tagErotic PoetryBonking Sue and Joanna

Bonking Sue and Joanna

bySissy Adele Howells©

Short fair hair over your elfin face,
Pretty,petite,oh so sweet,
Forty four,my sexy Sue,
When you talk to me in Welsh.
Want to fuck you non stop.

Fantastic,enormous tits,
Sue Lewis your mine to keep,
Loving you Sue Lew is easy,
Snogging you in my arms,
Your wet, sticky, lippy, sticks to my lips.

Undressing you slowly,my cock is hard,
Removing your blouse and grey trousers,
You office girls are all the same,
Wanting kinky sex by me,
Looking cute in just your panties and bra.

Sue Lewis your nose is so cute,
Pick your nose for me,you Welsh slut,
Off with your bra,look at your tits,
Pulling your black panties down,
Cor! Sue,short brown booties.

Sue Lesley Lewis,you Welsh Tart,
Open your legs wide,want to come inside,
Nice hairy pussy,my welshy Sue,
My cock is entering your coal mine,
Just a minor discomfort.

"Your a naughty sissy boy,
will fuck me without a thought,
I'm a married women,
My husband would be livid,
Shag me you kinky bastard."

"Breast feed me Sue Lewis,
Sucking your succulent nipples,
Fucking you into a frenzy,
Talk to me in Welsh,
You Welsh valley slag."

As I screwed Sue Lewis,
Someone else walked in,
Joanna Curle for a threesome,
Removing my cock from Sue's pussy,
Joanna fucked Sue with her tongue.

As I watched them both make love,
I rammed my cock up Joanna's plump ass,
Yes she had her black booties on,
Sue sucked Joanna's tits,
Taking their turn I fucked them both to bits.

Sue Lewis loves me more than Mike,
Joanna Curle,knows, I shag better than Paul,
Two very different women,
Sue Lewis, a pretty Welsh cunt,
Joanna Curle, a frumpy,plump twat.

Joanna's black booties around my neck,
Sucking Ms Curle's tight pussy,
Sue Lewis sucking my cock,
Sue is very thirsty.

Sue and Joanna had a wet snog,
Sucked each others tits,
Sue with a vibrator,
Fucked Joanna Curle,
Until she begged for mercy.

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