tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailing The Perfect Couple

Blackmailing The Perfect Couple


I hated Jamie and Louise with an absolute passion. They just seemed to be the perfect couple. Both in their mid thirties, both extremely attractive, popular and photogenic and both with successful careers in full flow (Jamie a former sportsman now making his way in the media and Louise a former glamour model (but nothing too revealing) also breaking into daytime TV). Jamie had chiselled good looks, dark haired, swarthy and made the women swoon, Louise an ultra thin blonde with what looked to me like surgically enhanced breasts with a perma tan and beaming white smile. They were too good to be true and I despised them for it.

And who was I? I was just an aging, bitter hack who wanted all the trappings of the lifestyle these undeserving bastards had. I was a pretty unspectacular photo journalist with a low income and a massive chip on my shoulder. At first it was just a bit of fun on my part (well not really fun, just a way to let off steam) as I began spending spare time stalking either one or the other, hoping to get some dirt on them. After a few weeks of this it turned into something more like an obsession but as good as I was at hiding myself from them I couldn't get anything, not even a driving violation!

Then a few things happened all at once. My Aunt died and left me a pretty good inheritance, I don't know why but I guess the old bat must have remembered me as a sweet little child way back when. This meant I didn't have to kill myself to get stuff quite as much as I had been doing and I spent more time on these two cunts, determined to ruin their lives someway. I know, what a bastard I am, I admit it. I got wind they were to be at a party and with my new found wealth managed to blag my way in, complete with hidden camera. Well this was the motherlode for me as a lot of the young thirty something's there were doing coke and I got myself a few nice pictures and waited and hoped that Jamie and Louise would take their shot too. Well so much for their clean cut images as the two of them eventually found their way to the glass table and snorted their lines up. I stood unobtrusively in a group of to the left and filmed the lot while struggling to contain my excitement. But things got even better as the couple then took a girl from the party and headed upstairs and with my standard cunning I followed them and managed to tape a decent portion of the threesome they proceeded to have in one of the guest bedrooms in the house.

I got the hell out of there as more people started to drift upstairs and my hanging round the door was starting to draw some curious glances but getting home that night and processing my images I was ecstatic to find that everything had come out real clear and I had everything I could want on these two.

I wrote the article that night in one sitting. It was explosive stuff and I maliciously added some details that were totally fabricated like how there were hookers at the party, implying Louise blew another guy and got cash after, that they had taken two black guys with them to another room later and that there were doubts about the age of the girl caught on camera with them (she did look very young but I knew she was of age). All that added up nicely to the hatchet job I had done on them and because the main points of them taking illegal drugs and then indulging in a threesome were pretty much incontrovertible no one would likely think the rest was anything other than true too. Actually by the time I was done writing it I was sporting an erection and I actually then started jerking off as I re-read my piece over and over and imagined this smug couple so cruelly exposed to the public. It would be their jobs, their careers over in an instant and I smiled at the thought but as I jerked off I started wondering if I couldn't have more fun by not publishing the article...


Louise stepped out of the shower, her long blonde hair looking wet and sexy as she stepped back into the bedroom with just a beige towel wrapped around her. Jamie looked up from bed and smirked at his sexy wife. She grinned back and slowly let the towel unwrap itself and drop to her feet revealing her sexy body with no tan lines. She collapsed onto the bed beside her husband and burrowed her head under the covers, her tongue quickly finding her dick while at the same time she wrapped her thighs around his head in a perfect sixty nine position. It was the rarest of things a Sunday where neither of them was working and they intended a day at home together.

An hour later, with both fit, young people having climaxed, Jamie strutted down his drive in sandals and dressing gown and snared the Sunday papers from the box next to their massive gates. He didn't notice the car parked up the road that had been waiting for this moment for nearly two hours.

