tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBook Store-ies 04

Book Store-ies 04


Book Store-ies 4: Lessons Learned


NC<18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

OH SHIT!! Busted!!

I waited the ten minutes she had asked me to wait. But I didn't waste my time. Based on her reaction to seeing me and the kisses at the end as well as everything that transpired in between, I had a feeling I was going to be here again. And hopefully again a few times more after that.

I dug through the shop area and found a few more items that gave me some really interesting ideas. Some I placed in various locations around the barn and some went into the back of my car so I could do a little work on them.

I left on time and hit a little bit of traffic on the way back to the bookstore. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw her truck and the other girl's car parked outside the store along with a few others.

I went back to wondering how the girl on the horse had driven here from the barn, whether she had had another set of clothes in her car. Then I wondered how she had driven back to the bookstore with her ass being as sore as it had to be. The antibiotic I had used was just that. No pain killer. Maybe she had something in her purse or car?

I parked, walked up to the door and pulled. It didn't open. I tried the other one and it didn't open either.

I backed up to make sure I was at the right place (I really didn't think I was at the wrong place because I'm usually pretty good about knowing exactly where I am at all times), and sure enough I was. The posted hours said they were open 'til seven tonight. Glancing at my cell phone, I saw that it was only a little after five.

But backing up further made me notice a sign in the window saying "We had to close early today. Sorry. Please come back tomorrow."

What the fuck!? She told me to meet her here. I turned and looked at her truck, but she wasn't in it.

I began to think it was some sick joke and was heading back to my car to leave when I heard the lock on the door behind me snick and the door open.

"You weren't really thinking about leaving, were you?" It was her Mom, the manager. "Come on in."

As I entered, I noticed the lights were all out, which seemed to go along with the sign. There was still enough light coming through the windows, though, to let me see they had moved some things around.

Where a set of rolling shelving units had stood behind the register area was now filled with the big leather sofa and what looked to be all of the big overstuffed chairs from around the store -- all facing toward one chair. That chair was sitting with its back to the door to the back room.

It must have been the fact that the lights were out and it was hot outside, but it seemed like the temperature dropped significantly and I shivered as I walked through the store.

Her Mom led me to the single big chair and guided back and down into it then disappeared behind me.


I sat there for a few minutes and then sensed movement behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder as a group of young women filed slowly out of the back room with blankets draped around them.

I recognized the three from in the store earlier and the one from the farm even more recently. A few others looked familiar since I'd been here several times before.

They all came out like they were in some sort of procession. The only thing missing was the weird music and chanting.

OK. What the fuck was going on?

They all took seats either on the sofa or on the chairs.

Well, all but one. She started to, then shot to her feet and leaned against the end of one of the shelving units.

The Mom came out then, wrapped in a blanket as well and took the last remaining chair.

Finally, the girl came out from behind me, pushing a small cart.

This is getting really, seriously weird.

She pulled the cart up next to my chair on the right side of my chair, then pulled a floor lamp over from behind the register area and turned it on.

She was wrapped in a blanket as well and when she sat on the left arm of the chair I got a nice flash of bare leg. She slid over and leaned into me.

"You're probably wondering what's going on here, huh?"

I nodded.

"We're hoping you'd be willing to read some things for us for our book club, if you don't mind?"

That kind of explains the store being closed, though not necessarily why it was closed earlier than usual. It also explains the chairs being in a semi-circle facing me. It doesn't explain the lights being out, the cold and the blankets, or the weird procession thing.

"What we'd like you to do is read a couple of pages from some of our favorite books if you're willing to? There's one here for each of us."

"Yeah. Sure. Ok."

"Do this one first."

"This one" turned out to be a few pages from a historical romance, where the female heroine was forced to marry an older man to cement a political alliance. She had thought it would be a marriage in name only, but it turned out the new husband expected her do her "wifely duties". She tried to avoid them, but she eventually was trapped in his bedchamber and was stripped and then ravished.

