Although I enjoyed writing the previous three stories for Literotica, I confess I don't have the imagination it takes to "invent" these kinds of stories. I do admit to having taken a little literary license to enhance the stories somewhat, but they are, in essence, all true. After what seemed like a rash of sexual adventure in my life, after our Las Vegas trip, things settled back into a comfortable routine for Ben and I and it was only recently that I had an encounter that is worthy of sharing.

I was pissed.

In fairness to Ben, he had no inkling of the surprise I had in store for him but nonetheless my romantic plans had been scuttled and I was not happy.

When both of the kids had announced plans to have sleep-overs at friends' houses that night, I was thrilled that Ben and I would have a quiet evening to ourselves for the first time in a very long time. I had shaved my legs, trimmed down there, had my hair done and had prepared a luxurious and decadent romantic dinner for the two of us.

About the time that I was expecting Ben to pull up in the driveway, the phone rang. He was calling to say he was stopping for a beer with an old college buddy and would be a little late. OK, no problem, I thought. I put our dinner in the oven to keep warm and curled up on the couch with a magazine to wait.

Two hours later I was starving, so I ate without him, scraped what was left into a plastic container, threw it in the fridge and stomped upstairs to our bedroom.

An hour after that, when Ben finally staggered in, I was firmly ensconced in bed, wearing my flannel pajamas with a mad-on that wasn't going away anytime soon.

And the worst of it was, Ben brought his damn college friend home with him!

Both of them were drunk. And loud. Ben kept calling out for me to come and meet his old buddy "Bones". Finally I became exasperated enough at his incessant hollering that I made my way downstairs to the kitchen where Ben was rummaging through the fridge for more beers. His buddy was damn near passed out already and one look at my face should have told Ben that I was in no mood for company.

"Hey, babe", he said with that inebriated shit-eating grin he get when he's drunk. "I wanted you to meet old Bonesy here. You remember me talking about him. From college. Remember?"

I remembered, but like I said, I was in no mood.

"Anyways", Ben continued, "Bones is in town on business and I told him no way was he staying in a hotel. He had to come and stay with us! No question. Right?"

"Where, Ben?" I said. "Where is he supposed to sleep? We have no spare room and he sure as hell is not sleeping in the kids' beds. So where the hell do you plan to put him?" I looked over at Bones who was now slumped in the chair and now clearly passed out. I looked back at Ben with venom in my stare.

Still grinning like he figured nothing was wrong, Ben said, "He can sleep on the couch, sweetie, he doesn't mind."

Fuck! Did I mention I was pissed?

Twenty minutes later my drunk dickhead husband and I had managed to maneuver Bones onto the couch where I had thrown a blanket over him. Then I helped Ben upstairs, undressed him down to his underwear and he was snoring loudly in our bed.

I tried sleeping beside him but the combination of my anger and his snoring made it impossible. I got out of bed and was making my way down the hallway to sleep in my daughter's room when I heard a god-awful crash downstairs.

When I got to the living room I discovered a shirtless Bones lying on the living room floor beside the couch. He had obviously woken up, taken off his shirt and was in the process of taking off his pants when he passed out again, his pants around his ankles.

With an exasperated sigh, I made way over to him and after considering the situation decided that for his own safety, the floor was probably the best place for him. I finished pulling off his pants and began pulling on the blanket which was partially caught underneath him.

At his point, all he had on were his socks and boxer briefs, which showed a very sizable package hidden inside. And then it all came back to me.

Ben had told me about Bones many years ago. Ed something was his real name, but he was tall and thin, without an ounce of fat, so he had acquired the nickname Bones. But what he was most famous for, was having the biggest cock in the dorm. Don't ask me how they determined that, but from what I was looking at through his underwear, it wasn't impossible to believe.

Now, I don't know if it was the two glasses of wine I had drank while waiting for Ben to come home, or the fact that my romantic plans for the evening had been scuttled, but I suddenly had the most lascivious thought and was overcome with a temptation to check out the goods, if you know what I mean. Just a peek, mind you, nothing more.

