tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlazing Glory Ch. 05

Blazing Glory Ch. 05


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 5 - The Dark Assassin

Fiery liquid earth erupted high into the sky from the mouth of the angry mountain before landing upon its side in bright red rain of death. This wasn't the only mountain throwing a tantrum. Other mountains that formed a formidable barrier to the land of Nealon spewed forth their own fury. Some hurled massive rocks into the air big enough to crush entire villages. Another sent incinerating geysers of hot steam and ash into the air all around its summit. One in particular loved to send avalanches of hot ash and rocks down its slopes with such incredible speed.

The red light of the earth's destructive power illuminated a lone figure that leaned forward against the windowsill, watching the wrath of the mountains of Nealon. The figure was that of a woman with an attractive slenderness in body as she gazed out towards the rocky giants. The woman wore a simple one piece dress, purple in color. It complimented the odd light lavender coloring of her own skin. So light, her skin almost seemed a pure white when the light caught it right when the lightning flashed from the columns of ash rising into the sky.

The most striking feature of this beautiful woman was her long hair. The waist-length hair was lustrous dark black and moved about of its own free will. It almost looked as if the woman was actually underwater with her hair swaying with the chaotic water currents of the ocean. When the woman turned away from the window, it was clear that she was one of the most exotically beautiful females in all the known world. The dress reached up her chest to a single point, covering her firm medium sized breasts. Her face was beautifully angled with a slender nose and full lavender colored lips. Eye shadow make-up of the very same color complimented those slender dark brows and skin. It especially complimented those red eyes...

Koas sighed softly, relishing the beautiful chaos outside her large castle. Her slender tongue darted out to lick her lips with satisfaction. Such powerful discord from the earth itself made her quiver with physical pleasure. She smiled darkly as she walked with a pleased sway to her hips towards her massive throne. It was an intimidating structure of black onyx. Slaves had worked tirelessly under the whips of her servants to carve the sharp spikes around the outer edges. At the zenith of the backrest was a well-carved gaping human skull over her head as she sat down on the cushions. Rubies set in the skull's eye sockets glowed with the same malice hers held.

Those slaves had done a wonderful job, she had to admit. Being the thoughtful goddess that she was, Koas had rewarded them justly. She had them thrown into the mouth of the volcano. Better a quick, painful death in a pit of lava than the continuing torturous life as a slave right? The thought made her laugh. A flickering in the corner of her vision drew her attention. The crystal orb on a pedestal sat to her left beside her throne. It flickered once again before it began to glow softly.

"Mistress Koas? Are you there?" A light feminine voice called out.

Koas smiled brightly as she looked to the orb, seeing those oddly colored orange eyes appear within the orb. "That I am, dear Nariko. I am glad to see you received my message so quickly."

Those eyes beamed brightly within her orb, "Yes I did, my mistress. It is always a pleasure to kill for you. Who is the target this time?"

The smile on the goddess's face faded quickly, "He goes by the name of Blaze. He and his friends are swiftly becoming a thorn in my side. Twice they have disrupted my plans and nearly messed up another."

"You do not want his friends eliminated as well?"

Koas shook her head and now smiled darkly, "No, my child. I do not want to endanger you. His friends are dangerous, but he is a simple pitiful human. But he leads this group and holds it together. Cut off this snake's head and the rest will scatter to the winds."

"Understood," her servant replied. Those eyes flickered with dangerous intent, "How bloody would you like it, mistress? Would you like for him to suffer greatly?"

"It doesn't have to be bloody, Nariko," the beautiful goddess said smiling, "He is kind of cute after all. Such a pity. Just make sure it gets done swiftly."

"Your wishes are my life to fulfill. So it shall be done," the voice said before those eyes faded as the orb went dark, leaving the immortal goddess basking in the red light of death.


Kendra sat in front of the campfire, gazing silently into the flickering flames. Mixed emotions were mirroring those chaotic tendrils of fire as they flashed through her eyes. The night was quiet with the crescent of the moon passing slowly overhead among a sea of stars. It was a beautiful sight that often drew her gaze from the flames. It gave her peace of heart to stare up to them with her emerald gaze for long periods of time. But when her gaze finally fell back down to the forest about her, the turmoil of emotions returned in a quick rush.

