Blazing Glory Ch. 12


Blaze sighed as the lapping sounds of the sea made him think about home. A small wave of homesickness went through him as he wondered how his mother was doing. Did she even know about this terrible army across the sea? He had come so far without much thought of home before now.

"Well hello there," a soft, sensual voice whispered next to his ear.

The human shouted in shock as he nearly leapt out of his skin surprise and Kali gave a small shriek as her fur stood on end. Both of them were scared out of their minds by the presence of another they did not sense or hear approach. Trying the catch his breath after the fright, Blaze turned to look at the newcomer and completely lost every bit of it.

Standing there was one of the most voluptuous lycans he had seen outside of the Teigra sisters. He could see why they had not seen the figure in their approach as standing before him was a pantherwoman. Her right hand rested on her cocked hip with a sly smile on her face. Just like her lycan namesake, the beauty was all black in fur with long wavy black hair cascading down her back to her shapely hips. The moonlight accentuated her exotic figure especially the large full breasts as big as Kendra's.

"Evalyn!" Kali gasped in relief.

The Hellcat had been isolated from any chance of forming friendships for most of her life with the exception of one. Evalyn Lunara was the one lycan who had befriended her at a young age. The pantherwoman had been able to relate because of the wariness some lycans had of her race. It was silly that lycans like her father and Evalyn were subjected to the irrational superstition about black cats being bad luck but it existed nonetheless. When she was an older teenager, Evalyn sympathized with the small preteen girl suffering such withering contempt from other lycans and decided to befriend her. Kali had always been grateful to the dark beauty and repaid her kindness every day. She was there to comfort Evalyn in her grief when her life mate had died in an accident building their new home.

A smile grew on her face as the relief flooded through her when she saw it was Evalyn being as sneaky as ever. The pantherwoman was part of the lycan stealth force used during the night for quick kills and reconnaissance. In this battle the enemy's size was so large they the risk was not worth it. Instead they stuck to patrols at night to warn their army of any possible surprise attacks.

"What are you doing here?"

"My watch is over and I thought I would enjoy a walk along the beach for the night," the gorgeous pantherwoman purred sensually as her golden eyes sized up the human next to her. Before meeting Kendra this day, Evalyn had been the most sensual person Kali had ever known. She always looked like a sexual predator ready to pounce any tempting male she found a fancy for. That is how she met her life mate after all.

"Oh! Well this is Blaze. He just arrived with Nadine and a few other friends after a long journey."

"I know," Evalyn hummed as she determined she was pleased at what she saw. "Word has already spread around the campfires about your unique group that is on a mission to challenge the goddess. To earn the wrath of Koas has given people a lot of hope now that you are here."

The words of protest caught in Blaze's throat as Evalyn's finger pressed to his lips gently to shush him. Her golden eyes gazed deeply into his as if she was judging his very soul. Behind the playful sexual aura around this catwoman, he could see within her eyes a serene maturity. Perhaps she was searching his soul to gauge his worth after hearing the rumors.

"Nice catch, Kali," the panterwoman purred softly as she broke her gaze from him.

"C-catch?" Kali stammered nervously. "What do you mean? We were just out for a walk is all."

The younger lycan was rubbing her left arm anxiously to only further confirm Evalyn's suspicions. The dark beauty simply chuckled at the protest as she began to slowly circle the couple with narrowed eyes like a predator.

"Oh really now? I think we both know why you came here this evening. Everyone comes here for one reason only."

Both Blaze and Kali slowly found themselves inching closer together nervously as the pantherwoman circled them. Kali found herself shivering slightly as she looked back to Blaze and her words froze on her tongue once again. She so desperately wanted to tell him her love for him and take him right now. Yet she was still terrified as ever before. Powerful arms seized her from behind suddenly in a tight hug that scared her even more than the first time.

"I want you, Richard!" the on-edge catwoman shrieked in her fright.

Those arms wrapped about her waist as she heard the soft chuckle from behind as her friend hugged her luscious body up to her back. "Cat gave your tongue back finally it seems."

Kali gasped and shivered as she tried to slow her breathing after that scare. She was going to get Evalyn back for that but it would have to wait now that she had confessed to her childhood love her desire.

"You called him, Richard?" Evalyn whispered as the realization came to her. "He's the human boy you told me about? Then you need to tell him, Kali."