Jamie did not notice until he dumped the papers on the table that there was a sleazy tabloid that they never usually got in the pile. He curiously picked it out and nearly dropped it in shock as he read the lurid headline relating to he and his beautiful wife's exploits. Each word he read was like a dagger to his heart and the clear pictures on he and Louise snorting cocaine then in a bed with the other girl did not leave any room for ambiguity. Only then did he read the date of the paper and discover that it was a very careful mock up and not the real thing. It was convincing though. He opened the paper and read the inside page.

"Like the headline? Think it will boost your careers? We'll find out soon enough because this will be next weeks headline unless the pair of you do exactly what I want right now. Jamie, you will strip naked with your hands tied behind your back and climb into the boot of the family car. Louise you can wear only a bikini top, nothing else, while you drive to this location."

There followed an address that neither really knew (for Louise had now joined her stunned husband at the table) and the instruction to be there by 1pm latest that day or the story would be sent for publishing. They stared at each other and re-read the article in a panic before looking at the clock and realising they had less than ten minutes to make their mind up.

In the end it was not a difficult decision, both loved their careers too much to endanger them in either way and it was that fact even more than the personal embarrassment and humiliation that decided things for them - they would have to do what their blackmailer instructed them to do.


The bastards clearly did not take my threat seriously enough or thought they could buy their way out of this because when their car pulled into the yard behind the disused warehouse I had chosen they were both sitting up front and clearly both fully dressed. In a way I suppose, I was not surprised, these types of people never fully believe they are in trouble and always think something will happen to change it. I sat in my car watching them as they pulled up. Jamie was driving and as soon as he came to a stop I spoke across to him sharply.

"If you fuckers don't believe I am serious then fine, I will take just as much pleasure from seeing your careers destroyed in public as what I had planned for you today."

With that I slammed the gear stick into gear and revved my engine preparing to exit, they could obviously tell I was serious (and I was, I wasn't all that bothered about how I fucked with them) and Jamie bleated out desperately.

"OK! Ok! Stop please! Don't go! Let's talk about this!"

I kept my car running and told them in simple terms that there was nothing to talk about. That I had given them simple instructions and they had not done what I had told them. And that unless they both got out of their car and got naked immediately at the front of my car then I was out of there. They exchanged a helpless look and he shut off the car and they climbed out to stand in front of my car. I just stared at them and as they stood dazed looking at me I pointed at them indicating to get on with it.

I must admit I got quite a buzz watching this stuck up, self important couple humiliatingly strip naked at my command. As expected Jamie was proud of his figure and seemed to have little trouble getting his kit off and annoyingly he looked to be pretty well hung. His wife though seemed less happy about stripping off in this abandoned yard. I shouted out the window after the bitch was down to a black lacy bra and panties.

"Come on slut get the lot off, I don't have all day here."

Jamie growled and looked like he could have hit me but he controlled himself. I could see the blonde glamour model was already tearing up as she reached behind her and unclipped her bra. Once she was naked I took a short moment to admire her body, god she was hot and I was definitely thinking beyond just my hatred towards them. I tossed a pair of handcuffs out the window and instructed Louise to take them and go and handcuff her husband's wrists behind his back. She was reluctant and looked to Jamie, he nodded and I got a cracking view of her tits as she bent to pick them up and secured Jamie's arms. At this point I turned the car off and got out, confident I could deal with him if he turned physical now that he was cuffed. Without a word I pushed past Louise and checked the cuffs were on properly then dropped to my haunches and fixed a set of leg chains to his ankles.

As I got up he started asking questions and making threats so I reached my hand out cupped his balls and gave them a hell of a squeeze. It gave me a squirm of pleasure to see him drop to his knees squealing like a bitch. His wife came over but I warned her off as I gave his nuts a final, hard twist. With him down I produced a long leather lace I had been playing with earlier and looped the slipknot neatly around his nuts and gave it a pull to tighten it.

"Now listen to me you pair of arrogant fuckers, from now on you will do what I tell you without question, without argument and without deviation. Understand?"

I popped my boot open and half pulled, half dragged Jamie around to it and helped him into the trunk. He was still moaning from my actions but I ignored it as I slammed the boot shut and turned to the naked beauty.