The source of those emotions stood a good distance away from her. Still and silent like one of the trees around them, the gargoyle crouched on an outcropping of boulders that jutted out of the ground. Though her powerful body barely moved the entire time, Kendra could see Tyra's dark eyes glancing about in her ever steady watch for any threat. Those eyes were keeping an eye out for the one they pursued. They were ready to challenge Danika once more to a battle. If caught by surprise at night, however, they would easily be done in.

Ever since the first night, Tyra had been vehement on taking watch for most of the night. Kendra wondered at times if Tyra actually wanted Danika to show her face. Whenever the fire demon was brought up, the red-headed gargoyle's expression grew hard and her fist tightened. Tyra had a personal score to settle with Koas's enforcer! Kendra smirked at that thought. For the heated blow Danika had dealt her, the succubus was itching to sink her fangs into the fiery bitch as well. A small pleasant shiver ran up her spine at the mental image and made her run her tongue across those pearly white fangs.

Kendra liked Tyra well enough. She respected the strength and steadfast calm the guardian exhibited. But that guardian had slept with HER man! She remembered literally chasing her dear Richard up a tree in her anger. The chase had ironically led them out of the ruins of Nervei without Tyra's needed guidance. But no tree could stop this succubus. She brought the young warrior back down to earth with her whip and a firm yank. She winced as she remembered the loud thud of the impact of him hitting the ground. Perhaps she had been too hard on him. Then again, maybe not hard enough!

When she and Nadine found out the circumstances of their coupling, their anger slowly diminished. She was happier to still have him alive then dead. Tyra would surely have killed him had she not given in to her desires. Blaze wasn't able to use his blades against Tyra, but managed to use the one 'sword' that delivered the coupe' de grace. Nadine was quick to forgive him and welcome Tyra into their little group. The catwoman's good-natured heart so often surprised Kendra. How could a woman be so.... cheery?

Shaking her head, Kendra stood up and left the small camp with Blaze and Nadine sleeping soundly in their bedrolls. She walked silently over to the tall gargoyle through the small bushes. Tyra had heard her coming long in advance with her gaze already turned her. The succubus frowned and kept the wings on her head and lower back pressed close to her so as not to catch any reaching tree branches. She unfurled them as she walked into the clearing, revealing herself to Tyra in all her demonic beauty.

The guardian nodded her head in silent greeting with a small smile. Kendra strode up the boulders before leaping up into the air and landing swiftly right beside the gargoyle, her own dark wings steadying her balance as she gained her footing. The demoness sat down beside the crouching gargoyle, extending one long leather encased leg outwards while she rested her right hand on her raised right knee. Tyra regarded her with an amused smile. Kendra supposed she did look like she was posing, but she knew everything she did oozed sensual sexiness. Even just sitting. She laughed softly and gave Tyra a small wink.

"Good evening, Kendra," Tyra said as she went back to looking about their dark surroundings, "Why are you still awake this late at night? You should be getting some much needed rest before tomorrow."

Kendra smirked and shook her head, making waves of her long bright hair sway gently, "I could say the same about you. No. I couldn't sleep for I had too much on my mind."

"I can understand. I have felt pretty much the same for the past few days. What troubles you?" Tyra asked with a glance her way.

"To be honest, it's you. I feel that I can like you, Tyra, but that doesn't change the fact that you fucked my man. Blaze is and always will be MY lover."

The gargoyle looked shocked and a bit dismayed about this. She sighed and shook her head. "I had suspected that there was something between you and him. From when you reacted to me calling him my lover to seeing you both and how comfortable you are with each other. I suppose a part of me denied such obvious clues could be true so I could hold on to the hope of him being my lover always."

"Well be assured that I don't hate you for it. I am grateful you didn't take him away from me permanently like you could have. Do you want to take him away from me and keep him to yourself though?" Kendra asked from a dark frown.