Those last words were whispered with the urgency of experience. The older lycan had come to fully grasp the situation and wanted her friend to not let her friend become nervous or shy to let this opportunity for love to pass her by. With slow measured breaths and closed eyes, Kali steeled herself by envisioning the rigid strength of her staff within her. Her words came out slowly at first before picking up in speed with the tension leaving her.

"Richard, as you know I observed you training with your master over the span of those days when I was younger. What I didn't tell you is that I fell in love with you as well. Your master knew I was there and told me on the last day he would come visit with you. I have been saving myself for you ever since."

Blaze simply looked stunned at this night of revelations from the catwoman. He never knew this lycan before today and now he was standing in front of Nadine's younger sister where she was professing her love for him. Evalyn saw that it was taking him some time to process this information and his feelings, which was understandable. She purred softly into her friend's ear to show her approval for finally opening up.

Her golden eyes looked up to him with a stern look that would not be questioned. "Stay there and watch."

"Eva? What?" Kali began to ask in shock as those arms of the pantherwoman began moving around her body. It was the catwoman's turn to look stunned as Evalyn's hands softly caressed her torso before the right hand moved up to grope a large white-furred breast. This new pleasurable sensation caused her to whimper slightly as she pressed her backside against the pantherwoman.

"Just breaking the tension and getting you ready for the night of your life" Evalyn whispered huskily into her ear. Her hands cupped Kali's tits from underneath before the soft click of her claws. The pantherwoman gently ran the claws back and forth over those pebbled peaks hardening to her touch.

Kali gasped as waves of emotions swept through her body as her mind raced with the thoughts of what was happening. The fact that her friend was sexually groping her in front of him of all people was both frightening and exciting at the same time. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes closed as the pleasure washed through her with the tenderness of those hands roaming her large breasts. This was the first time anyone's hands had grasped her large bust with pleasurable intent other than her own hands when she was masturbating. Kali could feel her pussy quickly begin to become wet with her excitement as her heart was racing.

"I have wanted to fuck you for so long, Kali," her friend whispered sensually into her ear before giving that ear a playful lick as her fingers twirled her hard pink nipple about. Kali's eyes opened wide with Evalyn's confession. She bit her lip in embarrassment as she looked to Blaze as a moan nearly escaped her. He looked unsure of how to take this other than follow Evalyn's stern orders. Watching those dark hands groping the large furry white breasts was exciting him to the point of where he thought he was going to rip through his pants.

One of those dark hands released the bountiful tit to slide down Kali's belly to caress to wet, pink folds. Her fingers spread those lips apart to reveal the catwoman's excitement as another finger gently probed the initial depths.

"Ah yes, you are so wet, Kali," Evalyn purred with approval before looking over to Blaze with a knowing smile. "Isn't she, Blaze?"

Kali could only look to Blaze as she bit her lip and whimper in pleasure as fingers other than her own delved into her wet pussy. Her lush body arched backwards to rub against Evalyn's body as a cry finally escaped from her when those fingers thrust more deeply. Her legs spread wider as her friend's thumb began to rub against her budding clit with the fingers stroking in and out. The wet sounds of those fingers pumping her cunt overcame the lapping of the waves.

Kali could have cried from the pleasure as her hips thrust forward now eagerly into those fingers and more of her juices wet her inner thighs. It felt so blessedly good. When Evalyn tugged on her hard pink nipple her mind nearly blanked out from anything else around her. She was being physically manipulated masterfully by her friend. Evalyn hummed again as a high, thin wail of sexual frustration and need to reach her climax escaped the catwoman as her wet fingers drove in over and over relentlessly.

Kali's eyes opened wide as she looked to Blaze with a wild look in her eyes. "Oh gods! Aaaaah! What is happening? Yes! AHH! Oh gods YEEEESSSSS!" The Hellcat shrieked as she stood on her toes as the orgasm ripped through her violently shuddering body and her cum squirted out hotly from her pussy to soak the sand at her feet. Her body quaked visibly as the most intense orgasm of her life rushed through her and left her weak-kneed.

"Oh! Such a good girl," the pantherwoman chuckled as she pulled her doused fingers out of her friend's pussy.

