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Boys are Stupid


Lexi was gorgeous. She wasn't the homecoming queen, but she was most certainly one of the hottest girls in the school. Her hair was darkand her eyes were blue as sapphires. She had the tightest little ass in school. An ass that had given Mark a hard-on for the past four years of high school.

"Take off your clothes Markie," Lexi said. She bit her lower lip and looked up from beneath her bangs. Her eyes fluttered, and Mark's heart hammered in his chest. His knees grew weak.

Mark stepped out of his shoes, and quickly shed his shirt and pants, tossing them into the corner of Lexi's bedroom. His clothes were made by Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Lexi picked them out. Lexi had demanded certain things before she would go out with Mark, the clothes were one of them.

Mark stood in front of Lexi, his erection causing a tent in his boxers. He looked up uncertainly. She hadn't even taken off her shoes.

"Everything," Lexi said. "Remember what we agreed on?"

"Yes. . ." A blush spread from Mark's cheeks to his chest. He remembered what they agreed on. At Lexi's insistence, he had bought a new wardrobe. Had exchanged his glasses for contacts. And now, now he pulled his underwear down, leaving himself naked and vulnerable. He took solace in the fact that they had the house to themselves.

Lexi pulled him close and kissed him. Her tongue thrust into his mouth, tickling the roof of his mouth, before dancing along his teeth. Her hand captured his hard cock. She stroked it briefly, and Mark feared he would lose it right there.

"Lay down baby," Lexi purred. "I want you right there on the bed."

Mark lay down on his back, and Lexi took his ankles and lifted up.

"Relax baby," Lexi said. "I want to try a certain position."

Mark's uncertainty grew steadily as his body was jackknifed, but the things Lexi was whispering, convinced him to allow her to do as she wished.

"Oh baby, you've got me creaming my panties. You are so fucking hot." She hooked his feet behind the headboard. She teased his balls, and slowly pumped his cock. "Your cock is so hard- such a big cock."

"Stop," Mark begged. "I'm about to come." That wasn't quite right. Mark wanted to come very much. Only, Lexi hadn't even taken any of her clothes off. And most importantly, his cock was pointing straight at his face.

"And we don't want that to happen," Lexi said, slowing but not stopping her manipulations. "Now do we?"

"Come on baby," Mark said, trying to squirm out of his awkward position. "Take off your clothes."

"I don't think so."

"Let me up."

"Uh-uh," Lexi said. "Remember our deal."

Mark swallowed hard, and nodded his head. He remembered. He had been a nobody, a geek, before he made his deal with Lexi. The deal was, quite simply, that he would do as she said. Dress as she said. Act as she said. And she in turn would be his girlfriend. And he, in turn, would become one of the coolest guys in school. And then after - he could go out with anyone he wanted.

It had worked too. He was hanging out with the cool guys. Girls all over school were giving him second glances. But, at this moment, Mark didn't feel so cool.

"I want to come in your mouth."

"No way!"

"I made you Mark," Lexi said. "And I can unmake you too."

"Lexi . . .please . . .don't. . ."

"Mark," Lexi explained patiently, as she rolled his tight balls in her hand. "Girls have to do this all the time. I hear it makes couples closer."

"But I'm not a girl."

"It's a matter of trust," Lexi said. "And you do trust me, don't you?"

"Stop whining and open wide. Do it." Lexi said. "Besides this will even us up. I'll never ask you to do anything - ever again."

Mark's expression relaxed, but his mouth was tightly shut. His cock was rock hard and his balls were tight and aching. It was so very hard to think, but he was sure this wasn't right. It certainly wasn't the way he wanted his first time to be.

"Puh-lease," Lexi whined. "I love you Markie. Don't you love me?"

And Mark did love her. He just wasn't sure he could trust her. His tongue darted out and wet his lips.

"That's it. Just relax," Lexi smiled when she saw Mark submit and open his mouth. She leaned over his body. Her crotch ground the curve of Mark's bare bottom.

She had planned this moment over a month ago. Only she didn't know it would be so goddamn arousing. The power was intoxicating. Her cunt - dripping.

"Are you close baby?" she asked. "Nod your head when you get real close."


"Shush," Lexi grunted, placing her finger into Mark's mouth, then pushing it in and out. Fucking him - returning the favor for every jerk that had done the same to one of her girl friends.