Tyra laughed and gave her company a wink this time, "Oh how I wish I could! I would love to have him with me always. It would be such a thrill to be guarding in a crouch and be riding my lover's wonderful cock at the same time. It would make the task of guarding better to be sure. But no, I won't. I respect what you two have together. I wish I could have the same. I've been alone for so long, Kendra. I'd forgotten what it felt like to be in a man's arms until Blaze came along."

The tension in Kendra's shoulders eased as she listened to all of this. She sympathized with the gargoyle in that she had gone through a similar experience. She had by no means any trouble of getting men to fuck her. But after that siren bitch had killed her first lover, she had been alone. The distant memory of leaving her kills, wishing they had been wanting her and not just lusting to possess her perfect body. That emptiness had grown inside her for decades, thinking that man Sonora killed had been one of a kind.

She now knew it was not so. Richard came into her life finally. He didn't simply fuck her like the rest. He made love to her. No. More than that. He possessed her! He drew out her innermost passion and drove her to new heights in pleasure never before experienced. Yet he wasn't hung like a horse. True he was slightly bigger than the average guy, but that wasn't it. It was his intense focus to bring the most intense pleasure possible to his partner. His soft caresses. His loving whispers in her ear. The way he subtly teased her by not plunging into her quickly but rather held it right to her entrance and letting her anticipation build. When he finally did, it was a penetration of glorious pleasure.

Blaze was a man like no other. And he was all hers, she thought with sexy grin. She realized that Tyra was looking at her expectantly as she'd been silent for quite some time. "I must confess. Blaze was a blessing to have come into my life in much the same way. You can understand why I am so possessive of him then. It is well then that you do not mean to take him from me."

Tyra nodded and looked up to the star filled sky with the moon having moved quite a bit already. They had been talking for some time. The powerful gargoyle sighed as her shoulders dipped a little. "Still. I wish I could be with him one more time."

The guardian looked surprised when Kendra laughed out loud. "Tyra, you can and you will. You see, Nadine has a thing for him too. We came to the agreement that he is, without a doubt, mine alone. Under that agreement, I am willing to share him with her. In fact, the other night while you were off guarding, I watched Nadine have a hot little fuck with him. You should have seen the way he pounded into the kitten! Seeing as you have no intention of taking my sweet stud away from me, I am fine with sharing him with you. I am sure Nadine will be too"

Tyra's expression lit up brightly as she smiled, "Thank you, Kendra. Truly."

"Don't just thank me yet," the demoness said slyly and winked. Her hand dipped below Tyra's loincloth and rubbed the gargoyle's smooth blue pussy. Kendra licked her vanilla colored lips hungrily. "Because I intend to have a taste of you myself."

With that, the gorgeous brown-skinned demoness leapt from the rock abruptly and landed a ways off with smooth grace. Kendra walked back to the camp, leaving the shocked Tyra to stare after her sensually swaying ass.


Blaze had been dreaming all that night. The dreams were all about adventures he was going on. It was nothing unusual to be true. When he was growing up, he had these heroic dreams all the time. But these were different. He was no longer fighting solo. By his side were Kendra, Nadine, and Tyra. Each of them there in support of him and assisting in their own unique ways. For some reason it really heartened him. He no longer had to fight alone. Then his dreams ended as he began to stir.

He felt himself awaken slowly and knew something didn't feel quite right. For some strange reason, his legs felt cool when they shouldn't. He was wearing trousers. The weirdest thing of all was that his crotch felt wet for some reason! His eyes bolted wide open with that realization before he looked down to himself. His pants were gone! And in their place between his legs was Kendra! She wore that ever knowing smile on her face as licked his thighs up to his groin. The young warrior couldn't help but let his head drop back as she let her tongue glide smoothly over his balls before taking one into her mouth to suckle on it gently.

"Kendra? What? Why?" he groaned.