The catwoman dropped to her knees in the soft sand when Evalyn's arms released her. Shivering in the pleasure as smaller orgasms rippled through her body, she hugged her breasts and looked up to see Evalyn saunter over to a stunned looking Blaze with full dark breasts bouncing lightly and a smirk on her face. The pantherwoman had seen the tent in the human's pants and that was what her golden eyes focused on now.

"Good boy," she purred sexily as circled around him as her hand trailed around his chest to his shoulders. That dark hand reached around to seize his shirt as she stopped in front of him. Her eyes narrowed before that sensual smirk grew more. "But you have on too many clothes."

Evalyn's sexual assertiveness would be enough to make anyone, including Blaze, feel like a virgin in their first time. Just like that the warrior, who had so many sexual encounters so far, was dominated into compliance as the pantherwoman proceeded to forcefully pull his shirt off over his head to be followed by stripped his pants down in one fluid motion.

"I think I'll leave them around your ankles so you can't get away," she chuckled. Looking down, her golden eyes opened wide as a surprised purr escaped her. "Oh my! A big boy, aren't you? Not too big and not too small, but just right."

Stavros help him if this woman joined forces with Kendra. These assertive women would eat him alive! Kali was still lying on the sand as her body was recovering from her orgasm. But her eyes also widened as she finally looked upon what she had so often imagined in her sexual fantasies.

"Kali!" The pantherwoman said her name again to snap the catwoman out of her hypnotic state. "Being this is your first time I want you to watch me to see how to make a man happy."

Blaze barely registered those words as he looked upon the luscious body lower in front of him before golden eyes lustfully looked up to him finally. The kneeling patherwoman took the human's cock into furry hand to begin stroking it from the shaft's base to the head.

Having finally recovered enough, Kali pushed herself to her knees to look on as her friend asked her too. She wasn't totally naïve about sex as she had overheard a few details from conversations in the past, especially from Evalyn. But she had never witnessed anyone doing it up close and that is why she looked on with interest now to what the dark lycan was doing with Blaze's cock.

"I.." Kali spoke with hesitation. "I thought you had to do something else though."

"Oh, you mean this?"

Those words had barely registered to Blaze over the pleasure of those fingers expertly jerking him off before he felt the wet sensation send a jolt of pleasure right through him. Looking down, he saw Evalyn's rough lycan tongue lick across the sensitive flared head of his cock as her hand continued to pump his shaft. As always with Nadine, the sensation of the feline lycan tongue on his cock made him weak in the knees and moan.

Hearing the human above her moan made her smirk even more. Giving oral sex was always a turn on to Evalyn. She could already feel the rush of excitement through her body. But the wonderful taste of this human's cock was making her aroused twat wetter than usual. She couldn't wait to taste more of him!

"Now if you really want to excite him you do this," the dark beauty spoke to her friend before her mouth opened wide and the head of his cock disappeared inside. Her pussy contracted with a pleasurable pulse as she heard his wordless exclamation of ecstasy. She didn't want to stop with just the head as her mouth took him deeper and deeper until he was deep down in her throat. Evalyn couldn't help but purr as no one had ever reached so deeply into her throat before! She finally bottomed out with her lips reaching the base of his cock. Her soft furred tits with rock hard nipples rubbed against his legs while her long tail wrapped about his body with the tip flicking at his ass.

Blaze tightened his hands into white-knuckled fists as he fought furiously to not blow his load into her purring mouth at that moment. The coaxing throat was driving him insane with pleasure.

"Oh gods," he moaned loudly, "So good!"

The pantherwoman pulled off of his cock and playfully nipped at the sensitive tip as she looked up to him with a knowing smirk. "You like that, huh? Then let's see how you like this"

The black furred lycan renewed her oral assault on his cock by swirling her hot tongue about his cock several times before her mouth wickedly dove down upon him again and again. Her head bobbed steadily on him with increasing pace while deep throating him every time she went down. Evalyn was purring the whole time and it vibrated his cock every time it slid into her throat. Her fingers caressed downwards to find and cup his balls as her fingertips lightly stroked.

