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The room is dark and misty, punctuated by beams of flashing technicolour strobe lighting blaring in tune with the pulsating techno music. With each bright flash, the room lights up for a fraction of a second. Then pitch black, then light again. Like a stop-motion picture, only futuristic as a cyberpunk wonderland full of grinding bodies and throbbing beats.

Rob shakes his head in ecstasy, holding his arms up in the air and moving to the rhythm of the music. He laughs aloud, yet is not heard. He slows, his feet ceasing to stomp the floor as a girl with vivacious eyes and a serious, sultry stare licks her lips at him from across the room. It's all he can do not to drool.

The 23-year-old man stares, transfixed. He falls into a trance, unable to avert his lust-fuelled gaze as the black-haired woman swishes over. Dancers part to either side of her effortlessly as she gently moves her long-fingered hands against them. She saunters, smiling seductively and looking directly into Rob's green eyes with her own hazel ones.

He stammers, unable to believe his luck or think of an appropriately witty introduction. He needn't. The temptress presses her index finger firmly into Rob's lips, and his voice falls to nothing instantaneously.

The flickering light illuminates her perfect silky hair and his rough, sweaty skin.

He smiled nervously. She grins lustfully, snaking her pale arms around to tickle the small of the man's back beneath his green checked shirt. She traces a fingernail up his spine, her touch as light as a feather. He shivers, unable to move yet unable to resist. He breathes deeply, struggling to contain his arousal.

She can tell. She does not feign innocence. She knows better than anyone that she is a mistress of seduction, clad in black lace and silk with skin as white as chalk and plump plum lips.

Her trace moves lower. Her hands sneak into the back pockets of Rob's grey skinny jeans. He bites hard on his bottom lip, his own hands positioned awkwardly around the yet-unnamed seductress's slim shoulders. He rubs her neck gently, blushing.

She takes the signal wholeheartedly, stepping closer to his body enough to feel the heat radiating off of him. She squeezes herself closer still, feeling his slim physique through his shirt and his... protrusion... through his jeans.

"Sorry," he mumbles uselessly over the throbbing dance music. His lips move but she hears nothing, and signals for him to bend down.

She stands on her tiptoes and cups her hand around his ear, ignoring the greasy brown hair falling in its region. "I want you," she says.

Rob returns to his full 6'0" height and steps back, astounded. He has never been prepositioned in such a way before, yet has no doubt that he wants to fuck. The blood rushing to his nether regions is unbearable.

He nods wordlessly, and she grabs his hand. He barely catches a knowing wink from a buddy as he leaves the club and is dragged into a back alleyway where the music can be faintly heard. A dumpster overflowing with bin bags is parked against a brick wall, yet his temptress does not seem ill at ease. He wonders if she's done this before.

She pushes him back wordlessly and unbuttons his shirt. Rob shifts awkwardly, moving a particularly discomforting piece of rock from the otherwise cold, smooth paving slabs beneath his back. His shirt falls off, opening to each side and exposing the man's trim torso.

She grabs his brown leather belt, unbuckling it skilfully and tearing open his zipper. Rob juts his hips upward to allow her to pull the clothing from his body. There he is – stark naked in an alleyway in mid-October, but consumed in the heat of the moment, he feels no cold.

She smoothes her black hair backwards behind her hears, exposing a cheeky grin as she lowers her face towards his quivering body. She waggles her tongue at him, gives one lick and looks up, delighting in the man's pained expression.

She retreats, and Rob opens one eye, for a moment expecting her to back out and make a fool of him. Maybe she's playing that game – the one where friends compete to see who can trick the ugliest person in the club into going home with them. But it seems that is not the case. Rob props his body up on his elbows, watching as the woman undresses, her back to him.

Her loose silk camisole floats to the ground after the lace netted shirt she wore over the top. Black leather boots with spiked kitten heels, then dark, tightly fitted jeans all come off and form a pile to the pair's side. She licks a finger and plays with her hair. She knows she's hot. Then she turns around.

Immediately, Rob knows something is wrong. The seductive hazel eyes turn a blazing red, and the look is no longer one of sexual desire but one of crazed, rapturous, all-encompassing dominance. He panics, humiliated at the sight of his erection as he clambers backwards and struggles to stand.

He has no chance.

She pounces on him, sharp fingernails digging into the flesh of his upper arms and blood oozing in trickles down onto his shirt. He flails, tries to kick, but is pushed down. She's inhumanly strong, and clasps a hand around his throbbing neck. She pierces the skin, licking her crimson lips as yet more blood seeps through his flesh.

She forces herself upon him, her firm, round breasts pressing into his stomach as he tongue tickles lustfully the cold, blood-stained skin. Gripping his shoulders, she sits, revealing her full body to him in all its glory. Her legs are straddling him, her orifice directly above his firm cock.

She touches his blood with her fingers and sucks. Gazing thoughtfully downwards onto her horrified victim, she rams her wet fingers hard up her gaping hole. Her mouth widens involuntarily and her ruby eyes clench shut. He is entranced, staring wide-eyed at the curvaceous woman pleasuring herself on top of him. She leans downwards and rubs her juices over his bare chest. He gasps aloud, feeling her lubrication slipping down over the head of his member, then engulfing his hardness fully; she is tight around his body.

She throws herself back, hair flicking over her shoulder and hands tracing her nipples as she rocks back and forth with his full length deep inside her. He thrusts gently, highly aware of the sweat sticking his back to his shirt. His arms reach out, cradling the her lower back and pulling her further onto him. He caresses her fleshy buttocks and gives a gentle squeeze as she comes forward to breathe ticklish breaths onto his neck.

She rushes her fingers through his unkempt dark hair, freeing up the skin on his neck and tilting his head to one side. She leans down, licks her lips and sucks hard, her tongue electrifying his skin.

She widens her mouth, the deep purple lipstick wiping off and mixing with salty sweat. Her teeth graze against his goosepimply skin. Sharp, unforgiving canines.

In time with his strained thrusting, she bites down, her teeth sinking into him as his body sinks into hers, eliciting hardened moans of desire. She licks ravenously and grazes her incisors across his veins and her claw-like fingernails rake across his body. She sups, the iron taste getting her off as much as his vigorous pumping. She pauses momentarily to reposition one hand lower down, rubbing hard at her clit as he slides in and out of her. She suppresses her moans of orgasm by gagging herself with his skin. Canines sink deeply, pooling blood to the surface which flows like rivers across the man's white skin. The sex slows, his body tiring. His tight hold on her buttocks loosens; his arms fall awkwardly to his side. Still inside her, his penis softens. His features lose all expression and his head flops to one side, slamming into the cold, harsh pavement.

The vampire pauses. The blood is taken. She sits up on top of him and adjusts herself, gingerly pulling his soft cock out of her vagina, rubbing herself over him to wipe off the sticky fluid.

She stands emotionless. On go the clothes and the body dragged behind the dumpster. Only a few splashes of blood are the tell-tale signs. Her cheeks flush a pale rosy pink as opposed to porcelain. She knows it'll happen again, but for now, she's had her fix.

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