20 minutes
In 20 minutes you will arrive
I look at the silver gilt doorknob glistening in dim hallway lighting, take a breath and close my eyes
Turn the knob and know the instant I open it
I'll sense you
And I do
Switching on the lights to my left with trembling fingers
As the shapes transform
Become essence of you
The tall floor candle stands
Mounted by blues and greys, wildberry scented and waiting
Gunmetal grey bureau stands
Silently sparsely topped by your meager needs
A watch, a comb and spicysweet cologne
On the top back a dovegrey velvet box
Inside implements my mind wonders about...
15 minutes
15 minutes you will arrive
And the blue steel gleaming frame of your bed beckons
Can feel its twisted spiral spines swirling under my fingertips
Know the silkiness of that navy coverlet
Slipsliding satiny under my thighs under my back as my hands grasp
And a glance at that dovegrey box which contains
Those silken silver cords that
Keep me wanting
Feel them slipping around my wrists
And I lick my lips
Walk to the Blue Chair
Its too soft texture where you sit resplendent and stare
Watch me while you sip your wine
Silverstemmed chalice at your lips you drink it down
I taste the bitterness of the red in the back of my throat
Know it on my tongue
And I seep wet with anticipation
Clench my thighs together
And note the tender abrasion
They are redworn sensitive from the dark shadow of your face
Abraided as you feasted on me stroked and tasted me
My hips rocking, slapping the satin, as open-mouthed gasping I came under your talented tongue ministrations
And my thighs burn
12 minutes
12 minutes and you will arrive
I unbutton my shirt slide it off and slip off pants
Setting them in the basket by your closet door where they mingle with yours
Will twist and tumble entwined
As will you and I
I adjust my white silvershot straps across my breasts growing stiffened nipples in the process where your teeth teased and taunted last
They beg for my touch but I wait for
10 minutes
10 minutes you will arrive
Take down my hair and
Walk to that bed
Birthplace of sensuality
And slide softly draped across the silk
And stare at my ceiling
Black with so many painted nebulae
Orion above me where you painted them for me
Orion who swims in a sea of streaked falling stars
Spinning when I orgasm, when my eyes open wide in the last seconds before they shut and
Ride a starstrewn wavestream of bliss
As I look around at all this my heart beats faster and my body feels heavier and I'm wanting you
Your sinfulsweet torture
I can't help but touch
It's the only thing I can't seem to avoid
You always ask me to wait you want to arouse me but I never can...
This room...your scent
My panties grow wet and moist, Me scent assaults my olfactory senses
I turn and see myself in the mirror and know I'll imagine my fingers are your fingers and my strokes are your strokes and I don't want to wait....
But I will
Cause there's
5 minutes
5 minutes till you arrive
Walk through that door and find me
Fingerfucking on your bed
But instead...
I smile and rise, light your candles and hear the sound of your car door slamming shut
1 minute
1 minute you will arrive
Your keys in the door and I switch off the lights
And climb in your Chair
Delectable white against the darkness
And I am the Watcher
And I will rule the Chair and stare
I pour the first glass of wine from the table stand and set it beside me untouched
Will watch as your eyes meet mine knowing, you're the subject, the study
Watch you strip.. see your cock rise in faded light, muscles corded and taut and tight
As you lay back into the spot where my sweat has cold tainted under your back the silken smell...and watch your eyes...
A shadow falls, breaks the slit of light beneath the door
Your form silently standing I know
A soft laugh
And the turn of the silver knob glints as it goes around
I release a soft sigh
My stomach turns with the knob
And the door opens as you arrive
As from the silver chalice I take the first sip
I close my eyes and smile

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