Another was about a woman who worked as a secretary and wound up being spanked, first for something she did wrong, then just because, then because she had gotten to liking getting spankings from her boss.

Yet another was a fairy tale about the princess who had been spelled to sleep and was woken by a prince. Only he wasn't so fair. In fact, he was quite hard on her, but she grew to love it.

Another was, well, you get the idea.

As I read each of the passages, I became aware that there was something going on under each of those blankets. I'm usually pretty on top of things, but for some reason I figured they were just rubbing themselves to warm up since it was still chilly in the place, if not getting chillier. I hadn't heard the HVAC unit shut off since I'd been there.

When I got about a third of the way through the pile the girl said, "This isn't going to work," and walked away for a few seconds giving me another flash of bare leg and thigh as she did. The HVAC continued to work, only now it was blowing warm air instead of cold.

The store began to warm up as I continued to read, but I noticed the movement under the blankets continued. It struck me as odd that they would still be trying to warm up when it was now warm enough in there that several had sweat breaking out on their foreheads. How could I tell? There was still enough light coming in the windows, there was the light next to me, and the occasional hand would duck out from under the blankets to wipe and push hair back from their foreheads and eyes.

About the time I got to the beginning of the last third of the books it had started to get pretty warm in there and the girl said, "Oh, this is going to get good now."

I continued to read and as I did I noticed movement in my peripheral vision above the book I was reading.

Apparently the heat had begun to affect the girls as well since the blankets began to be pulled back further and further.

I finished the one I was reading and looked around the room while picking up the next one. And almost dropped it.

I found out what was going on under those blankets.

Not a DAMN thing!! Or a hell of a lot, depending upon which way you looked at it. Every single one of them was nude beneath those blankets and was in the process of rubbing their nipples or their pussies or both at the same time.

It turns out it wasn't so much a book club as a masturbation club and I seemed to be the entertainment.

I continued to read, now putting more emphasis on some of the words or drawing out the stories a little more to increase the tension in the room.

I finally finished the last book in the pile and set it down. As I did, it occurred to me to count them.

"Hey, kiddo, I noticed there's one more woman here than books. Any reason why?"

"Well, there's one woman whose story wasn't in a book. Mom?"

I focused on her Mom as she walked over to the register area, just as naked as the rest of the girls. As she did, I noticed the girl left my side. I reached out for her hand and she grasped it, then let it slip through hers. "Go ahead and read. I'll be able to hear you."

Her Mom came around the corner of the register area with a stapled batch of what appeared to be printer paper in her hands. They were folded lengthwise so I couldn't see what was on them.

As she stood there I checked out her body since she was standing so closely and was in the cone of light from the lamp. For a woman closer to my age, she was in pretty good shape.

Not as good as her daughter or any of the 20-somethings lounging around the room stroking themselves, but without them to compare to, she would have been, fuck that, she WAS a total MILF. Fairly flat belly, a small landing strip and, while they weren't pert or perky, she still had a pretty nice set of tits. I wasn't sure if it was the girl that had just left, her Mom, or all the women together, but the smell of female arousal was seriously strong and it was really starting to get to me. If I hadn't already been involved with her daughter...

Wait. WAS I "involved" with her daughter?

I had already told the girl I couldn't be anything permanent.

I wasn't sure if the scene that had played out a few hours ago was any indication, or the fact that every single story I had just read had to do with either a woman being forced, or coerced or dominated, but I had the feeling that she had some sort of a plan for me.

Eventually her Mom handed me the papers and said, "Let me get back to my chair before you start, OK?"

I waited 'til she got back to her chair, where she sat back and threw both her legs up and over the arms as her own hands went back to work.

I unfolded the paper and that's when it hit me.

OH SHIT!! Busted!!

The top of the paper read, "Toy Store-ies 1 -- Flogging Great Service."