"Just remember bitch that he's in there and if you were to annoy me or not do what I asked then maybe he won't come out of there in a hurry. You understand? Good. Now for disobeying my instructions on how you should have dressed to get over her get round her and bend over the trunk and let me give you a good, hard spanking!"

Oh the look on her dumb doe-eyed, bimbo face was worth it as she weighed up her desire to keep me sweet and her reluctance to do this. Eventually she realised and gave into the inevitable and timidly walked past me and bent over the trunk of the car, jumping as her bare skin pressed against the hot metal (it was a hot, sunny afternoon).

I grabbed her hair and held her in position as I lifted my hand and spanked her hard, twenty times against the boot turned on even more by the fact her dick of a husband was right under her. When I was done and her cute ass was pink with palm prints I used her hair to peel her off the metal and forced her to look at me.

"Right we're going to go for a drive and you're sitting up front with me. No you can't have any clothes you're making the trip naked but don't worry about being spotted because if you know what's good for you you'll have your head in my lap sucking my dick because I won't be stopping until I cum and remember who's stuck in that hot, clammy boot, eh?"

I released her then and walked around my car and got in the drivers seat. The dumb bitch just stood still behind the car until she realised that I wasn't going to debate this and that unless she got in we would just end up staying there. She timidly opened the passenger door and got in. her skin squeaking on my leather seats.

"Look, mister, please. This isn't fair, we only..."

She stopped because I just pointed at my raging erection and spoke very succinctly.

"Your mouth on my cock. Now. Or we just stay there and loverboy is stuck in the boot. Understand?"

She leaned over and got her big, pouting lips around my member and started sucking as I accelerated away from our clandestine meeting. Now this was the business!

"Damn bitch you give good head! No wonder you got yourself on TV, certainy wasn't through any other talent!"

She blushed red at that comment which I like to think was because she saw the truth in it rather than just her gagging on my cock, but who know for sure. It was a fun journey anyway with her wispy blonde hair tickling my crotch the whole way to the motel I had hired for the day while the tip of my dick tickled her tonsils. I came parked at a set of traffic lights waiting to go so I was able to hold her head down and make her take the whole load in her mouth. She came up coughing and gasping and to a loud blast on the horn from the truck next to us who had been sitting watching us all the while. Louise covered her tits with her arm and wiped at the remnants of cum around her lips and glared at me. I ignored her and carried on to the motel. At the motel I left her in the parking lot as I booked in then returned to drive the car round to outside the room.

Louise pleaded that I release her husband but first I led her into the room and straight to the bathroom where I used a pair of handcuffs to chain her to the shower rail. Only then did I bring the wanker in, blinking and cursing as I let him out of the boot. Only once I had deposited him on the carpet next to the dingy rooms bed did he finally shut up asking about his wife and where she was.

"She's hanging about in the bathroom asshole and I have to tell you she sucks cock like a vacuum cleaner, sampled her skills on the way over here!"

He cursed and swore and generally acted like he could do something about it but I just let him before carrying on.

"So you've got a lot to live up to asshole, let's see if you can suck my cock as well as your wife."

There is an immense feeling of power associated with having another man on his knees before you, reluctantly sucking your cock. I could see that every movement of his lips and tongue, every taste of my dick was abhorrent to Jamie and I revelled in it. I am not gay but, as you may have gathered, can be extremely kinky and I must admit that this was every bit as arousing as when his beautiful wife had her lips around my member. As he sucked away disgruntledly I picked up the bamboo cane I had taken in with me and carefully used it to push the bathroom door open. There, through my careful positioning Louise was able to see what her husband was up to. I put one hand on the back of his head and bucked my hips forward while giving her a little wave. She was suitably shocked and surprised.

This was too good and with a jolt I came, first in the asshole's mouth and then as he pulled back it sprayed all over his model features. I had to laugh, and it only got better as he turned and saw that his beautiful wife had witnessed it all.

