tagNonHumanBound by Pride Ch. 05

Bound by Pride Ch. 05


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi Everyone

Thankfully no real big delay with this chapter. I hope you enjoy it. Always the biggest thanks goes out to my editor Kittyhawk555 for working tirelessly on getting me to get this right and to you the reader and fan. All feedback is welcome and if you have a burning question feel free to ask, I always answer.

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Go, go, go, go, go!!!!

Electra jumped out of the van and ran the few metres to the door as the others piled out of the vans, Vivian only a few paces behind her. She turned her body moments before it collided with the door putting her shoulder into it. The reinforced door didn't stand a chance and went flying, knocking down the two men who were guarding this door as they couldn't move to flee it.

She ignored them and kept moving, knocking down anything in their way. The people following her would take care of disarming and cable tying them. She came to another door and threw her body into it, she stumbled a step as the door went flying before she righted herself. Everyone in the room turned to her as she came to a stop.

"FBI YOU ARE ALL UNDER AREST." She yelled as more people came in and started to swarm the room. Several men in the room pulled out guns; they were torn from their hands and flew across the room. Others tried to stand and run only to find that their feet were fused to the ground.

"ELECTRA GEPHALIM!" Vivian yelled she was behind the guns being suddenly yanked out of hands before shots could be fired.

Electra turned her eyes quickly scanning the room, she spotted the Gephalim, all six of them, and the closest one to her had his wings open ready to take flight. She knew that Rhiannon wouldn't be able to keep him from moving for long as they could negate such magic, after a while. Electra ran at him and put her shoulder into his midriff just as his feet came free. They both went crashing to the ground.

All Were take out the Gephalim NOW. She ordered silently into the minds of every Were in the near vicinity. Enforcers suddenly swarmed the six other Gephalim going for their legs and wings to keep them land bound.

She pushed herself up and got her feet beneath her, the man beneath her reached up, wrapped his hands around her throat, and tried to squeeze the life out of her. She didn't struggle and try to free herself, she didn't need to breathe, it wasn't a requirement for an immortal, they could go indefinitely without oxygen, but it was strange not having one of their senses.

She reached into his belt and freed one of his daggers. His eyes went wide when he watched his own dagger as it moved to touch his throat, then his eyes glanced up to see her face, she smiled at him and he went pale as he realised that she was immortal and that he was doing nothing to her except annoy her. He had only one choice, release her and try to get his dagger back before she killed him.

He released her throat and tried to grab her arms. She lashed forward and slammed the dagger into his right shoulder; he suddenly had no control of his right arm, which meant she had severed the main nerve bundle in his shoulder. He roared in pain and tried to yank the dagger out with his left hand. She twisted her wrist snapping the blade off in his shoulder. He went to hit her with his good arm but it was suddenly restrained. The other Gephalim were in chains that Vivian had quickly made so the Were turned their sights to the one Electra was fighting. Normally they would have stood back and watched her dispose of him herself but this was no time for proper battle etiquette, she was needed elsewhere and they could easily deal with this man as she had already taken out his dominant arm.

Others started to restrain him as Electra was helped up and pushed on her way. She glanced around but everyone in the room was tied up. She glanced around a little disorientated; this raid had gone without a hitch... so smooth in fact that it had also startled many other seasoned FBI agents.

"Electra," Dave raced up to her. "They are through that hall; I have bolt cutters and what keys we've found."

She nodded and glanced around taking note of the people who were tied up, taking a deep breath. "Find," her voice broke, she coughed to clear her voice, "Find me a female officer, men are to stay away from them for the moment." He nodded and raced off.

Vivian approached, stepping over the bodies of those tied up. "I'll help, one endless supply of blankets coming up."

Electra smiled, "Thanks."

Dave returned with a woman, he handed her the bolt cutters and handed the keys to Electra. "This is Lisa."

