It was a late Saturday afternoon. My work had wound up early and I was returning home earlier than scheduled. Meera had not yet got any job and she had been bored to death since we moved into Bellary, a small town outside Bangalore. My company had set up a new plant there and the job kept me for long hours and in spite of us being married for only three months, I had to spend a lot of time at the office. We have had a few arguments due to the same but by and large, Meera was understanding and was willing to make some sacrifices for which I was very grateful to her.

It had been an arranged love marriage i.e. our parents had fixed up our alliance and we had fallen in love over the days of our engagement and subsequent many meetings, lunches, dinners, phone calls, text messages etc. I was absolutely smitten by her beauty and considered myself extremely lucky to have her in my life. She was 5' 6" tall; slim with an oval face that accentuated her facial features very beautifully. She had beautiful brown eyes, long eyelashes, curly hair that fell down to her waist and bounced up each time she laughed, a laugh that ever so slightly and very slightly jerked her whole body into a momentary animation of a shudder. She worked out in he gym and had an amazingly well toned body with beautifully shaped breasts, a flat abdomen and a bountiful of hips below the waistline. I on the other hand was the nerd between us- tall, lanky, a bit on the thinner side and a face that was very forgettable. But looks were far more compensated for by the fat salary that I drew from my job and that ought to have kept us both happy. And happy we were.

Meera's cousin brother Atul, who was a distant cousin of hers and stayed about 25 kms from our house, dropped in occasionally in the weekends and sometimes spent the night over. We didn't mind because he was good company, very jovial, and very mild mannered in nature. He was 4 years younger to me, about the same age as Meera. He worked at the local newspaper and did a lot of field work. That explained his fitness levels probably. He was muscular and nursed a six-pack abdomen that would be the envy of many a cine artistes! He had helped me with my car repair and together we had toiled on for 6 hours to set the damn thing right. He occasionally took Meera out for movies or dinner if I was caught up with work at the office. I was thankful of him as that kept Meera some company and the poor girl had some fun amongst the desolation.

Coming back to the afternoon in question, I had wound up my work early as the assembly line roller blade had broken down and production had stopped that afternoon. I was excited that I was returning home early and wanted to surprise Meera and then maybe take her out for the movies and dinner in the evening. I came up the stairs of our house and reached the door of our house. I had a key with me as I had to return lat on occasions and did not want to disturb her on such occasions. Today afternoon was hot too, the temperature soaring to an unprecedented 42 degree Celsius. I was about to ring the bell but then stopped, thinking that Meera must be asleep, taking a nap in the sweltering afternoon. I inserted my key in the lock and gently opened the door careful not to make any noise. I stepped in gingerly and placed my briefcase and coat on the sofa in the drawing room. The house was unusually quiet and dark and I guessed Meera was fast asleep. I opened the refrigerator, drank some cool water and went for the newspaper lying on the sofa.

As I sat down to read the newspaper, I heard a giggle. Clear and unmistakable, it belonged to Meera. she was not asleep after all. Maybe she was watching TV upstairs in our room. She could watch cartoons for hours on end and never go tired of even the reruns!

I dropped the newspaper o the couch and went up the stairs to our bedroom. As I was about to push open the door, I heard his voice.

Atul's husky voice.

'Meeru! You are so hot...! Oh Meeru...I love you darling..'

I was struck. Struck as hard as a by-stander is when he is slammed by a 18-wheel truck that has careened up the pavement and slams the by-stander from his behind!

I stood dumbfounded for a minute. Noises conveyed endearment and Meera's giggles filled the silence around me. She now seemed to be moaning and the moans turned into groans and they tore through the sanity of my mind.

I bent down to the key-hole to watch what I already knew was happening.

Inside the room, the bed faced the door sideways and I could see Meera perched atop Atul, her thighs spread across his pelvis as he lied on his back on the bed. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and her legs were bare, wound around his hips. He obviously was fully naked. The base of his cock was visible between her legs and the rest was obviously buried within her. She moved slowly and pushed on his pelvis trying to take more of him inside her. With each push, a moan escaped her throat and her head was thrown back, her back arched in blissful ecstasy! She went on riding him and he had his hands on her thighs, holding on to them.

He thrust in periodically as she pushed, the effect resembling that of a harmony playing a well rehearsed symphony from a distant age. It went on and on...and then she took her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit while he fucked her from beneath. I had never seen this image of her before and the look on her face was that of pure rapturous lust. She was tossing her head side to side with each thrust inside her womb and she began going up farther and farther to maximize the thrust of delivery...each pounding threw her into yet another fit and she was rubbing furiously on he clit too... It went on for another 4-5 minutes and then she came...she sat still and dug her nails into his flesh as he increased his tempo and started to bounce her harder on himself and used all the power at his disposal to ram into her insides... It took some believing to know that she could not only tolerate such severity but in fact was a picture of sheer and eclectic enjoyment.

She had thrown her head back and her spine arched back and she clung on to the sheets as she came within, squirting and overflowing on to the bed as her juices came in waves of ascending pleasure...she went on cumming for what seemed an eternity... But Atul was far from finished. He turned her over and climbed over her, parted her thighs away and inserted his still standing rod into her banging her more...her breasts bounced up and down and the act was reminiscent of some Greek paintings that had seen and that had stayed on in my mind for forever. He was near his climax and the speed of his thrusts increased till all the action was just a blur in my eyes...eyes that had gone through shock, disbelief, anger and now the same eyes were narrowed in pure lust as the saw my wife having the most darned fucking that could be ever imagined.

I knew that the show was over and quietly walked away, gathered my belongings and silently went out of the house, stood outside for a moment to collect myself. Then I rang the bell. I could imagine chaos in the bedroom upstairs at my sudden and unexpected arrival. It was a good ten minutes and after 5 minutes that my wife came to the door in a pink gown and her innocent expression was a true marvel of improvised theatrics as she stifled an yawn and said-

'hi dear! I had slept come you are back early?!!'

I mumbled some excuse and went in as if it were any other routine day. She told me that Atul was stopping by and that he was tired from the journey and sleeping in the guest room. I nodded, had my lunch and went up to our bedroom, to the shoddily cleaned up bed, and lied down there still feeling the wetness of the mattress, wet with the dripping juices of the spent couple. I pulled Meera to myself and just unleashed myself on her, relieving her of her clothes in no time and shortly thereafter I was inside her still wet pussy, my cock sliding in and out of it bathed in the jizm of my wife's lover...

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