Aida was of Ethiopian descent. Dark skinned and lovely, she was living proof that the Ethiopians were one of the more handsome races of the human species. She was vibrant and alive, eager to be out and doing things.

She had joined the local police force just as soon as she was able. She was thankful that the rules had been relaxed slightly in an attempt to get more women into the force, but for whatever reason, she had made it.

She proved to be a good officer, easily able to hold her own in the rough and tumble of the standard police beat. She didn't need to be secluded in an office, typing, or standing duty watches at children's crossings.

Stan was of mongrel descent. A number of nationalities had gone into his genetic heritage, none of whom were particularly anxious to claim Stan as their own. He'd been a cop for nearly twenty years and, despite a deep cynicism about people and their motives, he was a good cop.

He was also Aida's partner and, in her humble opinion, a dyed-in-the-wool chauvinist pig. After the first couple of nights partnering him, Aida had challenged him to a contest in the gym. At first he'd laughed it off but, when he found she was set on it, agreed.

The martial arts battle that followed was a lesson for both of them. Aida knew her skills and had faced up to Stan full of confidence. Unfortunately, Stan also knew his own abilities, and while Aida managed to give him a run, he took her down quite hard in the end.

After the bout Stan conceded that it was possible that Aida could handle herself in the field. Aida found for her part that Stan was willing and able to back up his mouth with action. They got along a bit better after that.

For the last couple of weeks Stan and Aida had been hassling one of the local gangs. They had recently acquired some new members and these newbies were trying to demonstrate how tough they were. This had resulted in extra work for Stan and Aida who didn't like it, responding with their own little zero tolerance program.

They were checking out some back alleys in a response to a call when Aida saw Stan stumble and fall. He started to rise and then just slumped on the ground. Moving quickly towards him, eyes trying to look everywhere at once, Aida felt a sudden sting on her arm. Looking at it, she had time to register a dart had hit her, then things started to fade and she passed out.

When Aida came around she found she way lying on a mattress, naked. Sitting on the end of the bed was Stan, also naked. Hearing her move, Stan turned to look at her.

"There's some water on the side table," he told her. "You'll feel better after you drink some."

Recognising good advice, Aida took a drink, and then looked around. Apart from the bed, mattress, side table and bottle of water, the room was empty. Their clothes, she noted, were included in the things not there.

"What the hell?" she said to Stan, looking around.

"Door's locked and window's barred," Sam told her. "We seem to be stuck."

"They'll come looking for us, and they won't stop til they find us," said Aida, trying not to feel discouraged at their predicament. "Who caught us and have they said anything yet?"

"Allow me to answer that question, dear lady," came a calm voice from a hidden speaker. "I have captured you, because you've been annoying some friends of mine lately, and I've decided to teach you a little lesson."

"If you don't let us go pretty fast you'll find that we'll be doing more than just annoy you," rasped Stan.

"Maybe. Maybe not. You have to follow all those little rules, like identify me and prove I did it. Hard if you're not around to do so."

"If you kill us the department won't rest until they get you. You could easily find members of your damn gang having fatal accidents while resisting arrest."

"You may rest easy. We have no intention of killing either of you unless you, Stan, fail to do one little task for us."

Stan and Aida looked at each other. Aida shrugged, and Stan couldn't help noticing what a pleasant ripple it made as her breasts bounced.

"What do you want me to do?"

"It's quite a simple task," said the voice. "All you have to do is bend your partner over the bed and fuck her brains out. I'm sure you'll be able to manage this without any problems. You may even enjoy it. As soon as you're done, I'll toss a key in the room. By the time you get out, we'll be gone."

"You're insane," snapped Stan. "I'm not going to rape my partner just to please you?"

Next moment a slot was opened in the wall and a gun fired. Stan fancied he could hear the bullet whistling past his ear, and then there were the rather nasty sounds of the bullet ricocheting around the room.

Stan and Aida just froze in place.

"I'll be firing a gun into this room every five minutes until you do as requested," came the calm voice. "Sooner or later one of you will stop a bullet. You may find your partner would prefer to be screwed without any bullet holes in her."

Stan sat on the bed and looked at Aida. Now what the hell did they do? Aida looked back, nervous tension plain on her face. Stan could have sworn that it was less than five minutes when the slot opened again and the gun spoke for a second time. Aida stifled a scream when she felt something disturb her hair.

"Stan," she gasped. "Think of something. That one almost hit me."

Shrugging, Stan stood up.

"OK," he said. "Stand up, turn around, bend over and spread your legs."

"Are you insane?" snapped Aida. "Do you seriously expect me to bend over so you can fuck me?"

"In a word, yes," said Stan. "Would you rather that one or both of us stopped a few random bullets until one of us get killed?"

Aida glared at him, mind racing, furious to discover that no alternatives offered themselves.

"We don't know if they'll let us go afterwards," she pointed out.