Electra turned to Lisa, she was dressed in black with FBI blazed across her chest, her head was covered with a helmet and her brown eyes were covered with goggles, her dark skin blended with her dark clothes. "You are going to see things that will appal you. You have to be strong for them, ignore what you see, focus on eyes, nothing else." Electra warned.

Lisa nodded and took a deep breath steeling herself for what was about to come.

"Ready?" Electra asked.

Lisa shook her head. "Nope but it doesn't matter, I'll cope."

"Vivian will be giving them blankets." Electra explained as they approached the back of the stage where the auctions had been going to take place. Lisa nodded and followed her as they pushed aside a drape and entered a dark series of halls, which hid the holding pens. People quivered and tried to make themselves smaller.

"Everyone my name is Electra Luis, be calm, you're safe now, we are going to come around and free you. Please don't be scared, you all will be going back to your families." She turned to the first pen and walked in. "Lisa hand me the bolt cutters." Electra asked.

Lisa cursed as she almost tripped, "Can I turn on my torch?" She held the bolt cutters out in the general direction of Electra's voice as she couldn't see anything, Electra took them.

"No, most of their eyes will be light sensitive." Vivian told her already rendering several blankets into strips to be tied around eyes. The strips were tossed over her shoulder as more blankets appeared in her arms. She stepped into the pen to help.

Electra had already freed three out of the five women in the pen. "Vivian here is going to blind fold you and wrap a blanket around your bodies." Electra said gently to the people around her.

"I would rather not have my eyes covered; even light blindness is preferable to not seeing what's happening." A woman said firmly, she wasn't going anywhere blindfolded.

Vivian sighed a little in annoyance. "Give me a few moments." She vanished. She reappeared with a sack only moments after leaving. "Asked Rhun to go back in time and make a couple of hundred of these," she pulled out a visor identical to Electra's, "these are different to yours, they will slowly reintroduce light to their eyes. He'll be by if we need more." She handed everyone a set including Lisa so that she could see. "Better?" She asked looking for the woman who had spoken.

She nodded. "Sorry it's just..."

Vivian shook her head, "Don't worry about it, as long as you stay calm everything will be alright." She handed out blankets.

Electra moved on to the youngest in the room, she looked no older then thirteen and shivered violently when Electra approached. "Shush... little one." Electra said soothingly but the little girl just kept on shaking. Electra put the bolt cutters down and sat next to the girl before pulling her gently into her arms to hold her. "I won't hurt you." She told the little girl softly as she gently stroked her, hoping to calm her down. The little girl buried her head into Electra's neck and took a deep breath, smelling the Were in Electra's scent she relaxed as she knew that no Were were involved in this.

Electra smiled as she stroked the little girl for several long minutes more before she gently released her. "We'll get you back to your family." She told the little girl confidently as she stood. She grabbed the bolt cutters and cut the chains from her small body being careful of the leg she could clearly see was broken.

"Now some people from the nearest Haven are going to help you out and into a bus. That is where you are going to for now. They'll give you water and something to eat. When you get to Haven, any wounds will be taken care of once you've had a good long scrub. After a good sleep I'll be coming to take your names and pack names and anything you want to tell me, then we will be getting you back with your families." Electra explained. They nodded and two managed to get to their feet.

"What happened to your leg?" Electra asked as she squatted down to be at eye terms with the little girl.

"She kicked one of the buyers, hard." One of the women standing said, two others chuckled.

Electra turned to them, "I can guess where. What did they use?"

"A steel mallet, they hit her lower and upper leg with it, both times I heard it break." The same woman answered. "She didn't even cry out." She added.

Several women walked in, Electra had talked to the people who were going to help get the victims to the Haven and care for them. She had given them strict orders, feed, clean, water, medical attention and sleep, nothing more, no asking questions just leave them alone.

"The child will have to be carried and her leg splinted and seen to immediately." Electra told them. They nodded and walked in to get these people out. They had a little problem trying to get the girl out as she panicked a little and wouldn't let go of Electra. Electra took her time and coaxed the young girl to let go. They followed this same procedure repeatedly until they got to the cages where Were in full animal form were being kept.

