Bloody Victory


Chapter FIVE

Meanwhile, Bloodrayne had removed Sasha's boots, casting them about the makeshift torture chamber. Next he used his talon like nails to shred and then strip off her tee-shirt, revealing the two succulent D-cups beneath. Even the ruthless vampire took a moment to admire her full luscious bazongas clad only in a lacy white demi bra... which he quickly unhooked and removed.

"Nice," he grinned, holding her with one arm while he squeezed her bared tits with the other hand. "This calls for something special, chiquita..."

"What...?" she said fuzzily, beginning to come around. "Where am I? What's...?"

Quickly, Bloodrayne clamped the manacles around the wrists of the still dazed Latina. Leaving her hanging there at about chest height, he moved over to the crank mounted on the wall. He gave it a turn, the pulleys squealing in their blocks. The chain hauled Sasha upright, groaning with pain as her slender arms took the weight of her body, higher and higher until the bare caramel toes protruding from her tight jeans, left the floor. He walked back over to her, his face about level with her chest.

"Yes, I would say this is your best angle," he mused.

"You're making a big mistake!" Sasha hissed. "I'm a police officer!"

The vampire laughed. "I am Balthazar Bloodrayne!" he said, reaching up with both hands to caress the bare skin of her armpits, then slowly slide them down the length of her torso. "I am one of the immortals. I walk the corridors of time itself. Nothing is denied me!"

Sasha squirmed as he cupped her magnificent tatas, kneading the firm orbs eagerly and leaned forward to put his mouth over her right breast, raking her nipple with his fangs. Even she could not hold back a shuddery moan as chill raced up her spine! His hands reached her trim waist, moving around front and using one of his "talons" to slice the button from her jeans. Squirming in her bonds, the detective tried to kick him, but only set herself swaying back and forth on her chains like a pendulum. Bloodrayne caught her, his hands cupping her nice round ass through her tight jeans.

"LLVV RR HLNNM," Victory whined, her voice muffled into an inarticulate groan by the gag.

Sasha was in trouble and it was all her fault! Damien glanced down at her smugly, then turned back to watch Bloodrayne have his way with the detective, leaving Victory to tug frantically at her bonds. But however inept he might be at building museum displays, Damien was certainly a whiz at tying girls up. His knots were tight. The hapless heroine couldn't move a muscle.

Sasha let out a frustrated moan as the vampire unzipped her jeans and tugged them down over her wide curvaceous hips, revealing leopard print hip-hugger panties. From one of the weapon racks, he withdrew a rawhide whip. Uncoiling it, he cracked it once or twice experimentally, making a sound like a pistol shot in the enclosed room. Grinning, he walked around behind the helpless detective, taking aim at her exposed back.

There has to be something I can do! Victory chided herself, struggling desperately to move. All she managed to do was roll over onto her side, where her bare skin came into contact with a scrap of purple Lycra. Her hot pants! The villain had disdainfully left her uniform scattered all over the floor. She looked around, spotted her silver bracelets lying underneath the table, and most important, her power belt lying on Kayley's other side!

WHUP! The sound of leather striking Sasha's bare back, hard enough to raise a welt but not enough to draw blood! The pretty Latina gasped in pain, but she refused to cry out.

"Very good, my dear," said Bloodrayne, smiling, as he coiled the whip again. "Let's see how long you hold out!"

Frantically Victory pushed with her thighs, trying to inch closer to her belt. It was no use! Hogtied like this, she couldn't make any headway at all! Desperately she managed to spit out her gag.

"Kayley!" she whispered. "My belt! Try and grab my belt!"

The blonde girl tried to focus her fear-widened eyes. "What--? B-b-b...?"

"My belt! There behind you! Try and get it! Please!"

WHUP! Another lash of the whip, another groan from Sasha! Victory's heart was thumping, her skin tingling with shame. Oohhh to be tied up and helpless while the only member of CCPD to ever give her a fair shake was being tortured! Her blood seething, she glanced back over at the other girl.

"Kayley! Please, honey! I'm powerless without my belt! See if you can reach it!"

The girl tried to move her legs, her feet wiggling in the air behind her, but the strain on the rope only pulled on her arms, hurting her.

"Ow! I c-can't..."