"I think they will," said Stan. "If they intended to kill us they could have done so quite easily. Neither do they seem to have raped you while you were unconscious, which they could have done. They just want to play their little game and then they'll go on their way, laughing."

"But I don't want you to fuck me," stated Aida, suddenly acutely aware of the fact that Stan was male and his decision to have sex with her had apparently been made.

"Hey, I'm not too happy about this either," said Stan. "It's just we don't have any choice in the matter."

"For someone who's not too happy about it, you sure have one hell of a flagpole waving in front of you," thought Aida spitefully.

Resigned, Aida didn't resist when Stan drew her to her feet and turned her to face the bed. A slight push on her back and she leant forward, legs apart, hands on the bed, and waited.

Aida tensed, expecting Stan to just get busy and take her. She squawked when, instead of his cock, his hand closed over her pussy and started stroking it.

"What do you think you're doing?" she hissed.

"Preparing you," snarled Stan. "If you're not hot and wet you may get hurt. I'm only thinking of your comfort."

"My comfort, my arse," thought Aida savagely. "More likely thinking you might as well touch me up as well as fuck me."

Knowing protests were useless, Aida gritted her teeth and stood there, Stan's fingers easing between her lips and caressing her insides. She gave a muffle shriek when Stand found her clitoris and started stroking it.

"Sorry," came the glib apology. "Is that disturbing you? Can't be helped. I think you'll soon be ready."

Swearing steadily under her breath, Aida realised that Stan was right. She could feel excitement rising in her, and she was wet and ready, no matter how much she might want to deny it.

Aida felt Stan making adjustments to her pussy and then he was pushing into her. She gasped and squealed a little. He might have softened her up a trifle, but there seemed to be a great deal of him pushing into her.

Stan pressed harder, stretching and filling her, and then pushed in even further.

"For crying out loud, how big is that bloody thing?" gasped Aida.

"Oh, stop whinging," snapped Stan. "It's not as though I'm enjoying this. I'm only doing it because I have to."

"Oh, I'm sorry," cooed Aida. "Could you repeat that statement? I didn't quite catch it over the thunder of those pigs flying around the room."

"Very funny," grunted Stan, giving a harder thrust and grinning at Aida's squeal. "You know damn well I wouldn't be doing this if I had a choice."

"Like you'd even have a chance?" muttered Aida, then squealed again as she felt Stan ram home a little deeper.

"Damn it," she yelled. "Take it easy."

Her reply was another forceful thrust, with Stan grunting his satisfaction on finding himself finally fully home.

"All right, you've done what they asked," gasped Aida. "You can take it out now."

"Don't be silly," came the response as Stan pulled part way out and pushed home again. "They'll expect me to take you properly, not just give you a poke. If you're not woman enough to take a real man, just lie there until I'm finished."

"Son of a bitch," screamed Aida. "I can take anything you can dish out, you bastard."

She thrust her hips firmly back against Stan as he drove into her again. Stan grinned to himself and got to work in earnest, banging repeatedly into Aida's tender pussy.

Aida matched his drive, thrusting hard back against him. Not able to handle a real man? Screw him.

Stan did his best, showing his younger partner that a man could still make a good showing even if he was twice her age. He pumped his cock into Aida with growing enthusiasm. He'd probably never get another chance at her so he intended to make the most of it.

Aida was clutching the bed, bracing herself against Stan's labours. She'd never have guessed the old bastard was so full of energy. Probably delighted to have a valid reason to fuck me, she surmised, and there's not a damn thing I can do other than stand here and take it.

Stan could feel Aida moving in concert with him. She might be reluctant but she wasn't showing it with her body. Her bottom was bouncing in fine style as they came together. Watching her breasts swinging free as he pounded her, Stan reached around and his hands latched onto them.

Ignoring Aida's startled protest, Stan squeezed her breasts hard, at the same time lifting his tempo and racing for home.

Feeling Stan grab her breasts, Aida nearly revolted. A little hard to do, she acknowledged, when your pussy is full of cock and the hands on your breasts were holding you in position for a final surge.

Then Stan was coming into her and Aida screamed, part lust as she came and part fury at Stan for making her.

Standing there, still inside Aida, waiting while things settled down, Stan heard a tinkle. Looking over at the floor near the slot in the wall he saw a key on the floor.

Finally pulling out, he retrieved the key and turned to the door. The key fitted and the door unlocked. Scattered on the floor outside the room was a great deal of broken glass and a small brush. Obviously they weren't going anywhere fast.

Stand knelt and brushed the glass away, forming a path across the next room to the door on the far side. Aida walked behind him, sulking. Halfway across the room was a table. As they passed it, Aida saw a note on it.

Speaking aloud for Stan's benefit she read the note.

"Your clothes and things have been delivered to your station. Have fun getting there. When you get some free time, tune into Youtube for the latest video – 'Cops at Play'."

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