I knelt beside him and gave Bones a good shake and called his name. No response. I did it again, a little harder this time. Still nothing. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his shorts and lifted. What I saw was mostly a mass of dark, curly pubic hair so I lifted a bit higher until his penis came into view. I could only make out the top half of the shaft, but it was thick and gave ample indication of impressively more.

Not satisfied with my view, I released the waistband and considered what other options I had. The outline of his cock was clear and I found myself reaching out and running my finger along its length. He was still soft and clearly longer than Ben is when he's hard, which got me wondering what this bad boy might be like when he reached his full potential.

So I ran my whole hand along it, with a little more pressure this time. Bones' murmured in his sleep and I quickly removed my hand and looked at his face. I was pretty sure he was down for the count but I shook him again, really hard. Still no reaction.

He was flat on his back, so I straddled his legs and rubbed his clothbound cock again. Then, keeping my eyes on his face to gauge his reaction, I grabbed the waistband of his underwear at each hip and slowly began to tug them downwards. Because he was so thin and the shorts were slightly baggy, they came down rather easily, slipping past his hips, buttocks and over his impressive manhood. His eyes didn't flutter. He continued to snore softly, clearly sound asleep, so I permitted myself a glance downward.

"Oh my fucking God," I whispered out loud.

I've seen enough naked men in my life to know what a huge variety of shapes and sizes there are. Penises, in my opinion, were designed for a utilitarian purpose and not for looks per se, but in the right circumstances can be undeniable sexy. And as attractive cocks go, this one was a definite winner. Long, thick and smooth. Not that I'm a cock snob, but the less veiny the better. Bones was uncircumsized and, quite frankly, perfect.

I looked again at his face. Still out cold. I ran my hand down the length of his, now fully exposed, cock then slipped my fingers underneath to gauge its heft. I lifted it slightly upwards and with my other hand lightly stroked the underside. This time it gave me a reaction. I felt it thicken in my hand and the foreskin tightened and slightly slid back exposing the pink tip.

I continued to run my fingers along the sensitive spot just below the head and it continued to lengthen and thicken. And the foreskin continued to slide back until it suddenly slipped completely past his red, engorged head.

I gently laid his cock back down against his hard, hairless stomach and marvelled at it as it gently throbbed to rhythm of his heartbeat.

That should have been all. I had satisfied my curiosity about how big Bones actually was and should have been content to go back upstairs and rub one out before I drifted off to sleep. But my predicament was how to cover him back up. If I were to pull his underwear back up it would only cover maybe half of his length as it lay there against his belly. In time it would get soft again, but chances were he would still wake up with it poking out the top.

I was probably overthinking things but I was petrified that he would put two and two together and figure out that I had been involved and the possibility of that mortified me to no end. So I just knelt there, staring at that magnificent specimen while I tried to figure out my next move.

The house creaked, as houses tend to do at night, but it shook me from my dazed state and I suddenly realized that as I knelt there taking in Bones' throbbing cock, I had reached under my nightgown (just an oversized t-shirt really) and was absent-mindedly stroking my very wet, freshly trimmed pussy.

I stood, intending to head upstairs to bring myself some much-need sexual relief. I figured that by the time I was done his erection would have subsided and I could pull his underwear back up and tuck him back in.

But I just couldn't seem to tear my eyes away and before I could give myself a reason not to, I stepped over so that I was straddling him above his hips, then gently knelt again until my moist pussy made contact with the searing heat of his hard on.

It felt glorious.

Instinctively I looked towards the stairway to make sure Ben wasn't standing there looking at me, but I could clearly hear him snoring loudly upstairs. Then I turned my gaze to Bones' face, continuing to gauge his reaction as I slowly began to slide along the length of him.

I knew I wasn't going to fuck him, so on some level I was able to justify what I was doing as no more infidelity than the handjob I had given that guy in Las Vegas, with Ben's permission.

Besides, I didn't need to fuck Bones. His abnormally thick cock had parted my pussy lips and his warm, smooth cock was sending the most incredible sensations right through me. As my hips slid forward and the ridge of the head passed over my clit, I moaned softly and lingered there moving back and forth over that delicious sweet spot.