I left Jamie there with my cum choking him and sliding slowly over his chiselled features and moved into the bathroom. As I approached Louise she backed away from me and I enjoyed the look of pure hatred in her eyes.

"I don't know, looks like you're not the only dirty little cocksucker in your family babe, jealous?"

That pushed her buttons alright and she let loose with a heavy dose of phlegm, spitting it on my face. I just smiled and unhooked her and dragged her through to where her husband knelt on the carpet beside the rooms double bed. I stripped naked and sat back on the bed as the two of them looked at each other, unable to do much with their hands cuffed. Finally Jamie spoke, trying to reason with me.

"Look, you've had your fun, you've embarrassed us, made us realise how small and insignificant we are, fine. So just let us go, let us give you fair payment for your film and keep this our little secret shall we?"

He was eloquent and charming and he and his wife pleading like this to me was enough to give me the first stirrings of yet another boner. I got up of the bed and stood over him wiping my hand over his face, mopping up my cum as I moved then forcing it into his mouth feeding him some more of my sperm.

"That sounds great Jamie, and you will pay me and I will give you my evidence and keep your dirty little secret but first you two sluts are going to give me a day to remember, then I'll leave you with but one more task and we can call it quits, Ok? Remember, I call the shots here, you do what I say and there's no problems."

I gave him a condescending pat on the cheek and turned, purposefully prodding Louise in the eye with my stiffening cock. As she muttered I sat again, knowing I had to hold off a little while until I was fully ready to go again. I sat with them kneeling at my feet and pointed to them.

"My feet are a bit sweaty after all that driving, so what say you get down there and clean them up with your tongues!"

Both halves of "the perfect couple" were suitably disgusted by my suggestion but neither were in much of a position to deny me so it was with great satisfaction they shuffled forward and each bent over to timidly start licking at my feet. Jamie seemed to be entering the spirit of things rather better than Louise so I grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up to face me.

"Get right in between the fucking toes slut! Even your cocksucking husband is better than your pathetic efforts. Maybe I should shove my fucking foot up your pussy see if that encourages you!"

That seemed to spur beauty on and before long I had all five toes inside her mouth, wriggling it about showing her her proper position in life. By that point I was fully erect and decided to fuck with their minds a little.

"As you have seen I can swing both ways so I'm going to leave it up to you who get's to take this thing in their asshole, thing is whoever it is will also get the clean it up with their mouth afterwards!"

As expected that brought quite the marital argument. Apparently neither of them fancied taking my dick in their ass nor cleaning it afterwards. In the end, as usual, the male won out.

"Come on baby, you've taken me in the ass once."

"Yes, once and it hurt and I hated it and anyway it looked like you enjoyed sucking his cock from where I was! So why don't you take it?"

"Babe, you can't, I mean I'm not gay, I can't take that thing in my ass, you know that, please!"

"Alright then you bastard, you can do me" and she shot Jamie the most hateful glare as she gave me the go ahead.

I got down on my knees behind her and pushed her forward so her face was against the cheap motel carpet then spat on my hand and started to lube her tight little anus up a little. She gasped when I stuck my finger in then without further ado I positioned my cock at the entrance to her asshole and ploughed my way inside. She gave a squeal and a gasp and her head reared up and glared at her husband. Jamie looked sheepish as he watched me fuck his gorgeous wife in the asshole.

God she was tight, her bowels gripping my cock as I plunged into her repeatedly, my heavy balls smacking against her perfect butt cheeks. Oh that was too good and I could hold back no longer and with a grunt I shot my load into her ass. But if that had been good then making the stuck up bitch taste her own ass was going to be even sweeter. I couldn't wait to pluck my dick from her ass and crawl around to feed it into her reluctant mouth. She screwed her face up at the taste and smell but I held her hair and held her in place on my cock until she had licked it clean.

"You got stiffed on that one honey but I tell you what my next challenge has no choices."

With that I opened my bag and withdrew a strap on dildo and proceeded to fit it around Louise's crotch. I think both of them figured this out before I spelled it out to them.

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