"Mike's Body Shop." That's the name of my collision shop, and I've put a lot of hard work and sweat into it. I have no choice, if I want to keep my wife competitive with her swanky friends, and my daughter enrolled in her expensive private girl's school.

Yeah, I'm a blue collar guy with dirt under his fingernails, but I've bargained myself into a few suck-and-fuck's when these rich broads don't want their husbands to know they've cracked up the Jaguar.

That reminds me of a story. My daughter's best friend this senior year is a beautiful Japanese girl named Jenny. Jenny has warm almond eyes and a deep golden brown skin tone that shimmers in the light. Jenny's lustrous silky hair flows down to her perky ass, and she has an ample bosom that jiggles beneath her varsity sweater.

Jenny's parents are super-rich real estate major do-mos, and as long as I've known her she's sped around town in a flashy sports car.

One day, Jenny and my daughter Jill came roaring into the shop after school. I was just about to close up for the day, when I noticed the sizable dent in Jenny's car.

"Mr.Williams!" Jenny hopped out of the convertible without opening her door. Her cute pleated skirt flew up on her thigh as she vaulted the distance. Her breasts rose and fell beneath her school sweater provocatively due to her harried condition.

"I smashed my car in the school parking lot! My Dad said he'd ground me for the school year if I had another accident!" Jenny said through wild eyes.

"Dad! You've got to help her!" chimed in Jill.

So that's it, I thought. Little did Jenny know, but her Mom brought the car in last month and tried to cover for Jenny's last accident. Mom ended up sucking me off in my office to keep me quiet about things around their Old Man. I remember how subservient she was once my cock was out and wagging in her face. Could I snare 18 year old Jenny in the same web?

"Well, I can't fix it now," I said evenly,"come back in the morning."

"Noooo! Please! My Dad will see it if I bring the car home tonight!" Jenny pleaded.

"Dad, please help out my friend." beseech-ed Jill.

I needed to get Jill out of the picture if I was going to fuck her friend. Even as I studied the situation, Jenny leaned back into the car to get her papers out of the glove box. I briefly noticed her golden brown bare buttocks framed by only a thin black thong as she leaned over the car door.

"Alright, I'll stay and fix it, but Jill has to go home and do her homework." I intoned authoritatively.

"Can Jenny come with me?" Jill asked.

Jesus, my kid was becoming a pain in the ass! "No, I need to lecture her about driving responsibly. It's my duty as an adult." I bullshitted shamelessly.

Jenny and Jill reluctantly parted company, and once Jill was gone Jenny became very docile and shy around me as I studied the car.

"Do you have any way to pay me for this?" I asked with probing eyes as we stood at the hood of the car.

Jenny slowly shook her head no, and looked down instinctively at the growing bulge in my coveralls.

"Such a pretty face." I cooed, as I rubbed her cheek and stroked her soft, long hair.

"I'm- I'm only 18." Jenny managed with a blush, but her eyes never left the mountain in my lap.

"18 is legal for anything and everything." I said in a controlling tone. "Sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, eating out your best friend.." I trailed off naughtily.

Jenny was breathing hard and trembling at my touch. I thought she would faint if I didn't break the tension somehow.

"Let's sit in your car and watch the big screen T.V. It will be like going to the Drive-In." I said cheerily.

"What-what's a Drive-In?" Jenny asked innocently.

Hoo-Boy, I thought. What an age gap! All the better reason to fuck this young girl Four Ways From Sunday.

As Jenny climbed in, once again her brown ass came into view. This time I clutched her cheek in ownership and directed the action.

"No, get in the back seat." I said quietly as I turned off all the shop lights. It was now pitch black in the shop except for the light coming from the plasma screen.

"Mr. Williams--this is a porno movie." Jenny breathed softly. On the screen was an older man sucking out the hot pussy of a young coed.

"Are you a virgin, Jenny?" I asked as I pulled her to me and began lightly kissing her neck.

"Uhh-no-but don't tell my parents." she cooed in a far off voice.

I reached under her sweater and began squeezing her warm teenage tit flesh. Jenny moaned and started to get into things more by running her hands over my back.

"Maybe now would be a good time to tell me your secrets." I whispered in her ear. Now I boldly pushed up her sweater and bra so Jenny's naked golden tits quivered in the dim light.

"I-I suck cock. I swallow guys stuff so I don't get pregnant." Jenny whimpered shamefully.

I pushed her back on the seat and pushed up her skirt. Jenny smelled of a wonderful mix of soap, powder, and seeping oriental cunt. Jenny's pussy was very, very hairy, and stalks of black silken pubic hair sprouted from her g-string.

"God, you're beautiful." I intoned with admiration."I'm going to lick your bottom for the next hour."

As I sank my horny tongue deep into Jenny's Japanese slit, she groaned and bucked her hips up forcefully, trying to feed me steamy teenage cunt.

"What else do you do to avoid babies?" I asked as I placed deep soul kisses all over her sopping sex.

"Ungh- I take cock in my ass. Guys at school cum in my ass behind the bleachers." Jenny huffed as she clawed at my hair and cradled my pussy-sucking face.

"Turn over then." I ordered, and as Jenny got up on her haunches I began to lick her steamy asshole. A wildly fragrant aroma assaulted my senses as I wiggled my tongue up her forbidden passage. At the same time I finger fucked her sopping pussy as Jenny pounded the car seat in delirium.

"Please fuck my ass! Please pound my bottom!" Jenny squealed as she scooted up even higher trying to entice me to enter the bulls-eye.

"You fucking slut." I muttered as I unzipped my coveralls and pushed my raging prick into her pooper with a resounding plop.

"Aiee! You're big--you're big.." Jenny panted as I spanked her bare ass and ground my cock up into her rectum to the root.

My ball sac swung wildly against her ass cheeks as I grabbed Jenny's long hair and intensified my sodomizing assault. Beneath me was a submissive Japanese rag doll, her cute school uniform pushed up around her waist and shoulders as she huffed and puffed to make the fat cock in her ass shoot semen.

"I-I'm gonna cum! Turn around!" I barked, and Jenny sat up quickly and began to frame her dainty mouth with her hands.

"Uhh-feed it to me-make me eat it." Jenny whimpered through her lovingly pleading almond eyes.

"Swallow this load!" I ordered with a frenzy in my voice I didn't even recognize. Hot, spurting milk rocketed down her oriental gullet as Jenny gasped and choked at the sheer volume of my climax.

Long, thick secondary spurts coated Jenny's eyes shut and plastered her silken hair. The front of her sweater looked like someone had poured a vanilla milkshake all over her.

Jenny sat in the darkened sports car, shaken and violated, yet still she fingered her wet pussy and tried to reached out through her limited vision to find my throbbing cock.

"Let me tell you about your Mom's last visit." I laughed cruelly, and Jenny moaned around my sodden cock as I told her about her Mom, the whore.

Next time, I needed to get them both in the shop together, I decided, but for now Jenny was nursing me into a second load of choad.

"Mike's Body Shop." You bet!

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