"Okay," Electra told the cages, "I can not let you out when you are in your animal forms. Please shift back, we mean you no harm, we want to free you and return you to your families." Several managed to shift back into their human forms, they were released and their eyes were covered with the visors before they were lead out. The others took more coaxing before they shifted back.

She got to the last cage, which was actually a cell and held a Were who was definitely immortal. He was large only not as big as her father, his coat started as black at the root and paling to white at the tip. Some described the coat as being bathed in moon light and the actual coat name was Luna's touch. She didn't have to ask to know who this was. "Hello Lupa, come on, I need you in human form before I can release you."

He growled which made Lisa quiver. "Can... can I go," she asked, afraid, and why wouldn't she be when she was confronted with a wolf that was almost the size of a pony.

"He won't hurt you." Vivian said as she approached the bars, she had lived so closely with Were for so long that she had no fear of a growling wolf. He didn't trust them and was just being defensive, he wasn't out to attack if they could prove their friendship to him.

His silver eyes focused on her, recognition sparked in his silver eyes and he studied her, he knew her although they had never met. His nostrils flared as he took a deep breath scenting the air around her. Her scent sparked a memory, but not one of his memories, one of those other memories. For the first thousand years of his long life his mind had always been confusing to him, he would come to a place and suddenly feel like he had been there before, smell something and suddenly remember an event which he knew he hadn't lived. The day his 'mother', Luna, came and explained that he was also a man, that he had lived before as a man had explained his confusing memories. She had called it bleeding, and had told him it was common for those who would not die to eventually remember everything from their previous lives as they had helped to shape his soul. So although he knew they hadn't met in this life he knew that they had met in that previous life, before he died and was reborn. He felt a need to shift to become a human even if he was far more comfortable in his wolf form; he needed to see if she remembered him as a man even though he knew he didn't look as he once did. He knew instinctively that this was his mate and he needed for her to see him, to recognise him.

In moments he was in his human form, crouched on the floor, his hair was long and straight, going half way down his back and like the coat of his beast, each hair started as black but gradually became white. He stood slowly; his eyes like his hair were the same shade of silver when he was in his beast form and were locked on Vivian as he stood to his full height. He was surprised that he matched Vivian in height as he clearly remembered having to tilt his eyes and head up a little in order to meet her eyes, he even remembered having to pull her head down to bring their lips together but that was in those other memories. His skin was a pale alabaster that was pulled tightly over his lean body; faint scars were the only thing to mar the perfection of his skin. He panted gently as he lifted a hand to brush away the hair that was in his face. Vivian was holding out a set of visors for him, and then her breath caught as her eyes focused on a face, which looked familiar.

She knew this person as surely as she knew herself, oh, he had changed a little, his hair was no longer brown and wavy, his eyes were no longer the chocolate brown that haunted her dreams but his face hadn't changed. She didn't know this man before her, had never seen him before but she knew him as surely as she knew day would become night. This was the man who had stolen her heart all those thousands of years ago, the man who gave her Rhiannon, the man who had gone off to battle and returned draped over his horse, pale with death and a clearly fatal wound. This was Wild-heart reborn, only it wasn't completely him, a completely different life had shaped this person, different memories but she hadn't fallen in love with the man, she had fallen in love with his soul, the soul she recognised within this man.

How could Wild-heart also be Lupa when Lupa was born before Wild-heart? They were two different people, born at completely different times and lived completely different lives but are linked by the soul within them. Time means very little to a soul when it wasn't attached to a body of flesh. It wasn't confined by the regimental course of time constantly going forward; it can travel forward and backward in time to where ever it wanted to be, or needed to be in order to evolve and ready it's self for immortality.

Memories she had long repressed as being too painful crept up on her, of the man she loved and how he had been torn from her before she had even had a chance to get used to the emotions running through her.