Mark eyes widened at the oral intrusion. He tried to think about baseball. He counted backwards. He counted backwards by three. This wasn't the way guys were supposed to have sex. He was being treated more like woman than a man. Yet, instead of cooling his desire for sex, the thought served to bring him closer to orgasm.

He began nodding his head.

"Open wide baby," Lexi said. "Here it comes!"

Mark felt the come rush up through his balls. "Fuck!" he cried out, and he opened his mouth.

"That's it!" Lexi said, as she humped faster against Mark's ass. "I'm coming. I'm coming in your mouth." She wasn't. But, Mark was. But the difference was only a matter of semantics. Rope after rope of milky ejaculate streamed from his cock, landing in his mouth . . . all over his face . . . and in his hair. Soiling him.

Lexi made sure to milk every last drop of come from Mark's softening cock. Even dabbing the last drop from his softening cock and wiping it on his lips. Poor Mark. As he desire cooled, the harsh reality of humiliation sunk in.

"In porn, they call that a money shot," Lexi said.

Mark's left eye was covered in cum, and he quickly learned that it stung like a mother. The taste of the slimy spunk was unappetizing to say the least. He felt the urge to gag, and quickly sat up. Shoving Lexi to the side.

"Don't you dare spit on my floor!" Lexi said. "Just wait there for just a minute. I'll be right back with some tissues."

Meanwhile, Mark had to wait on the edge of the bed, with a horrible tasting load of gunk in his mouth, and more rapidly drying gunk on his face. He glanced in the mirror through his one clean eye, and was mortified at the result. He had been slimed.

Lexi returned with tissues and cleaned his face. It was even more humiliating. He wanted to do it himself, but in order to so much as be able to ask, he had to swallow what was in his mouth. And he reluctantly did.

"Gunh - here," Mark said. "I can do it."

"Suit your self," Lexi said, tossing him the wad of tissues.

Mark risked a glance at Lexi. She no longer seemed so sweet and innocent. Her eyes seemed older. More cold and calculating. He felt . . . used. Discarded. He suddenly had the urge to put his clothes back on.

"Yeah, you better hurry," Lexi said mildly, as she watched Mark dress. "My parents will be home at any second."

Mark quickly finished dressing, and did his best to avoid Lexi's piercing gaze.

"Good night," he said, and tried to kiss Lexi goodnight. But she turned her head as he approached.

"Not until you brush your teeth," she said.

Her comments stung, leaving him feeling very foolish and even more taken advantage of. But he had already committed, so settled for her cheek. He quickly turned at walked back toward his car. Ready to get the hell out of there.

"Hey Mark," Lexi called.

Mark turned around hopefully. Lexi kissed at him and licked her lips seductively. "I had fun tonight," she said; her eyes hungry and mocking at the same time.

"See ya." Mark hurried to the safety of his car.

Alone and in his car, Mark looked in the rear view mirror to make sure there was no more evidence of tonight's activities on his face. Damn it. Fucking hell. Girls could be so fucking weird sometimes. Well, one thing for sure, Lexi might have made him, but Mark was his own man now. He was never going to let Lexi do that shit to him again. Sure he came. The best climax of his life. But shit, he never got into her panties. He felt dirty. Used. Un-manned.

Well, fuck her. They were even now, and there were other fish in the sea. Lots of girls who would be willing to drop their panties or to their knees. Yessiree, in the future it would be Mark giving the money shots from now on, and definitely not receiving them.

Mark started his car, and sped off, leaving tire marks in his wake.

Back in her room, Lexi smiled and locked the bedroom door. God, tonight had been so hot. It had been perfect. The way she had controlled Mark and wrapped him around her little finger. Lexi wriggled out of her tight shorts, followed by her top, and then finally to her now damp underwear. She walked over to her dresser and removed the video camera she had hidden earlier that evening.

She bounced onto the bed with the camera, rewound the tape, and settled back to watch the action. Her free hand caressed a hardened nipple, and then traveled down to the hot folds of her sex. She was so wet, so very wet and aroused. It slipped right in.

A smile crept across her face as she thought of all the dirty things she was going to make Mark do. Tonight had been just a taste, and the taste had given Lexi a thirst for power. She was certain Mark would do anything - absolutely anything to keep that tape from getting out. Mark thought they were even. Ha, he didn't even know what even was. Yes, he would do anything to stay cool. He knew the alternative from first hand experience.

Lexi reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a slim white vibrator. She turned it on and giggled, thinking about using it on Mark. Maybe even buying a bigger one. Wondering how cool he would feel then.

Yes, boys were so stupid.

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