tagErotic PoetryBloody Corpses

Bloody Corpses


eyes enraged
her wrists break onto the floor
my full weight scraping splinters into her skin
she binds to my anger, overpowering
sweating into her flesh
as I force her thighs

“Fuck you,
fuck your lies.”

voice engaged
by the taste of sweat, the tease of hate
my blood dripping with her saliva
dribbles down my chin, I wipe
and clamp her wrists with sounds of metal
cold, hard, beneath the door

“Fuck you,
fuck you whore.”

body enchained
as I raise my hand
to stain her face with my dismembered heart
I love you, she said
as I began to tear.

I forgot why I was fucking
why I was hating
and in my breath, and in my pause
the poison of my Pneumatic city
accidentally touched

1 "Pneumatic city accidentally touched loud inexperience" was the random product of a collaborative Exquisite Corpse writing game conducted on the Poetry Feedback and Discussion forum.

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