Yeah, I had written the story of what happened between us and submitted it to Literotica. I know I read the site fairly often, but I wasn't sure how many other people did.

Of course I had used a pseudonym when I submitted the story and hadn't used any names. Not so much to protect the innocent, 'cuz there wasn't a whole lot of innocence that had gone on in that story. Or on that afternoon.

I started reading the story and the girls gradually started to focus a little more on me as they recognized the story.

Then they began to focus more over my shoulders.

As I continued to read I began to imagine what was going on over my shoulder that would have drawn their attention like that.

I started to turn around as I read and she yelled, "NO! Keep reading!"

I shifted a little in my seat and found a gap between some of the ladies and I was able to catch a reflection off a framed poster. The lights in the store were out, but she had turned a light on back there so the girls could see her -- and she could see them watching her.

She was bent over that table just like the story said. Obviously there was no one actually back there spanking her, but her body was twitching and jerking as if someone was.

Or maybe it was jerking and twitching because she was only leaning on the table with her left forearm instead of both of them.

I figured I knew where the other one was.

I started watching her reflection and adjusting the pace of my reading to match her movements.

As I got to the part where I had pulled the chair across the floor I heard the table slide across the floor and when I read the line, "Crap, who's coming in here?" I saw her head snap up and her body rocked just the same way it had a month ago.

Apparently the rest of the ladies were into the story and the scene too, because the store filled with the sounds of their orgasms.

One was moaning loudly as she squirmed in her chair while she rubbed her extended fingers over her pussy.

One was saying "Fuck" over and over again as her hips pumped against the two middle fingers of her hand stuffed up her quim.

One was groaning as if she was in pain (and it wasn't the one leaning back against the end of the bookshelves).

That one was leaning with one hand on the back of a chair and positively GRINDING her ass into the end of the bookshelf she'd been leaning against. Not making any noise, just breathing hard with her eyes flicking back and forth between the girl and me.

One wasn't making noises with her mouth, but her ass was making noises as it slid back and forth on the leather cushion of the chair she was sitting in as she rode the fingers she had pressed against the cushion.

One was making the cutest little noises, almost like hiccups, but I've never heard hiccups sound that sexy.

One had turned her chair around and was riding the arm of it like a machine. She sounded like one, too, with the steady hard intake of breath then her blowing it out through pursed lips.

One was upside-down in her chair and then twisted to shove her entire fist up (down?) herself.

One was squatting on the balls of her feet with her knees spread wide. Somehow she had gotten into a position where her heels were rubbing back and forth across her pussy lips. That freed both hands up and she was using those to pinch her nipples, groaning as she did.

One had her feet braced on the front edge of the chair and her shoulders braced on the back and her hips thrust upward until her body was stretched like a taut bow. It may have been her that was letting out a noise that was just short of a scream. I couldn't tell 'cuz her head was apparently thrown even farther back and I couldn't see her face. Whoever it was, I have no idea how she was able to make that noise that long without ever pausing for a breath.

Her mom had two fingers of one hand up her cunt and was using a finger and the thumb of the other hand to pull one of her nipples so hard I thought she was trying to pull her tit clean off her chest. Her head was dropped, but I could still see that her brow was furrowed, her face was scrunched tight and her entire body was turning an interesting shade of dark red. Apparently she finally finished orgasming and her head flew back, her eyes flew open and she practically wheezed as she drew in a huge breath.

Then I couldn't see much as the girl flung herself around the corner of the chair and into my lap.

Which almost snapped my throbbing crank in half.

"SHIT!!" I yelled as I grabbed her with one hand in the small of her back and the other beneath her right thigh and lifted her off me.

Apparently that had drawn the attention of all the ladies, because when my eyes quit watering (watering, not crying, jackass) and I looked up, they were all staring at us.

Now that I think about it, that might possibly have had to do with the fact that it took a minute or three for my eyes to quit watering, and in that time, I was still holding her up away from me.

