tagErotic PoetryBlack Widow Mistress

Black Widow Mistress


I am like the wind, I am all around you
You feel me, you smell me, but you cannot see me
I am like silk that glides off your body
I am like super high voltage electricity
With huge impulses of steel blue energy

I cannot be switched off until I am satisfied
As I completely shroud your body with my invisible energy
You can feel me seeping into every open pore
Satiating every opening in your body
Until you are totally absorbed

My female aroma captivates you
With young female juices that ooze
Like silk blown in the wind
Making your entire body wet and shiny

I am invisible so you must leave while it is still safe
Like a black widow spider, I may eat my mate
My juices will attract you into my lair
Where I will fulfill your desires

They are dripping, oozing, creamy white juices
But beware of the dangers or I will milk you dry
You can have anything you want
But you may pay the ultimate price

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