I was as aroused as I can ever remember being and my juices were slathering Bones' throbbing prick as I continued to slide back forward along the length of it. I'm a quick cummer at the best of times and the danger of this situation made me exponentially hornier.

All too soon, I felt that wonderful, familiar feeling of impending orgasm begin to well up inside me and then hit suddenly like a wave crashing over me. I thrust my left hand into my mouth to keep from screaming out my pleasure as my pussy pulsated against Bones' own throbbing cock.

As my orgasm subsided, I continued to sit there, my chest heaving, my nipples protruding from the thin cotton of my nightgown. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at Bones' face, still asleep, snoring and oblivious of the immense pleasure he had just provided me.

Slowly I lifted myself off him and kneeling beside him noticed how shiny his cock now looked, covered with a generous coating of my pussy juices. I quickly made my way to bathroom, wiped myself then brought some back to clean Bones. He had already started to lose his erection slightly, but his semi-hard cock still lay glistening against his stomach.

I knelt again and began to dab at the sticky glaze that I had left there and my ministrations quickly returned him to his hard, throbbing state. Clean and dry, he was definitely not in any shape to be tucked back into his underwear.

Now what.

I looked around again, while my plan began to form in my head. I heard Ben's snoring go up by several decibels and it reminded me of how pissed off I still was at him. And in a convoluted way it justified what I had just done with Bones and what I was about to do right now.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. I'm petite to begin with and my tiny hand just made it look absolutely massive. Holding it upright with my left hand firmly gripping it at the base, I began stroking it with my right, from base to tip, sliding his foreskin back and forth with each stroke.

He never woke, but I noticed a subtle change in his breathing. His hips began to get into the act a little and I noticed his stomach muscles begin to tense like they do when a man is about to come. I had already cleaned him up once and had no intention of dealing with another sticky mess, so working on an instinct honed from years of pleasuring the men in my life, I gave him a few more long, luxurious strokes. And with perfect timing pulled downwards, yanking his foreskin completely clear of the head and jammed the huge head into my open mouth.

I continued to pump as he absolutely exploded in my mouth. It was more than I could swallow in one go but I was afraid to take it out of my mouth for fear it would spew all over both of us. I tried to breathe through my nose as another huge spurt erupted and actually filled my nasal cavity and came out my nostrils.

At that point I had no choice but to pull my mouth away. He was pretty much done by then except for a few small pulses of cum that flowed from the tip and down the underside of his cock like lava.

I gently laid his cock down again on his belly and reached for the tissue. I had swallowed pretty much all of it by then. It tasted bitter and left my throat feeling a bit raw. I blew my nose and giggled to myself at the irony of this being a real blow job.

Then I turned my attention back to Bones and gently lapped the cum from the underside of his cock and the bit that had already dripped down onto his belly.

I got up and disposed of the tissues in the bathroom, blew my nose again then went back into the living room. Bones was sufficiently soft now that I was able to pull his shorts back up and tuck his beautiful prick back inside. Then I covered him with the blanket and headed upstairs.

I considered brushing my teeth to rid myself of the bitter aftertaste of Bones' cum but then I thought better of it. I climbed back into bed, knelt over Ben and gave him a long, wet, salty kiss before I rolled him onto his side.


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by eurowriter04/21/18

Comments an Eye-Opener... Story was GREAT!

Wow. I thought it was mostly women who believed monogamy is natural. It's fascinating to read the comments from all the men who took the husband's point of view. Or thought they did. Read the Las Vegasmore...

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by Anonymous04/14/18

Wife cheating is one thing... a ridiculous piece of shit who cheats over plans

is just a pathetic joke. petitemom is such a sad person to even think this up, let along spend the hour wriiting it.

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by Stubbyone08/26/17

That was fun !

What a great little story. Sexy and funny. I loved the ending. Short and perfect. Don't worry about the trolls who criticize you on moral grounds. If they were true to themselves they wouldn't bemore...

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