Now I'm not super strong, but I do understand leverage. I had propped my elbows on my stomach, but they couldn't see that, so to them, I had been holding her the whole time just using my arms.

That left wide eyes and open mouths.

Guys, back me up. At that point, you HAVE to play along, don't you?

I slowly slid my elbows off my abs and slowly lowered her to my lap.

She sighed as I did, probably because she hadn't been able to see my elbows either and thought I'd been levitating her just using my arms, and leaned in to kiss me.

"So have you submitted any other stories about us yet? I looked at your profile and it was the only one listed."

"Why do you think that was me?"

"Because, you silly, sexy man, that story told exactly what happened between us. The possibility that someone else might have been able to make that up in that level of detail is just bizarre. Besides, you didn't ask what Literotica was, so you've obviously been to the site before."

"I really wish you hadn't seen that story."

"Why not? I thought it was fucking AWESOME! You have no idea how many times I've finger-fucked myself reading that story. Then tonight I got myself off while all of my co-workers were watching me! There's no way I could have done that if we were actually open, and there's no way I would have thought of that by myself. I can't wait to read what you wrote about our time at the barn. And I just bet you're going to write about this afternoon and this evening, aren't you?

"Kiddo, the reason I wish you hadn't seen that story and figured out it was me is that I have submitted a few other stories. They haven't been posted yet. Some of them are complete fabrications. Some have an element of truth to them. You might not like some of the things you find out about me."

"Are you an ax murderer?"

"Well, there was that one time, but that wasn't really murder, more a necessity."

"Ah ha ha ha ha! But seriously, dude, what's up?"

"Shit. I'm married. Have been for probably longer than you've been alive. I shouldn't have done this."

"Why? I've inherited a couple of things from my Mom. I know she made some mistakes with her first two husbands, but I think I'm a pretty good judge of character too. I know you didn't make the decision to take her up on the offer easily.

"I know that despite having had a couple of opportunities with me here and at the barn last time and the barn this afternoon you haven't tried to have sex with me or my friend. In fact, the one time I tried to get to your cock you slapped me on the nose like I was a naughty puppy."

"Sorry about that."

"Don't be. That was part of what had me so worked up that day. .

"I know you had a naked woman in the shower and you didn't do much more than wash her or hold that scrunchie while she rubbed herself against it. Then she was fresh out of the shower and laid face-down on a bed and all you did was rub antibiotic into her ass and thighs.

"Even now you could have not told me, you could have not said a word and just walked out and never come back. Or you could give me the old bullshit lines about how your marriage hasn't been a marriage in years, or your wife doesn't understand you. Do you know how important it is to be able to TRUST someone... Wait, does your wife not know about this side of you?"

"She knows. And we've played. You'll see from the stories when you read them. But we don't have a barn like you do. It's still something I shouldn't be doing. I should be leaving now."

"Mister, you haven't really done anything. Shit! You haven't even kissed me. Every time we've kissed, it's been me kissing you! If you don't believe me, you have the story of our first time right there in your hands. Read the last little bit. I kissed YOU! Nowhere in there does it say our mouths opened and we played tonsil-hockey or anything like that. And at the barn a little bit ago we kissed, or I kissed you. I mean, you didn't just stand there, but you didn't let me slip my tongue in your mouth when I tried.

"Since it means that much to you, we all promise that we will not ask you to fuck us in the mouths, our pussies or our asses. And none of us will give on to the temptation to grab or bite your cock or slip you some tongue if we kiss you when showing our appreciation. Right?"

I thought she was saying "Right?" to me, but then realized the other women had slowly gathered around behind her, but not too closely. As I looked around that arc of beautiful nude female flesh, each one caught my eyes and nodded.

"Wait. ALL of you?"

""Do you know how I found out about your story on-line? I told Mom about what happened in the store and was trying to figure out how the write that story up to submit it myself when she called me in and had me read yours. About 45 minutes later the first of these other sluts called me to tell me to check it out.

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