The succubus released his nuts from her mouth as her beautiful green eyes looked up to him. "You've shown a nasty little habit of seducing other females, my dear stud. It's time to remind you that I am your real lover and it is only I who can make you feel this damn good. Hush now and enjoy, lover!"

He felt her slender fingers move to take possession of his balls as she moved up, tongue flicking over his quickly extending shaft. When her tongue reached that flared top of his cock, she elicited a loud groan from him as she drew her tongue over it long and hard in a twirling motion to the sensitive head. Hearing his groan, she smirked and made him groan again much louder with a few teasing nibbles to the tip while her free hand encased the girth of his shaft.

A soft purr drew his attention away from Kendra to see that Nadine was awake, her sleep interrupted by him. The lycan lay close by on her side as she watched Kendra give him a morning blowjob with hungry eyes. Her own hands moved up to cup and glide over her big, round furry tit. Her arousal was evident as the bright red nipple poked up through the dark fur. He gasped as he felt the demoness's mouth encircle the head of his cock while her tongue lapped across it and probed the slit gently.

"That's it Kendra. Suck that beautiful cock," the catwoman mewed softly. She brushed long locks of bright orange hair away from her eyes before using that same hand to raise her firm breast upwards. With those golden eyes still fixated on Kendra's mouth taking more of his cock in, Nadine leaned her head down to flick that pink tongue against her hard budding nipple.

Blaze watched the lusty catwoman fondle her beautiful tits before looking back to Kendra just in time to see her suck his cock down into her hot mouth. The feeling her expert tongue playing against the undervein of his meaty rod felt so damn good. The sexy succubus started to moan now as she seemed to be enjoying the taste of him in her mouth. Those hungry eyes looked up to him as her free hand gripped him firmly. One corner of those pale lips curled upwards in a smirk before ducking head and driving his rod deeper into her mouth with her hand twisting about on his shaft.

He groaned so loud now that he was sure even Tyra had heard him. Although, he wasn't the only one making noise as he heard heavy breathing close by. Taking a moment for a quick glance, he looked to where Nadine was. The lycan had drawn in her top leg as she lay on her side facing him. Foot planted on the ground and knee arching upwards to the sky, her nether region was spread open for all to see. And all could see her furry fingers furiously pumping into that aroused cunt. Her raptor gaze was still fixed on Kendra working her magic on his dick.

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he struggled mightily to not cum with the pleasure from this incredible blowjob. "Oh fuck... Yes.. Fuck yes!" he cried out. Hearing him, the succubus pulled off of him and exposed his wet cock to the air. Her gaze intensely looked up to him as over the next few minutes she hungrily licked the head of his cock. Her tongue lapped at the precum on the tip of his rod before probing this slit hungrily for more. She even moaned pleadingly for more, loving the taste. Determined to get more, the succubus swirled her tongue over his sensitive cockhead quickly and roughly for several minutes, gathering as much as she could into her mouth to swallow.

Without warning his lover plunged back down, swallowing as she did. His hard dick slid quickly into her mouth and deep down into her throat. The poor young warrior simply lay there in bliss as he felt her hot throat encase him. He was flying high on the clouds of ecstasy from what had to be the best oral sex to have ever been witnessed on this mortal world. Kendra made little moaning sounds of enjoyment while her mouth drew back and forth rapidly over him, sucking him noisily with loud wet slurps. Her hair swayed back and forth as she bobbed up and down on his cock, almost coming off of him before driving him back down into her throat. At times she would pull back to where only those pale lips wrapped about the head to suck hard on it as her hand wrung back and forth on his shaft.

"Oh gods! Kendra, I'm going to cum soon," Blaze warned.

"No fair! I want some breakfast too, Kendra!" Nadine moaned in protest before quickly crawling over to them. Kendra chuckled softly as she released him and gently tugged on his balls with her one hand. Blaze's wet rod wasn't left hanging for long before once again covered in warm bliss, but in Nadine's mouth this time. The catwoman purred softly as she frantically moved her head back and forth on his cock. Her catlike tongue rubbing wonderfully against the sensitive underside of his hunk of meat and nearly drove him over the edge.

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