Blackmailed Couple Ch. 10-12


Unfortunately for me, my cock wouldn't stop aching; the burning of the lotion seemed to intensify the erection, making me ache so badly for it to be touched. I watched as another man's cock received the attention of my wife's pussy, knowing well that he was feeling the warmth, the tight wetness wrapped around his cock. His eyes commanded my attention again, and his voice was smooth and strong despite the amount of effort that he was extending in fucking her so thoroughly. His body was dripping with sweat, and I could see a sheen on my wife as well. "Do you see what I've been doing to your sweet little wife, Eddie? I can see plainly that you enjoy this; look at your cock, it's betraying you fully. Look Anna, open your eyes and look at your husband. See how he wants this, how he wants to see his bride touched and used by another man."

She opened her eyes, and was looking at me with a flushed face. "Do you see it, Anna?" his words were prompting an answer. Her head bobbed up and down in a yes, and then her mouth hissed out a "Yes."

"No choice, Eddie. No choice but to sit there and watch me violate the woman you love." He continued with words of that nature as I watched him build up; just before he let go, he had a command for my wife. "I want you looking into your husband's eyes, Anna, as I let go into you. I want him seeing into the soul of his slutty little wife; and I want you to have your eyes open, looking at your husband as you feel my violation flood into you." Suddenly he was letting go with all that he had.

That was probably the most intense moment of my life, hearing his words, and knowing that he was pumping his seed into the woman I love, in our bed, while I sat by helplessly tied to a chair completely naked. Her eyes were locked onto mine, and I even saw a little widening of her eyes as she felt the heat of his cum flood into her. He came for a seemingly long time, enjoying every sensation of filling her.

I watched as he rested in her for a moment, his hands idly tracing her bare ass; I saw him ever so slowly slide his long cock out of her, and watched her mouth open with a mild gasp as she felt him vacate her most intimate womanly area.

Climbing off the bed, his large cock still semi hard and glistening from their wetness, he walked around and guided her carefully off of the bed. "Mount him, right now."

He led her to me, and she straddled my chair, getting into a lewd position to settle her used pussy over my cock. Even before it engulfed my cock, I could feel the wetness of his cum dripping down onto me. And then she was all around me, her soaked and sloppy pussy grinding against my crotch with my cock as deep as it could go into her. Standing to the side of us, he had a grip on the back of both of our necks, showing the control he had over us. His words guided her, telling her "That's right, fuck him, slowly, make him feel your unfaithfulness as it coats his penis with my cum."

His words plundered my mind, making me feel weak as he referred to my penis, as opposed to calling it a cock. It was so clear to me that he was the dominant, and that he was in control; feeling his cum in my wife, I was so strongly aware that I was the lesser. I'd been so much in need, I thought I would release right away; but the sloppy wetness of her kept the friction from getting me off too quickly. He kept us like that for so long, even taking the time to walk behind her and reach his hands around to stroke her breast right in front of me. She was lost in lust, almost animalistic, like an object. My own need was building, and I realized that I was starting to lose any kind of control, just as I'd already lost my pride. He could see it building, and started coaxing her to work it more. "That's right, slut, fuck him. Come on Eddie, fuck the slut....fuck the sloppy wife, fuck the sloppy pussy." Constant words that were so lewd and dirty; I was on the verge and he knew it.

Then his voice took on a different tone. "Eddie." I looked up at him, as he was behind my wife stroking her face and hair. "You like this, don't you." I couldn't answer, was just looking up at him with my face strained with need. "Tell me you like this, and that you want this. That's all I need to hear from you, and then I will take possession of both you and your wife. I'll own you, and I will take you both down a road of darkness that will drive you insane with lust. But you need to admit to your desire, you need to look me in the eyes and tell me you want this. Do it, just say it this once, and then you can let go. It'll be over, and you won't have to worry about decisions on this for a long time to come. Tell me you want this control, tell me you need this control." My eyes turned away for a moment, hardly able to bear the shame of how he was arousing me. He bent down to whisper into my wife's ear, and I could hear him tell her to make me say it.

She looked at me, even as she was panting, but her eyes were unfocused, lost in need as she rode my cock. "Please baby, please. Do it. Tell him you want this, please baby, just do it. Please, let him own us."

Her words were too much for me, and I could feel my orgasm building beyond the stopping point. I looked up at him, and he raised a confident eyebrow expecting an answer right that moment. I gave it to him, groaning it out as I released the pent up need inside of my wife's already soaked pussy. "God, please....yes, please. Do it, control us, oh god.........."

As I came down off my high, I could feel Anna still mildly working her hips around my cock, her head resting on my shoulder; her breath was against my neck, and she was letting out an occasional whimper; she whispered "Good boy", like she'd done in the past when she had control.

He was behind me, one fist gripping my hair, while the other was wrapped around my throat and lifting my chin up. His voice was in my ear, soft but solidly bold. "I own you now Eddie. In every way, including the woman you love. I'm going to do things to the two of you that would make a whore blush. I'm going to take you down a path from which you won't ever want to return. It's already too late, Eddie. You can't go back now, do you understand me?"

I tried to nod yes, but his grip was firm. "Yes......I understand."

"I am your Master now. I own you, and I own your wife. I want to hear you say that."

I whispered out a soft "Please", but his grip tightened, reaffirming that I was to say as he told me.

"Say it Eddie, say it so your wife hears it and knows it. Tell her."

"You are my Master. You own me. You own my wife. I'll do what You say."

As I said it, his hands released their grip and he quickly released me from my bonds. His strong arms lifted Anna carefully off of me, and he laid her on the bed. I brought my arms around to stretch them, but he was already turned to me. A strong hand grasped my arm, guiding me onto the bed. "Clean her up, Eddie. You know what to do, don't you." It was a statement. He knew me better than I knew myself; I did know what to do.

Humbly, with my face still burning from so much shame, I leaned my head in between my wife's legs that were lifted to present the creampie. My mind was already so gone, I leaned in without a second thought, and I licked and sucked as if that was my purpose in life. I knew to keep going, to suck her clean. Exhausted as she was, it still brought out need in her, and she was groaning and panting with wild abandon.

I don't know how long I was like that; it could have been 10 minutes, it could have been 2 hours. I kept at it until my mouth was simply too tired to even talk; I rolled off to the side and lay there beside my exhausted wife; it was hard to tell if she was even awake or not. He was gone; it took me a while to realize it, and I still didn't know for sure until sometime later when I stood to go downstairs to get a drink. I half expected to find him sitting on our couch; but no, he was gone.

But I knew it'd just begun.

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