WHUP! Sasha whimpered with the impact of the whip on her tender brown flesh, but still she didn't cry out. Bloodrayne stepped forward, letting his free hand caress Sasha's waist, sliding smoothly along her abs. Her skin was glistening and slippery with perspiration. Her body shuddered at his touch.

"Nearly done I suspect, chiquita," the vampire hissed, as his hand reached up to squeeze her left breast. He could feel her heart racing like a bird's in between her large supple tits. "A few more strokes should have you begging..."

"Please, Kayley!" Victory implored.

The vampire drew back his arm to bring down the whip once more, and just then Kayley's groping fingers found Victory's belt. The girl rolled over, slinging the belt towards her. Where it fell, just a few inches short!

Victory desperately contracted her abdomen, bending forward, stretching her swanlike neck... until her fine white teeth latched onto her power belt. She rolled backwards onto her back, tossing her strained neck muscles to drape the belt across her upper chest. Already she could feel the power flowing through her arms and legs, strengthening her.

The ropes snapped like so much kite string, the loops around her wrists and ankles unraveling as the superheroine sat up, latching her belt around her lissome waist.

"Hey what you doing?" Damien blurted, jumping her from behind and grabbing hold of her plump breasts.

Victory pivoted, driving her elbow into his stomach. With a big whoosh of expelled air, the lackey dropped to his knees.

"I don't have time for you, twerp!" the heroine said, bringing her fist down on the back of his neck.

Bloodrayne turned to see what the trouble was. He watched his henchman collapsing at the feet of the freed heroine.

"Ah, the little sheepdog, it seems I underestimated you!" he sneered, leaning forward to pat Sasha on the butt. "Ready to face the wolf again? This time I will not be so easy on you!"

The superheroine paused long enough to step into her hot pants and tug them up around her waist. She wished there was time to get dressed completely, but the vampire was already advancing towards her.

"Bring it on, gruesome!" she said, snarling like a wildcat.

Chapter SIX

Lord Bloodrayne came at her, swinging the rawhide whip. Victory ducked under it and caught his wrist, bringing her right leg up into his chest. The vampire turned and backhanded her across the face, knocking her to her knees with a cut lip from his signet ring. Her mouth gushed with the warm, salty taste of her own blood.

"Soft, feeble little girl," he said, standing over the topless heroine. "Pathetic! You're no match for me! Give up, and I will hang you here beside your friend..."

"Stuff it, creep!" Victory curled her feet underneath herself and barreled into him like a rocket.

They both tumbled into the "torture rack", causing the flimsy ply board prop to collapse under their weight. They came up still locked in battle, Victory rained one blow after another to the vampire's jaw. For a few moments, it looked as if she was winning, but then Bloodrayne caught her fist in his steel-like grasp, laughing even as he twist her arm roughly behind her back!

"Ahhh!" she gasped, struggling wildly as little black spots of pain danced before her eyes.

Deftly the vampire was able to entwine her free arm as well, pinioning it behind her back. Even as she struggled to break free Bloodrayne thread one arm around both of her own. With her arms retrained behind her now, the topless heroine could do nothing but writhe in desperation, her supple boobs bouncing freely as she tried to break free. Frustration and panic sang in her head as Victory realized even WITH her super powers she was out matched by this adversary.

"You put up a game fight," Bloodrayne smirked, brushing her brunette tresses away to expose her soft neck. "But now the game is over."

White teeth flashed as he bent his face towards her. Even with her powerbelt Victory was defenseless. She could feel the prick of his fangs on her throat...then the sharp pain of their penetration as the vampire bit down!

"Ahh!" Victory cried out. "No!"

Bloodrayne's lips clamped around the two small holes in her neck and began to suck. Feeling her blood gush into his mouth, Victory now felt totally helpless as she was victimized. Submissiveness washed through the young heroine, all strength seemed to leave her half naked body as if drawn out as the vampire sucked her blood!

"Please...stop..." Victory mewled.

Her knees buckled, leaving her lithe figure supported only by his grip. Victory could feel her heart hammering between her soft breasts, seeming to pump in time with the sucking at her neck. His free hand reached around, cupping one of her naked C-cups. Victory squirmed as he began to knead the pliant flesh, arching her back pressing further into his grip. Now a strange euphoria swept through her, an, definite erotic sensation. Between her trembling thighs Victory's pussy quivered with sensual energy! She could not hold back a soft shuddery moan.