Rhiannon walked in wondering if she would be needed, Vivian stepped back shaking her head in denial and stepped on Rhiannon. "Ma!" Rhiannon cried out in surprise and warning.

Vivian was oblivious, the tightly locked box where she had put him and all those conflicting emotions popped open and dissolved, tears welled up in her eyes as the pain of her loss spilled out.

He stepped up close to the bars and went to reach for her. She whispered, "Wild-heart," then vanished just as he went to touch her.

She knew his name and that meant she recognised him, but why did she vanish, why wasn't she as pleased to see him as he was to see her. It must have something to do with his other name, from that other life. He wanted to hunt her down, to find her and find out why his presence had so obviously upset her. He was pleased and saddened by her reaction to him, she knew him, recognised him, but his appearance had obviously upset her.

"Hey calm down." Electra told him trying to calm the situation; she wondered for a moment what had shaken Vivian so and made him so tense. Her great grandmother seemed like such a strong person but this man had made her flee. She suddenly remembered her whispered words the moment before she vanished. Fuck! she thought as she focused on the man before her, Lupa was Wild-heart reincarnated and she hadn't coped. She glanced back to her grand mother and wondered if she had made the connection yet and if she hadn't should she tell her.

"What?" Rhiannon asked, she hadn't been able to see around Vivian and didn't know what was going on.

Electra stepped back; Rhiannon studied the man in the cage for a moment wondering why her mother had whispered her father's name, why she had vanished. It took her a moment before she put two and two together, there stood her father reincarnated, as Lupa, the oldest immortal Were in history, although he didn't look a day over thirty. She stared drinking in the man before her; she had always wanted a father, something that had only strengthened as she watched Wolfgang interact with his children.

"Is one of you going to let me out?" He growled starting to get frustrated at the head start the woman was getting on him.

"You won't be able to find her without us." Electra told him.

He turned to her, "You know her?"

Electra chuckled, "Yes... she's my great grandma." She turned to Rhiannon and raised an eyebrow waiting for her grandma to kick her brain back into gear. Are you going to tell him or do I have to? She demanded trying to jolt a reaction out of Rhiannon.

Rhiannon blinked. "Yes... " She said simply.

"Yes I will or yes you will." Electra asked.

"Let him out..." Rhiannon told her. Electra shrugged and cut the chain from the door. It slid open, and Lupa stepped out reaching a hand out to take the blanket from Lisa who had picked it up. He wrapped it around his hips rolling the top to make it secure. He tore a strip from the blanket to tie his long hair back.

Electra bent down and picked up the visor Vivian dropped. "You're going to want to put these on; they will slowly introduce light to your eyes so as not to blind you." She told him, he took the visor from her and slid them on.

"Can we get out of here?" he asked, he wanted to see the sky and his mother Luna, three months of being locked away from her glory and love pained him.

Electra nodded and together they walked out. Forensics were going over the room with a fine toothcomb, others were waiting to go through the cells but were staying out until the last victim was out of the building. They walked him out; he walked away from the waiting bus and stood out in the open taking deep breaths as his eyes feasted on the night's sky.

Rhiannon approached him taking a deep breath. "We need to talk Lupa..." He turned and studied her fully for the first time but for some reason he was oblivious to similarities between their faces, the way they stood even the way they held their heads.

"You are her daughter..."

She nodded.

He frowned he didn't know how he wanted to react to that. "So she is married?" He asked fishing around for information.

She shook her head, "No... my father died before I was born..." She watched a pleased glint come to his eyes. "You died before I was born..." She told him, not wanting to keep this from him but not knowing the right words to use. So using the bandaid method, she decided to just say it and get it over with. "You as Wild-heart died shortly after my conception."

Shock, it was the only way to describe the way he stood in complete stillness, not even breathing. He stared at her and really looked at her, finally noticing what everyone else had, that she was almost an exact copy of all of his features once you got past his exotic colouring. He started to shake as his mind started to struggle with the knowledge.

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