Kali watched intently as she licked her lips while Blaze could only stand there and gasp with shock and awe at being expertly deep throated by Evalyn. He nearly lost it again as she drew off of him and her tongue danced across the slit to taste his precum. She purred loudly as she looked to enjoy the taste as her tongue probed his slit for more before those dark lips spread again so she could suck him inside her hot, wet mouth. She was rapidly moving her head now to where her long dark hair shifted across her body and large tits swaying to where her nipples repeatedly grazed his thighs.

Blaze didn't think he could hold back any longer as he watched his pale rigid erection move in and out of her dark lips. His breathing was becoming rapid as his balls began to tighten with the need to release.

Evalyn's ears heard his rapid breathing and felt those shaking hips full of need. She quickly drew off of him and nipped at the head again playfully with a smile. "Oh such a good boy wanting to give me all that human cum. But first... Kali! Come here! It's your turn to try."

Kali nearly moved away as she was afraid she would fail miserably after such expertise from her friend. How could she even come close to performing that well for him? But Eva wasn't having any wavering as she grabbed her arm and pulled the catwoman in close to him.

"Suck his cock like I did," she spoke reassuringly. "He is so close to cumming and needs you right now, Kali."

Her golden eyes looked up to him to see the love of her life staring back with desperation in those eyes. Kali steeled her resolve before too much time passed and tentatively gave the head of his dick a slow lick. She tasted his precum and blinked in surprise. It tasted... good. Feeling less hesitant with each passing moment, she suckled the head into her mouth with a wet slurp before she swirled her tongue about the head from inside.

"Deeper now into your throat," Evalyn smiled encouragingly as she watched her friend giving her first blowjob with pride. Her hand lightly grasped the back of Kali's head and pushed forward. "Like this. Swallow and swallow."

Panicked eyes focused on Eva take her other hand to her throat to show Kali how to take him deeper. He was filling her mouth so much. But his renewed groans filling her ears told her that she was making him feel pleasure like Evalyn had. Heartened with joy, the catwoman slowly swallowed repeatedly as his cock entered down into her throat.

"Oh gods, Kali," Blaze moaned her name loudly as his cock disappeared down the virginal mouth of the luscious catwoman kneeling in front of him. The intense pleasure and pressure that had momentarily lapsed roared back to life within him.

Kali gave a deep throated moan as his hard member filled her mouth and throat. Her head worked back and forth upon it with the rhythm Evalyn had started for her. Her pace increased as she heard his pleas to not stop as he was so close again.

"Such a sweet kitten, huh Blaze? Keep going, Kali. Suck him." The black furred lycan spoke before crouching down to suck those balls into her mouth.

Their two mouths wetly worked at sucking him with loud hungry slurps. Kali was jerking her head up and down quickly as the force of her fast motion caused those lush tits to sway on her chest. She was so excited about giving him such pleasure and wanted to finally see what a man cumming was like.

Sweat was dripping down his body as the sensation of two hot mouths worshipping his cock and balls gave rise to that familiar rushing of ecstasy. "I'm.. I'm going to cum!"

"Kali! Switch places with me and observe!" Evalyn spoke quickly after hearing his words and releasing him from her mouth.

Kali released his cock with a slight pop and ducked downwards to take his balls into her mouth with a moaning suck. Her eyes looked up to see Evalyn take Blaze's rod back into her mouth with one swift motion before she masterfully deep throated him again. Her hands moved along his shaft with excitement for what was going to happen.

The sensation of the two beautiful lycans on him was finally too much for any being, mortal or immortal, to withstand any longer. After his incredible fight to last, Blaze's cock erupted inside that expert mouth of Evalyn's mouth.

The pantherwoman gave a muffled cry of surprise as thick jets of cum spurted rapidly into her mouth quickly enough to spill if she didn't swallow. The sensual lycan swallowed. She pulled back off of him and looked up with a sexy smile as she opened her mouth wide for him to see those squirting thick ropes of delicious spunk coat her tongue. She hoped Kali learned that part of pleasing a man was acting dirty for him as she just did.

"Kali, come taste him," her friend purred to her as she sat back up. Kali's golden eyes opened wide as Evalyn pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her mind went nearly blank from the emotions and pleasure washing through her. It was her first kiss and it was her friend's tongue coated with Blaze's cum! Her pussy convulsed with a smaller orgasm that rippled through her body. She pulled back from Evalyn with a gasp for air and licked her lips after swallowing the jizz. He tasted better than she ever imagined!

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