Bloodrayne drank deeply, the feeding became a joining, more intimate than anything she had ever experienced, Victory could feel him absorbing her, savoring her...the euphoric arousal grew with in her as she found herself longing to surrender, the sensation of his hunger overwhelmed her, excited her, somehow made her WANT to be drained by him...a want he was all too eager to fulfill. Finally Victory surrendered completely, wanting to be devoured body and soul!

Sensing her final submission, Bloodrayne sucked ravenously at her tender throat. Relinquishing her will to fight Victory grew weaker and weaker, allowing him draw not only her blood but the defeated superheroine's very life force!

Before she could succumb entirely though, Victory glanced at Sasha Cortez. The bound detective wore a look of utter terror and Victory realized that once Bloodrayne had drained her...the sexy Latina would be next! Followed by Kayley! That final realization stirred something deep inside the young heroine. With a supreme effort, Victory focused her powers and tore her right arm loose from the restraining grasp, grabbing the vampire's jaw and pulling his sucking, draining mouth away from her now pale flesh. Aided by the slippery perspiration on her silken skin, she slipped from his grasp, bringing her knee up into his family jewels. Bloodrayne howled like a wolf as the heroine punched him in the face with all the strength she could manage and sent him reeling. Then she stumbled, he had drank too much of her blood, leaving her weak...this would be over quick but at least she'd go down fighting!

Behind her, Victory heard Damien stumbling to his feet again. "I'll get the witch, Master!"

Snatching a long spear from one of the weapons displays the minion charged. As the stunning superheroine half turned to face the new threat, Bloodrayne bore down upon her again. He made a frustrated swipe with both arms, but Victory ducked. Moving like cat, she spun back and leaped straight up, just as Damien surged forward with the spear, impaling the vampire straight through the heart!

With a look of utmost surprise on his face, Bloodrayne clutched at the wooden haft of the spear which had gone all the way through him. Some kind of black, viscous liquid burbled up out of his mouth as he sank to the floor, already starting to shrivel to ash.

"NOOOO! MASTER!" Damien screamed, making as if to yank the spear back out of him, but Victory grabbed him by the collar and tossed him into the iron maiden, slamming the lid shut.

When she looked back, Bloodrayne was no more. His skin had gone, leaving nothing but a dried up skeleton. Moments later, even that was gone, blown away like dust.

Victory sank to her knees, clutching at the wound in her neck, attempting to stem the flow of what blood she had left. With her free hand she snapped the ropes binding Kayley. The blonde girl whimpered with agony as the circulation came back into her wrists and ankles. Then the superheroine turned her attention to Sasha.

"Are you all right?" she asked, her eyes moist as she unlocked the manacles and gently lowered the Latina to the floor. "Speak to me! Please be all right!"

"I've... had worse," the pretty detective gasped, curling her legs underneath her as she cupped her arms around her bare breasts. She looked at Victory as if she had just seen her for the first time. "Victory? What are you doing here?" Then she looked around at the torture chamber. "Come to think of it, where am I? Kayley invited me to a museum opening..."

"That's going to take some explaining," Victory said. "Just rest easy a minute."

Then she seized the opportunity to put on her halter top, her mask, and her bracelets. She was just completing that task when she caught sight of Kayley, clutching her torn dress in front of her and looking frightened and bewildered. Victory bit her lip. Her secret identity was out, now that Kayley had seen her captured and unmasked! Well, there was nothing she could do about that...

"Are you all right?" she asked tenderly.

"Yeah, I th-think so," the blonde girl said, trembling. "Everything's kind of a blur, like some kind of nightmare!" Suddenly she thought of something and looked around, alarmed. "Jordin! What's happened to Jordin?"

Victory rallied quickly. "Uh, you mean the brunette girl who was here? Don't worry about her. I got her out safely... er... just before..."

"You were captured by that thing," Kayley said. "I remember that... I think. I was so scared, everything else is kind of... hazy."

"That's quite understandable, miss," Victory said, a bit releived. "If you have a phone, maybe we should call some paramedics. And the police to cart away our friend here."

"Yeah!" Kayley agreed, glancing at Damien, slumped dejectedly inside the plywood "iron maiden". "I promise you, Victory! That's the last blind date I go on!"


(Just wanted to send a special shout out to my co-author on this one; The Centurion! He is so great to work with and adds so much I just wouldn't think of! And of course THANK YOU everyone for reading! ~LadyJane~)

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